I touched myself in the Men's Bathroom

This short story contains a fetish known as exhibitionist/ voyeur, if you are not comfortable with the subject please skip.

The following story is 100% real.


For thanksgiving this year I decided to take a bus trip home to see my family. I've been falling apart with stress from my living situation and school, I knew that I needed a break. The trip down was rough, extremely crowded and nerve racking. I sat squished between a guy around my age, maybe around eighteen and a older rugged Arab man. The younger one slouched in a lazy position with his long legs spread apart, giving me less room. The older man stood next to me trying to compose his balance, his face showing frustration at the fact he had to stand, the fact that I was sitting sent me guilt. I looked at the younger one, my eyes trailed down starting at his face, stopping at his crotch. He had a sizeable bulge.. I became curious as to what he was watching on his phone. I sighed and closed my eyes, what the fuck is wrong with me. I'm a lady, I should behave as such. But truth be told what I wanted to do was far from a ladylike activity. I wanted to spread my legs too, just like he obnoxiously is. But I wanted to lay one leg over his as I rubbed my pussy. I wanted him to be frozen by shock as he watched me and not look away. I wanted both men to be dangerously horny. I sighed softly feeling myself get wet.

My stay with family was nice but like all good things, it must end. Including the parts where I came. Over and over again. I haven't been that horny in so long, honestly I don't know what triggered it. I hugged everyone goodbye and boarded the bus back. I slept until the halfway point where we all had to unload into the terminal. I had a three hour layover. So I started off by getting my baggage ticket for the way back after the layover. I went outside in the freezing weather and lit up a cigarette. Then I felt it.. the invasive thoughts, the what ifs. The tingling my abdomen. I squeezed my thighs together as I took a long drag, shutting my eyes, then exhaling.

"Are you okay?" A voice asked. My eyes shot open and met a pair of pupils staring back. It was a black man in a large fur coat.

"Uhh yeah. Just tired." I responded weary of his presence. Did he know what was just going through my head? Could he tell?

"What are you smoking?" He asked.

"The last of my cigarette" I responded to the man as I stepped a few feet closer, putting my cigarette out.

"You smoke weed girl?" He asked. I laughed nervously as I stepped back again placing my hand on my luggage. Who is this guy? What if he was like an undercover cop or something? I mean, it wouldn't be surprising.

"Not here." I then corrected myself entertaining the undercover cop idea. "I don't smoke marijuana." I said as I turned around and walked back into the warm terminal.

I continued walking. I couldn't believe that dude! I shook off the brief conversation with him and decided thinking about how I'm going to entertain myself for two and a half hours. My mind began hinting to the wetness in my panties. I pushed away the thought annoyed with my body. I cant do anything I'm not alone. But it kept coming back until it eventually came through with a dirty idea. My body began doing its own thing as it got up and walked to the men's bathroom. I pulled my luggage behind me and snuck in, it was empty. I shut myself inside a stall and shoved my pants down and off. I then sat on the toilet seat and angled myself so that way my legs were spread apart. I moved my red panties aside as I slipped my fingers between my labia. I wiggled my fingers as a moved my index and pointed finger down to my opening. I dipped my fingers inside me then popped them out, sticking them into my mouth. I sucked on my fingers before slipping them back in me. I pumped my fingers in and out, covering it in my juices. I then rubbed my fingers in a circular motion over my clit. My fingers gilded smoothly over the small pearl causing me to moan and arch my back. I heard feet shuffle and I stopped. I then heard peeing. I slowly started rubbing my pussy again as a carefully opened the stall door. I bit my lip and shut my eyes as I began fingering myself in the open. I gasped softly as my other hand pinches my clit. I slowly open my eyes, to see a figure standing in front of me. He was a man in his mid-50s, he wasn't out of shape but he wasn't in shape but most importantly, he had his cock in his hands and he was stroking it with his mouth open slightly and his eyes shut. I could see the pre cum leaking as we both played with ourselves and looking at each other. His cock was about 8 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. I rubbed my clit roughly as I came hard, my legs shaking. He came almost directly after me.

After the exciting event in the men's room the man quickly left without a word as if embarrassed. Soon after I sheepishly left the men's room. I could still feel the pulsing in my clit, reminding me of what I've done. I felt so gross. To do that in a public restroom! All I could think about was taking a shower. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't love what had just happened. The pleasure was immense and I couldn't help but to chew on my bottom lip as I remembered the mans face contorting in pleasure as he came while watching me. I did that. I made a complete stranger cum while watching me. And with that thought I left the bus terminal.