Helping Sylvia (pt. four)

Standing up before her stepsons with no clothing would have been completely humiliating to Sylvia only a short few weeks ago. She had been living in a loveless marriage, with two grown stepsons whom she had never really became acquainted with. It was a sorry affair when a stepmother didn't even know her own stepsons. Fully grown stepsons, who were essentially strangers, because she had been so cold and full of despair that she had never bothered to learn how much they could really mean to her. How much she could love them. And how much they could love her. 

Now here she was. Her lovely body, so trim from continuous work outs and good food, was perfect, with legs that had the curves that drew a man's eyes. Her breasts had very little sag, and were proudly displayed upon her chest, with her nipples hard like small garnets. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back. Her hands were at her side. Nothing was hidden. 

Craig and John were seated on the sofa and she stood before the fire in the fireplace. Her shaven pussy was glistening with moisture from her own lust. The labia were swollen as she spread her legs to give them a good view. Her daughter-in-law Gretchen was on her knees at her husband's feet. Craig slowly stroked the soft hair of his wife and submissive. 

It had come to this after John, her newly graduated stepson, found her crying one day. Finally she was able to tell him the truth. What followed seemed now to have been inevitable. First John had made her feel joyous about life again. His love making had turned her from a cool and aloof matron into a sexual being, lusting for her own stepson and fucking him with renewed passion each time they were together. Or sucking down his milk, and loving the taste, and savoring the love making. 

Then Craig had taught her how to submit to a Master. And she did so. It had taken little for him to turn her into another willing slave, along with his sweet pet, Gretchen. But he would share. With his brother everything was to be shared. They together shared Gretchen, and her passion had filled them both with joy as they used her as she wished to be used. Craig had fucked her mouth as John fucked her from behind. The two brothers were never closer. 

Now, a month later, their father was away on a training mission. It was time to make sure stepmom was happy. 

"You're very obedient, Sylvia. Your Master's pleased. So is John. And my pet, Gretchen, always wanted to do this, didn't you pet?" 

"Yes Master. I've lusted for mother Sylvia. I hope that doesn't displease my Master." 

"Oh no. I want you to be honest with me. I'm happy to give you your dreams tonight. Now crawl over and suck on Sylvia's wet cunt." 

As Gretchen eagerly crept over on her hands and knees both Craig and John rose and began discarding their clothing. The den was nice and warm with the fire. By the time Gretchen was spreading Sylvia's pussy lips apart to begin licking her copious juices they were completely nude. 

Both had large erections and both were stroking as the women performed for them. Sylvia didn't stand long before her legs gave out with the trembling from the orgasms rippling throughout her body. She slumped down upon the pillows placed there in front of the fire, just for this purpose. 

"Master. Are you sure this is alright? It feels so good." 

That was Sylvia checking with her new Master, stepson Craig. He was happy with what he was watching. It pleased him. It certainly made John happy. It was fine. Craig told her to start eating the moist pussy of her fellow submissive. 

Sylvia quickly kissed Gretchen's mouth and tasted her own pussy fluids, and then the two did as they were told and began eating each other's pussy. Gretchen was on the bottom and Sylvia was rubbing her cunt on her face, making it slimy and slick. Gretchen licked it up and used her fingers to bring honey into her mouth. 

At the same time Sylvia had her tongue ramming into the cunt below her. It tasted good. It tasted like her own cunt. Like the juices she had licked from the dildos that she had used to bring pleasure to herself for so many years. Now she wished she had one of those toys to fuck Gretchen with now. That would be fun. 

Orgasms were passing through the bodies of the two women, as John and Craig stroked their cocks slowly at first, and then harder and faster as the sight of the ladies coming caused them to want to do the same. Each had a large cock in hand with a red, bulbous head and both were getting wet from the sweat caused by their lust and the fireplace. At last Craig glanced at John. John nodded. They both slowly walked up to the still licking women. 

"Master needs his pets. Sit up and take your medicine." 

The two women immediately stopped their pussy lapping and sat back on their thighs with their mouths open. John moved to Sylvia, but Craig shook his head, gesturing him to Gretchen. Craig stood before his stepmother. He did so enjoy watching her swallow his sperm. Somehow it made up for the years of psychological neglect from her. And she certainly didn't mind. The more come from her stepsons the better. 

The two men started jacking off again and weren't quite ready. The women were whimpering with need. Both were begging to help, and to lick the cocks in front of them. They were told to be patient and wait. They did so. 

At last Craig started squirting his spunk into his stepmother's mouth. She spread her red lips as wide as she could so as not to lose a drop. John was still jerking and Gretchen was rubbing her cunt with her fingers, keeping herself coming and waiting impatiently for the milk of life her brother-in-law had for her. 

Finally John achieved orgasm and began shooting his spunk out. Some went into her mouth. Most was hosing her face and tits. She took it without regrets. She loved to have come on her body. 

Both young men continued until they had completed coming. Then Sylvia begged to lick Gretchen's body. Craig nodded, and she pushed Gretchen down on the pillows and used her tongue to lick up the juices her stepson had spread over the breasts and face of Gretchen. 

While she did that she would pause and the two would make out, kissing and nuzzling, but she always returned to the come still on Gretchen's tits. She sucked the nipples until they were scarlet, and Gretchen was whining for more and more. 

"Enough! Go upstairs to the master bedroom and take a shower together. We're all going out. I know you'll play with each other, but don't take long. Master's hungry. Understood, pets?" 

Sylvia and Gretchen both broke off what they were doing immediately and nodded to Craig. Then they hurried up the stairs, giggling, with their clothes in their hands and their long hair bouncing upon their naked backs. Both women wore their hair long. That pleased Craig. He liked his stepmother's brunette hair, and Gretchen's red hair matched her pussy, when she didn't shave it. 

This month Craig wanted her cunt with curly red pubes. Next month he might change his mind. 

As the two young men went into the bathroom off of the den to wash their pricks clean they were chatting. They were close. They always had been. 

"I still don't quite get this whole Domination and submissive thing Craig. I always thought someone had a sub and that sub was theirs and theirs alone, and that the sub would do anything they were told to do. I thought that was the whole idea." 

"It's actually pretty simple John. In fact, you could boil it down to one word if you wanted to. Mutual. Both sides want it. If they don't then it's something else. No one's ever forced in this kind of relationship. The sub wants to be dominated. He or she lives for it. 

"And the Master or Dom wants the control. But it only, truly, works if both want it completely and are willing to give everything to the relationship. That's why I can offer Gretchen to you or to Sylvia. She's willing and I'm willing." 

"But I thought there were rules or something. I know I sound idiotic. It's all strange to me." 

"That's what I mean John. This isn't a church or a corporation. We don't have rules and regulations. We don't have the Head Dominant telling us what to do. It's like I said. It's always a mutual agreement, even if unspoken, and that's the beginning and ending of it all. Actually, either party could end it at any time." 

While they were chatting down in the den Sylvia and Gretchen were scrubbing each other's backs. They teasingly were finger fucking and biting each other as they giggled and tried to remember that Craig ordered them to hurry. Finally they were clean. They quickly dressed. They both wanted to be pretty for Master. And for John. Both loved John too. 

They were going out on the town. They took two vehicles to the village nearby. Craig and Gretchen would leave from the restaurant to go back to their own apartment in the city. John and Sylvia would go to the family home. 

It was a celebration of sorts. It was Sylvia's coming out party. She'd shaken off the shackles of her husband, and her grief and her despair, and was entering a new world. A new phase in her life. 

They went to a good restaurant and all were seated at a table in the corner. That was fine. There the ladies could find a cock to hold while they awaited their dinner. John and Craig were soon hard. Gretchen was grinning at her Master as she stroked his pecker. Sylvia had glanced at Craig for his permission before taking out John's cock and stroking it. A memorable dinner. 

When dinner was served they had to stop the under table play and enjoy the meal. But when the table was cleared and the desserts were ordered, with coffee for all, the two ladies slipped under the table cloth and gave each man a short blow job. Neither had to come right now, but it was a pleasure in any case. Gretchen loved to stroke her man's cock with her hot tongue. She held it tight and pushed her tongue into his prick hole. He groaned. 

Sylvia was gobbling up her stepson's cock. She liked to cram it all in and chew on it. She continually gagged on it, but enjoyed that feeling too. She so wanted more come. That would have to wait. Meanwhile she stroked it with the spit she had put on it for lubrication and then slipped it back into her throat. John gasped. 

Soon the waiter came back with the coffee and desserts. He just grinned as the ladies crawled out from under the tables with red faces and lipstick smeared. Craig and John zipped up as the ladies went to the rest room to touch up their makeup. 

When they returned all of them had a nice chat as they finished dessert. They left a good tip. Since it was Friday they decided, or rather the young men decided, that the party would continue Saturday at the family house. They took both cars and went to their separate homes. 

John slept alone that night. Sylvia loved having her bed to herself. For sleeping. For sex it was a grand arena. One could have plenty of room for the rough and tumble of sex play that she was learning to crave, more and more. Tonight she slept the sleep of the blessed. 

John slept well too. He was so happy with how life was turning out for him and his loved ones. 

In the city Craig allowed Gretchen to sleep in his arms tonight. Often she would sleep at the foot of the bed. He sometimes needed the whole bed to move around. He was a restless sleeper. She awoke him as usual, kissing and praising his manhood. He smiled and stroked her red hair. 

In the afternoon Craig and Gretchen drove out to the family home. Their tires crunched down the lane, giving warning of their arrival to John and Sylvia. Dinner was on the table. Sylvia had always been a fine cook. They had never lacked for wonderful food, even if they lacked for generosity of spirit from either parent. Now that had changed, at least in the case of stepmom. She'd proved her love for her stepsons. In the process she'd begun to get all she had ever needed from a man when it came to sex. 

She had no complaints now. And she certainly would have none later in the evening. 

The ladies kissed as Gretchen and Craig came into the house. The two brothers shook hands, and grinned. They'd always loved each other. Now they loved, and were sharing lovemaking, with their stepmother. Gretchen was happy for them. Anything that pleased Master was sure to bring joy to her. 

The dinner was fun. Everyone was relaxed. The glow of sex from yesterday had still not worn off. In fact, so much sex had been occurring recently that everyone was beginning to think their lives had entered a sort of golden age of lovemaking. 

Sylvia's dinner was a hit and at the end, as they were finishing with a white wine and some cheese and fruit, she got frisky. Almost as if her girlhood had returned. She tossed a grape at John. He laughed and then tossed a strawberry at Gretchen who did the same to Craig. In response he laughed himself, and it was a joy to Sylvia. She could not, in fact, ever remember her sons playing and laughing together, at least not in her presence. It was such a pleasure. 

Craig had lost his usual stern look and seemed to have relaxed into the spirit of the evening. But he was still the only Master present, even if he granted his brother complete freedom. It was time to bring this evening to its logical conclusion. 

"Okay children. You've all had your fun. Now it's time to relax in the den with a little more wine. We need to settle down. I have a wonderful evening planned. But you'll all have to just wait and see. Sylvia, let's open another bottle of wine and go into the den. I want to just talk for awhile." 

"Master, you and John should go in and mother Sylvia and I'll bring in the wine. It was a long week my love. Please go in and relax." 

John and Craig went into the den, sat in their usual spots, and waited for the ladies to appear. Gretchen had her orders from earlier in the day. Now she was transmitting them to her fellow sub. Her mother-in-law. Or step-mother-in-law? It didn't matter anymore. Sylvia was her new lover. 

When the ladies came in with the wine decanter and glasses, they were nude. Sylvia lead the way, with her tanned legs and proud breasts. Her brown hair was in waves over her shoulders. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was bare and swollen in anticipation. Gretchen's red hair cascaded over her left shoulder, and her pink nipples were hard too. Her ginger pussy hairs were just barely hiding her wet pudenda. Both women were ready for their evening of submission and pleasure, for Master and his brother. 

Gretchen poured a glass of wine for her Master and herself and she sat on his lap. Sylvia, with a nod from Craig, served wine to John, and with her own glass sat in his lap. Both men were already hard and the ladies could feel it and knew that later they would be enjoying those pricks. 

It made them more moist. They were leaking onto the slacks of the young men, but neither actually gave a damn. 

They all cuddled for a long time, just enjoying the wine, the company, and the dinner that was settling in their stomachs. At last Craig lifted his glass. 

"This is a toast to the two best pets I could have. You both may join Master in his toast. Of course you'll join, John, my own dear brother. To our new life. To our new love. And to the fucking you will both get tonight. John and I are going to use you both until you're whimpering with joy. Believe it pets." 

They all touched stemware and then downed the last of the wine. Craig and John rose up and had each lady in his arms. They passed quickly out of the den, through the house, and up the stairs to Mother's room. They needed the room only her bed would provide. They set the women down on the bed and the ladies sat with their hands folded in their laps. They were still creaming. 

Both girls were already naked. Now the men stripped, and the ladies watched their hard bodies emerge, with their shafts stiff and ready for fucking or sucking. Whatever they wished. 

"Sylvia, you need to know how much your stepsons have grown to love you. So you'll now get a special treatment from them both. You'll remember it with fondness forever. I'm going to lie down on the bed. Sylvia, get your ass over me and fuck me. Lower that greasy cunt onto my cock and make me happy." 

Craig got on the bed on his back with his head on a pillow and Sylvia eagerly crept up and spread her legs to each side of his body, slowing lowering her pussy down onto her Master's prick. It filled her completely. He took her arms and pulled her toward him. He nodded to John who moved behind his stepmother and then slowly began feeding dick into the puckered ass hole being offered to him. 

She moaned as she felt both pricks begin rubbing against each other in her twat and bung hole. Craig was thrusting upward and John was ramming into her. She was squealing with lust. She had been coming from the first entry into her body. She couldn't stop. 

"Oh holy fuck. My god. My god. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Damn. I want it harder, please, please." 

Gretchen had moved up to squat over the chest of her Master. She grabbed the hair of mother Sylvia and pressed Sylvia's face into her pussy. Her hairy pussy that needed attention. She was fucking Sylvia's face as Craig fucked her cunt and John fucked her ass. 

Each person was grunting or moaning, but all were lusting for more and more sex. And finally the two men, knowing the women had been coming for minutes, now, in unison, began spilling their seed into the holes they were fucking. Sylvia took the hot come into her cunt and into her ass hole, as Gretchen began to squirt her pussy juices out over Sylvia's face. Sylvia took it all, lapping up the cunt fluids of her daughter-in-law. 

With a suddenness that surprised them all they simply collapsed into a pile of trembling flesh. They lay there for a long time, it seemed. But at last they arose. 

"May we lick you clean Master?" 

"Yes, Sylvia, you may. You lick me, and my other pet can lick my brother." 

The ladies started simply licking the pricks there on the bed, but soon they had progressed to cock sucking. The men didn't object. They were flaccid to begin with, but with the ministrations of the subs they were soon long and hard. Both ladies were jacking each cock with a small hand and bobbed their mouths up and down on the shafts. 

Sylvia was thinking how much she had missed. Gretchen was thinking how much pleasure Master had received this night. Craig was thinking how well he'd trained his pets. John was thinking that he hoped this would go on forever. All, at some point, realized that Sylvia was fulfilled. She needed for nothing now. 

The young men shot just a little more sperm into the waiting mouths and it was swallowed with some gagging, but with love too.