A Beagles Eye View

I was born of the brief affair between my mother, Lady Dunmore Villiche of Rathmore, and another of royalty whose name was unknown to her.  She only knew that he had strolled into her life with promises of love and pleasure, and had taken her somewhat roughly in a cage in her kennel.  Afterwards, he was in a rush to leave and struggled to separate from their embrace.  She never saw him again.  I do not find fault with her actions now, because I have learned how the desires of the flesh often overcome the reason of the mind.  

In any event, I grew up in a life of royalty, fine care, and the ease of a life aided by fame and fortune, but was destined to the life of a common house pet.  Mother said I favored the family, of the surname “Beagle”, but I was somewhat smaller than the perfect stature.  She told me I should be proud of my ancestry, though that ancestry was considered by some other breeds as relatively common and somewhat unsophisticated.  

I was but eight weeks old and barely able to chew when Mother informed me that I was to leave her side and strike out on my own.  The humans who kept us had found a female of their kind to care for me.  Mother assured me I would be fed well, and said that I should try not to miss her.  She gave me an affectionate lick on the nose before I was placed in a cardboard box and whisked away into the night.

My new human tried to be as loving as Mother, and in many ways I enjoyed my first night with her.  She gave me wonderfully rich food, and rubbed my tummy.  I was cuddled until I fell asleep in her arms.

I awoke in abject terror at my surroundings.  I was inside the same box that had conveyed me to my new home, and I was alone.  Instead of being within the warmth and sounds of my siblings, I was cold and the room was quiet.  Quite understandably for one of my young age, fear bested my manners, and I gave voice to my terror in hopes that Mother would come to comfort me.  Instead, I was blinded by the bright lights that suddenly flashed on in the room.

“What’s the matter, puppy?”  

At this point, any company was better than my present state, and I began to jump and wag my tail.  I yipped at the thought of more tummy rubs.

“Aw, are you afraid?  It’s OK, you’ll be all right.  Now, go back to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

I heard her leave, and was again plunged into darkness.  I did not understand the strange sounds this human made, but I reasoned that my cries had summoned her.  Her soft voice was  comforting, so I began to whine.  In a few moments, I was rewarded by the blinding light and the soft soothing voice.

“You’re not going to let me sleep, are you?  You’re a bad puppy.  Well... maybe just for tonight.”

I was picked up and nestled against very soft cloth of some sort.  There were cushions beneath the cloth that instantly warmed me, and I snuggled into them with all my might.  My human’s motions were also soothing.  She carried me from the room and into another.  Everything was dark again when she sat me on a soft surface covered in more cloth.  The surface bounced as she joined me, and I toddled up against her and lay down.  She was warm and soft, just like Mother, and I could hear her heartbeat.  I felt warm and safe, and immediately fell into slumber.

The next morning, I awoke with a very full feeling in my tummy.  Mother had taught me what to do.  I was loath to soil my bed, and toddled as far as the edge of the surface.  At that time in my life, I had not learned the finer points of hiking my leg, and merely squatted to relieve myself.  I felt much better, and rejoined my human.  I felt I owed her thanks for rescuing me from my earlier discomfort, and began to lavish her with the licks that my Mother had loved so much.  A human’s nose is not so nice as a wonderful dog nose, but I felt my human deserved to know of my delight.  Unfortunately, I misjudged my target and licked her in the mouth.  

I was immediately shamed by my ignorance of humans.  She sputtered and spat before reaching to hold me at arm’s length.

“Puppy, stop that.  I know you love me, but it’s too early in the morning.”

I had thought her to be angry with me, but the tone of the voice sounded playful.  I loved to play with my siblings and thought my human to be inviting me to join her in a scamper over the soft surface upon which we lay.  There were two large bumps on her body that rose and fell at regular intervals, and I decided to jump on them.  To my joy, these bumps were the cushions that had comforted me during the night.  So, these cushions were a part of my human.  Often, my brothers and sisters and I had played at biting each other.  This game served to determine the most fierce of us, and was also great fun.  I pounced again and bit at the cloth.

“Ouch, you little shit.  That hurt.  You can’t bite my boobs.  You’re just a cute little puppy, not a horny guy.”

My human had pushed me away and was rubbing the spot I had bitten.  I learned at an early age that when one is pushed away, it is an invitation to press the attack with greater vigor, and I commenced to do so.  It was my intent to bite hard and hold tight as I would have done with one of my brothers or sisters.  I eluded the fending hands, my aim was true, and I clamped down on the cushion with all my might.  In my eagerness to play the game to the fullest, I shook my head quickly.

“Ow, ow, ow.  Damn, you have sharp little teeth.  How am I going to explain this to Jerry?”

She pulled the cloth away and I saw that the mounds were very similar to my mother’s udders, although these were far larger, and were completely without hair.  The lack of any covering was interesting because the results of my bite were clearly visible as a pinkish spot.

“Shit, now I have a doggy hickey.”  She picked me up to her face and giggled as she looked me in the eyes.  “You need to learn some manners.  It’s polite to at least ask first.”

I saw that she wrinkled her nose as I did when searching for the source of some odor.

“You’ve messed the bed, too.  Bad dog.  You’ll have to stay in your box tonight.”

My human fed me more good food, and changed the coverings that served as her fur.  I was placed in the box again, and I heard the door shut.  I was again alone, though because it was daytime, became bored rather than fearful.  The box yielded somewhat at my attempt to leap over the edge, though I was far too small at that time to accomplish such a jump.  I had learned that perseverance pays, and continued my efforts.  In a short while, the side of the box buckled.  I made one last leap, and the side gave way completely.

I was free!  The feeling would have been wondrous had I known what to do next.  I sat down to contemplate this milestone in my life.  My human was absent, and unlike my other home, no fence was present to confine me.  Curiosity overcame hesitance, and I began to explore my new surroundings.

Suddenly, my tummy felt very full again. It was my intention to relieve myself in some inconspicuous place, but the rich food had upset my system.  I began running in circles.  The urge was upon me in an instant, and I squatted.

My examination of the resultant brown lump revealed nothing of concern, and I began to romp again.  On one circuit of the room, I spied a black object lying upon the floor.  It was very like one of Mother’s toys, so I gave it a tentative bite.  The object was very hard, but this hardness was all the more challenging.  I bit in earnest, and a small bump on the surface made a click.  

Sounds enveloped me.  There were human sounds, animal sounds, and sounds of which I knew nothing.  My surprise was great when I looked up at a large window that towered over my head.  There were humans and at times, other dogs walking about.  They appeared very small to me, but any company was better than being alone.  I sat and awaited their approach.

The humans in the window often changed instantly into other forms, the strangest of which was a large yellow bird that spoke to me.  I was drawn to the window, and spent most of the day observing the humans and other beings that passed before it.

Of course, my delicate system reacted to the rich food upon multiple occasions, and each time I searched for another place to relieve myself.  By the time the shadows in the room grew long, my new home had taken on the familiar scent of my Mother’s abode.  It was very contenting to be once again in familiar smelling surroundings.  

The footsteps that sounded in the hall were those of my human, and I bounded to the door to greet her.  The door opened and I saw her nose twitch.  I hoped she was as pleased by the new odor as was I.  My mistake soon became clearly evident.

“What the hell have you been up to?  Dammit, you’ve pooped all over the place.  Jerry’s coming over tonight and this place smells like a kennel.  Come here you little shit.”

She took me outside and placed me on the lawn.  I searched for the scent of others of my kind, but found none.  My human seemed to be waiting for me to do something, and I attempted to play again.  This was obviously not what she had in mind, for she seemed to be frustrated.  After a while we went back inside.  The familiar odors reminded me that I was full again, and I sought a suitable place.  At once I was whisked back out the door and again deposited on the grass.  

The setting was unsuitable, but I could not hold back what had been started.  To my surprise, she seemed very excited and petted me all over when I had finished.  I understood that she enjoyed seeing me relieve myself on the grass, although to what end I could not fathom.  I resolved to please her at any time I was taken outside.

Jerry, as she called him, was another human, although he was much larger than she.  From Jerry, I learned that my human’s name was Vicky.  Jerry was not at all so soft and he lacked Vicky’s cushions.  He seemed to regret this lack, because he took great pains to feel hers.   He called them her “tits” while Vicky had referred to them as “boobs”.  I was confused for a bit, but decided the two terms were interchangeable, and that I preferred “boobs”.  

At first, I believed his examination to be painful, for Vicky soon began to make low whining noises.  I prepared to defend my mistress, and was nearly ready to press my attack when she grasped his hands and pressed them over her boobs.  Surely there was no pain, I reasoned, and sat back down to observe.  Jerry was biting her mouth, but she did not object as when I had played the game.  In fact, she was biting him back.  I would have watched more, but I was overcome with the urge to sleep, and fell into the stupor of fatigue.

I grew rapidly on the good food, and reached my mature height at the age of six months.  During this time, Vicky and Jerry had a falling out of sorts, and we spent our nights alone.  My place of sleep was beside my mistress in her bed.  We kept each other warm, just as had been the case with my brothers and sisters.  I grew very close to Vicky, and she often took me for walks in the park.  I was learning more about humans every day, and was able to understand most of their language.  

It was unfortunate that I could not find a means to speak with them.  My best attempts were merely a long howl.  The single-sided conversations did not appear to cause Vicky concern.  She talked to me constantly about her work and friends.  She also talked about something called sex.  I was able to understand that it was something between a man and a woman, but she never explained further.  She only kept saying she needed sex, that she loved sex, and that it was a pity that I wasn’t a human so I could give her sex.  

I was rather taken aback at this statement.  I was fairly certain that humans were, in reality, an inferior species, and resented the inference that I would be better off without hair and unable to smell anything more than a few inches from my nose.  I loved my mistress dearly, however, and could not judge her by this statement alone.

One afternoon, we went for a walk in the park.  I was rushing about chasing the squirrels and investigating the various odors that permeated the place when an unknown, but seductive scent reached my nose.  I dutifully followed the trail around a clump of bushes, and came face to face with another of my kind.  This creature was surely a dog, but was very different from me.  I ran up with the wagging tail of friendship and found the strange scent to be emanating from under its tail.   

My instinct told me this was a female of my species, but what a strange female she was.  Most of the fur on her body had been teased into fluffy balls, and the rest had been removed.  I thought she must surely have been attacked by some ferocious monster, but she allowed that such was normal for her breed.  I inquired as to her name, and she became rather haughty.   She would have me know that her name was Lady Fifi of Rue de Moulins.  I was unimpressed, as I was also of royal blood, and merely licked her face.

Her scent settled all around me, and I became aware of a strange sensation between my legs.  A quick examination of the tingling area revealed that my organ had swelled from its sheath.  Fifi nuzzled me and then turned her tail to the side of her body.  I was stricken with the urge to mount her back and insert my organ under her tail.  At my tender age, I did not yet understand why this urge was upon me, but I could not control my actions.  Fifi pushed back against me and seemed to be enjoying herself, when a very large human female came running up and snatched her away.   This large human shrieked at me to leave, so I went in search of my mistress.

I found her in the company of a male human.  Dan, as I learned was his name, seemed to know Vicky very well.  Like Jerry, he felt her boobs from time to time and they played the biting game that I now understood to be called kissing.  After a time, Vicky snapped on my leash and we started for home.  To my surprise, Dan walked with us.

Once we were inside Vicky’s abode, she began to act in such a strange manner I thought at first she must be ill.  She put her arms around Dan’s neck, much as she had done with me when we were alone, and then kissed him.  Dan put his hands on her hips and began massaging them.  It was at that time I became concerned for my mistress.

Vicky backed away, smiled at Dan, and began removing her clothing.  While I had observed this process upon many occasions, her manner of doing so was quite different than that to which I was accustomed.

Every evening before we retired to bed, Vicky would go into the bedroom and remove her outer clothing, then go into the bathroom and remove the covering over her boobs and hips.  The boob cover she would hang over a bar that served to hold her bath towel.  The covering over her hips which she had mentioned to me were denoted as “panties”, she would remove quickly, inspect the inner surface, and then put into a large wicker basket with a lid.  Such was always her way of disrobing up until that very day.

She smiled at Dan that day and began to sway about slowly.  It appeared to me that Dan was greatly appreciative of her motions.  He was smiling and occasionally reached out to touch Vicky’s boobs or her bottom, though he referred to the twin cheeks upon which Vicky sat as her “ass”.

He kept saying things such as , “Yeah, work that ass baby”, and “I wanna see that ass naked”.  I was at a loss to understand both these statements as well as a few others, but such was my normal state around humans other than Vicky.  I sat down to observe that I might learn.

Vicky first removed her blouse.  I had witnessed her doing this many times, and as aforementioned, she always did so quickly.  That day, she slowly unbuttoned the fastenings, and then opened the garment even more slowly.  Dan reached for Vicky’s cushions, but she backed away and said, “No.  You have to let me finish”.  Dan smiled and remained relatively immobile as Vicky continued.

Vicky completed removing her blouse, but instead of continuing with her lower garment, a garment she called “leggings” at times and “jeans” at others depending upon the thickness of their construction, Vicky began to stroke and squeeze her boobs.

Dan appeared to enjoy this very much.  He did not attempt to assist Vicky in this, but instead stroked the front of his pants and spoke to Vicky.  I understood nothing of what he said.  I can only repeat the sounds he made.  Those sounds were something on the order of, “You’re making my cock hard”.

Vicky chuckled then and began removing her leggings, though she seemed very reluctant to do so.  She would pull down the upper part slightly, then pull it back up.  From time to time, she would turn her back to Dan and do likewise.  Of the two positions, Dan seemed to favor the latter.  When Vicky pulled her leggings down until the separation of her cheeks appeared, Dan licked his lips and exclaimed, “That’s one hot little ass, Babe.”  Vicky giggled and pulled the leggings back up to her waist.

In time, she did pull her leggings down to her knees and then stepped out of them.  Dan was overjoyed, though I could see no reason for his happiness.  It was just Vicky in her undergarments, a sight I’d seen many times and other than the novelty of her hairless body, held no interest for me.

Dan was very interested and reached for Vicky’s boobs again.  This time she allowed him a brief touch before pushing him away again.  Dan seemed pleased, for he licked his upper lip.

Vicky then reached behind her back for a moment and unhooked her boob cover, but she did not simply remove it as she had in the past.  She held it over her boobs and slowly removed the straps from her shoulders and down over her arms.  Once she had done that, she slowly lowered the cups until her boobs were visible.  

Dan again reached for her boobs, but Vicky shook her head and began removing her panties.  I assumed since Dan found such happiness at seeing her front, Vicky would remove her panties in that position.  She did not.  She turned again to present her cheeks to Dan, and then proceeded to remove her panties.  As with the leggings, she did so by a series of lowering and then raising, and with each, Dan repeated his statement about working her ass.  By then I had determined that “working her ass” meant Dan wished Vicky to move her cheeks up and down and from side to side.  Vicky seemed very adept at these motions, and Dan was very appreciative.

At last, Vicky slipped the panties off her feet and walked forward to Dan again.  After another kiss, she led him to the couch Vicky and I shared every night, and then began disrobing him.

I confess to being at a loss as to why Vicky would do this.  I saw no indication Dan was not capable of removing his own clothing.  In fact, he appeared to be in perfect health with no disabilities at all.  Vicky seemed to enjoy doing this task for him though, so I was content to continue my observations.

Vicky was much faster in the removal of Dan’s garments, and as she unbuckled his belt, she was in such a rush she fumbled with the fastener.   When she succeeded, she moved next to the button at the top and then the zipper.  Dan stood quietly while she pulled his pants down, only slipping out of his shoes that Vicky might remove them completely.

I notice his body seemed to have expanded somewhat.  I had seen no bulge in the front of his pants before, but now, it appeared as if some portion of his anatomy was attempting to escape the confines.  Vicky observed this as well, and began stroking the protrusion.  Dan smiled for a while, but when Vicky closed her fingers around that protrusion, he caught his breath.  Vicky grinned and then pulled the garment down to Dan’s feet.

It was with great interest I observed what Vicky call Dan’s “cock”.  While I was likewise equipped, Dan’s organ was significantly larger, both in size and girth.  Vicky appeared to be fascinated by Dan’s cock.  She stroked it, she squeezed it, and after a few moments, she sat down on the couch, pulled Dan closer, and put his organ against her lips.

I had determined Vicky was again doing the kissing game with Dan’s organ, and also that he enjoyed Vicky’s kisses to his swollen organ as much or more than he enjoyed her kissing his mouth.  I was flabbergasted when Vicky opened her mouth and engulfed nearly half of Dan’s organ.  Dan was apparently not surprised, for he only put his hand upon Vicky’s head and pushed his organ further into her mouth.

Vicky began pulling her head back as if to release Dan’s cock, but then quickly pushed her face back over it.  Dan groaned from time to time as she did this.  I could not fathom why.  It appeared that at any moment, Vicky might close her teeth upon his organ and sever it from his body.  Dan appeared to have no such concerns though.  He would groan and then say, “Oh fuck, Babe, you really know how to suck a cock”, or other words I could not understand but sounded similar.

Dan began thrusting his cock into Vicky’s mouth with sufficient force she was compelled to grip the portion nearest his body in order to control the dept of his thrusts.  Dan did not seem to mind.  He continued his thrusting until Vicky pulled her mouth away from his organ.  Evidently she then gave Dan some sort of instructions, for he stood patiently and stroked his swollen organ while Vicky turned on the couch and assumed a position I recognized as the quadrapedal stance common to all of my own species.  

I thought this unusual, for Vicky could not actually stand upon her feet as her legs were much longer than her arms.  Instead, she rested her hindquarter upon her knees.  Then, she wiggled her ass in a manner I thought to be much as I wagged my tail.

Dan climbed onto the couch behind Vicky then, and stroked the fur between her legs for a while.  I could understand Vicky’s enjoyment as stroking my fur always caused very pleasant feelings to me.  As Dan stroked her fur, I observed Vicky’s feelings were greatly different from mine.

She began to rock her ass and to breathe at a much faster rate.  After a short while, Dan pushed two of his fingers into Vicky’s fur, and much to my surprise, they appeared to enter her body.  This was a development of great interest to me.  Often I had scented Vicky’s fur and found her scent to be pleasant if somewhat unique.  I knew not of the origin of this scent, but if Dan could insert his fingers there, that opening was surely that very same origin.

Vicky began to make moaning sounds then, and again, I began to fear for her safety.  Presently those fears were put to rest though.  Dan’s organ bobbed about as he plunged his fingers in and out of Vicky’s fur, and after one particularly loud moan on her part, Vicky reached between her spread legs and grasped that organ.  She maneuvered it into the space in her fur where Dan had inserted his fingers.  Dan removed those fingers and Vicky pushed back over Dan’s cock.

It was at that instant my mind grasped the significance of the act I was witnessing.  The position was one I knew by instinct, for it is the position in which dogs reproduce.  Dan was preparing to breed Vicky and Vicky appeared to be willing to be bred.  In fact, when Dan began stroking his organ in and out of Vicky, she was assisting him in his efforts, and she was rendering said assistance with great vigor.

For a long while, Dan plunged his organ into Vicky and as he did so, Vicky pushed her furry patch back into his thrusts.  Those backward thrusts seemed to intensify when Dan began to massage Vicky’s boobs.  She gasped at his first touch and then began such a cacophony of moans and gasps, I feared she might expire.  Such was not the case, for she continued both the symphony of sounds as well as her reverse thrusts in an even more active manner.

Shortly, Vicky shrieked and her legs began to shake.  Dan held her in position with one hand, then groaned and began thrusting his organ into Vicky’s fur with sufficient force to rock her body and cause her boobs to bounce violently.  Vicky seemed to enjoy this vigorous thrusting.  She gasped again, then arched her back, and then shrieked once more.  A few moments later, she collapsed on the couch with Dan’s organ still inside her and with his body on top of hers.

For a while, Vicky was still and silent except for her panting breaths.  I assumed the intense activity had sapped her strength and she was recovering.  Such proved to be the case.  When Dan raised up off Vicky, she turned over and held out her arms.  Dan eased down between Vicky’s upraised thighs.  They kissed again, and Vicky wrapped her arms around Dan’s back.

To say I was overjoyed would be a serious understatement.  My instincts told me that now that Vicky had been bred, I would soon have several playmates.  They would be humans, of course, but if humans were at all like dogs, they would be of a more diminutive stature and therefore a great pleasure to me.  I envisioned tugs of war as well as cuddling together much as I had done with my brothers and sisters.

Alas, such was not to be, though Dan and Vicky attempted to fulfill my hopes again that night.  They continued to do so every day Vicky did not leave the house for what she called “work”.  Sometimes, Dan bred Vicky in the same position.  At other times, Vicky would lie upon her back and Dan would kneel between her thighs and breed her in this manner.  At still other times, Vicky would sit astride Dan, impale herself, and then bob up and down until they both gasped and shook.  None of these efforts produced results, though.  I finally decided Vicky was incapable of conceiving even one offspring, let alone the litter for which I had hoped.

It was at the time of year when the days begin to warm and the trees again bring forth there leafy covers when I was whisked off to what Vicky explained was to be my temporary home.  For several days and night I stayed in that horrible place.  There were others of my kind there as well, but none were particularly friendly.  One that did catch my eye was a female of about my stature but with long flowing hair that reached nearly to the ground.  She had no interest in me whatsoever, even going to the extent of calling me a mongrel.  

On the last day of my forced confinement, Vicky at last came to rescue me.  She picked me up and hugged me tight, and I was overjoyed to be once again held tight to her boobs.  When she took me outside, there was Dan, and much to my surprise, he held another of my kind in his arms.  

She was somewhat shy at first, but after we sniffed noses she gave me a happy little yip.  When we arrived at Vicky’s apartment, I learned her name was Trixie, and also that she was descended from the same lineage as I, though the relationship was in the very distant past. I was instantly in love.  

A year later I learned that humans can indeed breed successfully, though sadly, they only produce one offspring at a time.  My happiness was still great when Vicky brought a tiny little human into the house.  It had taken a long time, and was not without some tribulations.  Vicky was happy at first to know she’d finally been bred.  As time went on and her belly began to swell, she first lamented her increasing girth, and at the end, was nearly incapable of rising from the bed by herself.  

After the birth though, she rapidly returned to her original size, and once again, she and Dan began attempting to recreate the experience.  For quite some time, though, those efforts were interrupted by the cries of little Danielle.  I understood, for in the early months of my own life, I too had suffered from hunger many times each day and had likewise cried out for my mother.

I had no such difficulty with Trixie, though unlike Vicky who seemed to enjoy being bred every day and often more than once, Trixie was a bit more selective.  When she did decide it was time, however, she proved to be every bit if not more accepting of the act.  A few months later, she presented me with six offspring, two males and four females.  It is a pleasure to play about with my rambunctious sons and daughters, though I fear we shall soon be separated just as I was from my mother.  Other humans have visited our house and have remarked upon the wonderful appearance of our offspring.  

It is fortunate that I will still have Trixie by my side when they all depart.  Vicky is too busy with Danielle to do more than feed us and give us a scratch behind the ears.  Trixie says that will change as soon as Danielle can eat solid food instead of nursing, just as it changed with our litter.  I do hope so.  I love Trixie with all my heart, but I have a special place there for Vicky as well, and I truly believe I hold that very same place with Vicky.