My Lessons And Gifts From A Goddess

Info Magic Dragon
26 Nov. '18

My Goddess Story...


This is how I was introduced into the beautiful world of women, and how men, Gentlemen deals with grown up females or women true Goddesses....

At nineteen I was a man of the world, based on a grope and poke history of loving. I apologize to those poor girls, wherever they may be these days, but we were all learning, but I am sorry, I have learned better.....

At the time my family and I were living in the larger section of a duplex.

In the other section two sisters, almost twins lived, I was in love and to add gasoline to my fire,  they danced at a famous bar and girl show place on the famous Ft. Lauderdale beach.

Oh but I was living in haven on earth, with all my experience, young muscle bound body it would be no time before these two beauties would be but another of my conquests, two more notches in my bed post.

I tried many ways to entice the girls and finally the girls invited me into their house, not for what I wanted, but to care for their two small pocket dogs, whom I would care for each night, while the girls danced.

I with all my worldly experience and knowledge they would be but putty in my hands, but in a few seconds that both girls shot me down, deflated my ego and I wanted to crawl out of their home under the front door.

No, maybe I was worth saving the sisters discussed me as if I was not even there, he could be trained properly for all the other women in his life, as a favor to them and those in his future. 

Finally the girls, excuse me women, asked do you want us to try to instruct you in the proper methods of interacting and loving women?  What.... they are speaking to me, the fog lifted and I saw the sunshine, oh how happy I was, and quickly I stammered out "YES, Please".

Then they started my education of the art of dealing with women, all classy, fantastic wonderful and mysterious females, true Goddesses....

All women are and should be treated as the true goddesses that they are. Upbringing or education does not make or create a woman. Women are born and slowly blossom over the years into that wonderful creature we men strive for, fight for and would kill to keep. Their secret weapon is attitude, and that comes from the knowledge that women don't need men, but will grace us with their Devine presence if we men are real good. 

This power and Goddess statues is supported by man's over-riding desire, lust and brain-dead Pavlov's dog response toward women. We need them, want them, will do anything for them, just on the hope they will take notice of us and grant a moment of their time.

Unless you are treating your women as a goddess, you are cheating yourself and her out of a wonderful, heaven-on-earth experience.

If you take a girl and treat her with kindness, talk to her if she was actually intelligent, she will  surprise you and become the goddess you wanted in the first place.

There is no difference between that super sexy exotic dancer, and the mouse of a female you have at home. Except you have not allowed her to blossom into that jewel that we all desire.

Each night after the sisters returned home, most times with beautiful women friends, I was shown one more minor secret of the goddess.

Do not rush, take all the time necessary as you are being granted one of greatest gifts on earth. The task here is to enjoy the travel and the adventure, and not race to the finish line. Women were God's gift to man, a mate to share and enjoy their lives together in the Garden of Eden.

Talk softly to your goddess, tell her how beautiful she is, because she is. This is also the time that you can set the stage for your goddess, and the enjoyable exchange you are beginning to enter into with your goddess. 

Break out the candles, soft dim lights, a fireplace, incense, air fragrances, cover lamps with light scarfs or sheets, turn the lights off in your room, but turn on lights in hallways or closets for soft indirect lighting. 

You do not need lights to find your way around, your fingers, hands, lips and partner will help you find your way around.  You are building a nest of comfort, security, safety and love into which you are going to invite your goddess to join you.

Slowly touch and caress your goddess, slowly allow your woman to warm up and start to glow into love. In addition to your touches and kind words of encouragement add in light and soft touches or kisses all over her body.

Increase your tempo as your goddess begins to get into the mood, now start light soft or long kisses on her lips. Don't stop everything else, just include these kisses along with everything else.

A Goddess does not have a transmission like men, who can go from start to go or finish within seconds.This is leftover from our ancient caveman DNA when sex was a function of procreation of the species and not the enjoyable exchange of love, happiness and joy our society has been able to create these days.

Now start to help your Goddess into an exchange with you, help her into more comfortable positions, across blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace. Maybe enter into the bedroom and up on the mattress to allow more room to give, take and exchange love with each other.

Slowly help your Goddess out of her clothes, maybe into a warm bath, or hot shower, think outside the bed and consider all areas where two people can give and take pleasure, comfort and love.

If wet, dry off with warm soft towels, cover up in silky clothes, robes or light blankets. Now enter into the location where you can explore each other's bodies. Find ways and how best to find and produce pleasure, joy and love with each other. Your bodies are finely tuned instruments, about to make beautiful music with each other, together...

Where and how does your goddess enjoy being touched, rubbed, or stroked, no tickling at this point, find every pleasure producing point on each other's body. What feels best, how to best produce that wonderful feeling. Talk softly to each other as you explore, ask if what you are doing she finds enjoyable, should it be harder or softer. Touch or rub, stroke or kiss, how can you best drive her desire to the highest point possible, that point where she can not wait any longer.

Starting with your Goddess's face, kiss every inch, confirming how beautiful she is and how so lucky I was that she allowed me to enter into this bliss we are about enter into. Kiss her lips with passion and increasing force, maybe a little "French"

If she so desires....

Slowly kiss and caress your way down her body, stopping to kiss and stroke around her ambrosias breasts, but only lightly kiss her nipples. Again slowly building that divine feeling within your goddess.

Slowly work your way down her body, kissing and feeling every inch of her pure alabaster marble textured skin. Depending on your Goddess great pleasure can be generated by licking and kissing her bellybutton. If she is ticklish pass this spot over.

Kiss and feel your way down her legs, enjoying ever inch. Some Goddesses really enjoy the insides of her knees kissed and caressed, some don't?

Communications are necessary between partners, first date new or after 50 years, feelings, sensations or being ticklish  change or maybe some spot is tender, ONLY SHE KNOWS! Just look at your Goddess's face you can quickly determine if she likes what you are doing or not. There is one expert, an absolute genius on your Goddess's body, HER! She knows what feels good, great, fantastic or what will ruin the mood you are trying so hard to develop. Ask your Goddess, question her,   ask her opinion, she may surprise you, or totally be turned off by what you are doing. Have her help you, guide your actions, she is inside and has had this body, you are worshiping, a lot longer than you have.

This is a Double-E super ride that you are enjoying and gaining pleasure from. You are working so your Goddess is enjoying your actions. You may try a light massage, rubbing her legs, feet or toes, but gently and in long slow strokes. Reach up and stroke your hands all down her body, touching all of her body, again building up as many wonderful feelings in your Goddess's body as possible.

When she can't stand it any longer and is demanding release you can slowly attack her sex, her most tender and sensitive spot on her whole body. Ever so softly rub her outer mound, running one finger or your lips or tongue down her sex. This is no toy, and can be very tender, so slow and soft is your guidance.

Stroke her mound and then trace the separation between her lips with your fingertip or tongue. After a few more soft strokes, your Goddess should began to relax, maybe open herself to you and your actions. Try moving your fingertip or tongue deeper and slowly looking if  she is getting a little wet and slippery inside.  Stroke or lick between her outer lips up and down until you feel your Goddess's entrance into that wonderful warm bit of haven. Push in very gently, slowly and quickly slip your fingertip in, out and begin stroking her inner lips.

This is one location you must really get an expert's assistance HER! Request her hand for your guidance and follow her gentle lead until your fingertip touches a little bump or clitoris at the top of her lips. Gently rub or lick a little on your Goddess's clitoris.

Cavemen be aware this is not a video game joy stick, a little can be a lot. Again this is where your expert can really help you, and ultimately your Goddess, which is the goal of this event.

Together enter into love making, doing anything your Goddess suggests, harder, faster, slower, lick here, stroke there. Kiss here maybe a tender bite, a pinch, together increase the pleasure and feelings for your Goddess....

Take her to the highest peak, that point where she will explode, that level where your Goddess is begging for your love, she can't stand the pent up feelings and has to have release. Use your fingers, your tongue, all your body parts and slowly begin the process of release that great point of silent death, that you must repeat and repeat again and again and again. That place where you glimpse a bit of haven on earth, that place where only two people can enter and exchange with each other. A thousand times better than that achieved by yourself, even with help, but when exchanged with another person in which you love is only reached once in a while, wishing it would last forever but never will, humans can not stand that much pleasure and survive....... then it ends!!!

Now as you can slowly see again, your breathing has slowed, your blood pressure has dropped and the world comes back into view, don't forget your Goddess!

This is another time when our caveman DNA can take over and our beastly treatment can raise up again. Don't let you forget your true partner, the one who just joined you in that bit of haven on earth, your true Goddess.

Take her and hold her, and as you can talk, don't forget to remind her how wonderful she is, why you love her so very much, cuddle her into your protective arms and slowly feel the final feelings as we slowly return back into our bodies.

Try soft caresses, light touches, maybe a kiss here or there, but let her tell you what is right, wrong, wonderful or fantastic, and who knows you may be invited into another loving exchange, building into another mind blowing expression of love and being loved, that wonderful and full of wonder place that is just a small bit of haven, again....

I am forever in debt to those wonderful women, and all their female friends that introduced me into this fantastic bit of haven, that only a Goddess can introduce a man into....

I thank them again and again, as I try to repeat this loving exchange with my wife, girlfriend or loved one, where two enter, but become joined as one in the end....

May you take your time to find your goddess and then slowly join with her for this, one of God's greatest physical gift's ever given to man and woman, that wonderful small bit of haven on earth, a small repayment of all the suffering, strife and turmoil we go through each and every day after being thrown out of the Garden of Eden, and dropped into this world of pain and suffering.