Out of the Rain Chapter 7

Info Mickster
29 Nov. '18

Good Morning - Chapter 7

As I groggily clawed my way into consciousness, I felt the oddest sensation. I woke with a stiff morning woody, as usual, fueled by some amazing dreams. But I felt something warm and moist on my shaft. sliding up it and around the head and then encompassing the head. I groaned with pleasure but then I remembered Kirstin was away for the weekend. The previous night with Brook began to seep back into my consciousness. I opened my eyes and squinted at the sunshine cascading into the room through the Venetian blinds. My eyes finally focused on Brook. She lay perpendicular to me the morning sun dramatically lighting her petite and completely naked body. her breasts were beautifully shapely and firm if not overly large. Her nipples were hard. One hand was wrapped around the base of my cock as the tip of her tongue danced around the head, now flicking at the ridge of the head, then lapping at the length of it with the flat of her tongue. It felt amazing. I always fantasized about Kristin waking me like this. The fantasy didn't compare to the reality. Her other hand was cupping her mound, grinding into it with insistent pressure. Her sapphire blue eyes opened and locked with mine. "Good morning Daddy”, she said with teasing cheerfulness, "I'm sober". She giggled and sucked my throbbing cock back inside her pink full lips.

"Ooooh, Fuuuck".  I groaned as she took me deep in her mouth a few times in rapid succession. "Good Idea!", She giggled, and she began crawling up my body planting licks and kisses along the way. How she got my sleeper pants down around my knees without waking me I am not sure. But I lay on my back, pants down, robe wide open. Reaching my neck, she began nibbling and sucking...then she kissed along my jawline to my mouth which at this point was hungry for her lips. As we kissed greedily our tongues caressing each other I thought how wrong this was, but only for a second. She pulled back and looked in my eyes. "Do you still think this is wrong?", she asked. "Yes...but...I don't care." I replied as my hand slid behind her head and pulled her gently in for another desperate kiss. I was delighting in her warm smooth skin against mine when she pulled her knees up to either side of me and pushed herself away up into a position straddling me. The folds of her pussy were positioned along the length of my shaft. I could feel how wet she was from fingering herself while she waited for me to wake.  She slowly started moving her hips forward and back sliding her pussy against the length of my shaft. It felt amazing especially when it would reach and enfold the head. But she wasn't letting me penetrate just yet.  I took in her beauty breathlessly. My hands slid up her thighs and over her hips. Fingers caressing her stomach and sliding to her breasts. "Mmmmm...Daddy" She groaned as I began caressing and squeezing them. " I have fantasized about this" I whispered roughly. "With me? Really? Do you masturbate thinking of me?" She asked gleefully. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as I confessed, "Yes...a lot" She smiles and bits her lip as she grinds her hips in circles smearing her wetness all over my throbbing cock. " I LOVE that...but you can't do that anymore. From now on I get to please your cock...OK?" I groan again as the pleasure of her soft, wet, pink, flesh stroking me builds. "Yes...Babygirl" I say as one hand drifts to her mound and I slide a finger toward her clit. "Do you want my pussy Daddy?" She asks. "I'm not your Daddy" I stammer. "Do you want me to stop calling you that?", She asks as she picks up the pace on my raging hard-on. "No..", I mutter "No you don't want my pussy?" I groan, "Ugh...YES, I want it. I want all of you...I need you...call me whatever you want..." I stammer in gasps. She seems delighted, "It's yours, All yours Daddy. Do you want to fuck YOUR pussy?", She says not waiting for an answer. She lifts her body up on her knees and uses her hand to place my achingly hard cock at her entrance. "ready Daddy"!