The raunch begins

Info Janet
24 Nov. '18

We had a list of things we wanted to try.  Not all were successful, but all ended with both of us satisfied.  This is the story of the first on our list.

The first was me dressing in the sexiest, red, cleavage revealing shirt, tight black skirt, my waist length brunette hair draping me like a silk cape. Underneath I wore a pair of crotchless white panties and nippleless bra. Chris wore a button down shirt in the blue that brought out his eyes, slim khakis with loose boxers underneath and a soft leather belt. In his pocket, he had 5 black satin scarves. 

Taking my hand we head out to begin our night of passion. While he drives, he uses one hand to steer, the other to tease my always sensitive nipples. By the time we reach the restaurant, I’m ready to do anything her asks of me. Before entering, he teases both nipples to full erection and leads me in. As we follow the hostess to the booth he’d reserved, we notice most of the male diners seeing my excitement and doing double takes looking at my obvious nipples, then my oh so short skirt.  Chris whispers to me “seems like every man in here may want you.” 

Feeling newfound confidence, I put a strut in my walk and meet the eyes of every man staring with a dazzling smile. Sliding in the booth, I don’t bother holding my skirt down and feel it ride up my thighs almost to my crotch.  Chris looks down and leans toward me asking “ does having all these men want to take you make you horny, baby.” I nod shyly and he responds with “good. You get nice and wet, then I’ll do things with you  to erase them from your mind”

As we leisurely eat,  Chris crosses his arms to flick my nipple under the table. I know that I’m moaning out loud but I cannot stop myself. I keep clenching my thighs rhythmically, desperate to finish eating and get to the main event.  I try to put my hand down to feel his cock through his pants but he growls a no at me. 

Once dinner ends, as we wait for the change from paying, Chris makes me turn toward him to tease both nipples to full hardness.  My strangled moans are choking me with desperation for orgasm. 

Leaving the restaurant, my nipples are bullets pointing at every man. Chris is behind me, looking over my head to meet everyone’s eyes with a gloating smirk. 

When we were back in the truck, I expected Chris to continue his torturous teasing but he kept both hands on the wheel. When I try to move my own hands to tease myself, he slaps my hands down and orders me to just sit and be patient. 

Back at our empty home, he tells me to stand in front of the couch. I take my position and wait. He strips his pants off and his own excitement becomes apparent. I lick my lips and stare shamelessly at his bulge. He tells me to strip to my panties slowly and aims his phone at me to record it. Feeling like the most desirable woman ever, I slowly remove my skirt, then pull my top over my head. Giving my hair a shake, I spread my legs to reveal the lips and wet slit to him. Chris smiles and mumbles an appreciative “mmm nice baby. Let’s go upstairs now. I have a surprise for you. “  

Chris makes me lead the way so he can stroke my thighs and tease the lips of my pussy. Entering our room, I see that he’s set up the iPad to aim at the bed. 
Coming up behind me, Chris ties a scarf over my eyes and pulls my hands behind me to tie them together. Blind and bound I feel him press against my back and slide his hands up my torso to stroke both my nipples. He pooches his bottom out to prevent my fingers from rubbing his harness. I rest my head back on his chest and begin to beg him to fuck me. He chuckles and states that he’s not done with me yet. Pinching my aching nipple, he asks if I’d like to suck him. I groan a plea of yes and he pinches harder saying “ oh you want to suck it?” I nod enthusiastically and he states “okay, you can but first you need to cum for me. “ immediately one hand probes my soaking pussy finding my clit with his thumb while driving 2 long fingers inside me. My whole body jolts forward and starts trembling. I grow louder with my moaning and begin mumbling pleas for him not to stop. His fingers now slamming and curling in me while his thumb alternately presses down and circles my clit, my shudders increase as this monster orgasm nearly knocks my knees out. Chris holds me up while keeping his fingers tweaking my nipple and slipping in and out of my pulsating twat. 

When the wave finally begins to ebb, he turns me to sit on the bed. Placing his hands on my head, he tangles his fingers in the silken strands and tells me to open my mouth and find what I want. Still blindfolded, I open my mouth and stick my tongue out to search for my prize. He moves his hips forward and my tongue finally makes contact with his belly.  Stroking my tongue around I finally find his hardness. Using my lips and tongue and aim it into my hungry mouth finally. 

As my warm mouth enfolds the head he gives an animalistic growl and thrusts himself in deeper. Holding my head, he begins to slide back out, the push forward again. As my salvia coats his shaft, he asks if I’m ready to deep throat him all. I nod in his fingers and relax myself to take all of him in. He slowly pushes himself all the way in until my lips kiss his base. 

Giving a low groan he begins to fuck my face slowly. I begin clenching my thighs together as another orgasm begins to build. I’m wishing my hands were free so I could play with my nipple and stroke myself but he is in charge this time. Seeing how turned on I get blowing him, he begins to pump himself faster in my throat. Tightening his grip in me head, he tells me to cum for him again. Feeling his cock begin to swell and grow on my tongue, I allow myself to cum for him while pulling my cheeks can tight against his shaft. He asks if I’m gonna swallow for him  I moan a mmmhmm around him. He now speeds his hips up and uses my head to pull deeper with every thrust. Pulling my cheeks as tight as possible, I press up with my tongue and feel his explosion shoot down my throat.  He tries to stop thrusting but I keep pulling and pushing to milk every drop from him. 

As he finally loosens his grip in my hair, I let him drop from my lips with a final suck on the head. He gives a small laugh and takes off my blindfold. Sitting beside me, he unties my hands and asks “so, did that fulfill your fantasy?”  Grinning I reply with a hearty “ohhhh yes baby, it did” 

Pulling me into his arms he says “me too dollface, me too” and kisses my forehead tenderly.