Here Comes Kelly Moss - Here Comes Santa Claus Naughty Parody

There goes Kelly Moss, there goes Kelly Moss
Wet t-shirt in the rain
She’s a vixen, tits a-glistenin’
But yeah she’s got a brain
You’ll be trippin’, jaw a-fallin’
When the lady takes flight
She’ll rip the stockings that she’s rocking
'cause Kelly is a dude, that’s right!

Yeah, that’s Kelly Moss, yeah, that’s Kelly Moss
With that drippin’ blonde mane
She is packin’, still needs waxin’
We used to call him Shane
With those implants no jingle jangle
Yeah those glutes are real tight
So jump in bed, she’ll give you head
You can’t resist she-Kelly tonight

Look at Kelly Moss, look at Kelly Moss
Her motto’s no pain no gain
Ever since she was a child,
She’s felt her feminine side
Hoping that his dick would fall
He prayed with all of his might
But now she thanks sweet Bill Malloy
Who’s paying for the snip, oh boy!

Now here’s Kelly Moss, now here’s Kelly Moss
Yeah that’s right no more Shane
She is yearnin’, loins a-churnin’, girl does this feel right
Bill is hopin’, he’ll be tastin’, that new pussy so tight
He waits in bed, and then he’s dead, 'cause Kelly knows it’s time tonight

Poor Bill’s heart was weak that’s all
His death was a sad sight
He didn’t change his will, of Lord
So Kelly’s getting niet tonight
So Kelly’s goin’ away for life