Helping Sylvia (pt. three)

It had been a week since Sylvia had submitted to her stepson Craig. He'd overcome her reluctance and she had sucked his cock. He'd made her his submissive slave and she'd loved it. But she'd been very sorry when he'd left, because she was wondering what this would mean to her relationship with John, her younger stepson.

John was twenty-three and had just finished college. He was busy searching for a good job, and had been gone the Sunday her twenty-four year old stepson, Craig, had fucked her face. He'd had her swallow his come, before spraying her face and tits with more come.

After giving him a blow job she'd begged to be fucked but Craig slapped her ass with his leather belt and told her to shut up and do only what she was told to do. He'd lounged in a large chair in the den and told her to make herself come with her fingers. She'd done what he wanted. She fucked her pussy with one hand while she pinched her nipples until she moaned with lust. She couldn't stop coming.

Craig jerked off in the chair. At one point he told her to stop coming. To just stop making her body have orgasms. She shuddered and tried. She was barely able to control herself. Or rather, he controlled her. She did as she was told. She was able to sustain that control until he released her to continue coming. Then he rose, walked over to where she knelt on the floor, and slapped her face with his still hard cock.

"You're my slave now, Sylvia. Never forget it. Now clean yourself up. I have to get home. You'll hear from me when I need you, slave."

With that, he gathered himself together and left the house. She heard his car driving down the gravel road from the house. She found herself smiling and wondered why. Then she thought of John. How was her relationship to him going to change? Her Master had not mentioned John. Did that mean she could still enjoy the pleasure of John's company? She decided that, as long as Craig didn't tell her otherwise, she'd continue as before. John was due home tomorrow. What would she tell him?

Arriving home late the next day, John felt his stepmother had changed somehow. She was happy to see him, but was rather subdued. She did give him a passionate kiss. He felt his rod growing. She, however, had other plans. She took him into the den and they sat down with drinks as usual. Sylvia poured as he waited to see what was on her mind.

"Did you know that your brother was into Domination and submission?"

"Well, actually I did. We tell each other everything. We always have. I don't want to be inconsiderate but the way we were raised in this house caused us to be very close. Now that you're out of your shell and enjoying your life again I see nothing wrong with letting you know how it was for us before."

"That'll be my burden to bear, John. I know that. But I think I'm making progress in turning things around, don't you? So, you knew about Craig. Does that mean that Gretchen is his submissive?"

"Yes, she is. How did you find out about all this? When they came over yesterday, they actually told you about it all?"

"John, it wasn't the both of them. Just Craig came over. I need to tell you something. Craig did something to me, something I liked a lot. He made me get on my knees and suck his cock. He made me be submissive and do whatever he wanted. He didn't fuck me but I wanted him too. He made me play with myself and then keep from coming. I felt very good being submissive to my own stepson. Just as I love fucking and making love to you, John. I must say I'm rather confused by it all. But Master Craig didn't tell me not to let you know. So I am."

"It doesn't matter in the least to me, Sylvia. You're exploring a whole new world, I know that. I'm happy you are. But what does this mean for me? Are you going to stop being my lover? I'd hate that. I love you so much now. I need you. You have to know that now."

"Come here, John. Come to me. I don't know what it all means yet, either. But Craig didn't tell me to stop loving you. I don't think he would. I'd hate that, too. I need you. I need you right now. You must know that every time you get near me my pussy starts getting wet. It is now. It needs you baby. I need you. Let's go upstairs and your stepmom will let you fuck her ass. I'd like that. Let's do that, John."

John didn't have to be urged any further. He downed his drink, took Sylvia's hand, and they quickly went upstairs. Her room was the best for their frantic style of love-making, with its king-size bed. John disrobed first because he knew Sylvia loved to see his body. Then he slowly took each of her clothing items off, smelled them, and tossed them aside. He loved the fact that her pussy was already glistening with fluids. Her nipples were so hard they looked painful but he bit them anyway. Sylvia moaned and pressed them into his face.

He pushed her down onto the bed and began making out with his stepmother. She returned all the loving he was giving. She so much enjoyed kissing, and the way he would lick and suck her neck and earlobes. It was enough to make her come. Sylvia was a sensual woman. She had never realized it before. As they kissed, she was busy mauling her tits and pinching her nipples. She liked the sharp pain it caused. Then her fingers lingered in her cunt, tickling the clit and spreading her moisture around her labia. She felt John's hard cock pressed into her taut stomach and yearned to be fucked.

It was time for John to fuck some stepmother ass. He knew that. His prick was pulsing against Sylvia's flesh, and he needed to come badly. He rose up onto his knees and ordered his stepmother to get on her hands and knees for an ass fucking. She quickly got into position as her submissive nature responded. John smeared his hand on her cunt and rubbed it onto his dick, then he began working it into her puckered hole.

He put his hand on her neck and forced her face down into the bed. He started working it, fucking that ass with a regular rhythm and asking her if she wanted more.

"For god's sake, John, please fuck me harder. I need to feel it all in me. I need your huge cock, baby."

Her words were muffled with her face crammed into the bed, but John heard her loud and clear, and began stroking faster and deeper, feeling the tightness of her ass gripping his cock. It was heaven fucking Sylvia. Heaven to fuck his own stepmother. Screwing her like a whore. She was a whore. He told her and she responded by pushing her ass back against him wanting more and more.

All the time his prick was using her ass, she had been cramming a dildo up her cooze. She had grabbed it as she came into the room. Now it was slippery from all the cunt juices flowing out of her as she was ass fucked. She fucked herself at the same time and her moans grew louder. So did John's groans of passion.

He was very close, she could tell, feeling his cock swell in her ass hole. He was so fucking deep and then he suddenly started gushing out come into her hole. It was hot and it made her have an immediate, huge orgasm. She cried out with pleasure. He kept pumping in and out, feeding all his spunk to his stepmother.

As they were relaxing later, having washed up and dined, they kept their thoughts to themselves. But John was certain of one thing. He was not giving up Sylvia. She was his fuck now. He might share, but she was his. However, it would all have to wait, because Father was arriving home tomorrow. His training session had completed with an After Action Review at the fort where he had trained some troops. He was flying into the airport on the morning shuttle flight.

Griffith was met at the airport by Sylvia and John together. That was a little unusual, but not terribly so. He was glad to get home. Although he would miss one of the soldiers he'd become very friendly with during their evenings off at the base. Griffith loved these training sessions. They always gave him the opportunity to hook up on the down and low with a sweet young soldier. They were always so fit.

On the ride home they discussed the usual inconsequential things. Griffith was no fool. He could tell his wife seemed much happier than normal. She actually smiled once in awhile, especially at John. Something was different, but as long a it didn't make his life more difficult he didn't mind. He'd be home now for perhaps a month. He'd still be going in to work each day, of course.

John was still actively job hunting virtually every day so he and Sylvia found that having Griffith home now was a difficult obstacle to their love making. And yet, they had the occasional quick fuck after Griffith had drifted off to sleep. John's room was down the hall and they were cautious and quiet.

At last John, who had been mulling over their whole situation, decided to have a chat with his brother. Nothing had ever come between them before. He was convinced nothing would now but he had to clear the air. Craig had not been in touch with Mother since that one Sunday afternoon. Nothing at all. Perhaps it'd been a joke of his. Craig had a rather odd sense of humor. John called him at his workplace.

"What's up, John?" Craig's cell phone told him who was calling.

"Not a lot, Craig. I did have something to talk about, but I'd rather talk face to face if you can spare the time for your little brother."

"Of course. Always. You want to come over tonight? Gretchen likes to cook for you."

"Sure. That'd be great. I'll be over about seven o'clock then. Take care, bro."

John was out most of the day, so he also called his stepmother and told her he'd not be eating at home that night. When he arrived home he told Sylvia that he would be dining with Craig and Gretchen at their apartment.

"Is anything wrong, John? What does this mean?"

"Not a thing, sweetie. I just need to see Craig. Really, don't worry about anything. I haven't seen him in so long now I need to talk with the two of them."

"Alright, John. I trust you baby. Have fun with your brother. Tell Gretchen hello from me. I understand her a lot better now. I think Craig has made her very happy."

Driving into the city, John went over in his mind possible outcomes for the evening. Craig might tell him that Sylvia was his now. That wouldn't be good. He'd hate to be in any kind of conflict with his brother. For so many years they'd been everything to each other but it had to be okay. It just had to.

He rang the bell of the apartment and Gretchen opened the door. She was nude, and she didn't appear to be ashamed. She smiled at her brother-in-law. Gretchen had always liked John. Craig hadn't bothered to tell her about the new relationship both sons had with their stepmother. He hadn't felt it necessary to give his sub any information she had no need for. It was her function to serve him and it was what she lived for now. Both were happy.

"Hi, John. You don't mind if Gretchen stays naked do you? She was a little out of sorts today and I'm punishing her. Want to spank her ass a little?"

"I think I'll pass right now, bro."

John was laughing. He had been to the apartment several times and there had been other times that Gretchen had needed instruction or punishment. It was no surprise to him. Gretchen didn't mind him seeing her because she was a good little sub. She served them both at the table. She would eat later. The conversation revolved around Craig's work and John's job searching.

When they were finished eating, they walked over to the sofa and sat down, while Gretchen cleaned the table and then had her own dinner at the counter on a stool.

"So what's up, John? I know you. Something is eating you, man. Talk to me."

"Hell, you know what it is, Craig. You know Sylvia's changed now. She talks to me all the time and I'm still fucking her and getting all the blow jobs I can. She loves us, Craig, and she told me about that Sunday. You know, when you made her submit. She was happy she did it, but, I mean, what the hell does that do to my new relationship with her? Are you going to send her a message and tell her she can't mess with anyone but you? Is that gonna happen man? 'Cause it will not be happy making for me. You gotta know that. I love Sylvia. I want her. I love her and she loves me. What's gonna happen?"

"Brother dear, you've got no worries. Tell you what, I'll show you. Gretchen! Come over here to Master."

Gretchen had finished eating and was washing dishes but she immediately dried her hands and quickly came to stand in front of Craig with her head bowed in submission. She was awaiting his commands. She was always the obedient little sub.

"Look at Master. Good pet. Now go over to the sofa. Bend over the arm and spread your legs. I want to see your pussy. That's right, good girl. John, see that pussy? That's my pussy, but I want you to have some of it. I want you to fuck Gretchen. And I want Gretchen to enjoy it, so fuck her hard and deep. Okay, bro, go get some of the cunt."

"You don't mean that, Craig. She's your wife. You're kidding, right?"

"Fuck no. You're my brother, what's mine is yours. You feel the same, right? Go and fuck her, please. She's been punished enough tonight. Now she gets a reward from Master. She gets a new cock. She'll be happy as hell, and my brother will really understand me. We've always been close. Now you'll really get me, man. Go and screw my wife. Please."

This was like getting an extra dessert for John. Gretchen had always struck him as perfection. He'd checked out her whole delicious body when he got here but tried not to show it. Now he didn't mind looking all he wanted to. He rose and unbuckled his belt. He dropped his trousers and, while stepping out, was pulling his shirt over his head. Just his underwear remained and it came off, flipping his already hard prick into the air.

He approached Gretchen, leaned down, licked her cunt and made her tremble. Then he fed his cock into her already greasy pussy. Deeper and deeper he penetrated her. As he did he saw Craig coming around the side, already naked also. John started reaming that ginger pussy. Each thrust shook her small body. She had started whimpering with lust as soon as he licked her quim.

Craig was on his knees in front of Gretchen. He was feeding his prick into her open mouth and she took it eagerly while still being screwed by her brother-in-law. Two cocks, one sub, and all happy. John crammed as much dick into her as would fit. She was tiny but he got almost all in before he was stopped, and just began fucking her over and over. Her grunting was muffled because her mouth was full of Master's cock, but she took it and loved every inch John gave her. He started coming first and his spunk filled her tight cunt. He kept pumping until he could get no more out.

Craig grabbed his wife's head and began fucking her mouth faster and faster. He was going to make her swallow every drop, and she wanted to. She wanted to please Master. It began shooting in spurts into her throat and she gagged on all the jizz but she swallowed it and licked his cock, wanting more. Craig had always preferred blow jobs. Tonight was no exception, but Gretchen got the added pleasure of being hosed by her brother-in-law. She had secretly wanted that for a long time. Master was good to anticipate her needs.

"Gretchen, that was very good, little pet. Now lick and suck us both until we're clean. Then get a washcloth, and come in here and clean us some more. That's a good girl."

She did as she was told, licking first her Master and then John. She smiled up at both and ran to get the cloth to clean them even more. Craig sat in one chair and John in another. They just gave each other a brotherly smile while she finished her chore. Craig had made his point very clearly.

The two brothers chatted awhile, making plans for stepmother. Gretchen was allowed to stay and listen, but was kneeling on the floor by her Master so he could stroke her red hair. She was happy. She was also happy for her mother-in-law because Master was taking an interest in her. Stepmom Sylvia was in for some happy times.