Out of the Rain - Chapter 8

Info Mickster
30 Nov. '18

Out of the Rain - Chapter 8

You may want to read the first seven first...

"Yessss Babygirl....I'm ready.", I groan as my cock throbs coated with her sweet juices. Brook lines up the head in her opening with a gentle prod of her fingers and slowly slides down my shaft. The feeling of her dripping wet cunt swallowing my manhood is almost too much. My groan and her moan of delight compete to fill my bedroom with the sound of pleasure. She begins moving her body back and forth slowly again but with me inside her. The tip of my fingers traces the scar along her stomach that explains how a woman who has three kids could still be so tight. She gazes down at me her hair cascading over her shoulders and hiding her right breast. I brush it out of the way and begin caressing it and teasing her nipple.

"Your touch feels so good" she coos as the cadence of her hips increases. My pelvis thrust up and begins to move against her. I roll her sweet pink nipple between my finger and thumb. She leans down and kisses me hungrily. Her lips against mine are intoxicating. Our tongues dance a slow dance as we taste each other. Her body slides against mine as she begins riding my achingly hard shaft faster. My head begins to spin with the euphoric pleasure building between and in and around us. Feeling her breasts against me, her wetness enveloping my cock, her vaginal muscles creating sensations the likes of which I haven't ever felt. I groan. She sits up again. Her thighs pressing tight against the outside of mine. her eyes close as my hands slide up her thighs and meet over her well-trimmed bush. My thumbs gently press her thick damp labia together pressing each into her sensitive clit. As she gyrated against me, I began to rub them together effectively massaging her clit from everywhere...she gasped. "Daddy! Fuck...oh my God Daddy...wait not yet...Fuuuuuck." Apparently, it pushed her over the edge. Her hips bucked harder as she trembled her body almost convulsing. She moaned loudly between loud sounds somewhere between sobs and giggles. I could feel her cunt pulsing on my cock as she collapsed onto me like a rag doll still occasionally twitching with aftershocks of pleasure. 

She lay still for a moment. I could still feel the last of her orgasmic pulses where my still rock-hard cock filled her. She looked up at me with tears in her beautiful eyes. "Oh my God..." She whispered. "Did you cum Daddy?" I shook my head no and rolled us over with me on top. Her eyes got wide. "I'm not sure I am ready to go again Mick" 

"You said your pussy was mine...I intend to have it...now."