We Do What We Must Do

Info LorenzoAbajos
23 Apr. '16

Slipping into my heart,
A mystery to solve.
Friending me was a start,
Making love would evolve.

Your lips upon my shaft,
My mouth upon your slit.
We shared our sexy craft.
We are a perfect fit.

Spreading your wetness wide
With my swollen manhood.
Giving you a rough ride,
Loving you as I should.

Your cries of passion ring,
My lust for you is true.
You call for what I bring,
I always will come through.

I'm thrusting deep within 
I fill you with my steel. 
These acts are not a sin
Because they're just not real.

Our online love is strong,
Our friendship will grow too,
But will they think it's wrong
To do what we shall do?