02 - The first time she enjoyed her aunt's husband

Over the years, my wife has shared with me the details of  her sexual past with other men including some who were married and how she enjoyed been their mistress.  This is the story is of how my wife Kathy became the lover of her aunt's husband Ricardo, she was only 19 and he was an older man in his early 40's.  This is the man, who thought Kathy how to fuck like a slut and she learned to bee more sexually free.

Kathy was 19 years old and single at the time she had her first sexual encounter with Ricardo.  He was married to Kathy's aunt who was the cousin of Kathy's mom, so he wasn't a blood relative.  Kathy's family used to frequent her aunt's house on a regular basis.  Kathy's mom was a single mom and she had four kids, Kathy was the oldest kid.  The aunt's house was the place where many gathering happened, the house was big and they had a pool.  During summer all cousins will hang out there and had many barbeques by the pool. 

Kathy is a very beautiful girl, she has a great smile, light skin, green eyes, long black hair and a beautiful petite slim body, nice round ass and big tits.  By the time Kathy was fifteen she had developed a women's body and by the time she was 18 she was a beautiful and attractive woman.  When Kathy was 19, she had some sex experience with a couple of previous boyfriends, but during that summer she had been single for a few months and it wasn't easy for her.  She missed the company of  man and was always very horny masturbating almost daily to pleasure her urges.  "I often though of sucking dick, sometime, I thought of getting fucked and sucking another guy's dick.  It's always been a fantasy and I always get very horny thinking about it", Kathy.

One day that summer the family went visit her aunt's place for a barbeque, just like many other times before.  The day was hot and they been hanging at the pool.  After cooling in the pool she was sunbathing and noticed Ricardo looking at her and sometimes staring at her body.  Kathy liked the attention of Ricardo and smiled back at him as he was a very attractive, but been her aunt's husband never thought more about it.  That day towards the evening the family was running out of beer and snacks and they wanted to continue drinking.  They asked Kathy go get more drinks and snacks at the local store.  My wife grew up in Latin America and they don't care about selling alcohol to minors.  Kathy agreed to go at that moment Ricardo got up and offer to drive Kathy so that she wouldn't had to carry all those items herself.  Ricardo was in the family and very friendly, polite and nice man so it wasn't a big deal they went alone.

Ricardo decided to drive to another store a bit further with the excuse that it was a bigger and had more selection for beer and snacks.  On the way there, he pull over on the side of the road in an isolated and dark area with a few houses and no people around.  He turned to Kathy and began to tell her how he felt without hesitation and sure of himself.

"I am glad we came alone, because I wanted to talk to you.  I want to tell you how beautiful and attractive I find you and I been meaning to tell you for a long time.  Every time you come over the house I enjoy your company, your smile, the way you smell and I specially enjoy watching you in your bathing suite at the pool and when you are sunbathing it drives me crazy because I want to caress your body.  You are amazing and I am always thinking of how much I would like to hold you and kiss you.  Since I can not stop thinking about it I wanted you to know."

I caught Kathy by surprise but it made her feel sexy, attractive and wanted by a good looking man so she responded "so go ahead, kiss me." 

At that moment Ricardo came close to her and began to kiss her slow at first and then more passionately.  His hand moved towards her hips and under the shirt and up her breasts.  He began to touch her breast and feel her nipple get hard as she became arouse.  After a few moments of kissing and grabbing her tits, he pull up her shirt and started to lick her nipples.

"I wanted to do this for a very long time and now I am glad its happening, you are so amazingly beautiful" he said while licking her nipples and squeezing her tits.

She began to grab his crotch and after a few moments later he had a hard dick under his pants.  She could feel it was a big dick.  He also rub her between her legs, but she had jeans on. "He couldn't feel it yet, but my pussy was wet because he was sucking my tits really nice and I got even more arouse once I felt his big dick getting hard."

After a few minutes, he laid back on the car seat and she began to unzip his pants and he help loosing his belt.  Kathy pull Ricardo's dick out with her hand and got very surprise to see such a big dick, "it was longer than any other dick I had seen, at least 9 inches long."  She started to suck his dick, and tried to put it all in her mouth, but he was too long "it was awesome seen such big dick in front of me and all I wanted was to put it in my mouth. " 

She sucked his long dick slow and squeezed it and stroke it up and down, "He was so horny, he didn't lasted long and I made him come in my mouth.  After he finish, I ate all his cum and I licked him clean",   Kathy is one of those girls who enjoys eating cum and don't mind it. 

"I pulled my pants down and let him finger my pussy.  He used two fingers to penetrate me while eating my tits roughly.  He was biting them, sucking them and squeezing them really hard.  He was very rough and violent with me and I liked, so much  I was screaming over and over, I am your bitch, fuck me, I am your bitch over and over until I came.  It turned me own so fucken much because no one else before treated me like that."  Ricardo, was the third man she had sex with, the two previous boyfriends didn't have much experience "My previous boyfriends treated me like a queen, they were nice and gentle in bed and my first boyfriend often came very quickly" so this experience with Ricardo was new to her and she really licked it.

After they finished they remained on the side of the road until they realized they been gone for 20 minutes, so they hurry to the store and back home "we literally ran through the store getting all the things we needed."  They got back to the house talking with some bullshit conversation as if nothing happened and they continue to spend the rest of night as normal as they could. 

A few minutes later Kathy went to the restroom "I wanted to check my breast because I felt soar when I went to the restroom and took off my shirt and braw I saw my breast full with bruised marks where he suck hard and squeezed my tits.  I also, pull my pants and panties down and my pussy was still red and swollen.  I got fucken horny again thinking of his big dick and his fingers in my pussy I started to masturbate.  My pussy was still wet from early and my clit got hard fast, so I came in a couple of minutes  I remain in the rest room a few more minutes trying to normalize so I can go back to the living room.  When I got back to the reunion, I looked at him and with my eyes I told him I wanted him to fuck me."

Next story, I will share more details of Kathy and Ricardo...