The Weekend

Info mysteria27
23 Apr. '16

I had been talking to a friend on a website that we had met on. We didn't know each other's names, but we always had very hot and sexy conversations. We had known each other for about six months. We used to have cyber-sex months back. But we're now just friends and don't do that anymore.

My friend lives in California and is married. He told me that he was taking his wife away for a weekend at a lovely hotel. He had bought tickets to a show called “Venus in Fur.” He also told me that he'd bought many vibrators and costumes to use on his wife that weekend. 

A few times in our conversation, he told me that he wanted to have a threesome. Now, we've never met and I don’t even know his name. He said that he'd love for me to come to San Francisco and be part of this lovely weekend with his wife and him. 

I thought to myself how wicked and naughty would that be, if I actually went. We don’t even know what the other one looks like. I don’t even know his name. But, we did chat together for many months. We had amazing cyber-sex many times in the past. 

He told me, he would have a round trip ticket waiting for me at the airport. He would just need to know my name and it would be waiting for me at the desk. He didn't want to be pushy, but said that he really thought this would be a very exciting and pleasurable weekend, for all involved. 

I told him I would meet him in San Francisco. I was very nervous and very excited, but I thought it would be really wild to go. I hadn't been away in a while and thought this would be perfect. My husband was traveling and I was able to have my mother watch my children. He did tell me that we were in fact going to be having a threesome. He also said he had an idea how to have this happen, without his wife really knowing who I was. He'd explain later, when I got there. 

I was very intrigued after we had chatted. We logged off and I ran to the mall to pick out some lingerie. I knew he was very fond of classy high end lingerie. I went and picked up some La Perla bra and panties. They were all matching sets. I also picked up stocking top thigh highs and a few different garter belts. I knew he liked when his wife got all dressed for him. 

The day had arrived and I went to the airport. I checked in and sure enough my ticket was being held for me. I was very excited and very nervous. This was probably the craziest thing I ever did in my entire life. "But, you only live once, right?" 

I boarded the plane and I relaxed and did mindless crossword puzzles and word searches on the entire flight. I had a meal and a few drinks and took a nap. My friend said he would have a limo waiting for me to take me to the hotel, where they were staying. He also said that he had a room waiting in my name. He did say we were also going to be having sex together, without his wife. And then later, after him and his wife were done with the show, we were going to be having our threesome. 

The plane landed and I went to the baggage claim area to get my bags. I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. I walked over to him.

"I'll be taking you to the hotel.  Follow me."


I followed him and he helped me into the limo.  I got comfortable in the car and at this point my heart was pounding. I didn't even know my friend's name.  We never even spoke on the phone.  We only chatted in black boxes on a website where we both had met.

The crazier part was, we haven't chatted in a long time.  I had met somebody else I was talking to more frequently.  We were still very good friends.  Now, I'm sitting in a limo in San Francisco going to have sex with him and his wife.  My heart was pounding and I felt like I might have an anxiety attack.  Several times I wondered if I was doing the right thing.  I never cheated on my husband before either.  This was all new territory for me.  

We arrived at the hotel and I walked to the check in desk. They give me the key and I walked up to the room. The hotel was very swanky and my room was quite lovely.  The room had beautiful bouquets of flowers in crystal vases.  There also was a bottle of chilled champagne and strawberries. There was a note from my friend, saying he would be by around five o’clock to see me. It was only three o’clock.  I was a nervous wreck.  My friend knew I liked champagne.  I figured I'd drink the whole bottle to ease my nerves.

I was very nervous and took a very long bubble bath. I must have stayed there for maybe an hour. At times, I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. I've never done something so wild and crazy in years. I wasn't really sure what to think. I don’t even know what my friend looked like. I don’t even know his name.  I was stressed because he knew my name, when he bought me the ticket.

After my bath, I put on a black bra, lacy black panties, and thigh high stocking top stockings and a black garter belt. I looked into the mirror and admired myself. I also put on my black heels that I had brought with me. I had arranged my hair and did my make-up.

I just waiting for my friend to come to my room. At the stroke of five o’clock, somebody knocked on my door. I was an absolute wreck. My heart was pounding and I was very nervous. I went to the door and there he was. He was just as good looking as he said he was. He was a bit younger than me. He had salt and pepper short hair and he had a very fit body. He was about five foot ten inches and was very handsome. 

We just hugged each other. We really never even spoke. He brought me to the bed and we shared a long and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined in each other’s mouth. We went over to the bed and he slowly pulled down my panties, and spread my thighs and went to work on my bald pussy. 

He knew I loved oral sex and his tongue rubbed and massaged my clit as he worked his tongue all over my pink and flimsy pussy lips. He sucked and slurped on my wet pussy.  I was moaning and groaning and grinding up again his face.  I was holding onto the headboard while I squirmed all over the bed.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. You're so good at this.” 

I was so aroused and so excited. He put a few fingers into my pussy and worked his fingers deeper and deeper into my cunt. I was enjoyed him finger fucking me.  I felt pressure inside of my pussy.  I knew I was about to cum.

“Fuck! Oh my god, I'm going to cum.  Oh shit!"

I had the biggest orgasm and soaked my friends face and neck with my hot cunt juices. After that, I wanted to return the favor. I undressed my friend and removed his clothes. He sat on the bed and opened his legs. 

I knelt in front of him and rubbed and massaged his balls in my hands. He had a clean shaven cock and balls. I stroked his cock from his base to his head and got his already hard and thick cock ready for the sucking adventure I was going to be taking. 

I slowly took his eight-inch cock down my throat. I played with his balls in my one hand, as I took his big cock inch by inch down my throat. I was making all those wet sucking sounds as I bobbed up and down on his large dick. I have a very large mouth and was able to get most of his dick down my throat. 

He was playing with my hair and he removed my bra and played with my hard and erect nipples. He twisted and pulled them, while I was slurping and sucking on his very hard cock. My nipples were like stiff erasers.  I was stuffing his meat pop down my throat.  He was watching me devour his cock.

“Oh god, that feels so good, you really do love to suck cock.” 

I slobbered and slurped on his eight-inch dick.  All I wanted was his hot cum.  I was hoping he would spray my throat with his cum.  I knew I was pleasing him in every way.

“Oh god, I'm going to cum. Open your mouth wide, here it comes.” 

My friend came in my mouth. Ropes and ropes of his sweet hot cum sprayed down my throat.  I swallowed it all down.  I wiped my mouth and smiled at him.

"I'm not going to fuck you right now.  When we meet later with my wife, will have a threesome."

He gave me a kiss.

"I'll be back at ten o'clock.  Come to our room wearing another lingerie outfit.  Order yourself anything you want from room service. I know you like champagne.  Order yourself a bottle or two.  

He handed me a card with his room number on it.  My friend got dressed and left. Now this was even weirder than before. I still didn't know what his name was, but we now had oral sex with each other. We now know what we look like, but I still really didn't know very much.

I took another hot bath and soaked in the tub and drank champagne. I ordered filet mignon and some shrimp. The dinner came with a salad, baked potato, and some spinach. Room service came and I had dinner and watched a movie. I had a lot of time to waste before my friend and his wife were going to be back at the hotel. 

I got dressed in another bra and pantie set. This time, they were red. I put on my thigh high stockings and the red garter belt and my red heels on. I fixed my hair and re-did my make-up. I was really feeling like quite a slut. I didn’t even know my friends name and now I am going to be having a threesome with his wife and him. I was getting the feeling this was a once in a lifetime situation. He didn’t want to share his name or her name with me.

It was finally time to meet up at his room. I put a rain coat over my outfit and walked to his room. I knocked on his door and he answered. He said that he had blindfolded his wife. He told her that he wanted to live out one of his fantasies. She was a little hesitant, but had agreed to go along with her husband’s idea. My friend handcuffed his wife to the bed and restrained her legs. His wife was wearing a white bra and matching panties. White stocking top thigh highs and a garter belt and heels. She looked very lovely laying on the bed like that. 

I had never been with another woman. I have had threesomes, but always with men. This was something I’ve never done before. I was very nervous and very excited at the same time.

"I want to see you take advantage of my wife.  We'll both lick her pussy clean and afterwards will all make love together.  For the first part, I’ll just be watching."

My friend also had bought some vibrators that he wanted to be used on his wife. I had told him that I was a big fan of the Hitachi magic wand. He had purchased one, so I could use it on her. I removed my coat and plugged in the vibrator and went to the bed. I slowly removed her panties and put the vibrator on low on her pussy. She was moaning and groaning and wriggling around on the bed. 

My friend was really enjoying watching. I was moving the wand all over his wife’s pussy. I then put the attachment on and began to fuck his wife with the vibrator. 

“Oh God, that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Oh God.” 

I fucked her good with the wand. She was squirting all over the bed. My friend then got off the bed.

"I want us to lick her pussy together."

"Okay," I said.

It was so strange for me to be licking a pussy in the first place, but to do it with my chatting friend was even stranger.

We both licked her pussy. Her juices were flowing out of her pretty slit. I would take a taste and then my friend would take a taste. Then he gave me a long and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined in each other’s mouth, while his wife was laying in her own pussy juices. Then we went back to licking her pussy. I licked her pussy up and down and moved my tongue over her swollen clit. My friend finger fucked his wife and I slurped on her juices. It really did taste rather good. 

"I want you to ride her face.  I will fuck her."

I removed my red panties and stood up on the bed.  I put my feet on either side of her head.  I squatted down and rode her face. My friend slid his cock into his wife’s pussy and fucked her hard. She was moaning and groaning and slurping and sucking on my bald pussy. She licked my pussy really good. It was so gentle and loving and I was really enjoying it. 

“Oh my God, oh my God, I'm going to cum.” 

I was rocking my body along her mouth, as she tongue-fucked my bald slit. My friend was fucking his wife really fast and really hard. 

“I'm going to cum!  Oh God here it comes.” 

His wife had a very strong orgasm. I was moving and grinding my cunt over his wife’s mouth. She was tongue fucking my bald pussy so good. I was so excited and had an orgasm. It was very powerful, as I soaked her face and neck. His wife did a good job cleaning me up. 

After that, my friend removed her hand cuffs and the restraints, but left the blindfold still over her face.

"Darling, spread your thighs."

His wife spread her thighs.  I bent down and licked at her pussy while her husband lubed up my ass and his cock.  My friend eased his cock into my ass slowly.  He held my hips and pushed his big cock up inside of my anus.  I could feel his iron hard cock inside of my tight asshole.   I was moving my tongue all around her pretty pussy.  She was very wet and her juices were flowing out of her bald folds.  I slurped and sucked on her tasty juices.  My friend was slapping my ass and fucking my asshole very hard.  His wife never let him fuck her anus before.  His wife allowed him to fuck my ass.

His wife was moaning and groaning.  She was blindfolded and started to scream while she exploded into an orgasm.  I enjoyed all her tasty and very sweet pussy juices.  My friend was slapping my buttocks while he fucked me hard and fast in my asshole.  My friend started to moan and groan while he fucked me hard.  

"Oh fuck," he screamed.

My friend shot his cum deep into my asshole. His wife had another orgasm, while I continued to lick her sweet pussy. My friend then put a blindfold onto my face and removed his wife’s blindfold.

"Lay down!  I have a surprise for you." 

My friend had bought another vibrator and told his wife to use it on my pussy and he'd lick the juices. His wife started to fuck me good and hard with the toy, while my friend was licking my bald cunt. 

“Oh God, that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Oh God!” 

I had a huge orgasm and my friend and his wife licked my bald cunt. I was shaking and bucking wildly as they licked my pussy. After that, his wife went to take a bath.

"That was so hot and sexy.  I told you I'd pull this off.  Thank you my sweet friend for coming.  I have a surprise in your room.  Thanks so much.  Will talk soon." 

We kissed and hugged each other.  I left his room.  I wondered what the surprise was that he bought for me.

I went back to my room and there was a huge box and it was wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a bow. It was a really big and heavy box. I opened it up and he bought me a Sybian riding machine. I started to laugh as I always said I wanted one. I never did find out my friend’s name, but I had the most amazing weekend.