Tony's Short Story

Sherry paused on her way to the shower to look over Tony’s shoulder as he sat at his desk staring at his laptop.

“What are you doing, Tony?”

“I’m trying to write a short story.”

“And why would you want to do that?”

“Well, I found this one site that has short stories written by ordinary people and I’ve been reading some of them.  I thought I’d write one and send it in and see if they’ll put it on the site.”

Sherry chuckled.

“I didn’t know I’d married Mark Twain.”

Tony looked up at her.

“You didn’t, but it can’t be that kind of story anyway.”

“OK, what kind of story does it have to be?”

“It’s an erotic story site, so it has to have sex in it, you know, people having sex, people wanting to have sex, people having sex with several other people, people having sex with themselves, things like that.”

“After thirty years of marriage and two kids, you should know how to write that.  You want to do it all the time.”

“I can write that part, but all the other stories have something that happened  that explains why the people are having sex.  I don’t know what to write about.”

She chuckled again.

“Sorry, Shakespeare.  Can’t help you with that.”

Tony smiled.

“Yes you can.  Women read these stories too.  What would you like to read about?”

“Gee, let me think.  I’d like to read about how I can lose the extra five pounds of butt I’m carrying around without starving myself to death and how to get my stretch marks to go away.”

“What about the sex stuff?”

Sherry smiled.

“Tony, those are my secret fantasies.  You don’t expect me to tell you those, do you?”

“I was hoping you would.”

Sherry shook her head.

“Not a chance.  You’d either be jealous or you’d try to be one of my fantasies.  They’re fantasies because no man or woman could ever be them.”

Tony grinned.

“You fantasize about having sex with a woman?  Stories about that always get really great comments.  Tell me what you think about and I’ll write that.”

“I didn’t say I wanted to have sex with a woman, Tony.  I just said the women in fantasies aren’t real women.”

“But you have thought about it, haven’t you?”

“Tony, all women have at one time or another.  That doesn’t mean we’re all just drooling to hop into bed with another woman.”

“If you did, what would you do?”

“I don’t know.  What you do, I suppose.”

“Would you kiss her?”

“Well, sure.  That’s how you always start.”

“How would it feel?”

Sherry giggled.

“Tony, how would I know that?  I’ve never kissed another woman that way in my life.”

“Well, maybe you should.  You could tell me and then I could write about it.”

“So…you want me to go out, find a woman, and kiss her so I can tell you how it felt and you can write about it?  It’s gonna be a really short story.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t stop with just kissing.  You’d do the rest too.”

“The rest meaning what?”

“Well, you’d play with her boobs and use your finger to get her excited, like I do you.”

Sherry frowned.

“I don’t get to have fun too?  I mean, I suppose it might be interesting, once, with the right woman, but not if I’m doing everything.”

“Well, she’d probably be doing the same things to you, so you’d have fun.  I could write about that too.”

Sherry grinned.

“Well, don’t get your hopes up.  Even if I wanted to, none of the women I know would ever do something like that, and if I asked them, they’d probably never speak to me again.  Now, I’m going to take a bath so I’ll be ready to go shopping tomorrow.  That means hands off tonight.  I don’t want to get clean only to have you get me all sticky again.”

As Sherry walked away, Tony was thinking.  If he could find the right woman and introduce her to Sherry and they had sex, he could write about how he’d found the woman, and how he’d introduced them, and what happened next.  That would make a great story.

It was then he realized even if he could make that happen, Sherry would never tell him what they did and how she felt.  She’d always considered sex as something private, and this would be more than private to her.  The only way he’d know was if he watched them, and that was less probable than finding the woman in the first place.

As Tony lay in bed trying to fall asleep, he thought some more about where to find the woman.  Work was out of the question.  He knew a couple of women in the office who seemed not as feminine as most, but if he said anything like that to them, he’d be out on his butt without a job within an hour.  No, it had to be someplace where he could ask the woman and she couldn’t do anything except say no…and maybe get mad and slap him.

The next night, while Sherry was cleaning up after dinner, he looked at a couple of sites where women send in their pictures and write what they like.  After looking at twenty or so profiles, decided that wasn’t a good idea either.  Most of the women who said they liked women were married and Tony didn't know what he’d do with the husband while their wives were having sex.  He didn’t even want to think about the ones where the husband was bi-sexual.

The ones who weren’t married were usually young.  Sherry was forty-nine and to him, still a knockout, but she’d be too self-conscious about doing it with a woman much younger.  Both the married women and the younger women were always too far away as well.

The answer to Troy’s problem literally fell into his lap a week later.  He was flying out of Nashville on his way to Chicago.  He’d learned long ago to check his overnight bag and only carry his briefcase on the plane with him.  The woman standing in the aisle of the plane beside where he sat hadn’t learned that.  She was trying to stuff her rolling suitcase into the overhead baggage compartment and it didn’t look to Tony like it was going to fit.

The woman didn’t give up easily though.  She tried pushing it in sideways, but there wasn’t room.  She turned it, stepped back and pushed for all she was worth.  She might have gotten it in if her foot hadn’t slipped.  When it did, she sat down on Tony’s knees.

The woman got up, looked at Tony and said “Sorry”.  

Tony grinned.

“No need to be sorry.  I thought it was a happy accident.”

The woman looked at him and frowned.

“Don’t flatter yourself, mister.  I don’t like men.”

About that time, the flight attendant walked up.

“Ma’am, it would be easier if you’d let me check your bag for you.  You can pick it up at the baggage claim right after we land.”

The woman gave up then, handed him her bag, and then took the aisle seat on the other side of the plane.

During the flight, Tony kept stealing glances at the woman.  She was about his age and she was shaped a lot like Sherry.  She had a bit thicker waist and wider hips than a young girl.  She was also pretty.  It was a shame he didn’t know her, he thought.  If he did, he could maybe convince her to meet Sherry and if they hit it off…

Tony was still thinking when the plane landed.  He was still thinking when he waited to board the return flight to Nashville the next afternoon.  It was when the middle section boarded that he saw her walk down the aisle of the plane again. Tony noticed she didn’t have her big bag with her this time.

When he got off the plane, Tony went to the baggage carousel to pick up his overnight case.  The woman walked up a minute or so later.  Tony thought for a second, and then walked over to her.

“Excuse me Ma’am.  I’m the guy you fell on yesterday morning.  I’d like to apologize for what I said.”

The woman looked at him for a few seconds, and then smiled.

“You don’t need to apologize.  It was my fault.”

“Well…I shouldn’t have said what I did.  I do want to ask you a question though.  I don’t really know how to ask you this except to ask you, but I have a good reason.  Did you mean what you said about not being into men?”

She frowned and glared at him.

“Are you some kind of pervert or something?  If you so much as touch me, I’ll scream my head off.”

“No, no, nothing like that.  It’s just that my wife…well, she said she’d thought about being with another woman, but she doesn’t know any one who’d-”

She was frowning when she cut him off.

“And you thought you’d just ask me, a woman you don’t even know, if I’d be the one?  Mister, you’ve either got a really big set of balls or you’re really dumb.”

Tony frowned.

“I was just trying to make Sherry happy.  I’m sorry I bothered you, and I apologize for asking you something like that.”

Tony had turned to walk to the carousel when the woman said, “Hey Mister.  You look too dumb to be lying.  Are you sure your wife really wants that? I have a friend who might be interested if she really does.”

Tony nodded.

“You live in Nashville?”

Tony nodded again.

“What does she look like”.

Tony turned back and took out his wallet.

“This is Sherry a couple of years ago.  It’s the newest picture I have of her.”

The woman looked at the picture and then at Tony.

“She’s a pretty girl, but this is just her face.  What does the rest of her look like?”

“Well, she’s about your height.  I don’t know how much she weighs because she won’t tell me, but she looks about your size.”

The woman smiled.

“That could mean a lot of things.  Don’t you have a picture of her standing up?”

“No, not with me.  Those are all at home.”

The woman smiled.

“What’s your email address?”

“You want to send me an email?”

“No, I want you to send me a picture of your wife standing up so my friend can see how she looks, and I need your email address to know it’s you.  Otherwise, I’ll just delete the email without reading it.”

Tony walked out of the airport smiling.  He’d given the woman his email address and she’d given him hers.  She’d said her name was Sheila and that she lived in Murfreesboro.  She said she’d show Sherry’s picture to a woman who liked women.

Murfreesboro was perfect.  It was far enough from Nashville nobody would know Sheila if she came there and nobody would know Sherry if she went to Murfreesboro.  I, but it was close enough to be a short drive.  Now all Tony had to do was get a few pictures of Sherry, pick out one or two, and email them to Sheila.

That night, he used his cell phone to take six pictures of Sherry.  After the first one, she looked at him questioningly.

“Why did you take my picture?”

“Well, I don’t have any of you that are recent and I want one for my wallet.”

“Let me see the picture.”

Tony switched his phone to “gallery” and expanded the picture, then showed it to Sherry.  She looked at it and then shook her head.

“Tony, my butt looks a mile wide and my hair is a mess.  I you have to take a picture of me, give me a minute and then I’ll pose for you so I won’t look fat.”

Sherry came out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later.  She’d put on some makeup and had brushed her hair.  Tony had to admit she did look a lot sexier.  Sherry smiled.

“OK, now, you take my picture from the side, not the front or back.  My butt won’t look so big that way.”

Tony took five more pictures that way and then wondered if that was enough to convince Sheila’s friend.  He looked at Sherry and grinned.

“How about if you lose some of the clothes?”

Sherry frowned.

“You want pictures of me naked?  You’re not gonna put them on some website are you?”

“No, I just thought it would be cool to have a couple of you not quite so dressed, like maybe in your bra and panties.  They’d just be like when you used to wear a bikini at the beach.”

“Well, you can just keep thinking then, ‘cause that’s not gonna happen, not with my tummy like it is.  I don’t want you showing me like that to anybody either.”

That night while Sherry was getting ready for bed, Tony wrote an email to Sheila and attached two of the pictures.  In the email he said this was Sherry dressed like she usually dressed when at home, and he hoped Sheila’s friend liked the way she looked.  

When he got home from work, Tony checked his email.  There was one from “shimmer”, the email address Sheila had given him.  He waited until Sherry was getting ready for bed again before he opened it, and he smiled when he read the words.

Hi, Tony,

Your wife is a very pretty and sexy woman.  The friend I told you about is me, and I would like to see more of her, as in naked.  She’ll probably want to see me that way as well, but I won’t do that until I see her.  Could you make that happen?  If not, that’s OK and I understand.  I don’t let anybody take my picture when I’m naked except me.


Tony was pretty sure if he asked Sherry to strip down and let him take her picture she’d suspect something so he didn’t ask.  Instead, he went to an on-line shopping site and typed “spy camera” into the search box.  Half an hour later, he’d purchased a little video camera with an SD card to hold the videos.  Two days later, it came in the mail.

When Tony opened the box on the workbench in his garage, he was surprised at how small the camera really was.  It had looked bigger on the site, but it was less then an inch on each side.  He read the little paper that came with the camera, then put in the SD card and turned it on.  After a minute or so, he turned the camera off, took out the SD card, and then put the card in his laptop.  When he pulled up the file, he saw a video of the inside of his garage.

Tony put the card back in the camera and then set the camera for “motion detection”.  He let it sit for a few seconds and then walked in front of it.  There didn’t seem to be any change in the camera, so he walked back and forth for a while, then shut off the camera and put the SD card in his laptop again.

He grinned when he pulled up the file.  The video started less than a second after he’d walked in front of the camera.  That fit into his plan.  Now he needed a way to hide the camera in their bathroom.  It was tiny, but it would still look out of place unless he could find somewhere to put it where Sherry wouldn’t look but would still get the pictures he wanted.  

He put the SD card back in the camera, put it in his pants pocket, and put the wrapper and the box in the trashcan so Sherry wouldn’t find them.  Then he went to the bathroom.

What Tony was looking for was a location for the camera that would show the bathtub.  That way, when Sherry took her nightly bath, she’d be naked before she got into the tub and naked when she got out.  

He looked around the bathroom for an inconspicuous place and after a couple minutes, thought he’d found that place.  Sherry had bought a small, tall cabinet a few years before that stood beside the bathroom door.  She used the cabinet to store extra rolls of toilet paper, wash cloths and hand towels.  On top of that cabinet was an artificial plant.  

When Sherry had put the plant up there, he’d asked why they needed a plant in their bathroom.  Sherry said it made the bathroom look more refined.  He’d thought a bathroom was just a bathroom and had laughed.  Now, he was glad the plant was there.  

Tony put the camera in the pot, raised it up a little with a bar of hotel soap from his traveling shaving kit, and pointed it at the tub.  He walked around the bathroom, and then put the camera back in his pocket.  That night, he put the SD card in his laptop and pulled up the file.

The camera had recorded him walking to the tub and opening the shower curtain, but that’s not all it had recorded.  Their bathroom was long and narrow, so the camera also had a view of the vanity and the toilet.  There was no way he wouldn’t get a video of Sherry no matter what she did in the bathroom.

Sherry was already taking her bath by then, so Tony had to wait until he got home from work the next night to hide the camera again.  Just to make sure everything would work right, he took the camera out to his garage and plugged in the battery charger, then hid it and the receptacle with the charger under a piece of cardboard he leaned against the wall behind the bench.

The next day was a Thursday.  When Tony got home from work, he pulled his car into the garage and then took the camera off the charger and dropped it into his pocket.  As soon as he’d put his briefcase beside his desk, he went to the bathroom and put the camera back in the pot, then flushed the toilet so Sherry would think that was why he’d gone in there.

Tony was anxious to see what the camera had recorded and had intended to retrieve it as soon as Sherry took her bath.  He didn’t get the chance because Sherry surprised him by walking into their living room wrapped in a towel.  She crooked her finger at him and grinned.

“You’ve been doing something every night this week and I’m feeling left out.  Come show me you still have what it takes to make me feel good.”

It had been a great night.  Sherry had always liked sex, but usually waited for him to start something.  Once he had, she was a great lover.  Tony couldn’t figure out what was different that night, but he didn’t ask any questions.  He just closed his laptop and followed Sherry into the bedroom.

Once they were inside, Sherry dropped the towel.  She stroked her right breast and then lightly pinched her nipple.  Tony smiled.  Sherry’s nipples weren’t all that big, but once they were touched, they always got stiff and her nipple beds always got all wrinkled and bumpy.  He took off his clothes while Sherry got on the bed, and then joined her.

There was no doubt in his mind that Sherry was aroused.  When he kissed her, she opened her mouth and searched for his tongue with hers.  When she found it, she purred a little moan into his mouth.  After that, he didn’t really have to do all that much before she was pulling on his cock to get him between her upraised thighs.  

Tony entered her slowly because usually she wasn’t really slippery at first.  Sherry didn’t let him do that.  As soon as his cock parted her lips, she thrust up her hips and pushed her body over it a little.  Tony pulled back and then pushed in again only to have Sherry do that hip thrust thing again.  As his cock sank into her warm, wet depths, Sherry moaned.

“Mmm…a week is too long to wait.  Do me fast, Honey.  I need it that way.”

It didn’t end up being all that fast, but when Sherry came, she shrieked and dug her fingernails in his ass.  Tony gasped when that happened and started stroking like mad.  He came just as hard.  Sherry was still writhing her hips and moaning when he’d shot his last.

It was the same way the next morning too. This time, Sherry pushed him over on his back, straddled his cock, and moaned as she impaled herself.  She started riding him, then pulled his hands to her breasts.

It lasted longer, but the end was just as shattering.  Sherry gasped when he tugged on her nipples and her legs started to shake.  He rolled both nipples between his fingers and Sherry started to pant.  A minute later, she threw back her head, rocked her hips hard into his thighs, and then cried out as the orgasm took her away.  Tony came when Sherry cried out again and rocked her hips over his cock.  Then she fell down on his chest.

“Mmm…that was great.”

Tony cupped Sherry’s ass cheeks, separated them, and ran his finger down her crack.  Sherry shuddered and he felt a contraction around his cock.  He chuckled.

“It feels like you’re not done yet.”

“Mmm…I’m not, but I have to go shopping today and you have to go to work.  I need another bath before that, so you go get ready.  I’ll take my bath and get ready after you leave.”

It seemed to Tony that five o’clock would never come.  When it finally did, he drove home thinking about what his camera had recorded.  If it had gotten a good video of Sherry taking a bath, he’d have what he needed to send to Sheila.  If she liked Sherry and sent him a picture of herself naked, he’d show it to Sherry and explain he just wanted it to happen once.  If he could convince Sherry, he could ask Sheila to come to their house and he’d get what he needed to write his story.  He knew they’d never let him watch them, but he’d already found a place to put his camera that faced their bed.  If Sheila came to their house, the camera would record everything they did.

Sherry wasn’t home from shopping yet.  That was unusual for her, but it did give Tony the chance to recover his camera.  His hands were shaking when he put the SD card in his laptop.  There were two files on the card beside the ones he’d taken earlier.  He loaded the first one.

Sherry had walked into the bathroom and started filling the tub, then started taking off her clothes.  As he watched, Tony’s cock started to get stiff.  It wasn’t just that Sherry turned him on when she was naked.  It was the fact that she didn’t know she was being recorded so she wasn’t faking anything.

When she took off her bra, Sherry dropped it into the laundry hamper beside the vanity.  She took off her panties then, looked at the crotch, and dropped them into the hamper as well.  He saw her smile when she put her fingers between her thighs, moved them around a little, and then looked at them.  He would never have imagined that she’d ever do something like that.

The video continued through Sherry getting into the tub and washing, and then getting back out and patting herself dry.  After that, she smoothed lotion all over her body and Tony’s cock got harder.  She seemed to take a long time with her breasts and hips, and Tony was sure she shuddered a little when she smoothed the lotion over her inner thighs.  When she was done, Sherry wrapped a towel around her body and left.  The video ended a few seconds later.

The second file was an hour later by the date and time on the file, and it surprised him even more.  Sherry walked into the bathroom, pulled down her jeans and panties, and sat down on the toilet.  He heard the tinkle as she relieved herself, and then watched as she blotted herself dry.  

He thought she was done then, but she wasn’t.  Sherry leaned back on the toilet tank, put her fingers down over her mound, and started stroking herself.  Once in a while, she’d squeeze her breast through her top and bra, and that would cause her hips to jerk a little.  

The camera had recorded all her little moans too.  The moans got louder and Sherry’s fingers got faster until she arched up off the toilet seat, gasped, and then started to shake.

By the time Sherry had stood up and pulled up her panties and jeans, Tony was ready to jack off.  It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen, and was more so because it was Sherry doing it.  He’d never imagined she’d do something like that.

Tony opened his email and typed in Sheila’s email address, and then his message.

Hi Sheila,

I got what you wanted, I think.  This is Sherry and she didn’t know I was taking the videos.  Please let me know if you’re interested or not.  If you are, we’ll have to figure out a way for you to meet her.  I’ll leave the convincing up to you.


He attached both video’s and then clicked on “send”.  When Sherry walked through the door to the garage with an armload of groceries, Tony was looking at a news site.  He looked up and tried to look innocent.

“How was shopping?”

“Oh, about like always.  People didn’t watch where they were going so a woman ran her cart into mine and the grocery store was out of some things I wanted.  I had to go to another one.  That’s why I’m so late.  Wanna get a pizza for dinner?  I’m too tired to cook.”

Tony checked his email about once an hour on Saturday and finally got a reply from Sheila on Sunday afternoon.

Hi, Tony,

Yes, I’m interested.  Sherry looks delicious.  Could you get another video of her so I can be sure?  After I get that one, I’ll send you my pictures and you can ask her if I’m somebody she’d like to be with.  If Sherry agrees, we’ll decide how to get together, OK?


Before he went to bed that night, Tony put his camera back in the plant in the bathroom.  Sherry was already asleep when he climbed into bed.

On Monday night, Tony went to the bathroom to retrieve his camera.  While Sherry fixed dinner, he put the SD card in his laptop and found three more files.  

The first was Sherry using the toilet again, though this time after she blotted, she just pulled up her panties and jeans and left.  

The second left him shocked.  A different woman walked into the bathroom, pulled down her jeans and panties and sat on the toilet.  She had red hair and was maybe a little older than Sherry.  She did just what Sherry had done.  Tony heard the tinkle as she relieved her bladder, and then the woman blotted, pulled up her panties and jeans and left.

Tony didn’t know the woman at all.  She didn’t look like any of Sherry’s friends, at least not the ones he’d seen her with.  He thought maybe she’d broken into the house while Sherry was out doing something else.  He didn’t think that after he watched the third file the camera recorded an hour later.

Sherry walked in naked and turned on the shower.  The redhead walked into the bathroom next, also naked.  Together, Sherry and she got into the shower and pulled the curtain closed.  Since the shower curtain wasn't clear, Tony couldn’t see what they did, but all the sounds let him imagine what that was.

For a minute or so, the only sound was the shower running.  Then he heard a little moan that didn’t sound like Sherry.  The next moan did though, and he heard Sherry say, “Oh God, Betty.  This is better than the first time you did that.”

He didn’t hear any more words, but there were a few giggles after that.  Then the giggles turned into gasps and the gasps into panting.  He heard the other woman cry out and the shower curtain moved a lot.  Sherry’s voice came next.

“Oh Betty, don’t stop.”

About a minute later, the shower shut off and the shower curtain opened.  Both women stepped out.  Tony’s cock lurched when Sherry kissed the blonde woman full on the lips and fondled her breast.

They patted each other dry and then left the bathroom.  Tony sat there confused and with a rock hard cock.  Evidently, Sherry had thought about being with a woman a lot more than she’d told him.  He wasn’t sure what he thought about that.  He’d tried to hook Sherry up with another woman, but just once and then only so he could write a story about it.  It looked like Sherry had enjoyed herself a lot.  Maybe hooking her up wasn’t such a good idea after all.  Tony was thinking she’d enjoyed being with the redhead a little too much.

Sherry walked into the living room then and said dinner was ready.  Tony closed up his laptop and walked into the dining room.  They talked a little over dinner, and afterward, Tony decided it was time to stop.  While Sherry cleared the table and put away their leftovers, he opened his email and sent another to Sheila.

Hi Sheila,

I don’t have another video for you because my wife has decided she doesn’t want to be with another woman.  I don’t know what changed her mind but something did.  I’m sorry for any trouble I caused you and I thank you for trying to help.


He’d just pressed “send” when Sherry walked into the room.  She grinned at him.

“Ready for bed yet?”

Tony looked at his watch.  It was only eight.

“It’s kind of early for bed, isn’t it?”

Sherry grinned again.

“I didn’t ask if you were ready to go to sleep, now did I?”

Tony couldn’t believe Sherry had spent the afternoon with the redhead and still wanted sex.  When he climbed into bed beside her he got surprised again.  Sherry kissed him, then pulled back and smiled.

“I want to be kissed somewhere else.”

“OK…where would that be?”

“Where I used to not like you kissing.”

“What changed your mind?”

“I’ll tell you someday.  For now, just do it and make me feel good.”

Tony figured what changed Sherry’s mind must have been the redhead on the video.  He also decided he liked the change.  

At the first touch of his tongue to Sherry’s outer lips, she murmured, “Oh yeah”, and stroked the back of his head.  When he used his thumbs to part those lips and then licked, Sherry moaned and rocked her hips.  Tony started to really enjoy himself then.

He’d always liked doing this, but for some reason she wouldn’t tell him, she didn’t seem to like it.  If she was in a good mood or had had a couple drinks, she’d let him start, but then pull on his shoulders so he’d put his cock in her.

Now, it was like she couldn’t get enough.  With every lick, she’d either catch her breath, moan, or just rock her hips.  When he licked the little button at the top of her slit, Sherry gasped and lurched up off the bed a little.

Tony didn’t intend to take her to her orgasm that way, but it slipped up on him before he realized what was happening.  Sherry moaned and pushed his head tight between her thighs.  Just a couple more licks to her clit took her the rest of the way.  She gasped and held her breath as she slowly raised her hips off the bed.  Tony pressed firmly on the little bud with his tongue and then moved his tongue up and down.  Sherry gasped again and then her legs began to shake.  A few seconds later, she heaved them both up and cried out, “Oh God, now Tony.”

Sherry was still having little aftershocks when he lay down beside her.  She rolled onto her side and draped her thigh over him, then started stroking his stiff cock.  

“That was great, Honey.  Now, do me the other way.”

Tony didn’t have time to do that because Sherry pushed his cock down a little, rubbed the head between her wet lips, and then started trying to get it inside her.  Tony adjusted his position a little and pushed up.  Sherry sighed when his cock slipped inside her and then worked her hips to get it in all the way.  Then she started moving her hips to stroke herself over Tony’s cock.

Sherry couldn’t do that very fast, but Tony was enjoying it.  He enjoyed it even more when she poked her nipple into his face.  When he closed his lips around that nipple, it was rigid and covered with little ridges.  He sucked gently and felt Sherry jerk a little.  He sucked harder and Sherry moaned.

“I’m so hot, Honey.  Fuck me and make me cum again.”

Tony couldn’t believe Sherry had just said that.  Never in her life had she ever said “fuck” or “cum”.  One time when they were first married, he’d stroked her ass and said he was going to fuck her when they went to bed.  Sherry had frowned and said if he was going to use dirty words around her, he could go sleep by himself.

He didn’t have much time to ponder that though.  Sherry was speeding up as much as she could, and Tony was feeling the results.  He started pushing up and with every stroke, Sherry moaned.  

Tony knew in this position, Sherry usually needed a little help, so he slipped his hand between her spread thighs and around his cock and found the little button at the top of her slit.  When he started rubbing beside it, Sherry gasped and ground her body into his.

She kept doing that until Tony knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.  He was going to tell Sherry to slow down when she arched against him, shuddered, and then gasped.  Tony felt contractions around his cock and lost control.  He groaned as the first spurt splashed inside Sherry, then groaned again as she gasped and her legs began to shake.  He’d shot a third time when Sherry shrieked and her hips rocked her body over his cock as she came hard.

He lay there until his heart stopped pounding and then stroked Sherry’s ass.  

“That was pretty great.  We should do this more often.”

Sherry didn’t respond.  She was asleep.  Tony rolled her gently on her back and then covered them both with the sheet and blanket.

Tony went to work the next morning, but he wasn’t very productive.  He couldn’t get what had happened out of his head.  Sherry had obviously spent some time with another woman and he was both a little worried and a little happy.  The sex they’d had the night before was better than sex had been in years.  He figured somehow being with the redhead had done that.  His worry was that since Sherry had found an agreeable woman, she might decide sex with the woman was better than sex with him.

When he got home that night, Sherry seemed to be her old self again.  She didn’t walk into the living room naked and when they went to bed, she didn’t start anything that might lead to sex like she had the night before.  Tony went to sleep still a little worried, but hoping maybe after one time, Sherry was back to normal.

The next morning, those thoughts came back, and Tony decided he had to know for sure.  While Sherry fixed their breakfast, he put his camera in the spot he’d picked out in their bedroom.  That spot was on the dresser that faced Sherry’s side of the bed and was always cluttered with her jewelry and bottles of lotion.  He put the camera between a bottle and her jewelry box so only the tiny little lens peeked out.

He checked the camera every night for the rest of the week and didn’t see anything except Sherry making the bed or vacuuming the carpet.  By Friday morning, he’d convinced himself that Sherry had had her fling and was now the same Sherry he’d known before.  After he got home, he changed out of his suit and into jeans and a T-shirt, he put the camera in his pocket and went the living room to watch the news before dinner.

After dinner, Sherry said she was going to take a shower.  As soon as Tony heard the water running, he took the SD card out of the camera and put it into his laptop.  There were three new files, and Tony loaded the first thinking he’d see Sherry making the bed again.  He did see Sherry, but she wasn’t making the bed.  She was looking directly into the camera.

“Hi Honey.  I found your camera but I didn’t want to disappoint you so I didn’t turn it off or anything.  Hope you have fun watching.”

That video ended, so Tony loaded the second.  For a few seconds he only saw Sherry standing beside the bed.  Then, the redheaded woman walked up beside her.  They kissed for a while and then the redhead pulled Sherry’s top over her head.  Sherry did the same to the redhead, and then put her arms around the woman.  While they kissed again, Sherry unhooked the redhead’s bra.  

Tony sat there, spellbound, as he watched the two women fondle each other as they undressed.  Once they were naked, they fell back onto the bed and started kissing again.  Tony held his breath when Sherry knelt between the redhead’s thighs and stroked the red curls on her mound, then began stroking one finger over the redhead’s slender lips.

He heard the redhead say, “turn around Sherry so I can do you too”.  Sherry turned around and straddled the redhead, then lowered her mouth between the redhead’s open thighs.  He heard the redhead moan and then saw Sherry spread her legs and lower herself to the redhead’s face.

Tony lost track of everything then except the two women on his screen.  He kept hearing little moans and the wet sounds of each woman licking the other.  Sherry’s legs were starting to shake a little when she said, “don’t stop, I’m gonna cum”.  A second after that, Sherry did.  She pushed her body down into the woman’s face, cried out, and started jerking her hips.  For a few seconds she stopped moving her face up and down between the redhead’s thighs, but then started again.

The redhead arched up a little and moaned, then arched higher and shrieked, “Oh, Sherry, now”.  Both women were gasping at that point and both were rocking their hips into the other’s face.  After a while, Sherry rolled over and then turned around giggling.

“Betty, that was fantastic.  I wonder what Tony will think.”

“If he’s like Jack, he’ll want to fuck you until his dick won’t get hard anymore.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind if I let him see us together?”

The redhead fondled Sherry’s breast.

“Not if you don’t mind giving me a copy so I can show Jack.  I’ll get myself fucked good tonight if you do.”

“Did you bring a flash drive?”

“It’s in my purse.”

That video ended when they got dressed and walked away, so he loaded the third.  It was just Sherry, dressed and grinning.

“Well, what did you think, Honey?  Is this what you thought it would be when two girls are together?  I didn’t realize how great it would be.  I also didn’t realize how it would make me feel about you.  I need to be fucked again, but this time with that cock you have.  That’s what it does to me, makes me want to have you fuck me until I can’t move.  I don’t think you’ll mind doing that all that much, will you?”

The video ended then and Tony was taking the SD card out of his laptop when Sherry chuckled.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

Tony jumped at her voice. He’d been so absorbed by the videos he hadn’t heard her walk up behind him.  He turned and saw her standing there, naked.  It took a few seconds before he could say anything.  Sherry giggled.

“Cat got your tongue?  I hope not, ‘cause I’m gonna need that tongue.”

“Sherry, what made you…I mean, you said you’d never…”

She smiled.

“You got me to thinking about those stories, so I went to a couple of those sites when you were at work.  I have to tell you the lesbian stories written by men aren’t really right, but the ones written by women are…well, I got really excited and had to take care of that myself because you weren’t here.  

After that, I read some more and found one about a woman who goes to an adult book store.  While she’s looking at the books about lesbians, another woman walks up beside her and asked if she likes women.  They end up going to bed together.  I thought if the way the woman wrote the story was right, sex between two women must be really great sex.

“Well, I decided to go to the adult bookstore when I went shopping to see if the same thing might happen to me.  I was in there looking at things when Betty said I looked really sexy.  We got to talking and she said she likes men but she likes girls too.  I invited her to come to our house on Monday.  That’s when I found your camera in the bathroom.  

“You found my camera and you didn’t say anything?”

“Well, it was kinda neat seeing Betty and myself naked together.  Her stretch marks are worse then mine and her butt is bigger.  Her boobs are bigger than mine too, but she doesn’t mind.  She says no matter how big they are, they all react the same way.  Boy, does she ever know how to make mine react.”

Tony shook his head.

“You obviously found it in the bedroom too.”

“Well, Honey, that dresser might look like a mess, but I know where everything on it is supposed to be.  You moved one of my lotion bottles and two perfume bottles.”

“And you told your friend about the camera that same day?”

“Oh, sure, and she was excited.  She says her husband likes to watch her with another woman and that it makes him horny.  Did it make you horny to watch us?  I hope so because I need to be fucked now.  Betty says being with another girl does the same thing to her.  I didn’t believe it until after that first time, but I do now.”

Tony smiled.

“Well, yes, it did.”

“Good.  Come fuck me now.”

As Tony closed his laptop and then stood up he looked at Sherry.

“You’ve never said ‘fuck’ in your life before.  Why now?”

Sherry grinned.

“Well, what we used to do was make love and that’s what it was.  What I feel like now is having you stick your dick in me and making me cum really hard.  ‘Fuck’ is really the only word that describes that.”

“And that other word - ‘cum’.

“I’d feel like I was talking to my doctor if I said ‘orgasm’.  I don’t want to just have an orgasm anyway.  I want you to make me grab the sheets and scream.  Betty says that’s cumming, not an orgasm.  Think you could do that for me…right now…twice?”

As Tony followed Sherry into their bedroom, he was confused again.  He’d thought he’d just get Sherry with a woman once and watch so he could write his story.  Now…well, he had a story he could write, and probably more than one, but Sherry seemed to like being with a woman as well as with him.  If she was always like this afterwards, he could get to like it too.  Maybe after he wrote this story, he’d talk to Sherry about another.  He’d read one the other night about two women and one man, and since Betty liked both…