Make Me Blow - Let It Snow Parody

Oh, I know my cock is a mouthful
But your lips feel so delightful
The condom broke, way to go
Make me blow, make me blow, make me blow

Man don’t you show signs of stoppin'
Keep that tongue and suction goin'
Don’t worry, your wife won’t know
Make me blow, make me blow

I will never put up a fight
You know I don’t even need the porn
You can suck me with all your might
My cock will not be left forlorn

My balls are on all four firing
And, trust me, you’ll soon be tasting
And as long as you go down low
I will blow, I will blow I will blow

Musical break

You know I won’t put up a fight
In my balls I am building a storm
Just make sure that you hold on tight
When I blow your gullet might be blown

Oh the fire is really building
And, yeah man, I’ll soon be coming
So don’t stop that fellatio
Here I go, here I go, here I go!