Out of the rain Chapter 10

Info Mickster
07 Dec. '18

When I opened my eyes again after dozing off I was alone in bed. Groaning I got up, tossed on a robe and went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I wondered if she had come to her senses and left. If she was mortified by all we had done. I headed to the stairs and peeked into the laundry room. Seeing the dryer empty my heart fell.

"What have I done?" I wondered as I trundled down the stairs. 

Turning to head to the kitchen I saw her. She was sipping coffee bathed in the morning sunlight. She wore her t-shirt and panties, the rest of her clothes were draped over a kitchen chair. The sunlight danced like diamonds in every raindrop still clinging to the kitchen slider that leads out to the deck. The way it poured into the kitchen at a dramatic morning angle and accentuated every curve and contour on her pert little brown body was intoxicating. I felt my cock twitch a little as my heart beat a bit faster.

"Hey, for a second there I thought you left," I said cheerfully.

Her face fell. "Did you want me to?" She said face angled down eyes looking up with a look part puppy dog and part fuck me.

"Never," I responded with all the tenderness I could muster.

"Kirstin might have a problem with that."

"Your husband might too, he is probably wondering where you are."

She put down her coffee and wrapped her arms around me burying her face in my chest. "Screw him. Can I stay here for now? Until Kirstin gets back?"

"Yes...but what about your kids?" I reply.

"They are at my parents for the weekend." She says pulling open my robe and planting little nibbling kisses on my chest. I let my fingertips roam her back softly exploring. 

"Mmmmm..." she sighs as she presses the side of her face against me and relaxes. "Daddy?" she asks inquiringly. "Yes?' I respond. "Did you really used to think of me when you masturbated?"

"Yes Babygirl, a lot." 

"That is so hot. When I imagine that it makes me wet. Who else do you think of?"

I am a little taken aback by the question and sidestep, "I don't need to think of anyone now do I? But she persists, "Pleeeease tell me!" 

"Well, Kirstin of course, when I am trying to be good." 

"Anyone else?"

"Baby girl you can't really want to talk about this!" I say looking down at her. But she looks up at me with those same eyes that melt my resolve. "Pleeeeease Daddy. I am curious. Someone from Church?" She pries tenaciously.

"Maybe," I say as I feel my cheeks become hot with embarrassment.

"It's Katie!" She proclaims with the glee of a child solving a riddle. " I know it is. I don't blame you, she is hot. Those legs go on forever! And that long blonde hair and blue eyes and those perfect tits. I wish I looked more like her."

"I didn't say it was." I protest even as my cock responded to the description. She feels my reaction as she presses her body to mine.

"Your cock is saying otherwise, Daddy." She teases. "IT's OK. She is like my best friend. She is sweet and beautiful and a great kisser, it would be weird if you didn't want to fuck her. I don't know how Jake stays away from her for months at a time for his job."

"I am sure they love each other very much. Let's drop this." I mumble but she persists.

"They do but she gets horny too. We talk about it. I know who she thinks about when she is sliding that Dildo in and out of her beautiful shaved pussy. Do you want to know?"

"No!", I mumble as the thoughts Brook is putting in my head cause my shaft to become achingly hard.

"She fantasizes about that hot trainer at the gym, and her rich handsome doctor, and....her Pastor", She giggles as she begins running her soft hand the length of my erection.

"Stop it!, I growl and slap her ass playfully.

She tenses at the impact on her barely covered ass cheek and I hear a sharp intake of breath. She shivers a bit. "Stop what Daddy? Playing with your cock? Or talking about how my best friend and my Pastor think about fucking each other?"

My head was spinning from this little game she decided to play. "Maybe both", I growl and slap her other ass cheek sharply.

She pauses with her stroking, moans, and shivers again. "Daddy I KNOW you want her RIGHT NOW. I wish I was her. All the time. Let's pretend. Close your eyes. I can be her for you. I can be anyone for you."

I close my eyes and grab her ass hard with both hands squeezing as I press against her body. She grinds at my cock through her wet panties. Groaning I separate from her spin her around and pull down her panties. Glancing only momentarily at the pink handprint on each cheek  I bend her over forcefully.

"Yes! Fuck me, Pastor Mick!" She says gleefully. Her calling me that seems weird now.

"I intend to Brook," I growl.

"Call me Katie this time...please?"

"Fine!" I concede as I shove my shaft into her waiting wetness. She grips the kitchen chair hard as she feels me sliding in and out fast and hard. "How is that KATIE?!" She answers with silent enthusiasm. Her ass pushes back into my hips as fast and hard as I thrust into her. I grab a hand full of hair like reigns on a horse and hold on for a wild ride.

"Oh..oh...oh..P..P..P...Pastor", She says trying to think of what Katie might say. "Fuck me, Mmmmmmmmm"

I would escalate but there is no faster, no harder, I am all in. My balls bounce where her wetness drips freely. "Oh...oh...oh..." she cries out with each thrust. Her cries getting louder and higher pitched as she gets closer to orgasm. In my dizzy frantic desire, I close my eyes hard imagining Katie's lithe, sexy body in front of me. 

"Yes, Katie. I am almost there!?"  There was no making this one last. This was a mad dash for the finished line. She let out one loud wail as I felt her pussy cumming on my cock. I could feel it squeeze and pulse. Her legs began to quiver and buckle but I grabbed her hips and held her up as I raged three last mammoth thrusts into her and unleashed an eruption of hot cum. "Katieeee..."I moan as the last of my jizz fills her and I slow down.

I finally stop and we part, each of us collapsing in a kitchen chair. We both are almost gasping for breath. Brook smirks at me. "See you DO want to fuck her." 

I look at this twisted, beautiful, sexy, thing in front of me with confused admiration. She sits erect nipples poking through her soft t-shirt fabric. He legs are spread giving me a perfect view of my own cum leaking out of her swollen pink pussy lips. " I guess I do...but I want you more. I fucking adore you Babygirl."

"I know Daddy" She giggles.

"Wait a second", A sudden realization comes over me. "How do YOU know Katie is a good kisser?"

Brook just smiles at me and shrugs innocently.