Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-3


They arrived at the restaurant Vince offered his arm to her. As they were shown to their table, Abby noticed the quick glances they were getting and smiled. Vince pulled the chair out for her to sit. The waiter handed each a menu.

He’s a gentleman as well.

They ordered, and then began talking about his staying in college and job prospects. Vince suggested that Abby resume her pre-law degree and become a paralegal or a labor relations specialist. The firm she works for might pay for her education, and she should be able do it on-line. He even offered to help her study. There were some light jokes and they talked about when each of them where kids and growing up, before then Abby decided to focus the conversation.

“Vince if you don't mind, why don’t you have a girlfriend? You’re a rather attractive man, good personality, educated, polite. They’ve got to be lining up, now that you’re available.”

I’m so fucking glad they aren’t.

“I wouldn’t know if they are. Oh, I’ve dated but I haven’t found anyone that interests me to that degree. Why don't you?  You’re a knock out, sorry, very attractive and personable. It would seem to me that guys would be all around you.”

“Many are, until they discover I have two kids.  That sends most running. Some are looking to get lucky. Married guys ask me out.  There have been several boyfriends since Ted died but nothing ever worked out.  My dating life was rather different than most girls.”

“Different? How so?  Mine was rather sparse; only one date in high school. I kind of made up for it in college, though.”

Why is being with you so relaxing and enticing.

 “My first boyfriend was Bob, I was thirteen, and he was almost seventeen. I lost my virginity to him the night of his eighteenth birthday, when I was fourteen.  I dated around, a few months with different guys, until I meet Ted. Morgan's boyfriend, Kyle, was at college, he and Ted were good friends. Morgan took me with her one weekend.  I was seventeen, Ted was twenty-one. He just swept me off my feet.  We married the next year, then Barbra and Ted arrived the year after. Ted died three years later.  Dating isn't that easy with kids and a job.”

Vince reached his hand over and she took it, their fingers entwined. “You've done an excellent job as a single parent, Abby.  That's one of your beautiful qualities.”

“Thanks. Why just one date in high school? I remember you being a shy but decent looking guy and yes, your much better looking now,” as she squeezed his hand, then kissed it. She enjoyed the light tingle Vince created when his fingers traced the back of her hand.

“I don't know. I asked many girls out but they never said yes, until my Senior Ball.”

“You made up for that in college?”

“In college they started saying yes.  My first girlfriend was Alice, my freshman year. I dated around until I met Carol that ended before Easter of this year. I've been in between for a while.”

“You know I was fourteen my first time. Who was your first, Carol or Alice?”

Abby saw his face get a little white and he put his fork down but squeezed her hand.

Hope I didn’t do this wrong.

“Vince, you don't have to answer.” as she squeezed his hand in return and lightly caressed the back of his hand with a finger.

“I'll tell you. You see, I haven't had a first time yet.”

“No way! The way you kiss and look, I’m very surprised but that’s kind of sexy, if you want my opinion. When you do, that girl is going to be very lucky and happy, I promise you.”

I’m going to do my best to be that girl.

As Vince stared at her eyes, Abby ran her tongue over her red lipstick covered lips, before making a kiss at him.

“She will? Why?”

“Guys like to brag, especially about their sexual capabilities. Girls tend to be drawn to the popular guys or the bad boys and have little appreciation for the finer things. They think that if you don’t have a girlfriend you’re not worth the time. If you have a girlfriend, that’s a stamp of approval. The woman you end up with will understand. Now, that still doesn’t explain why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

Vince, you are one fine looking man, time for you to graduate from girls to women.

“Alice and Carol were both for similar reasons. They cheated on me and thought I was lying about my status. Word travels fast. An engaged friend of mine checked with her fiancé and if I was okay with it, she’d be happy to take care of me. I’m a virgin, not a patient.”

She only cared for your status or didn’t want to tell her fiancé’ the truth. I’m attracted to you and I like you; your virginity is a bonus.

“Vince, did it bother you I asked?” He was still holding her hand and the color was returning to his face, though he’d never taken his eyes off of her.

“No, you asked a question after telling me the same about yourself. We’re having a good time, holding hands, laughing, and talking. I'm having an enjoyable night with a very beautiful lady. I’m very comfortable with you, a tad nervous yet it’s very easy to talk with you. I’ll have my first time when I do.”

You’re pretty darn good at kissing me and if Allen hadn’t told me, after this afternoon, I can see why those girls thought he was lying. There’s something sexy about honesty.

“We’ve known each other for what six, seven years now. I’m nervous on a date with you, but otherwise I’m very comfortable, relaxed. Allen probably told you but I do like you.”

“He told me, though I almost had to beat it out of him. Good, now what’s your favorite color?”

Abby reached under the table removing a high heel, then ran her foot up and down his leg. Vince did a double take but didn’t move his leg away.

He’s surprised at that but he also smiled.

 “Color, purple is, though the way you look in that dress, black is a very close second.”

Vince reached his hand under the table and pinched her toes and massaged her foot.

“Oh, you're a charmer.”

Dinner finished and she asked Vince if he wanted desert.

“How about we get some gelato at a place we passed a block or two before this place after the show?”

“Okay, but I've got dinner, as I asked you out.”

“I've got the tip and gelato.”

“That’ll be okay.”

They walked to the auditorium, holding hands.  Vince started humming a couple of songs that were familiar to Abby.

“Why are you humming songs?”

“I’m trying to decide which better fits you tonight.”

“Do I get a chance to provide an opinion,” as she kissed him and shifted from holding his hand to wrapping her arm around his waist, which Vince reciprocated.

“Maybe, but it’s the song that I think fits you tonight.  I'm torn between, Pretty Woman and Long Cool Woman.”

Abby faked a pouty face, “You don't think I'm pretty. Boo who boo who?”

“I've decided, Long Cool Woman-In a Black Dress, in honor of our date. Besides, you've been a pretty woman to me for about two years now. Oh, would your friends like to join us for gelato?”

“That's very nice of you to ask, I'll find out.”

Pity they won’t be able to.

They met her friends at the auditorium. Abby and Morgan hugged, and she whispered to her. “Don’t go for dessert with us if he asks.”

Kyle gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then Abby turned to Vince.

“Vince Amalfi, this is my best friend, Morgan Daniels and her boyfriend, Kyle Haines.” Vince shook Kyle's hand and gave Morgan a kiss on the cheek. Abby caught Kyle's look of surprised jealousy when that happened.

“It’s a pleasure to meet both you, Morgan and Kyle.”

“Polite and good looking, it’s nice to meet you as well, Vince,” said Morgan.

“Would you two like to join us for some gelato after the show?”

“I’m sorry, Vince. We’ll need to get home, the babysitter couldn’t stay late. But thanks for asking.”

Good job Morgan and only we caught Kyle’s look of surprise.

They went up to the private booth. There were two small couches. Kyle said, “I'll get us something to snack on.  Babe, what do you want?”

Morgan replied, “A ginger ale, dear and I’ll help you with the snacks.”

“Vince, what's your poison?”

“I’ll have a Root-beer and mozzarella sticks.”

“No problem kid.  Abby, you want a cherry-coke?”

Abby quickly looked at Morgan, who just tapped her chest.

“I'll have a seven-up and nachos, if you don't mind.”

Morgan left with Kyle. Abby sat on the rear seat, Vince sat next to her.

“They’re a nice couple.”

“They are, been together for about eight years now and have a little boy, John, who’s six.” Abby, pulled her legs onto the couch and snuggled up to Vince as he placed his arm around her, they kissed, her tongue grazing his lips.

Kyle and Morgan returned, with the drinks and snacks.  Abby noticed a smile on Morgan's face.

“Don’t you two look all cute and cozy? Sorry it took so long, Kyle ran into an old friend and told a bad joke. I had to remind him to curb his sense of humor.”

While resting her head on Vince's shoulder, her fingers caressed his thigh.  She dragged her finger tips slowly along the length of his penis.  The response was quick; she felt the warmth of his neck, heard the increased beating of his heart, and saw his penis respond.

She noticed his glances at Morgan and Kyle. She lifted her head to his ear, saying softly, “They can't see. Do you like this?”

Vince nodded and smiled. Abby kissed his ear, while continuing to caress his thigh and penis a few times.  It felt like Vince was going to boil. His hand squeezed hers, tightly.  She discovered a damp spot on his jeans and stopped. She reached up to hold his hand that was on her shoulder, as she adjusted to sitting next to Vince, instead of curled up.

The show was enjoyable, the four of them talked during the intermission. Vince was relaxed and seemed to have made a good impression with Morgan and maybe Kyle. The girls went to the ladies room.

“I'm sorry, Abby; I told Kyle, so blame me. Kyle said he'd be good, I guess he couldn't resists. I punished him.”

“I don't think Vince caught it. So what do you think?”

“He's very nice looking, Kyle was jealous when he kissed me. He really likes you and I’m pretty sure you like him. You're so damn cute together. I'm happy for you. You're smiling with a little glow. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that. Remember, I'm the first to get the blow-by-blow details. Oh, are you behaving back there?” as Morgan winked at her.

“That was cute and for the most part, I’m being a good girl. What can you tell me to help me make it great for him? You’ve had a few virgins before.”

“When you start to get intimate, go slow. Before that, talk to him about it. What he wants and doesn't want, likes, dislikes and what he doesn't know about.  From your description of his kissing, he has some experience; he might just need to learn about inserting tab P into slot V.  Find that out. Take the lead.”

“Okay, thanks, we'd better head back.”

After the show ended, they said their goodbyes. It had gotten a little chilly, and Vince put his blazer around Abby's shoulders.


“You’re welcome.” He gave her a few soft, quick kisses which Abby returned.  They walked about a block and stopped to wait for the light to change. Vince turned to her and said. “Abby, I'm having a most enjoyable time. You look fantastic; dinner, the show, and your friends were great; I’m very comfortable with you. Look at me, I'm shaking and scared but Abby, would you do me the honor of being my girl-friend?” 

What the hell do I say! He's so sincere. It's our first date! Allen did say he’s impulsive, but this? I've known Vince for seven years, he's good looking, and I’m very attracted to him and rather comfortable myself.  He's good with Barbra and Ted but two years of college, he's my neighbor, and what will his parents think?  Yet, there’s something about him. I’m enjoying myself tonight and it feels so natural. What about Martin? I'll think on it, seriously.

“Vince, you're a great guy and even though it's our first date, I’m flattered that you asked. It’s nice to hear that your date appreciates you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a nice, long and deep kiss. “You're a very attractive guy. You have a great personality and get along with Ted and Barbra. I’ll add that you’re a very good kisser.”

“Thanks, just so you know, Abby, you're a damn good kisser too.”

They continued on to the gelato store.  Abby went to the ladies room and Vince was seated at a both.  Abby sent a quick text to Morgan.

“Vince asked me to be his girlfriend.” 

“And you said?” 

“I’d think about it.”

WTF for?”


“Didn’t you tell me: Fuck Martin?”