When it rains it pours 2

Info Mickster
12 Dec. '18

The next morning, at about 9, I walked up to Katie's front door. With her purse in my hand, I knocked gingerly.  I waited a moment, looking up and down the street nervously, and rang the bell. The door popped open a bit and I saw one of Katie's stunning blue eyes peek out.

"Hi Pas..um...Mick. Come on in!" She said happily.

"Hi Katherine, I brought your purse," I said smiling as I stepped inside. A silk robe draped her body its sheen revealing her curves even as it covered them. She pushed the door closed.

"Thank you." She said. But I am wondering if that is all you came for. I am made coffee. Or would you prefer something else...hot." She giggled and let her robe slip to the floor as she walked away up the hall. She strutted like a runway model. Her perfect heart shaped ass revealed by the white thong she wore. The thong matched her bra, stocking, and garters. All lacey and white against her tanned skin.  Turning slowly she lifted her arms to display herself to me. "Is this what you imagine when you think of me while masturbating?"

My cock was already hardening and fast. "I think its better than I imagined." I stammered.

"Well come on then!" She chuckled and grabbed my hand leading me slowly into her living room. There were candles lit and the soft scent of pine and spices, undoubtedly from the candles.  Her living room was tastefully decorated with a sofa, loveseat, and several wing-backed chairs which I noticed were turned to face one another close to the fire. Turning toward me again she said," Yesterday when I got home, I came so hard touching and thinking about you looking at me like you did. Did you rub thinking of me?"

I nodded. She smiled. "Well, today there will be no interruptions,"  Katie whispered as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. "You can watch me, but I want to watch you too." She kneeled and smiled up at me as she helped me out of my trousers. My cock was so hard it was beginning to push itself out of the waistband of my boxers. As she slid them down releasing my shaft she gasped, "It's better than I imagined for sure. Longer and thicker. It's beautiful." I could feel her breath on it as she talked. It jumped a bit. She giggled.

"Do you want to touch it?" I asked in a voice made huskier by my heavy breathing.

"I do. I want to touch it and suck it and feel it moving deep inside me. But you are married and I am married. So YOU touch it." She smiled standing back up. "Stroke it for me. Like it is sliding in and out of me."
Her logic made no sense but nothing in my world seemed to make sense so I anymore So I wrapped my hand around it and began moving it up and down my shaft as my eyes and imagination stripped off what little was left covering her body. "Oh, Katherine." I groaned.

She sat in the one wing-back and leaned back with her legs crossed. "I love how you call me Katherine. And I love seeing you do this." Her hand cupped her breasts and he thumbs coaxed her nipples to attention through the silk and lace. "Tell me what you want." She said in a sultry tone.

"I want to see those tits" I uttered between breaths as I slowly stroked my iron hard rod. She obliged by pulling her bra down. Each brown orb popped out the top revealing rosy pink quarter sized nipples. The tips were sticking out stiff. "Oh...I want to suck those."

"Mmmmm...that would feel amazing.", she said as she caressed the bare skin around each nipple. She uncrossed her legs and I could see a damp spot soaking through the satin that barely covered her crotch. I longed to taste that too. "You can sit if you want." She crooned as her left hand slid up and down the smooth brown skin of her inner thigh to where the dampness was. "Oooh.." she sighed as she began rubbing those panties into her wet folds of pink flesh.

I sat with my legs wide and my cock standing like a monument to my unleashed unbridled lust for this woman. I stroked and panted as she spread her legs a bit wider and pushed her panties to the side. I focused on that beautiful bare pussy with laser-like intensity. " I want to taste that so bad!", I said with a desperate rasp in my voice. 

"Is that ALL you want to do to it?" She teased as her fingers caressed it and slid inside.

"Oh no! I want to touch it and taste it. I want to fill it with my cock. I want to slam it in you until my cum fills you.", I said hungrily.  

I stroked harder. As I got more and more aroused friction was building and I knew I would need some lubricant. I opened my hand and spit into my palm but before I could continue Kate said, "NO! Let me help with that. Standing up I stepped over close and she took my open hand. She slowly licked my spit out of my palm. While rubbing her pussy and squirming she said, "Mmmm" licked her lips and then began replacing my saliva with her own. She shared a healthy amount and when I pulled my hand away a bit dripped off her lush moist lower lip and dribbled on her breast. I watched as gravity slowly dragged the drop of saliva over the delicate swell of her heaving breast. She was thoroughly enjoying herself breathing hard and staring as I smeared her saliva all over my throbbing member and began stroking hard and fast. 

"Does my spit feel nice on your cock?", She asked as she forced another finger inside her. "Stroke it the way you wish you were fucking my cunt."

"I am", I rasped as my hips began thrusting hard pushing and pulling my length through my slick palm. I wanted her so bad now. I head was pounding. Not in pain but it was like I could hear my heartbeat in my own ears. I groaned loudly.

"Yessss" She groaned back. Her hips were bucking as well to meet her hand as it sped up almost thrashing her soft, wet,  pink bud. "I'm close baby." She mumbled. I was too. I stood over her still. Smelling the intoxicating scent of her perfume and sweat and sex. At this point we were both going hard, breathing heavy, and moaning in pleasure. This was like no jack-off session I had ever experienced. 

"I'm gonna cum baby...cum on my pussy when you do", She moaned bucking as she spread her legs as wide as they could go. With a loud groan followed by a delighted squeak her orgasm began. Seeing her in the throes of it pushed me over the edge. With almost violent thrusts of my hips and tightly gripped strokes, I felt the beautiful release my cum flowed and shot out at her, coating her pussy and hand and inner thighs. A few enthusiastic shots reached her stomach and right breast. 

My eyes were clenched shut as my own orgasm rumbled to a halt like a train our of steam. They opened to the sight of Katie smearing my semen all over her thighs and pussy and stomach and tits as if it were some kind of lotion. She seemed giddy with pleasure as she did. 

"THAT was better than doing it alone?", She proclaimed as if proving a point. 

"So much better.", I agreed.  My cock still throbbingly hard, a drop of cum tenaciously hanging on to the purply-pink tip.

She leaned forward in her chair as if to examine it and with a sudden flick of her tongue licked the last drop away. "We wouldn't want to be legalistic would we?", she commented on this sudden allowance of touch. , "Or wasteful".

She closed her eyes and leaned back again as if savoring all of what happened, to the last drop.