House Sitting: Part 2

I awoke laying on my back with her laying on her stomach with her head on my lower chest and the cleavage of her breasts on my semi-hard cock. I looked at the top of head lightly stroking her hair. With both of our naked bodies touching each other as we laid in bed, I reflected to last night and how we had our most erotic and intense sex ever experienced. My muscles were sore from the pool and bedroom fucking. I looked at the clock radio. It was 10:00 a.m. As I slowly started to get out of bed to take care of the dogs without waking her, she awoke, gently stroking my outer thighs and looking up at me with a smile and saying, “Good Morning”. She slithered her body upwards rubbing her body against my cock to gave me a kiss. She softly said, “Boy, did we have a night for the record books. What we did with each other was an experience I’ll never forget.” I said to her with a laugh, “Are you just as sore as I am?” She called it a good soreness. With her looking into my eyes, I said to her, “I love you.” She replied, “You have no idea how long I’ve been hoping and waiting to hear those words from you. And I really love you.” We embraced with a very long passionate kiss while caressing each other’s naked bodies. I had to stop before things really heated up. I told her I needed to take care of the dogs. With a sarcastic frown, she said she understood. I got out of bed and put on my lounge shorts. She laid in bed with the sheets three quarters down her body exposing most of her physical beauty as she looked directly at me. She stretched out from waking, spread her legs and ran her hands slowly up and down on her inner thighs. She even looked stunning first thing in the morning. I asked her if she wanted a coffee. She replied she would love a cup.

I went upstairs to the kitchen and prepared a pot of coffee. I then took the dogs out front of the house while the coffee brewed. It was a sunny, warm, and humid morning. It was going to be another hot day. Once having the dogs taken care of, I went back into the kitchen to pour each of us a mug of coffee. In looking out into the backyard, I saw her walking out from the downstairs towards the swimming pool. She was wearing one of my sleeveless t-shirts that covered most of body. With the morning sun shining on her, the t-shirt’s thin fabric became semi-transparent as I could see her entire outline of her tanned body as she walked. She had also unbraided her hair from last evening. As she got to the corner end of the pool, she stopped, spread her feet outward and reached for the sky with her arms stretching out. In doing so, this lifted her t-shirt exposing her entire pussy. I was not sure if she was purposely teasing me but it was something that would get any man’s attention. She ran her foot through the surface of the water and then removed her t-shirt and dove into the pool naked. In diving into the pool, she started and continued to swim pool laps. In watching her swim, it was visually arousing to see her slim firm body glide through the water naked with each of her strokes and kicking of her feet. Once getting our coffees prepared, I walked downstairs and out to the backyard to the pool. I placed our coffees on the bar waiting for her to finish her laps. Sipping my coffee, I continued to watch her swim. She was now doing back strokes. Seeing the water glide down her breasts, abdomen and vaginal area while she motioned her arms downward and kicking her legs wide open was, to say the least, a very erotic scene for first thing in the morning.

When she finished her swim work out, she floated at the edge of the pool to catch her breath. She outstretched her arms while holding onto the edge, tilted her back into the water propping up her breasts and nipples just above the water line. She then climbed out of the pool. Standing in front of me wet and naked, her hair was pulled back by the water. She tilted her head to the side to squeeze out the water. What a way to start the morning; her naked tanned, firm and wet body standing in front of me. I thought to myself she was doing this purposely. She reached down, picked up the t-shirt and put it on over her semi-wet body. The wetness on her breasts, stomach and vaginal area were partially exposed through the fabric of the shirt. Standing in front of her, sipping my coffee, she walked over to me with a smile, and we kissed. She said, “This place is incredible. I could easily get used to a place like this.” I handed a mug of coffee to her. I kissed her again and said, “I love you.” She gave me a beaming smile and replied back, “And I really love you.” She looked so hot wearing my partially wet t-shirt.

As we drank our coffees, I asked her what she wanted to do today on this hot sunny day. Thinking for a moment, she took another sip of her coffee, smiled and leaned towards me. She said, “I’ve got an idea you probably have never done. I want to do something else I’ve never done with a man.” I asked her to tell me. With a light laugh, she said, “Where we have this intimate opportunity, I really would love to sunbath in the nude with you.” I replied back, “You know, you’re right. That would be a first for me. O.K. I’m game for that.” We continued to sit out back having our coffee and talking. I said to her, “In the time we’ve got to know each other, I’ve noticed you’re a woman who loves challenges.” She replied back, “I love challenges. It keeps things different. It adds a spice to life. Why do you ask?” I started laughing telling her she had no limitations and an incredible imagination especially in the bedroom. She leaned forward and told me both her and I have been out of the game for a long time and we’re only making up for lost time and unleashing our inner passions through sex. I asked her, “Do women compare men and their sexual abilities?” She replied immediately, “Absolutely!” She then added, “Unless you’ve found the person who fulfills your physical, emotional and sexual passions. Why do you ask?” I again laughed and asked, “You remember Anthony from last night?” She replied, “Oh yeah. I think he wants to bone me in the worst way.” I told her that was quite obvious. I then asked her if she would take the challenge of going to bed with him. She gave out a light laugh and said, “Not from what I’ve heard about him. He is what is termed, dead in bed.”

The sun was perfectly positioned for sunbathing. It was sunny hot and humid with not a single cloud in the sky. I told her I needed to get some additional coconut oil and suntan lotion in the bathroom for us and I’d be right back. As I went into the house, I turned on the outside music. I walked into the bathroom and got the oil and lotion. Because I still had last night’s sex on me, I turned on the shower to quickly rinse off before putting any oil and lotion on me. Quickly rinsing off and turning off the shower, I found she was in the bathroom with me. As I stood there dripping wet, she smiled at me holding the bottle of fractured coconut oil. She said, “Allow me to put this on you. This will keep your skin moist and prevent burning.” She told me to turn around and she started to apply the oil to my back starting at the shoulders. As she got to the small of my back, her rubbing slowed as she applied the oil on my buttocks. Her oily hands then slowly rubbed and slithered down both my legs. Still standing behind me, her hands moved up my legs to where my semi-erect cock was. She told me to turn around as she stood up. She again applied the oil starting at my upper chest and slowly descending down to my waist rubbing slowly. As she got to my groin, she got down on her knees and fondled my balls and slowly stroked my enlarging cock. As I looked down on her as she oil covered my cock, balls and groin area, she spread her upper legs open. While holding my rock-hard shaft, she looked up at me with a very seductive look, paused and then put her mouth on the head of my cock. With her tongue, she slowly swirled her tongue around the rim of my cock’s head. This was driving me crazy. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and a devious smile and said, “You’ve already tasted me. Now it’s my turn to taste you now so you just stand there and enjoy this.”

Simultaneously, she slid her lips and mouth over my cock and moved her hands across my oily thighs sliding them onto my buttocks. With slow motions, her warm moist mouth motioned back and forth taking more and more inches of my cock with each slow forward motion of her mouth. At the same time, she pushed my buttocks forward towards her face in order to get more and more cock into her mouth and throat. She slightly tilted her head upward and between her saliva and the coconut oil, she easily slid my entire huge cock slowly into her mouth and down her throat. She held it there for what I thought was minutes causing my legs to start shaking. She slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with her continuous devious smile. She said, “And you thought I was not going to be able to take all of you, did you?” She continued with her erotic torture of me by slowly stroking the entire shaft of my cock with her tongue. Stuttering, I said to her, “You give the most incredible blowjobs I have ever had.” With an unsatisfied grin, she then placed my cock back into mouth and continued to suck. As I looked down on her as her mouth ravaged my cock, she had placed one of her hands on my inner thigh while her other hand was under the t-shirt she was wearing and rubbing her vaginal opening. She started to loudly moan in pleasure. I placed my hands on the sides of her head guiding her sucking motions back and forth. In unison, we were now both moaning from her sexual feast. I could feel my climax building. I wanted to pull her off my cock, lay her on the floor and insert it in her delicious pussy. She was not going to have any of that though. She once again slid my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She flickered the very base of my shaft with her tongue which brought me to complete climax. I told her, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Just as my cock started to pulsate, she pressed her tongue against my shaft creating a sexually arousing feeling I cannot even describe. I gushed 4 to 5 steady streams of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Slowly withdrawing, she would not stop sucking until I was totally limp and empty of cum.

She stood up from the floor and wrapped her arms around my waist. We kissed. Looking at me with a smile, she said, “God, I love your cock! And you taste really good too. Boy, you do cum an awful lot though. I don’t have to have breakfast now.” I asked, “Where in the hell did you learn to do that? That’s the best head I’ve ever had!” She gave a light laugh and said, “It takes practice. But I love giving head. But I will say, your cock has, by far, been the most challenging to take.” We kissed again. As we were kissing, I pulled off her t-shirt. Having regained my composure from the best blowjob I have ever received, it was my turn to return the favor. I said to her, “O.K. Now it’s my turn. Let me do the honors.” I picked up the bottle of coconut oil, poured some oil into my hands and gently rubbed the oil onto her face. I worked my way down to her neck and shoulders. I had her extend her arms outward. I rubbed oil onto both of her arms. In an anticipated stimulated motion, she was pushing herself up and down on her toes. I applied more oil onto my hands. I then began to rub and caress her breasts running my hands down through her cleavage to her lower torso area. She told me she loved the feeling of my hands rubbing her body and not to stop. I had her turn around. I slowly applied the oil on her back working my hands downward along her firm slender body. I paused for a moment, so I could hold her slender waist while kissing her neck. My hands slid downward and caressed both of her buttocks. I then slowly ran my fingers slowly through the crevasse of her ass.

With my oily chest pressed against her oily back, my hands moved to her vaginal area. Coating her inner thighs and pussy with coconut oil, she tilted her head back and gently said, “What are the chances of making love?” I gave her a soft laugh and replied, “I think that’s going to be a little difficult right now. You, young lady, sucked out my ability to make love to you right now. Sorry.” Her hands reached around and grabbed my side buttocks. In a chuckle, she said, “I have faith in you. You amaze me with your ability to recover faster than most guys can.” I kissed her neck and then turned her around, so we were facing each other. I got on my knees, poured some additional oil on my hands and rubbed both of her legs. My rubbing hands moved into and around her pussy. I leaned in and kissed her pussy. I looked up at her as she was looking down on me biting her bottom lip with a smile. She separated her legs and grabbed the side of my head. I kissed her tattoo and then her pussy. She said, “You really know how to turn me on, don’t you?” With my oily fingers, I separated the lips of her pussy and inserted my tongue. She gave an immediate quiver as I slowly moved my tongue inside her pussy. She forced my head into her, so my tongue could slide deeper inside her. In my stimulation of her pussy, she moaned and said, “I love it when eat me.” I stood up. We embraced and kissed. With my middle finger, I inserted deep inside her pussy rubbing gently. I knew where her sensitive area which drove her crazy. In a gasping whisper, she said, “God, I wish you could get hard again.” I whispered back, “Hey, in due time. In due time.”

We kissed again. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Hey, let’s go sunbathing.” With both our bodies covered with coconut oil and stimulated, I took her hand leading her out into the backyard to the swimming pool. She had grabbed the bottle of suntan lotion. Entering the pool in the shallow end, I grabbed onto the large 2-person pool raft. She rolled onto the raft laying on her back. I climbed on lying next to her. She asked me if I could put suntan lotion on. Of course, I had no problem rubbing her beautiful body again. She returned the favor only to rub and stroke my cock extra long to see if I could get hard again to no avail. I chuckled and said to her, “I’m really sorry. I’ll get hard again with time, Hon.” Lying under the bright hot sun, we baked both our front and back sides of our bodies. Now, I don’t know if this happens with other couples but with us, the time in our sunbathing always makes us horny. We are both also obsessed with having tanned bodies with the minimal of tan lines. In the process of getting our bodies tanned, the horniness is a built-up side benefit. She, of course, had no tan lines. Most of my tan lines from my swimsuit had been erased. In being so relaxed, we also both dozed off from time to time. We had sunbathed for about 2 hours. Waking up at one point, I leaned up to find she had been in a light sleep. She looked stunning with her oily, sweaty, tanned body glistening with moisture under the hot sun. She had a darker wet bronze tone to her skin in the time we laid in the sun. So, I would not wake her, I slithered off of the raft into the water. The pool water felt so refreshing as I swam in the deep end. I dove to the bottom of the pool and slowly surfaced. While floating, I drifted back over to the raft. It feels so invigorating and natural swimming naked.

As I waded my way back over to the raft, I noticed she had centered herself on the raft. Still exhibiting pure moisture all over her skin, she was lying on her back with her arms outstretched over her head. With her hips spread wide and the heels of her feet touching together, her pussy was completely exposed to the sun with her opening begging to be violated. I could see beads of sweat trickling all around her vaginal opening giving the appearance she was sopping wet inside. In what I was seeing, I could feel my cock become hard. I reached down under the water and started to stroke my cock. Knowing I would be able to fuck much longer, this invitation was one for the both of us to remember. Holding the edge of the raft, I kicked my legs to boost myself back onto the raft. Inching myself up to her pussy opening, I positioned myself in between her legs and directly in front of her pussy. My legs were dangling in the water. With my fingers, I split open her bare vaginal lips. I loved her wet sea turtle tattoo. It was so erotic being so close to her opening. Her tattoo artist definitely got more enjoyment than money putting that on her. In splitting her lips, she was just as moist inside as she was outside. There are sexual opportunities that are just simply and mutually choreographed.

I drove my tongue deep inside her. She immediately gave a very long moan and moved her hands over her head, grabbing the side of my head and forcing my face into her pussy. She said, “Don’t you dare stop! I’ve been waiting for this all day!” The inside of her pussy was so hot. I don’t know if that was a result of it being exposed to the hot sun, but I could sense she wanted my hard cock inside of her once I finished getting her off. As I continued to flicker my tongue deep inside her, I then inserted my middle finger into her pussy. Licking and motioning my finger back and forth inside her, I was driving her crazy. She thrusted her hips upward into my face stating in a gasping voice, “Keep licking me! Keep licking me! Keep doing what you’re doing!  I’m going to cum! Really, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop!” In a short scream, she suddenly squirted all her inner juices all over my face. When she did this, the only thing I wanted to do at this point was to ram my rock-hard cock deep inside her. But that wasn’t going to happen yet. She kept forcing my face into her pussy. I continued to lick and finger her non-stop causing her to convulse and thrust back and forth, up and down. She would again scream and squirt her juices on me. She suddenly rolled over onto her side and then rolled off the raft and into the water. I slid off the raft and followed her. When she came up for air, she was still gasping for air from the multiple orgasms I just delivered to her. 

In joining our bodies together in the water and being saturated with coconut oil and suntan lotion, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we passionately kissed. We slipped and slid our bodies against one another. With her oily body pressed against mine, she was still breathing heavy. She said to me, “How do you do it? You make me cum so many times.” I replied, “It’s the challenge and expectations in our love making.” We drifted to the edge of the pool. Looking deep into her green eyes, this afternoon was just getting started. With her arms wrapped around my neck, she leaned back and felt my rock-hard cock. She said, “Oh my, you are ready.” She wrapped her legs around my waist, slowly slid down and eased her pussy onto the head of my erect cock. She then quickly thrusted downward taking my entire cock deep inside her. She felt so velvety smooth sliding down my cock. It was like she was a spool of thread and I was the spool holder. She gave out a loud grunt. We both said at the same time, “You feel so good inside!” I asked her, “Are you able to go underwater?” With a laugh, she said, “Hell, yeah!” I pushed us away from the side and we both slowly submerged under the water. As we sank to the bottom of the pool, I grabbed her buttocks and pushed her vaginal area against my groin, so my entire cock remained deep inside her. As we continued to sink, I started to thrust in and out of her while her legs remained wrapped around my waist. We continued to fuck underwater for about 2 minutes. For the both of us, this was a new plateau of sexual experimentation we wanted to experience.

Breaking away from each other, we both surfaced to the edge of the pool. She said, “That’s incredible. Making love underwater.” We kissed. At the same time, she had reached down with one hand and grabbed my cock while we were looking at each other, she said, “Let’s do that again.” I have always been in awe at being able to penetrate her pussy with my cock where she can barely get her entire hand to wrap around the shaft of my cock. Using my cock like a joystick, she positioned me so my back was against the pool wall. She told me to hold us above water by holding the sides of the pool. She had her hands placed against the sides of my upper chest. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Now, you can’t touch me in any way. Stay in that position.” She leaned into me pressing her breasts into my chest. We kissed. She started kissing my neck working her way down to my shoulders and then my chest. She looked up at me and said, “Don’t you dare move.” Pressing her firm breasts against my chest, we kissed again. Using my body, she slowly submerged herself while rubbing her body against mine and giving gentle kisses in her downward descent under the water. She briefly paused so she could insert her tongue into my naval opening. As she went deeper into the water, she slid along my hard cock until she was face to face with my convulsing hugeness. As aroused as I was, I was still not close to climaxing.

She held herself underwater by gripping the lower portion of my thighs. At the same time, she repeatedly kissed my long shaft. As she got to the base of my cock, she tantalized my balls with a flickering tongue. She then took my cock into her mouth moving her lips back and forth on my shaft. Her warm mouth and tongue felt so amazing, I felt I was losing control. I gripped her tighter to me by placing my heels into her back mid-torso area. I had to witness her work her sexual magic. I lowered myself under the water to watch the motion of her mouth sliding on my cock. I became so aroused as to what I was feeling and watching, I let go of the pool sides and grabbed onto the side of her head as she continuously sucked my cock. We started to float down to the bottom of the pool as I guided her pace of sucking by holding onto her head as I could feel my climax building. She was so into giving me head underwater but I did not want to cum yet. What felt like a very long time underwater, she had to surface for some air. I surfaced right behind her. She was so excited and aroused in giving me an underwater blowjob again. She exclaimed, “I love doing this! This is so awesome!” Laughing, I asked, “I think I love it more than you do!” She then dove under water and swam towards the shallow end of the pool. I followed behind her. Getting to where the pool stairs were, we both stood up in waist deep water. With the sun gleaming on her wet body as she pulled back her hair, she had definitely become darker from the time we laid in the sun. She looked so hot as she stood there with beads of water trickling down her body to where her lower waist broke the surface of the pool water. Just below the water line, I could see that small patch of her pubic hair just above her bare vaginal opening.

Wiping my face of water, she walked over to me gently gripping my waist and pressing her body and pussy against my wet body and semi-hard cock. She asked, “Is this the most intense love making we’ve ever done?” I replied with a laugh, “I don’t know but every sexual encounter with you so far is a brand new adventure in intensity.” Feeling I was semi-erect, she then asked, “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” I replied, “No, I haven’t but your last attempt almost did it.” She lifted her hand and gently stroked the side of my face. She said, “I love making love to you. I really do. You’re the type of lover girls dream about.” Smiling, I said back, “What you can do to a guy when making love defies all boundaries of sexual imagination.” We gently kissed while caressing each other for a long time under the hot sun. She commented, “You’ve got a lot of sun. You have no bare areas anymore. Very sexy looking.” I suggested we lay in the sun a little while longer before indulging into anything else. With a mischievous tone in her voice, she agreed.    

We both waded through the shallow water to retrieve the raft. I reached the raft first where I lifted myself on top and ended up lying on my back. Being right behind me, she climbed onto the raft lying next to me on her side. Her arm went across my chest while her legs slightly spread to straddled one of my thighs. The layer of water below us felt refreshing as the sun bead down upon our sweating bodies heating up the oil and lotion again leaving us with a glistening appearance. We had small talk and light laughs as we floated on top of the pool. We were both very relaxed but at the same time, started to sense the strong desire and urge to make love again. Her arm and hand glided over my oily and sweaty chest while my arm and hand glided over her sweat and oil soaked lower back and upper buttocks. Her mouth was close to my ear and she quietly said, “Um, that feels so good. Don’t stop.” Listening to the soft music in the background, we floated and caressed each other. There is nothing like being naked with a woman floating on water. I can’t see how anyone could not become aroused by being like this. Her hand then shifted from my upper chest area down to my abdomen where she softly rubbed from side to side slowly moving just below my naval and touching the head of my now erect throbbing cock. At the same time, I was slowly running my middle finger up and down the upper space separating her buttocks. This caused her straddling legs to tighten around my thigh and thrust her outer vaginal area inward against my leg.

She placed her hand on top of the shaft of my wet oily cock which had been baking under the hot sun. In her slow strokes up and down my shaft, she whispered in my ear, “Your cock is on fire!” She rolled on top of me and spread her upper thighs straddling my shaft with her wide open and wet pussy. With her breasts pressed against my chest, we started to passionately kiss diving our tongues into each other’s mouths. As we kissed, she slowly rubbed her wet opening back and forth on my shaft moaning with building pleasure. She propped herself up by placing her hands on my slippery upper chest. Without using her hands, she manipulated her vaginal opening onto the head of my hard cock. At the same time, I was fondling her sweaty breasts. Sliding downward, her pussy engulfed my huge long cock gliding inside her like a greased pole. She took my entire cock deep inside moaning with utter pleasure. In gasping words, she said, “Oh my God, your rod is so damn hot.” In muscular pelvic thrusts, she moved back and forth on me in slow rhythmic motions with now high pitched moans. I felt the trickle of her inner juices ooze onto and alongside my balls. I started to tremble from the physical feeling we were engaged in. I could feel my climax point building rapidly. I thrusted upward forcing my entire cock deep inside her causing her to grunt loudly and start to shake. She sat upright placing her hands and arms on my thighs while still continuing with her long steady thrusts. It was so erotic watching my long cock slide in and out of her as the sun hit her body and sweat trickle down her body. Her face was grimacing in pure sexual delight.

At the time she was thrusting down having my entire cock inside her, I rolled us over and centered ourselves on the float so I was now on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my thighs as I braced myself over her with my arms while remaining inside her. Beads of sweat from my face and chest dripped down on her as I slowly thrusted in and out of her pussy. Her hands grabbed my forearms, her head tilted back and she was continuously moaning from thoroughly enjoying the vaginal stimulation I was delivering as we continued in our love making. I was fighting back my climax point. I did not want to cum yet. We have had some very intense sexual encounters since seeing each other but this was by far the best. With my slow deep thrusts, she tilted her head forward and was breathing heavy while biting her bottom lip. Still holding tight to my forearms and her body lightly shaking, she watched my long thick cock go in and out of her. She must have orgasmed multiple times as I was able to glide in and out of her with no resistance. In a distressed voice she asked, “Have you cum yet?” I replied, “Not yet baby, but I’m really close to.” She then asked, “When you do, please cum on me. Please. I want to see you cum on me. I want to see you cover me.”

I got onto my knees looking down on her as I pulled my cock out. I was still rock hard but close to climaxing. She lifted her hips and spread wide open inviting me to penetrate her pussy again. I squeezed the base of my shaft and inserted the head of my cock just inside the top of her vaginal opening. She gave out a loud moan. This was her inner climax point. This drove her crazy as she squirted her inner juices all over my cock that blocked her opening. It was if I plugged a leaking hole. I glided my cock back deep inside her. I gripped her oily and sweaty hips and pulled her in towards me. I slowly thrusted in and out of her speeding up my pace in thrusts. She was so hot inside it was driving me to an uncontrollable feeling of lust. I felt my climax build as my pace of thrusts got faster. She begged me to cum. Just as I reached my climax point, I pulled out of her. She was looking up at me as I gave a loud moan and shot 1 huge stream of cum that went from the cleavage of her breasts to her naval. I had 3 to 4 shorter streams. Still being hard and sensitive to touch at post climax, I inserted my cock back inside her and thrusted in and out several more times until I went limp. We both had exerted a ton of sexual energy in that erotic rendezvous and collapsed on the raft.

While floating on the water under the hot sun, we both started to lightly laugh. She asked me, “Are you as drained as I am?” I replied to her, “You’re going to kill me sexually. I don’t think I could go another round with you.” She said back, “Oh, yes you could. I’ve never had sex with someone who’s got so much stamina like you.” We looked at each other, touched each other’s faces and kissed. She commented, “Remember the very first time we made love? The hotel room? The intensity?” I responded, “I still have not forgotten that day.” She continued, “This by far beats that day by a mile.” After floating around for a while, I rolled off of the raft into the water diving to the bottom of the pool and then resurfacing. My body felt cool and refreshed. I swam to the shallow end where I stood in waist deep water. I watched her as she finally rolled off the raft into the water and swim in the deep end before swimming over to where I was standing. She stood up and pulled back her hair. I could not help looking at her magnificent body, alluring smile and beautiful breasts. She leaned into me and gently kissed me on my lips. She said, “And that’s for giving me the best love making session I have ever had.” With a pause, she continued, “Where were you 15-20 years ago?” I replied, “Looking for you.” We kissed again pressing our wet bodies together. I climbed the pool stairs and walked over to the bar. She swam from the shallow end to the deep end, placing her arms on the pool’s edge watching what I was doing. As I pulled 2 cold beers out of the refrigerator and walked over to her, she commented, “You know, you still look really sexually appealing and impressive even when you’re not aroused. And now, you look really attractive where you no longer have any tan lines.” I said to her, “I’m no comparison to your beauty. You saw that at the party last night.” I handed her one of the beers.

By this time, it was late afternoon. She got out of the pool and dried herself off. While drying off, she asked me, “Although I love walking around nude, do you by chance have anything I can wear?” Judging by her slender size and being familiar with Cheryl’s size, she might be able to wear something of Cheryl’s. I went into the house and put on some white linen shorts and another sleeveless t-shirt. I went into Kevin and Cheryl’s bedroom where I was able to find a comfortable light fabric women’s romper in their master bathroom. I came back downstairs and gave to her to put on. When she did, it fit her quite well. You have to love some of the fabrics of women’s summertime clothing. This is because the fabric was very thin and she was so dark from tanning and the late afternoon sun was shining upon her, her bodily features were again semi-transparent and revealing just like when she was wearing my t-shirt this morning. Very sensual, appealing and attractive. I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner or for me to cook something on the grill. She told me because it was still beautiful out, she wanted me to cook something on the grill for us and to spend the time in the backyard listening to music and talking. I opened a bottle of red wine. We drank, talked and laughed. We disclosed personal secrets. We exposed desires and fantasies.

I decided we would have a nicely grilled steak with potatoes and corn on the cobb. Kevin’s grilling area had all the features necessary to have an outside meal without having to travel back and forth to the main kitchen. I checked on and made sure the dogs were taken care of. Laughing to myself, we have been giving the dogs one hell of a show. As I was prepping and cooking, we talked. She then brought up our previous conversation we had this morning over coffee. After thinking, she said she wanted to keep our sexual passions intriguing so we would not fall into having just “routine” sex. I told her I thought her and I were pretty much on mark on keeping our sexual spontaneity, impulses and cravings ever expanding. She agreed. She described our love making as a vivid adventure in imagination. She asked, “I want to know if you want to agree with this. What do you think about each of us having just one challenge in our relationship where the other has to fulfill that challenge when the situation arises?” I asked, “What are the limitations?” She lightly laughed and said, “There are none. The challenge has to be totally spontaneous and unexpected. I think this will really, really test our commitment to our relationship. What do you think?” I told her I did not think we needed challenges and tests to prove our commitments. She agreed but added this would add a unique and intensifying dimension to our sexual appetite and fantasies. With a laugh, I said, “There’s no question about that. This would definitely open some doors neither of us have ever opened or experienced.” I thought about this for a few moments and told her, “O.K. I’m in. I’ll take on your challenge.” She smiled and took a sip of her wine.

It was around 7:30 and turned dusk after we had finished a very romantic and delightful diner. I cleaned the entire bar and grill area as I watched her staring out into the backyard and pool area while she sipped her glass of wine. She commented on how she had such a wonderful day being with each other and wished it did not have to end. She told me she had to leave tonight due to her kids coming home early the next morning and she also had to work. I told her I understood and we would meet up later in the week. I poured the last of the wine into our glasses. I said to her, “Here’s to us and a great weekend. I really do love you.” That brought a huge smile to her face. I asked her what she was doing at the beginning of next month. She told me she had no plans and asked why. I told her I was invited to an out of town wedding and reception and wanted to know if she would like to join me. I told her it would be an overnight event due to the distance. I added that some of the people she met the other night would also be there so she would be somewhat familiar with some of the people attending. She told me she would have to check her schedule but was pretty sure she would be able to join me. She then added the comment, “An overnight hotel stay with you sounds very inviting and enough for me to go.”

We finished our wines and she got off of her bar stool. She said, “This sucks. Time for me to get ready and head home.” We put our hands on each other’s waist and passionately kissed. She thanked me for the wonderful dinner before we kissed again. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Without saying anything, she took my hand and walked us up to the house. Still leading me, we walked into the guest bedroom. Her back was facing the side of the bed with me standing in front of her. She brushed aside the thin straps to the romper she was wearing and had the romper fall to the floor, again exposing her beautiful firm nude body. I was instantly getting hard. She sat on the edge of the bed leaning back on her elbows. She placed her feet on the side bed frame at the same time she was slowly spreading her bent legs wide open exposing her beautiful pussy. With her head tilted to one side while looking at me deeply, she said in a deep seductive voice, “I want you to do me good, deep and hard before I leave.” I removed my shirt. I rubbed the front of my shorts knowing I was going to be fully hard very quickly. I untied the draw string and had my shorts fall to the floor. Standing in front of her, she watched my cock quickly grow in size and girth. As I leaned over her to kiss her, with one hand, she grabbed the shaft of my cock at the base and guided the head into the opening of her pussy. I felt her hot moistness as she broke the surface and worked it around the wet opening. In letting out a quick breath, she squirmed in pleasure when she did this.

Her arms wrapped around my neck. She pressed the heels of her feet into the back of my thighs as I drove my cock deep inside of her pussy. In an anguished tone, I told her she was so hot inside and it was driving me crazy. With her mouth close to my ear, with a distressed breath she said, “Oh my God. Keep fucking me hard and deep.” I started thrusting in and out of her increasing my pace of thrusts as I felt her hot inner juices permeate around my cock. The heels of her feet pressed harder on my back thighs as I continued with faster and deeper thrusts. I slowly rammed my entire cock inside of her and held it there. She started shuddering in a sexual frenzy. She let out a very long loud moan of pleasure. Because of the frequency of our love making and sex over the past 24 hours, my endurance to stay erect and not climax had increased unbelievably. I was not even close to climaxing. We slid ourselves to the center of the bed while I continued to rapidly thrust in and out of her. We could clearly hear my balls slapping her underside. We were kissing wildly. She drove her fingertips into my shoulders at the same time she wrapped her legs around my waist. The both of us were breathing heavy and shaking with utter sexual passion. I was thrusting so hard and deep at this point, she was screaming from the continuous penetration and erogenous friction throughout her inside.

I had to stop in order to get my breath and regain some semblance of composure. As I withdrew from her inside, she let go of me and motioned for me to stand. Just as I did, she got off the bed, got on her knees and inserted my throbbing cock into her mouth. She grabbed the sides of my thighs and was bobbing back and forth on my shaft. Slightly bending my knees, I grabbed her head from the sheer pleasure she was delivering to me as her mouth and tongue glided over my cock. She paused for a moment with me still in her mouth when she then slowly ingested my entire length and girth down her throat again. I don’t know how she does it but to say the least, it was very impressive to experience and witness she did this. She slowly withdrew my cock out of her throat and mouth, paused to catch her breath and went back to sucking me. I suddenly got the trigger of my climax coming on finally. Resisting my intentions and wanting to continue with her pleasuring me, I motioned her head and mouth off of my cock and had her get back on the bed. With her on all fours as she climbed to the center of the bed, I grabbed her waist stopping her from going any further. With my bent legs, I motioned her legs to spread as wide as they would go as I moved in on her backside. I inserted my cock into the opening of her pussy at the same time grabbing her hips and thrusting myself into her. She let out a loud groan and said, “Oh my God! You feel so fucking good!”

I slowly thrusted in and out of her making sure she got the entire length of my cock. Her spread hips were elevated while having her head, arms and hands planted onto top of the bed sheets. Still holding her waist and thrusting, she continued with her heavy breathing, sensual moaning and quivering in sexual delight. In a direct tone, she said, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop damn it!” My thrusts were getting faster and deeper. I could feel my climax point building rapidly. I thrusted all the way into her and held it there enjoying the sensation and stimulation of all her hot juices around my cock. Her hands were gripping and pulling the bed sheets from my delightful penetration. I leaned over her back so I could fondle her breasts while being inside of her. Just by what I was feeling with our bodies joined together in intense love making, I could truly sense I was delivering multiple orgasms to her. This was one woman who is thoroughly enthralled in engaging in sex when she has a partner who can deliver with emotion and lust. I continued with my full-length thrusts into her delectable pussy. Just as I reached my climax, I again shoved my entire cock deep into her and held it there while I delivered my last load of cum inside her. At the same time, she constricted all her muscles causing her pussy to wrap around my pulsating cock. We both gave out a loud continuous moan of sexual ecstasy.

We collapsed on the bed from sexual exhaustion. She said to me with a laugh, “All I wanted from you was a quickie before I left. Like 2 or 3 minutes.” I replied, “You should know by now that the more sex we have in a day, the longer I can go.” She said, “Man, you’re not kidding.” I told her I was now sexually spent. She laughed and told me she would not have a problem sleeping tonight. I told her I wish she could spend the night, but she said she couldn’t because of her kids and work. She got up off the bed and started to get dressed. Standing in front of me with her free-flowing hair and tanned body staring at my nude body, she seductively and slowly slid on her thong. Watching her teasing my vulnerability, I was saying to myself, would we want to suck and fuck again if we could. There was no doubt. We have a very strong physical, emotional and sexual bond. She put on the rest of her clothes and put her hair up in a pony tail. I climbed off the bed and got dressed. I walked her out to her car. We both told each other how much we loved one another, and we had a phenomenal time. We lived out sexual experiences a lot of people only desire but never do. That’s not us. We engaged in a long passionate kiss. I told her we would be in touch with one another later in the week. She told me we better and looks forward to our next encounter. God, I hope Kevin and Cheryl ask me to house sit again.