Out Of The Rain. Chapters 9

Info Mickster
30 Nov. '18
Out Of The Rain. Chapters 9

I so appreciate your sticking with the story. Would love feedback on the writing or on your response to what I wrote.

Chapter 9

It had been an amazing evening and morning. What started out as an intervention for a friend had turned into an incredibly passionate release for two repressed lovers. Brook had come to me vulnerable and in need. I had embraced her and tried to be what she needed. I didn't know she needed more...she needed to feel safe and adored and desired and touched. So, did I. Who knew?  After an evening of resisting and a morning of surrender I couldn't hold back any more. Brook came hard on my cock as I pleasured her clit. She said she wasn't ready for more yet. It didn't matter to me I had crossed the line of desire into a more primal state of urgency.

Having rolled her on her back I pushed her knees apart and shoved my cock in her hard and deep. "Oh!" She cried out as I began slowly at first sliding in and out of her deliciously tight cunt.

In the back of my mind I kept hearing that voice, "Your married, you are her Pastor, she is vulnerable, you shouldn't, this is wrong, she needed you and you do this?" My response was to thrust my pulsing cock in her deep and hard again and again as she began to respond again. I groaned.

She moaned. "Oh FUCK!" Brook gasped as I began to pound her fiercely. The pleasure in me was building rapidly. My head spun with a euphoric state.

"Yes...oh my God yes...harder Daddy!" She cried as I thrust harder, deeper, faster, working myself into a frenzy. "Oh...oh...oh...oh my Gooooooood" she whimpered as she began to cum again.

It was all I could stand, and I shoved hard and deep and locked up as every muscle in my body tensed. I pressed as hard as I could into her sweet pussy as my shaft began shooting ropes of cum into her hungry womb. I flopped down on her biting her shoulder a little too hard as she dug her nails into my back.

With each thrust another spurt of cum would fill her. With each thrust she moaned with delight as her orgasm shook her. I shivered with pleasure as my ecstasy began to subside. My thrusts slowed as my load was spent. I became aware of my teeth in her shoulder and released. I groaned in delight at the feeling of her nails in my skin...pain and pleasure...mixed just right. I shivered again. She did too.

We both just lay there entwined in one another's arms inhaling deeply. Inhaling for the air we desperately needed. But inhaling the scent of one another. Her scent was intoxicating. Her Perfume, her sweat, her sex. My mind spun.


"Yes Babygirl?" I whispered. 

"I...I... that was.... amazing” She sighed clutching my body like a life line in a hurricane. 

"Yeah...it was" I responded.

"SHIT!" I thought to myself. "I can't give this up...I'm as addicted as a junkie after his first hit of crack"  



I hold her tight. I love her. I know she loves me back. I love my wife, but this is different. More primal, desperate, needful.

She has me...forever. Come hell or high water.

We fall back asleep...no longer two.... but one.