My Hot, Hot Wife

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20 Dec. '18

Creation of a Hot Wife Monster

OK, monster is a bit of a harsh description. Maybe ‘enthusiast’ would be better. Whatever the description, what follows is a true story of my wife’s journey from a shy, sexually repressed girl to a confident, sexually experimental Hot Wife (and her happy husband’s absolute delight!)

We’ll start at the beginning. Rachel and I (Steve) married young. Too young, said my mother. But did we listen to advice? Of course not, we were young and we knew everything. One thing all the advice did do though was to make us determined to make the marriage work, and to prove the doubters wrong. We were lucky that we were totally besotted with each other and both had good, well-paid jobs. Life was good and got even better when the children came along. They are now approaching their teens, and that means Rachel and I are in our early thirties.

We’d always enjoyed a healthy sex life, even if it was a little vanilla compared to what we saw on porn sites and read about. Then, Rachel lost her sex drive completely after the birth of our second child. It made her feel bad, bad for me mostly. She wanted to do things but just couldn’t. She even urged me to visit prostitutes if I wanted to, as long as I didn’t fall for anyone else. That thought never even crossed my mind. I adored her then as I do now, so I was never going to want anyone else. I used to tease her about visiting an escort. I’d tell her all the kinky things I wanted to try, some were really outrageous. I wasn’t really serious, but it was fun to speculate.

One day, one of my work colleagues came back to the house with me for a video conference with a client overseas. The call didn’t last long and Rachel asked Chris if he’d like to stay for dinner, which he did. Now, I knew Chris fancied Rachel, he was always telling me how lucky I was and complimenting her whenever we’d met up. Chris was single, or at least, wasn’t married. He’s a nice looking guy, a bit younger than us and we didn’t doubt that he’d had many girls, just not one in particular. After we’d eaten, we were relaxing in the house with a drink. The kids were up in their rooms and it was all very chilled. Rachel liked to tease Chris about his lack of a regular girlfriend and the conversation took a decidedly adult turn. “It’s not my fault I can’t find a girl as sexy as you, Rachel,” was his standard answer to her taunting. Rachel replied with “Oh, you’re all talk, besides, Steve keeps me satisfied!” She glanced over to me as she said this, a slightly guilty look on her face. She knew she wasn’t up for anything and I was far from satisfied, but I’m a patient man and I hoped that would change soon. If only I had known just how it would change!

Chris excused himself to the downstairs bathroom and Rachel went into the kitchen to fetch some more drinks. When she returned, she looked a little flushed but said nothing. The evening ended about 9ish, the kids went to bed, Chris left for home and all seemed well. However, when we were lying in bed later, Rachel said “Honey, can I tell you something?” “Sure”, I replied, “what is it?”

“Well, you know earlier when Chris was here, he went to the bathroom? I went into the kitchen to get some drinks and I walked past the bathroom and Chris had left the door ajar.” I was listening intently, but couldn’t resist a little tease. “Oh my god, you didn’t spy on him having a pee, did you?”, laughing as I said it. “Hmm, not quite,” Rachel said. “He’d finished peeing by the time I walked past and he was wanking himself with his eyes closed!” I was a bit lost for words at this revelation, my colleague the pervert! I said “I bet the dirty sod was thinking of you as he wanked, he’s always fancied you.” Rachel smiled and said “Ha! I know, he makes it pretty bloody obvious, doesn’t he? But it’s not that. I wanted to tell you that the sight of him playing with himself really turned me on!”

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Have my prayers been answered? Is Rachel’s desire returning? I was so focused on this, it never occurred to me that it was because it was another man whose hard cock she saw was the reason she’d been aroused. It didn’t matter right then. We made love for the first time in ages and both had amazing orgasms. No doubt Rachel was thinking about what she’d seen earlier, but the fact that she’s told me about this made me so happy and I was so damn horny I was just so pleased to be fucking my beautiful wife once again.

I saw Chris in the office later and asked him if he’d enjoyed yesterday evening at ours. He smiled sheepishly and told me it was great, let’s do it again soon. Now, being the depraved man I’ve become, I started thinking about the effect he’d had on Rachel. Could I turn this to my advantage? I came up with a plan….

I got home that evening and told Rachel I wanted to talk with her quietly, without screaming kids running around. We decided to go out for a drink, my mother volunteered to stop by and watch the nippers. We found a nice quiet corner of the local pub, bought our usual drinks and I told Rachel what I’d been thinking about.

“You know last night in bed was fantastic, right?” Rachel nodded, and even blushed a little. “And you remember what got you turned on in the first place?” She nodded again and her face became even redder. “It’s ok Honey, I’m not mad or anything. But I did wonder if we could do it again, but this time, with Chris knowing what we were up to”. “How do you mean?” asked Rachel. “Well, let’s get him around for drinks again, when the kids are sleeping over at your Mum’s and have a bit of fun with him!” Rachel looked nervous, but I could see she was excited too. “Oh my god, do you think he’d be up for it?” she asked. Ha! If I knew Chris, he’d be up for anything Rachel asked him. “Oh yes, I’m certain he wants to get closer to us, or mainly you!”

I decided to leave it there for the time being, let the idea percolate in Rachel’s mind. I think it worked, because when we got home, she practically threw my mother out, checked the kids were asleep, then hurried upstairs for a shower. Ten minutes later, she called me upstairs and to my delight, she was wearing some of the sexy lingerie I’d spent so much money on a few years ago, money I thought I’d wasted. Not so! Rachel looked stunning and I could see by the look in her eye, she wanted me. I had a quick freshen up in the bathroom and wearing nothing but my boxer shorts, padded silently back into the bedroom. Rachel was lying on her back, her legs in the air, teasing her clit with her bullet vibrator. I was gobsmacked. Two nights ago, we hadn’t made love in weeks, and now it was going to be twice in two nights? Well, it actually ended up being three times, but who’s counting? “I started without you, Love, I hope you don’t mind?” she asked, cheekily. I wasn’t about to complain, but then things took a strange turn. My normally passive wife started telling me what to do! “Stand in front of me at the foot of the bed” she ordered. Hmm, OK. I stood where she told me to. “Now watch me play with my pussy and start to jerk your cock for me, please.” What? Who is this girl lying on my bed? Can it really be?

“Come on”, she said, “I don’t ask for much, do I?” To be fair, she doesn’t ask for much, so I thought, what the hell, dropped my boxers and, wouldn’t you know it, my cock sprang into life immediately! “You always were a horny bugger!” she said, with a glint in her eye. “Now, jerk it for me, like Chris did last night.” Fuck me! That was it. The sight of him jerking had flicked a switch in her mind. She wanted to watch me wank, so I obliged and stroked my huge hard cock with gusto. Rachel was moaning as she stimulated herself and I must admit, I found it very arousing too. So much so, that I could feel the sensations welling up in my loins, I was close to cummimg. Rachel heard my groans as I got closer and closer. “Come over to me, Baby”, she said, “I want you to come over me!” Oh God, yes please! My dream cum true, (pun intended). I’d always wanted to unleash a load over Rachel’s face and tits, just like I’d seen in porn. I could barely get to the bed in time, tripping over my boxers which were still around my ankles. But I did make it, and as I approached her, Rachel turned her face towards me and opened her mouth. Jesus, was she ready for the load I produced? I doubt it. The cum erupted from my cock in huge great spurts, hitting her mouth, her face, her eyes, her hair, the bed headboard. It made a huge mess and Rachel started giggling, despite being plastered in thick, creamy cum. I fell to my knees, also laughing, and Rachel put her hand behind my head, pulled me towards her, and kissed me deeply. My cum was everywhere and now it was in my own mouth as well. Rachel wouldn’t let me go, but giggled again and said “Well, what do you think? It tastes pretty good, no?”

My head was spinning with lust for this gorgeous woman. With my cum splattered everywhere, Rachel’s instinct was to clean up but I stopped her. Despite my massive orgasm, my cock hadn’t gone soft at all, this whole scenario arousing me so very much. “You’re not getting away with just one tonight, you sexy little slut!” Rachel beamed back at me, turned on by both the thought of carrying on and by me calling her a slut. “It’s my turn to boss you around. Get on your knees and be my horny fucking bitch!”

Well, Rachel let out a long contented sigh and did as I asked her to. I shuffled up behind her, moved my face down to her ass, pushing my tongue between her cheeks, checking she was wet enough for me. She was absolutely soaking, her juices running down the inside of her thigh. Rachel moaned as she felt my tongue on her pussy and I quite deliberately ran my tongue from her clit, along the length of her pussy and up to her anus. I paused there for a second, then slipped my tongue into her tight little ass hole for a moment. “Oh fuck!” moaned Rachel, who hardly ever swore in real life. I knew I was having the desired effect on her. I moved my head back upwards, placed my hands on Rachel’s hips, moved my twitching cock into position at the entrance to her slippery pussy, then thrust hard. Rachel screamed with pleasure as my cock filled her cunt completely, it actually took her breath away. She was panting like a bitch in heat as I fucked her hard and fast, my hands holding her hips, controlling our movements. I knew Rachel was loving this, by the way she pushed back towards me with each stroke.

My hands moved from her hips, one onto her shoulder and the other reached around to stroke and squeeze her tits and nipples. This meant I was bent forward and I was able to kiss and nibble Rachel’s ear at the same time. “Oh Baby,” Rachel said in a breathy voice, “I love you so much.” “I love you too Honey” I replied. We continued fucking for some time, both having cum not long ago so we were able to hold off cumming again too quickly. At one point, I was going at her pussy so hard, my cock slipped out and as I was attempting re-entry, the tip of my cock pushed up against her anus. Rachel bucked a little as I did this, but said “Ooh, we haven’t done that for a while, you fancy it?”

Oh my god, did she mean anal? My absolute favourite thing? I think she did. “Really Honey, are you sure?” I asked. Rachel looked over her shoulder at me, grinned and said “Why the fuck not? Just be gentle to start with Baby, OK?” God, I love this woman!

I slipped my cock back into her pussy, then pulled it out and rubbed the tip all around her tight, puckered asshole. I spat some saliva on to my fingers and gently rubbed it in and around her little butt hole, all the time listening to Rachel moan her approval. My cock was throbbing and as big and hard as it had ever been, eager to slip into her sexy bum. I placed it carefully against her anus, expecting a lot of resistance as it had been so long since we’d done this. However, her asshole was so well lubed, the tip of my cock slipped in quite easily, causing Rachel to gasp “Oh my God!”. I pushed into her slowly, just an inch or so,  then back out. The next push went in a little deeper, then deeper still, until eventually, my cock was buried balls-deep in her tight ass. I was in fucking heaven! All the time, Rachel was whimpering “Oh my God, oh my God…” which I took to be a sign of approval!

We’d been fucking for some time now, first in her juicy pussy, now in her tight little ass, so you can imagine, I was getting close to cumming again. Rachel was pushing back at me, her asshole eager to take my big cock as deep into it as possible. Her moans were so sexy and without warning, she was convulsed by another huge orgasm. She was bucking and thrashing around, I could barely keep up a rhythm, but it didn’t matter. As her ass muscles contracted when she came, my cock could stand no more, and I came hard, filling her ass with hot cum. I continued thrusting, slowing down as our orgasms subsided, but I just didn’t want this moment to end. Eventually, my poor cock decided it had had enough for one night, and flopped out of her soaking wet butt. Cum dripped out with it, and the sight of my cream dripping down the inside of Rachel’s thighs is a memory that will never leave me. I kissed her ass and let her collapse onto her tummy, and I lay alongside her, kissing her gently, telling her how much I loved her. What a fucking epic evening that was!

We both fell into a deep sleep after what was possibly our best sex session ever. We also both had a spring in our step the next day, more loving with each other and lots of teasing. Christ, we were like a couple of kids! Even though I was finding it hard to concentrate on work, my mind drifting back to the intensely sexy images of the night before, I managed to drag through the day, somehow. I’d never been quite so keen to leave the office and get back home to my wife! But I was thinking about what we’d spoken about, getting Chris over to ours again and having some fun. If this was the way to keep Rachel sexually active, then that was fine by me.

I was trying to imagine a scenario that would be good for all three of us, and it was difficult. I wasn’t about to become some pussy cuckold and I had no desire to interact with Chris. There was also no way I would be happy for Rachel and Chris to get it on without me, and I’m sure this wasn’t what Rachel had in mind either. Chris would be up for some fun, I’m sure, but he wasn’t a stripper and would want more than getting naked and wanking in front of us. Hmmm, what to do? I knew I had to discuss this further with Rach. I bet she’d been thinking about it too!

After dinner that night, once the kids had gone up to their rooms, I broached the subject. We were both still buzzing from the previous night’s fun, so it was easy to start talking about sex again.

“OK, Baby, have you thought any more about getting Chris involved in our bedroom fun?” I asked, casually. Rachel gave me a wicked smile and said “Apart from you bum-fucking me last night, I haven’t been able to think about much else!” We both laughed and I marvelled at how suddenly prepared Rach was to talk about sex, something that had become a bit of a taboo until the last two days. “Is it very bad of me to want you both to fuck me?” Rachel asked, looking a little sheepish. Shit! What could I say to that? The thought of us both fucking my lovely wife was actually turning me on, my cock getting stiff inside my jeans. “Um, no, not very bad, Baby. But very naughty!” I was starting to sweat a little now, realising that it was really going to happen.

“It’s not that you don’t satisfy me, Babe, or that I love you any less,” Rachel reassured me. “In fact, from what I’ve seen, he’s not even as well-endowed as you are. But seeing him wank like that in the bathroom, I don’t know, it was just so fucking hot!” Damn, something really has reawakened her libido, we’ve never been able to speak so openly before. “I know, Hun, I kinda noticed it turned you on!” We laughed again and Rachel shuffled over to sit next to me on the sofa. She held my hand and said “If we do this Babe, I think I’ll love you even more. It would be so incredibly hot, I’m getting wet right now, thinking of how we could do it.” So it wasn’t just me turned on by the idea. We decided to have a look online and read a bit about other people’s ‘swinging’ experiences. Like I said, I’m not going to lie back and watch and be passive, so I was keen to see if there were any stories or even videos of a two-guy and one-girl threesome other than bisexual stuff or cuckold. It turns out, there are loads! So together, we learnt about spitroasting, bukkake, even double penetration. (Rachel’s eyes widened in mock fear when we watched a video of that!)

So, it was settled, we would invite Chris over, see how the mood took us all and try to initiate a threesome, with a few rules – I wasn’t keen on Chris kissing Rachel; I wasn’t going to touch his cock, although I was cool if he wanted to touch mine; I wouldn’t fuck him, not that I suppose he’d want me to; Chris would have to wear a condom for sex; oh, and there was no way he was getting his cock anywhere near her asshole! That was mine alone (selfish sod that I am!). Rachel stopped me there and said if we think of any more “don’ts”, there won’t be any “dos” left. OK, she was right. We agreed I would invite Chris over next week for drinks and dinner. I asked Rachel if I should tell him upfront what our intentions were. She said “No, Honey, let’s surprise him!” I was almost envious of Chris, he had no idea what he was about to experience!

The next day, at the office, I saw Chris and we got chatting. “Hey, fancy popping round to ours for dinner and drinks again soon? How about next week?” I asked, hoping I sounded casual enough.

“Sure,” Chris replied, “any excuse to see Rachel and sample her cooking!”  I had to smile, he didn’t know just what we were cooking up for him…. “OK, how about Friday?” I asked, knowing we were both off Saturday and that Friday was the regular sleep-over-at-Grandma’s night for the kids. “Great, it’s a date,” said Chris. I smiled again to myself and also wondered when I told Rachel later if it would urge her on to another great session with just the two of us. I suspected it just might!

“Oh, Honey, we have to wait a whole week?” was her response when I told her. Dirty bitch, she was gagging for it! I teased her about that later in bed, while slipping a finger in and out of her pussy, and I swear I could feel her getting wetter as I said it. We fucked every night until Wednesday, so horny were we both with anticipation. We decided to abstain for a couple of days before Chris was due, so we were feeling fresh and really horny for the evening.

Friday eventually rolled around, although I must say it felt like we’d been waiting for a month, not a week. We were like two kids at Christmas time. Just 3 more sleeps until… Anyway, Friday morning at the office – “Come round about 7 later, we normally eat around 8,” I said to Chris. “Perfect” he said, “I have a nice bottle of wine to bring with me.” Boy, that was a long Friday, and when I finally left the office, my palms were sweaty. I wanted to get home to Rachel as soon as I could, kiss the kids goodbye as they waltzed off with Grandma and start getting ready for our evening.

“Are you nervous, Honey?” I asked Rachel. “Yes”, she replied, “a little, but excited too. I just hope Chris doesn’t mind us ambushing him like this!” I laughed and said “Don’t you worry about him, he’ll be fine. Just try and act normal until after dinner!”

Chris turned up promptly at 7, Rach was in the kitchen and I was trying to be relaxed, choosing some music to play. “You guys been up to anything nice?” asked Chris, innocently. “Oh, you know,” I replied, “when the kids are away, the parents like to play!” We enjoyed a lovely meal cooked by Rach, Chris was full of his usual compliments, even flirting a bit more than usual. He and I did the washing up and flaked out on the sofa with a brandy. Rach was nowhere to be seen. I was starting to worry that she’s chickened out and gone to bed, but I needn’t have worried. Rachel walked in to the lounge in her slinkiest silk gown and I knew exactly what she was wearing underneath. Not much, as it turned out! Chris’s jaw hit the floor as she walked in. “Jesus, Rach, you look, um, well, you know” he stuttered. Rach smiled at me and I smiled back. “Well, Chris” she replied, “you looked pretty damn good to me the last time you were here.”  A slightly awkward pause followed. “Don’t you remember? In the bathroom? I saw you, you naughty boy, and I like what I saw!”

“FUCK!” exclaimed Chris. “Um, er, you, um, really saw me?” he stuttered again. Rachel laughed and I chipped in “Come on Chris, we know what you were up to, leaving the door ajar like that. Rach got a good eyeful and told me straight after. It’s OK, though, don’t worry or feel bad. We think it’s great!” Chris grinned and looked relieved. “Are you guys teasing me?” he asked. I was about to reply when Rachel stood up, let her silk gown drop to the ground revealing her sexiest red underwear and said “Well, if you think this is teasing, then yes!”

“Jesus H Christ!” shouted Chris. “You guys…!” Rachel was in control now, her beautiful body mesmerising both Chris and I. “For fuck sake, come on boys. Am I going to be the only one to strip off?” Rachel demanded. I knew I’d have to take the lead, so I started to undress and nodded to Chris to encourage him to do the same. I was down to my boxers and Chris was fiddling with his buttons. “Hurry up man” I said. “I think I know what Rach wants to see! Honey, sit on the sofa and we’ll show you what we’re made of.” Rachel’s face broke into the biggest smile as first my boxers, then Chris’s briefs slipped down our legs and hit the floor. We stepped out of them and stood side by side. I started jerking my cock, which was already fully erect. Chris followed suit and I noticed he was already hard too. Rachel had been fibbing a bit when she had said Chris wasn’t as well-endowed as me. His cock was huge, easily the same size as mine, if not a little thicker. Rachel was licking her lips as she watched us both jerk our hard cocks. “Hmmm, which one to suck first?” she teased. I figured as Chris was our guest, he should be the lucky one. I nodded towards his groin and Rach took my cue. She practically leapt off the sofa and knelt in front of Chris, taking his stiff cock into her hand, eased his foreskin back, then gently kissed the tip.

Fuck me, I had to stop jerking myself at the sight of this, or I would have cum before Chris! As I watched his cock disappear into Rachel’s mouth, I looked over to see the look on Chris’s face. Ecstasy doesn’t come close to describing it! He looked like the cat that got the cream and Rach looked like she wanted a share of that cream! She jerked and sucked his cock for a good five minutes before he told her that if she didn’t stop, she was going to get a big mouthful. “Mmmm, go on then, big boy, I can take it.” Chris looked at me and I nodded. He breathed in hard and before I could say “Cum in my wife’s mouth, bro,” he let out a huge sigh and came hard, thrusting his cock in and out of Rachel’s mouth, filling it with his seed. Rach swallowed almost all of it but let some dribble from the corners of her mouth, which made her look even more beautiful in my eyes. Chris looked stunned and flopped down on to the sofa. “Your turn Baby?” asked Rach. Oh yeah! I moved closer to her and she repeated her cum-slut act on me, sucking me firmly, stroking my balls, even tickling my butt hole. Chris was urging me on, already stroking himself again, watching this sexy-as-fuck woman do her best slut impression. I couldn’t last any longer and unleashed a huge load, just as Rach pulled back. My cum shot out rapidly, the first spurt shooting over her head towards where Chris was sat. The second and third spurts landed right in the middle of Rachel’s face and then she clamped her lips around my knob to take the last few spurts into her greedy mouth. What a perfect view I had and I remember thinking to myself, Rachel had never looked sexier. She licked the last few drops of cum from my knob then stood up and kissed me. Her mouth tasted amazing. I stumbled to the sofa to try and recover and to my surprise, Chris had taken a big dollop of my cum that had landed on the sofa onto his finger, then popped his finger in to his mouth, all the time, stroking his big cock. “Mmm, that tastes good, doesn’t it Rach?” I was wide eyed at this point, remembering Rach asking me if I thought Chris would mind being ambushed. He didn’t look too worried to me! “Oh, nice one Chris,” said Rach. “It tastes divine, doesn’t it?

“But what about you, Honey?” I asked. It must be your turn now.” Rach giggled and said “Ha! I came about 2 minutes after you boys started stoking your cocks! But I’m ready for more when you are…” Chris looked at me and raised his hand for a high five. We slapped our hands together, then I stood up, kissed Rachel full on the mouth again and said “Shall we show him how we like to fuck?” Rach purred as she nodded, then motioned for Chris to come and join her on the rug. She pushed him on to his back then lifted her leg up and over his head, straddling his face. “Lick my pussy Chris, get me ready for Steve’s big hard cock.” I just couldn’t believe how Rachel had turned into this sex goddess practically overnight. My patience was being rewarded ten-fold.

Chris slurped away at Rachel’s dripping pussy and she was moaning loudly. She leant forward, looked back at me invitingly, then wrapped her lips around Chris’s cock again. Her ass was now positioned perfectly for me to fuck her, so I crawled up behind her and carefully placed my cock in front of her pussy. I was about to thrust in hard to make her gasp, but Chris, full of surprises, reached up and grabbed my dick and started stroking it. OK, that was weird, but felt pretty good. Then he pulled my cock down, arched his head a bit and guided my cock into his mouth. Wow, that felt even better. Christ knows how I was going to look Chris in the eye ever again after this! After a good few strokes and sucks, he released my cock and said “Go on Steve, fuck her pussy!” Rach’s twat was so damn wet, my cock slipped in easily and I thrust hard. Chris was licking her clit as I got up a nice rhythm and he surprised me yet again when he moved his hands back and grabbed my ass cheeks, taking control of the speed I was fucking Rachel, never taking his eager tongue off her clit. As I fucked Rachel’s beautiful wet cunt, I could feel Chris’s tongue running up and down my shaft with each thrust. I was practically fainting with lust, it felt so damn good. Rachel was moaning hard now and I knew she was going to cum soon. Chris piped up “Steve, cum inside her and let it drip out on to my face!” I was beginning to think this wasn’t his first threesome experience, he seemed to know just what he wanted. But as Rachel moaned so loud that I thought the neighbours might complain, she started convulsing and I started to cum too. I kept my cock inside her as I pumped stream after stream of cum into her engorged cunt. Chris let out a loud moan too and he came as well, all over Rachel’s tongue and lips. It was more or less a triple simultaneous orgasm and we all gasped breathlessly as the intense contractions subsided. I pulled out of Rachel’s pussy with a loud slurping sound, and my cum immediately started to leak out of her, dripping down on to Chris’s face and mouth. He lapped it up and licked her pussy lips, making her squirm a little, she was so sensitive down there right now. We then all collapsed in a fit of giggles, cum everywhere, all of us completely wasted.

After a slightly awkward silence, Rachel suggested we clean up a little and have a drink. Great idea, I thought. She popped in to the kitchen to get some beers and Chris said “Did you know I was bisexual or was it a lucky guess?” I replied “I had no idea, mate, but I’m bloody glad you are. I’ve never had my dick in a guy’s mouth before, it was awesome!” Chris smiled, “Yeah, I fucking loved it too, man! But before I leave you guys tonight, I really want to fuck Rach.” He said that bit just as Rachel walked back in with three open bottles of Bud Lite and I’ve never seen her smile that wide before. “And Steve, you can fuck me too, if you want?” Wow, that last part surprised both Rachel and me. Wasn’t that one of our “Don’t’s” that we identified beforehand? Funny, but it didn’t sound so bad now…

We had all cum twice already this evening and it wasn’t yet 10pm. I felt like a noob, not having paced myself but really, it was all so incredibly hot, I had no doubt I could go again. The beers slipped down quickly. We were all three of us sitting on the sofa, Chris in between us. He leaned towards Rachel and started to fondle her breasts and moving his head down to suckle her nipples. She looked at me and smiled, as if to say “Yes! This was a great idea Baby!” I was getting a bit bolder now, not worried at all about being close to a naked guy. I reached forward with my left hand and found Chris’s cock already stiffening again as he enjoyed Rachel’s breasts. I started to stroke his cock with long, firm strokes and he moaned his appreciation. My own dick was getting hard again, surprising me with how hot I found touching his hard cock. “Condom time, I think” said Rachel and stood up to get them from the table. “Get some lube too Rach” said Chris. “I want Steve to fuck me as I fuck you…”

Jesus, my dick stood up hard as he said this. I stroked it a little as Chris said “Wanna try sucking me?” Oh God, another of our “don’t’s” was about to go out of the window, so I moved my head down and guided his cock into my mouth. The first dick I’d ever tasted and I have to admit, it was fantastic. Rach reappeared and said “Oh Steve, you dirty bastard! Nice, isn’t it?” Chris said something about me not speaking with my mouth full and we all laughed. But we knew what we were about to do. Chris tore open a condom and started rolling it over the length of his fully erect penis. He threw one to me and I did the same. He poured a little lube on to his hand and rubbed it in to his anus, looking me in the eye as he did it. “Be gentle with me, Sweetie!” he joked and winked as he assumed the position. Rachel knelt in front of him and I was behind him. “I won’t need lube Chris” said Rachel, “I’m fucking soaking wet!”

“You go first,” Chris said to me. I eased closer to him, pushed my finger tip into his ass to open it a little, then offered my knob up to his anus. “Oh yeah, push it in Steve, don’t worry about being too gentle.” I did as he asked, pushing quite firmly until my cock disappeared and he let out a deep sigh. It felt amazing, but somehow different from when I ass-fucked Rach. I sild in and out easily, this asshole had been fucked before, no doubt about it. Chris was loving it but asked me to slow down so he could mount Rachel. She offered her hand to me and I took hold of it, reassuring her I was cool. It would have been a bit hypocritical of me if I had been anything else really, what with my cock buried balls-deep in Chris’s rectum at the time! Chris penetrated Rachel’s pussy easily and she gasped as he thrust into her, squealing with delight. I had to try and time my thrusts as Chris pulled out and this was trickier than I thought it might be. He was really going at Rach and I was struggling to keep in time. Eventually, we got into a nice rhythm, then the dirty talking started. “You’re a fucking beast Steve, rip my ass up baby!” That was Chris, getting carried away. Rachel chipped in with “You’re a fucking beast too Chris, fuck my cunt as hard as you can, make me cum all over your cock!” Jesus Christ, was I in a porno? I thought I might have died and gone to heaven, so to wake myself up, I decided to slap Chris’s ass really hard without warning. “SMACK!” “You dirty cunt, fucking my wife while I’m watching. How does my cock feel in your ass, you little fucking pussy?” that was my contribution to the filth. Chris yelped as I smacked his ass again and again, and he wobbled on his knees. This is when I had an idea. If we were acting out our very own porno, then there was only one place to cum – over Rachel’s face, together, if we could.

I chirped up “Rachel, when you cum, we’re gonna pull out, get rid of the condoms, and both jerk our loads on to you face.” Well fuck, if I did, she came hard almost immediately! If she moaned loud earlier, that was nothing compared to the squeal she let out as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her. Chris slowed down and this made me slow down too. I was ready to pop and I could tell Chris was close too. We discarded the condoms and we kept stroking our hard cocks as Rachel manoeuvred herself between us. We stoked ourselves in time with each other, Rachel very helpfully taking first one, then the other of us into her mouth. My cock touched Chris’s as we did this and what just a few hours ago would have seemed anathema to me, felt so good now. “I’m so close“, I said. “Me too,” said Chris. “Let’s do this then!” I said, in my best American accent. We stroked some more and Chris started a countdown from 10. We were going to try and shoot together, really cover Rachel’s face. She looked up at us hungrily, cooing and purring her encouragement.

5, 4, 3, 2, uh oh, here it comes, 1… shit! I shot first, and after three big spurts, Chris did the same. Spurt after spurt flew out of both our cocks, completely glazing poor Rachel’s face. It ran down her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, her mouth. It dripped down over her breasts and onto her belly. I have never seen so much cum on one girl and I’ve watched a few cumshot videos! I swear I shot 10 spurts and Chris almost equalled me. It was the most amazing sight I’d ever seen. We were all spent and collapsed in a heap back on the rather cum-covered sofa. Luckily, it’s leather, so it cleans up easily! It took some time for us to compose ourselves and Rachel giggled a bit as she sighed “Best night ever!” Chris and I chuckled but I had to agree with Rach, the evening had surpassed my wildest dreams.

So that was how Rachel turned into a Hot Wife. We’ve had several more sessions with Chris since, each time getting more daring and experimental. He’s no longer just a work colleague, he’s our fuck buddy! Only one of the three of us hasn’t been fucked yet… and that may change this evening!

After Rach and I had made love the other evening, just the two of us, she casually asked “Steve? You know that first time when Chris was here and I saw him jerking off in the bathroom?” “Yes”, I replied, “how could I forget?” Rachel grinned “Did you set that up? Did you plan it together?” I was a bit taken aback by the question “Do you think I’m that devious?” I asked. “Oh”, said Rachel, avoiding the question, huh? I’ll ask Chris!”

I laughed and said “No chance. He won’t tell you anything. I swore him to secre…. Oh FUCK!”