The Massage

I laid on the massage table, wearing nothing but my underwear under the thick heavy blanket. It was so comfortable, but I was nothing but relaxed. This was supposed to be just a nice relaxing massage, but when I walked into the room my heart stopped. Not only was it going to be from a man, but goddamn he was sexy.

He had allowed me to undress behind a curtain, and I couldn’t help but ask him how much I should take off, putting into my voice how turned on I was. 

He told me to remove what I was comfortable with, and I decided to keep my thong on. I was supposed to let him know when I was done so he could turn away while I laid down, but instead I confidently walked from behind the curtain and laid down, acting as if it was the most casual thing in the world to have a man other than my husband see my naked body.

In truth we were in a some-what open marriage, and I knew he wouldn’t care if anything did happen with the masseur, as long as I told him about it afterwards.

He didn’t react much when I walked out. He looked mildly surprised, but was obviously trying to hide the fact that he was staring at me.

I laid down on my stomach on the massage table, and waited to feel his hands on me.

Finally it happened, and my skin tingled as his oiled hands roamed my back. He started near my shoulders and slowly went down to the small of my back. “How does that feel?” he asked. “I think I’d be more comfortable if I took off my underwear, actually. Would you mind?”

He paused, with his hands on my waist, and I could feel him tense up. I smiled into the table, knowing he liked that idea. “I think that would be best.” I heard him say quietly, with a slight smile in his voice. He trailed his hands down my hips, hooking his fingers in my thong and slowly brought them down off my feet, expertly keeping the blanket covering me.

He returned to working on my back, but remained much lower. I gave out a soft sigh that could have been interpreted as a moan, and I wanted it to.

“You seem to be having trouble relaxing. I could work on areas besides just your back if you’d like? I think that’d be best.” He said smoothly, as if he offered this all the time. Maybe he did.

“That sounds like an excellent idea.” I said back. His hands moved from my lower back and waist to my hips, and slowly went up to my ass, fingers digging into my skin, gripping me, feeling me.

He pulled my cheeks apart and then massaged them together, over and over, running his hands up and down. “The blanket is getting in the way, do you mind if I move it lower?”

“Move it as low as you need.” I told him. He took the blanket off completely, exposing my skin to the warm air and his hands.

I moved my legs apart as far to the sides of the table as I could, so he could see everything as he spread my cheeks again. It would be impossible for me to relax now.

“You still seem to be having trouble.” He said as his hands dipped down to the sides of my pussy, not touching anything, but massaging at the inner-most part of my thighs, spreading and moving everything around. I nodded at his words, and I let out more sighs.

A finger quickly flicked up my slit, so fast and light I couldn’t tell if I had imagined it. “I could focus on other areas as well. For relaxation, of course.” He said silkily. “Of course.” I said back.

He slid his finger up my slit again, this time much more deliberate and firm, and went down to focus on my clit. He continued to massage between my ass and my thighs with one hand, while his other rubbed hard on my clit. I tensed up, the expected pleasure immediate. “Try to relax” He said, feeling me rear up at his touch. I tried my best, and it was a struggle to keep myself from pushing back against his hand.

We stayed like that for what felt like hours, the pleasure slowly building until it softly rolled along my whole body, and quiet and relaxing orgasm. I couldn’t stop soft moans from escaping my lips, and I felt my body go limp shortly after. “That’s better.” He said, and at first I was worried that that would be the end of it all. I wanted more. “But we still have a lot of time left, and I won’t let you leave until you’re completely relaxed.”

I was immediately relieved, and said, “Do whatever you think is best.”

“Turn onto your back” He said forcefully, sending thrills up my back. I quickly turned over, exposing my front to him. He massaged my breasts for a little while, but quickly trailed his hands down my stomach to my sex, sending little shocks along the way. He reached one hand back up to my boob, but with his right hand he put two fingers inside me, and began fingering me fast while his thumb rubbed my clit harder than before. I tried to remain relaxed again, and it took all of my will power not to grip the table above my head and hump his hand. It felt so fucking good I couldn’t believe it.

This orgasm came much harder and faster than the first, I was so primed for it. This time I couldn’t hold it in, loud moans escaped me, and I covered my mouth as my body rolled to ride out the pleasure. When it passed I sat up to grab and kiss him hard. He paused at this and pulled away. “I’m married.” He whispered, second-thinking it all.

“So am I, and it won’t matter to him. You’re monogamous?” He nodded. “Then you have two options, we can stop, or you can say ‘fuck it’. I won’t try to persuade you.” I sat back, waiting for his response.

A quiet, “fuck it” came out of his mouth and he pressed it hard against mine, his hand returning to my sex to explore further. I moaned into his mouth and drew him closer to me. “Get on your stomach again.” He growled and pulled away. I quickly obeyed, loving his commands.

He smacked my ass hard, and fingered me so much faster and rougher than before, all pretense of relaxation gone. I gripped the table and covered my mouth, just wanting him to make me cum again. I arched me back, pushing myself into his hand more. He spanked my ass over and over, and the stinging pain mixed with the pleasure pushed me over my third orgasm, causing my whole body to shake.

He pulled his hand away and spread my legs around the table while pulling me half off it. My feet hit the floor and I was bent over the table. He fingered me again while I heard him unzip his pants. Finally his warm hard cock hit my ass and I rose to meet it.

He rubbed it up and down my slit, feeling how fucking wet I was and then plunged inside me with no warning. I bit back a scream of pleasure and held onto the table for dear life while he smacked into me with such force I couldn’t believe the table was staying stationary. That was my last full thought as the pleasure from his cock forced everything else out of my head. He grabbed onto my hair and pulled my head back towards him. “Are you going to be a good girl for me?” He growled in my ear, causing more spikes of pleasure to course through my body.

“Yes, sir” I whimpered out, using my grip on the table to push myself back into him. He released my hair and pushed my head into the table as he barreled into me more. I couldn’t believe the pleasure I was feeling, I couldn’t get enough. Finally another orgasm exploded through me, and he didn’t slow down his pace as he felt me wrap and squeeze around his dick even tighter, fucking me hard and fast through my orgasm, giving my ass good hard smacks as he did so.

Finally I came down, and it seemed like through a fog I realized he hadn’t cum yet. He pulled out and I whimpered, wanting him to never stop. My ass was so slick already from the massage oil, that when he pressed his cock onto my asshole, I didn’t feel anything but pleasure. He pushed in with relative ease, and he groaned from the pleasure of feeling my tight asshole around his cock. He tried to go slow at first, but from my own encouraging moans he gave up the effort and began ramming into my ass as hard as he had my pussy, slamming into me over and over. I no longer cared if others could hear me scream, but he covered my mouth with his hand to muffle them, giving him extra leverage to grind into me with every hard thrust. A fifth and final orgasm soared through me as he continued to pound my ass, and this caused him to finally have his own release, grunting and slamming into me more erratically as he came, shooting his load deep into my asshole.

My legs wouldn’t stop shaking, even after my orgasm stopped and he held still inside me. We laid there panting, my mind numb and my body totally and completely relaxed.