The Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame

“Al, so glad you’re here. How long until that kitchen fan is installed?  When’s the AC repairman going to get here? Oh, don’t forget the grass.”

Abby said as she sat on the bench by the front door, stripping her sweet soaked stockings off. She slipped out of her suit jacket, unbuttoned the top buttons on her blouse and walked into the kitchen. Her brother, in a tight pair of speedos was standing on a chair working on the wiring. Tools, dust and fan parts covered the kitchen table.

“Damn, it’s hotter inside than out.”

“The basement’s cool, I got the fan and the dehumidifier running.  The kids are at mom and dads.  I got each an overnight bag, I’ll take care of everything and he’ll be here about 4:30pm.”

“Al, I’ll be upstairs, changing, and then looking for a date for the theater tonight.”

“Tall, dark, and egotistical had other plans? Thought you two were an item, you’ve dated for what, a few months now? You told him about it last week. Oh, Abs, my name is Allen, bro or bother will also work.”

“Martin isn’t egotistical, he’s strong willed. It’s been two months, and I know you two don’t get along. Yes, I did tell him last week.”

Abby got a beer from the fridge. “Sure glad this is still working. I’ll be upstairs if you need anything.”

She stripped, washed her body with a cold wash cloth. Then put on her blue one piece tanning bathing suit. She heard the lawn mower start.  Al must’ve been almost done, which means he didn’t clean the table of the dust and dirty tools!

She went down stairs and there was Al, putting the final touches on the fan.

“Al, who’s doing the grass?”

“Abs, there’s a window, use it.” His smile was like a shark’s before eating.

“Why?” The smell of new cut grass had drifted into the kitchen, past the motionless curtains, along with the sound of the lawn mower.

That’s his job, but in this heat even his ginger hair had more curses than the Wicked Witch of the East. So, who is cutting the grass?

She gave her brother a look that could freeze a warm beer, his return grin, worthy of Snidely Whiplash.

With a mix of anxiety and curiosity, she went to the window and looked out. I’ll kill him for this!

Her brother had set her up quite well. Vince was cutting the grass. His solid, beautiful bronzed back, clearly in view as he pushed the mower up the back hill, with those muscular legs. His thick wavy hair, glistening in the sun, sweat was running down his shoulders to the small of his back. Damn!

Her checks flushed and she couldn’t or wouldn’t take her eyes away.

“He and I were talking last week.” Allen’s words were chosen with the precision of a kid, looking for his favorite candy in a dish.

“He likes you Abs…a lot.”

“Really?” as she grabbed a magazine to fan herself. “I thought he was dating Connie?”

“It was Carol, and that’s over. You could be the new star in his telescope?” Allen dragged his beer bottle over his forehead, to help cool down. ”I even tried my hand at him.  He’s not into guys.  Must be a boob guy, that’s right up your valley, I mean alley, right?”

“Perhaps, I mean he is available.”

“Why do you look like a wolf, salivating over a poor lone sheep?”

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“Now why would I do anything for you, when you can’t remember my name?”

“I’m your loving and caring older sister, who can beat the crap out of you, that’s why?”

“He likes you. You salivate when you see him and you need a date for tonight, capisce?”

“I get it.  Now, since he’s your best friend, what the best way to ask him on a date?” 

“By talking to him, he’ll be done with the grass in about a half-hour.”

The repairmen got there as Abby was getting a beer.

“The broken unit is on the left side of the house.” She walked to the backyard shed, where Vince was cleaning the underside of the mower. Abby felt like she was walking through a sauna. The heat and humidity were making her suit more see through than normal. Watching Vince’s sweat covered body, she started humming the song, “Tonight’s the Night”. As she got closer, the smell of cut grass faded, she smelled Vince, his sex and perspiration. It was enticing and intoxicating and created a pleasant tingle inside.

“Vince, here’s a beer for your work. There’s a twenty in the kitchen,” she smiled watching his eyes glance at her legs, then up her body. Her hand lingered on his, when she handed him his beer. 

She raised her bottle to her mouth, her tongue tracing the rim of the bottle, before she put the full open end into her mouth and took a swig.

I have his full attention. Those amber eyes of his are riveted on me.

“Vince,” as her hand reached out and a finger traced a wavy path down his chest. She inhaled his scent, reveled in the heat of his body, now radiating through her finger up her arm.

“I happen to have an extra ticket for my company's booth at the theater for tonight.  Would you like to go out with me for dinner and then see a show?”

“I’d love to go on a date with you.”

“Good, come inside and get your money. Dress is semi-formal.”

They went into the kitchen, the AC now blasting, caused her to stop just indie the door.  Vince bumped into her, and she stumbled, dropping her beer. Vince reached out, catching her with one hand on her stomach but he dropped his beer. They slipped on the wet floor, ending up entangled.

“Nice catch, Vince.” Abby’s arms enveloped his neck. She leaned in and kissed his lips, her tongue slowly licked his lips, which parted, allowing access. She felt his arms surrounding her, pulling her into him.  Their tongues jousted as her hands entangled themselves in is hair. She was drawn to Vince, she wanted Vince.  They were feeding off each other.  She rolled onto her back, her legs spreading as Vince just settled in. Vince pulled on her lower lip, sucking it. Abby reached between his legs, and rubbed that straining hard-on in those shorts. This cause Vince to stop, he back away and stared at her, his amber eyes so honest and scared.

“Uh Abby…”

She placed a finger on his lips.

”That was really enjoyable, Vince. Let me up and we’ll wipe up the beer.”

“We smell of beer,” as she ran a finger up and down his arm. “The show starts at 9, it’s close to 5, so back here at 6:30 so we can have dinner. There’s a place next to the theater. Remember, semi-formal.”

“Sure thing, Abby,” He pulled her close; they kissed for a few seconds, before he left.

A clapping came from the stairs.

“Mrs. Robinson that was the most wild and unique way to ask for a date I’ve ever seen, wrestling on the floor in spilled beer. I’ve got to try that one.”

“Stop, I asked him in the yard, the beer was an enjoyable accident.”

“I saw that from the window, I almost feared for his life.”

“His life was never in danger. Now, tell me about Vince.”

“He’s more honest than most guys should be and it bites him in the ass sometimes. He likes to talk to people, and has a sense of humor.”

“Yada, yada, tell me what I need to know. What’s he like to do?”

“He’s a gamer like me, enjoys reading and if you promise not to tell, writing and playing the drums.”

 “In the sack silly, what turns him on; I’m sure you’ve talked about that.”

“This is a bit surprising, but he’s not a kiss and tell guy. I can’t tell you what he enjoys. He’s never told me anything about his dates, save for if he had a good time or not.  His favorite color is purple.”

“Does he like to dance?”

“Uh, yeah and depending on the dance, he’s pretty damn good.”

“Is he the jealous type?”

“Not that I’ve seen. Oh, he gets jealous, but I’ve never seen him act on it. To my knowledge, he’s never cheated on any girlfriend he’s had. Now, I’ll be leaving. If I think of anything else you should know, I’ll face-time you.”

Abby called her best friend, Morgan Daniels.

 “Hello, Abby, what’s up, did you decide you’re not going tonight?”

“Oh, we’re still going. Since Martin told me he was otherwise occupied, I have a date to keep me otherwise occupied. Now, put me on speaker so I can talk to Kyle.”

“Sure thing. Kyle, Abby has something to say to you.”

“Hello Abby and please don’t ask me where Martin is. I don’t know.”

“I have a date tonight and when you meet him, you’d better be nice. I know your Martin’s good friend and coworker but what’s good for the gander, is good for the goose. Understand.”

Kyle cast his eyes at Morgan, whose look just reinforced what he figured.

“Yes Abby, I promise.”

“Good, now Morgan time for us girls to talk.”

Morgan retrieved her phone and went to another room.

“Okay, tell, who is it?”

“It’s my neighbor, Vince.”

“That very cute guy with those adorable eyes? He’s what, 19?”

“No, he’s 21. Martin knew of this date over a week ago and only told me yesterday he was otherwise occupied. He didn’t think I could or would get a date, fuck him. I know Kyle will tell and that’s why I still want you two there, so he knows that Martin and I might date but we’re not an item.”

“Fair enough, but we’ll have to meet you at the theater, about 8:45. Is that alright?”

“Sure, Vince and I will have dinner first. Now, I’ve some quick shopping and plans to make, for when we get back to my place.  See you at the theater.”

“Now, give Abby. How did this happen. I remember what you’ve said about Vince in the past, so how did he ask you on a date?”

Abby explained what happened and how Allen had set her up.

“Morgan, it was… he was so enticingly comfortable and innocent as I flirted with him. He’s got firm muscles, not body builder but a very good shape. I can’t wait to feel those arms around me, to wrap my legs around his delectable body.”

“Flirted, Abby, it sounds like you hit him with a 2 by 4.”

“I guess but it was enjoyable doing it and experiencing his reaction. The kissing was surprisingly good, tender, and seductive on his part. I was able to stoke him outside his shorts and he’s well endowed. If Allen wasn’t there, we’d still be at it.”

“Do you like Vince or this is a get even at Martin and get laid thing?”

“Having him as a date is getting even. I asked Vince because I wanted to, heck I’m interested and so is he, according to Allen.”

“Would Allen lie to you?”

“Not about Vince, they’re best friends. Allen doesn’t like Martin, so this is a win-win situation. I do like Vince, more than I thought. You’ll see why tonight.”