Cabin Fever: Parting Shot - Part 2

Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction based on the 2002 movie, Cabin Fever. The characters and settings of Cabin Fever described in this story remain the property of their original owners. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


So naughty, so shameful, but so much fun! Marcy let the music move her as she danced, free and comfortable as could be. She let the inertia of her unbound breasts guide the undulations of her body, so that all would move as one.

The heat of the flame amorously caressed her bare skin on one side, while the cool night air caressed it on the other. But by far the most exciting force upon her skin was the attention she felt upon it.

She relished the familiar giddy thrill of captivating men with her lovely body. Tonight, it was triple her pleasure, with three drooling admirers sitting before her instead of just one. Their eyes were locked upon her full, naked breasts as they swelled and jiggled proudly. Their man berries were almost certainly secreting profusely, in silent applause of her beauty.

She was just about to wow them with the money shot when the hypnotic party flow abruptly turned deathly silent.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, voicing her disappointment in unison with the others. “It was just getting fun,” she gently grumbled.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry…” Paul slurred as he began staggering around aimlessly, hoping to accomplish God knows what. She knew he’d been drinking as much as any of them, but she liked to think that the sight of her tits also had a hand in making him so disoriented.

Then he loudly announced that he was going to get some more batteries for the CD player and ran off in to the shadows. 

“Well, boys, who’d you like best?” Marcy cooed as her playfulness reasserted itself. The dance had originally begun as a good-natured contest to determine who could pole-dance better, herself or Karen. “Me?”

“Totally,” Bert applauded before taking another swig of beer.

“Definitely you, babe,” Jeff agreed with an affectionate caress of her thigh.

“Oh my god, that is such bullshit!” Karen protested in good humor. “We didn’t get to finish!”

“Oh, you think so?” Marcy taunted her with a smile.

“I call fucking rain-delay, or rain-check, or rain… rain… something. Whatever they fucking call it when they can’t finish the game properly,” Karen rambled as Marcy giggled at her silliness. “Shut up!” she chided her friend. 

“Rematch! Rematch! I demand a rematch!” Karen announced, loud enough for the whole county to hear.

“Bring it, sister!” Marcy playfully trash talked her.

“Oh, I will,” Karen replied with equal facetiousness.

“Alright!” Bert cheered with enthusiasm as the dual dance/striptease resumed. The boys helped get the girls started by giving them a rhythm - humming the bassline from the song they’d just been listening to. But they trailed off into silence after a few bars and just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Already being half-naked, Marcy was at a disadvantage in terms of mystique. But she made up for it by rhythmically kneading her breasts to show off their malleability and contorting her body into various angles, to show how gravity changed their shape.

Karen finished her artistic teasing and finally released her top.


“Alright!” the boys cheered and briefly applauded, as she dropped the bikini top at her feet with a beaming grin.

The rhythmic swaying continued for a while. For a few seconds , the girls collaborated on an especially erotic display; bumping and grinding close to one another without actually making contact, before they pantomimed feeling one another up.

Then Marcy decided that the boys had dangled on the hook long enough and pulled loose the side knots of her bottoms. They flopped to the ground, revealing her wide, thick, yet neatly trimmed landing strip.

“Oh yeah! That’s what I love to see,” Jeff complimented her, with the heartiest applause yet. Bert, however, was eerily silent.

Kicking the last of her clothing aside, Marcy continued to dance, making her crotch writhe invitingly before her lover’s eyes.

She did an extremely slow 360 degree spin. As her ass turned towards Bert she heard a sound: an impulsive, crude grunt. She thought he might’ve jizzed his pants, but on reflection she figured it was more likely he was just having lewd thoughts about her. For the first time, one of the leering gazes she felt on her body didn’t feel so good. In fact, it made her a little uncomfortable. But she continued dancing without letting on and after a few seconds, the unpleasant thoughts were forgotten in her euphoric drunkenness.

Karen stripped naked, too and yet another round of applause and cat calls ensued as her messy golden tuft of love-hair was bared for all to see. Then after another couple minutes, the dance petered out to a natural conclusion. The girls slung their arms over each other’s shoulders in a comradely embrace and giggled.

“So, who’d you like now?” Karen asked expectantly.

“Mmm... too close to call,” Jeff answered diplomatically.

“Yeah, man, you’re both fuckin’ hot!” Bert agreed between drinks.

Marcy pouted in mock disappointment at the indecisive result, but Karen was more open about how flattered she was.

“Aww! Thanks boys,” she said.

Jeff stood, and slid his hands presumptuously on to Marcy’s hips as he leaned in for an open-mouthed kiss.

“Now it’s your turn,” Marcy informed her boyfriend when the kiss broke. 

“What?” Jeff asked in confusion.

“You boys have to show us your moves,” she explained, with a loving yet adamant gaze. She placed her fingers upon his firm pecks and pushed him away, feeling his hands slipping away from her naked butt as the distance grew between them.

“Seriously?” Jeff cringed, as if he’d just been ordered to give an old man a sponge bath.

“Mm-hmm,” Marcy cheerily confirmed. 

“Fine,” he sighed in resignation.

Marcy tip-toed excitedly over to the dead log Jeff had been sitting on, and sat down to enjoy the spectacle. The rough wood was harsh on her bare little ass, but she was so wasted it barely even registered.

She turned her head and discovered that Bert was staring at her in a way that made her feel like prey in a hunter’s crosshairs. She met his gaze, but it didn’t intimidate him and the shameless leering continued.  He only stopped when he felt like it, though it did seem like he’d grown weary of Marcy’s dark look.

Jeff began thrusting his hips around clumsily, while humming his own off-key musical accompaniment. Calling it a dance would’ve been too generous, it was more like a deliberate convulsion.

“Yeah!” The girls cheered in hearty support. Jeff stuck out his ass and wiggled it.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Get out of here, man. I don’t wanna see that shit!” Bert grumbled, pulling his baseball cap down to cover his eyes.

“C’mon, Bert. Get up there!” Karen insisted, forcefully jostling him. Unlike Marcy, who was still buck naked, Karen had wrapped her faded lime beach towel around her body. Though she seemed to be having difficulty getting it to cover her boobs and they remained mostly exposed.

“No fucking way,” Bert refused, without lifting his cap to make eye contact with her. “I’m not going up there with fucking Lord Gay-Prance up there shaking his junk around. Maybe when he clears the stage, I’ll show you girls how it’s done!”

Karen pouted.

The girls’ cheers at Jeff’s antics quickly turned to laughter. It became one of those things that was hilarious to drunk people, but would’ve been agonizing for anyone even remotely sober.

After exhausting his full repertoire of ‘erotic’ moves, Jeff dropped his shorts and briefs, to squeals of delight from his lady friends.

“For fuck’s sake. Tell me he isn’t naked!” Bert complained. Jeff tossed the shorts at him and the girls cracked up as he lost his balance.

Jeff mimicked his girlfriend’s moves at this point. He slowly turned around, while rotating his hips as if he were spinning a hula hoop. His completely-shaved cock, a respectably-sized member that had given Marcy many cumulative hours of satisfaction, flapped around freely as if it were tracing a Spirograph pattern. 

Karen’s lively cheers suggested she was getting a giddy little thrill from the display.

When Jeff’s back was turned, Marcy took the opportunity to snatch a nearby black towel and sneak down to the shore. She hoped that Jeff was too wasted to notice she was missing. She saturated the towel in the lake, then wrung it out into a long, twisted worm. With all the stealth of a cat burglar, she crept back towards the campsite. When Jeff turned away, she leapt silently into the fire light and towel whipped him square in his left ass cheek.

“Holy shit!” he cursed in alarm as he leapt three feet into the air.

Marcy cracked up. Karen tumbled backwards in a fit of drunken hysterics. Bert immediately lifted his cap off to see what had happened.

“Oh, I’m gonna get you!” Jeff retorted. He turned and sprinted towards his mischievous girlfriend. Marcy screamed playfully and ran like a girl down to the water. She backstroked leisurely away from the shore, watching in anticipation as her lover’s frenzied, shadowy splashes drew closer and closer. His firm but tender hands grasped her waist and pulled her tightly to him.

“See? I told you I was gonna get you,” he panted.

Marcy wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, and her legs tightly around his torso.

“Yeah. You got me,” she sighed amorously, before pulling him in for a hungry kiss.

Immediately, she began rubbing her privates against his toned stomach. The fresh night air had been tickling them ever since she stripped off her swim suit and now they were seething for some real attention. The void in her loins nagged her; it needed to be filled.

As they kissed and rocked their bodies in energetic foreplay, Marcy noticed Bert out of the corner of her eye. He was still sitting on the same log, drinking his beer and watching the action, with the same quiet intensity that had disturbed her earlier. He was too far away, and her vision was too inebriated to actually see his obsessive gaze, but she could feel it.

Jeff danced them around in a waltz of frivolous passion as their bodies bumped and ground together. Marcy’s hand found his dick, grown to its inspiring full size and standing proudly at attention. She effortlessly guided it to her tender slit and gently shafted herself upon him, savoring the pleasure of his solid meat slithering all the way up to her quivering center.
Through their ongoing kiss, they started humming a melody of arousal, as Marcy began to bounce athletically upon Jeff’s cock.

Marcy couldn’t be sure how long they’d been fucking when it happened. Something touched her ass. She initially presumed it was one of Jeff’s fingers. But she quickly realized that it wasn’t a finger, it was a shape she knew all too well. It was a fully-erect cock!

The next thing she knew someone was pressed firmly against her back, sandwiching her uncomfortably tightly against Jeff. The second cock turned upright and slipped in to her crack, where it began to hastily work itself up and down between her cheeks.

“What the fuck?” she slurred as she turned around, trying to make sense of the bizarre turn of events. The intruder was, of course, Bert.

“Oh my god, Bert! Get the fuck out of here!” she screeched in disgust. Her arms flailed about in languid, drunken motions, trying in vain to swat her unwanted partner away.

“C’mon, babe, you know you want it,” he dismissed her. The arousal she heard in his breathy voice made Marcy’s skin crawl.

“No…” she weakly moaned.

She felt his fingers snaking under her armpits and coursing through the pliant flesh of her sideboobs. His hips pressed against her hard, crushing her yielding buttocks between himself and her pelvis. Jeff, meanwhile, continued thrusting inside her vagina, while affectionately mouthing the edge of her jaw. Having an uninvited third party intrude upon their lovemaking didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

“Oh, yeah! You like it!” Bert asserted. “You want it from both sides, don’t you?”

“No… don’t…” Marcy whimpered, her voice wavering with indecision.

She didn’t want this awful asshole to fuck her.

But the mass of masculine bulk pressed against her back was starting to turn her on and that firm stalk tickling the sensitive depths of her crack felt really good - exciting even.

But it was Bert! He was such a nasty sleazebag!

Then a hand clamped on to her right boob with all the subtlety of a bear trap. It hurt! In that surge of pain she found her clarity.

“No!” she shouted, as she flung her weight back to force Bert off of her.

The maneuver threw both drunken men off-balance and all three of them tumbled in to the waist-deep water. In the confusion, Bert lost his hold of Marcy and she wasted no time in swimming clear of him.

Jeff’s head sprang out of the water.

“Holy shit! I am so fucking wasted!” he cackled, apparently believing he had only fallen over due to his own drunken clumsiness.

By the time either of the men got their bearings, Marcy was about 15 feet away, wading back towards the beach.

“Fine! Be that way, you uptight bitch!” Bert spat at her, just loud enough for her to hear.

“Hey, Marcy! Where you going?” Jeff called after her. She didn’t respond. “Aww, c’mon babe! Don’t be like that,” he pleaded, before swimming off in pursuit.

By the time he finally caught up with her, Marcy had retreated to a dark, secluded section of the beach about fifty yards from the roaring campfire. The moon gave them just enough light to make out the barest outlines of their surroundings.

“Hey, c’mon babe. What’s wrong?” Jeff asked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t want that asshole touching me!” she snapped. Her arms were folded in indignation and clutched tightly to her chest, protecting her tender nipples from the cool night air.

“Hey, it’s okay. Don’t get upset. Bert was just fooling around,” Jeff explained in the calmest voice.

“His dick was in my ass, Jeff!” Marcy fumed.

“Yeah, well, you know what he’s like. Bert always takes it too far. But he doesn’t mean any harm.

“C’mon, he’s just being a drunk idiot. That’s the thing: he’s had too much to drink. You just… We shouldn’t let him spoil it all for us, y’know? Just let him have his fun, and try to ignore him,” Jeff gently suggested.

He tilted her chin up and stared into the moonlight glimmering in her eyes.

“C’mon. We were having a good time, weren’t we?” he asked.

Marcy’s head was swimming. She was very drunk and confused. Her train of thought was easily led by Jeff’s diplomatic words. But a quiet little part of her resisted them, as if she thought what he said was wrong, but couldn’t articulate why.

All she knew for sure was that she felt unhappy. Unhappy and also sullied. Her ass crack still tingled with revulsion where Bert’s junk had touched her.

In the future, Marcy would never be able to remember whether they had argued some more, or whether Jeff had simply stood with her in silence until her anger ebbed away.

Either way, the stand-off lasted a long time. But it eventually ended with Jeff coaxing a warm kiss from Marcy’s lips. She felt his fingertips combing through her bush and settling upon her labia.

“Don’t…” she winced, gently brushing his hand away. “I’m not in the mood.”

With a heavy sigh, she started back to the campfire and after a few seconds she heard Jeff’s footsteps following her.

There was a rise in the beach between themselves and the campfire: not very tall, but tall enough to obscure line-of-sight to most of the campsite. As Marcy climbed the gentle slope, she was greeted by an unexpected sight.

Bert was there, still naked. He lumbered like an ape-man past the fire to collect and dust off his black shorts which had been strewn on to the sand. Directly behind him, Karen sat at the edge of the fire light, her legs spread wide. She was buck naked once again, with the towel she’d wrapped herself in earlier nowhere to be seen. Every movement she made was languid; even just sitting upright looked like it was an effort for her.

There was nothing overt about the scene before Marcy’s eyes, but the subtext was clear as day. They’d had sex!

In retrospect, Marcy wasn’t surprised that Bert had gone after Karen. He’d had a hard-on and he would’ve been determined to get some release, regardless of who gave it to him. For one disturbing moment, Marcy wondered if Bert had forced himself upon her friend. But everything about Karen’s manner suggested to Marcy that it had been consensual. Regrettable, perhaps, but consensual.

In the numbness of her intoxication, Marcy didn’t give the subject any further thought. As she re-entered the campsite with Jeff, Karen and Bert both seemed unconcerned that their friends probably knew what they’d done.

The tone among the group was casual and relaxed, as if nobody cared about anything that had happened in the last twenty minutes. But the frivolity that abounded during their ‘pole dancing’ and strip teasing was well and truly over now and everyone gathered their clothing and got redressed.

Despite the mellow atmosphere, Marcy still felt kind of tense. She needed a beer…