Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-2

Abby went on a quick shopping trip. A few snacks for when we get home. Now for something intimate for him to find when he unwraps me.

Her phone buzzed for a face-time call.

It was Allen. “Hello bro, what’s up?”

“Nothing with the kids, I called about you.  What’s something you’ve always wanted but haven’t had?”

Abby’s curiosity was piqued and her caution.

“Several things I can think of. Care to be a little more specific?”

“Okay, a hint. You told me this a few weeks after Ted and Barbara’s 1st birthday, something you wanted to do but knew you’d never be able to do.”

Abby studied her brother’s face, looking for some hint, his sly smile betraying nothing. What haven’t I done so far? I do remember talking with him that night.  OMG! Abby’s eyes enlarged, her mouth opened.

“I see you remembered. Vince is my gift. Don’t you dare tell him I told you and please do have fun.”  The call ended.

Vince is a 21 year old virgin! He kisses like Casanova. How?  I’ve always want to have a virgin but how do I handle the virgin when it’s Vince? Morgan!  She called Morgan back.

“What’s up Abby?”

“Allen just told me that Vince is a virgin.”

“So? I know you’ve never had one before.”

“You don’t understand I planned on some serious sex tonight. Now, I’m not so sure.”

“Why? Not just twenty minutes ago, you said that if Allen wasn’t home, you’d still be doing him. I’ll send you a few sites to check out. You’re punching a V-card, not a time card. Just get him to tell you that. From what you told me, he just doesn’t have any experience with inserting tab P into slot V. You get to fulfill his fantasy with your fantasy.”

“True but, I mean the way he kisses, his hot body, I’m very surprised.”

“My advice is to relax, make sure you’re both comfortable and check those sites out, then both of you have a great time.”

She got home and tried on the dress she’d chosen, a black body hugging one from above the knees to above her nipples, then lace over shoulders and half way down her arms.  Then the purple strapless bustier with skimpy mostly see through panties. She took one of Ted’s button-down shirts and put it on.

“Yup, it covers everything, now for those web sites.”

Abby explored the sites Morgan had sent her, with the message:

   'Hope these help and I get first dibs on the blow by blow story. It doesn’t have to be tonight.'

It took about fifteen minutes before she smiled and had the basis of a plan. Her alarm went off.

“Fifteen minutes.” Abby rubbed her private area. “Feels nice and relaxing, remember, keep it slow, he likes conversation, we’ve known each other for six or seven years, use that. I should’ve recognized that look in his eyes, when I rubbed his cock earlier.”

 Her door bell buzzed. Abby went down and opened the door.

 Good job Vince!

He was wearing crisp blue jeans, a gray button down shirt with a thin cloth white tie and wearing a black blazer and shoes. Her eyes enjoyed the view and she caught the odor of his cologne. He had some flowers in his hands

“Vince, you look great? Please, come in.”

“Thanks Abby, these are for you, though they don’t come close in comparison.” He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you very much Vince, they’re beautiful lilies and that was nicely said. However, was that the best kiss you could do?”

Vince smiled, leaned in kissing her lips briefly a few times. He attempted to move his tongue into her mouth but Abby pulled away, looked him in the eye, and then gave him a kiss on his lips.

“Let’s get these flowers in some water.”

They went into the kitchen; Vince almost dropped the vase, when he reached for it.

“Good catch.” She filled the vase and placed the lilies on the table, cut the base and placed them in the vase, which she put on the kitchen table. She moseyed over to Vince, leaning slightly down; due to her heals, for a kiss. His mouth opened and Abby’s tongue darted out. She licked his lips, then caught his upper lip and sucked on it. She felt the intoxication of earlier, his arms hesitated before wrapping around her waist.  His tongue didn’t, flicking out and finding hers. Their bout of seductive kissing started a primal stirring in Abby. Vince shifted to her neck, two quick licks and kisses before he moved to her ear, a slow lick before he sucked her lobe in, while humming. Abby tilted her head back, a soft moan emerged. Vince returned to kissing her neck.

Oh yes, Vince that’s marvelous. Abby felt her body heat up; Abby knew she had little time to decide. Save this for later girl.

“As enjoyable as this and you are, we do have dinner reservations. Just so you know, you look like a GQ cover and I love your cologne.”

“Thanks, Abby.”

If you only knew about later.

“Oh, I didn’t mention this earlier, but we’ll be joined by two friends of mine at the theater, Morgan Daniels and her boyfriend, Kyle Raines.”

“That’s fine; I look forward to meeting them.”

On the way to the restaurant, Abby asked.

“Your mom told me that you were staying anther year at college.”

“Yeah, I decided to get my masters in Chemistry and a teaching certificate.”

“Really, Mr. Amalfi, the science teacher.” Wish I could be in your class, but I sure hope to have you in mine, later.

“Good luck to you,” she noticed he was tapping his fingers on his leg.  Abby reached over to hold it.


“That obvious, huh.”

“A little, but in a nice way.”

“What’s up?”

“I’m scared, nervous, and happy, all at the same time. I’m glad you asked me because I don’t know if I would’ve asked you.  Even though Allen said I should.”

“What did my brother tell you?”

“Vince, if you like her ask her, just like any other girl you like. Oh and if I ever hurt you, he’d beat the shit out of me.”

“Somehow Vince, I don’t think you’d hurt anyone. Why wouldn’t you have asked me on a date? Afraid I’d say no?”

“That or yes and I’d make a fool of myself.”

“I’ll make you a promise. If I think you’re heading in that direction, I’ll stop you before you get there.” She pulled his hand to her face and kissed it.

Your honesty is appreciated.