#1 Gargi's New Job, New Life

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20 Dec. '18

Today while driving to work, I dunno why I could not stop thinking of Prasad (My boss). For some reason, I could not get over the visual of his head between my thigs. It was just too much. His piercing eyes were looking at me from between my legs and I was looking down at him. I could somehow imagine him mumbling something, it was probably something about how wet I was, I was gushing heat. 

But wait a minute, we were not on a bed, so where were we? 

That jolt shook me off my dream. I was actually in a cab going to work. I did sneak a touch to my hole, and I was really wet down there.  The touch, though nice, embarrassed me immensely, my cheeks were burning and ears were spewing heat. Just then I heard intense honking, I looked around and to my surprise it was Prasad in his car, asking me if everything was ok? I signed back that I was fine.

But the thoughts did not stop. Actually, it has been a while since Anand (my husband) has sucked me dry. Anand does a wonderful job, I have to admit. Last time, Anand put his tongue deep inside me I wrenched my pussy muscles around his tongue. Poor thing, it was a pain for him, but I was leaking I just could not let go. I was cumming like a flood. I remember pushing him flat on the bed, and scrubbing my pussy all over his face till I was totally spent. Oh, what a night it was, but whatever happened after that was bad!!!

Even after insisting, Anand put his bare dick inside me, and he came. I was all full of his cum. I loved it! For any woman my age, making her man cum so much is an awesome sense of achievement. I remember, even after he removed it I shook him for a good 2 minutes and he was still dripping. The way he was grabbing my 34C babies during this whole process was enuf to make me wet again.

But all this got me pregnant, and I do not wish to have one more baby. I do not intend to be that typical Indian middle-aged woman, with two children and no aim in life. I wish to enjoy my life to the fullest, at my own cost and will. Anant obviously did not approve, and our marriage has hit the rocks since then. Since that day, we have not touched each other in lust. It is being almost a year.

Two months ago I changed my job and came across Prasad. I get wet on intellect, I have found him to extremely intelligent and that turns me into a wild lioness. During one of the training sessions, I could not stop myself from brushing my boobies against his back. My nipples could sense every curve of his back muscles. He turned around and his piercing eyes almost disrobed me, I could just crack a stupid smile. 

But wait I was married, with a daughter. How could I think like this? It is wrong.

How could I, Gargi, a software tester from Pune, married to the love of her life, think like this? I could not, I should not. 
But the more I pushed the sensual thoughts out of my mind, they came back with a double force. And all the thoughts had Prasad at the crux of the story. I don't know what made me go weak.

I have noticed, I love men with height and long legs. The sheer thought of kissing his legs from his calf upwards till his manhood, just makes me go mad. Anand is comparatively shorter and has big balls.  I love the feeling when they are hitting against my asshole every time, it feels like mild acupressure. But with Prasad, it would take ages till I reached his balls, he just had wonderful long legs. It is said, the dick of a man is the quarter size of a man's legs. Oh, the thought of Prasad's legs makes my head spin. 
After a long drive in the Cab, I finally reached office. Crossing over the Hinjewadi traffic is stressing. I always freshen up before starting work. I entered the lady's room and felt my mobile buzzing. I knew it was Prasad. In the ladies room, I kept aside my Purse and removed my panties to relieve myself, got my mobile and read Prasad's message. It read "This color suits you" - I could immediately guess Prasad scanning my arse while I walked towards the lady's room. He does that for all the lady's and somehow I love the way he looks. I could feel my pussy going wet again.

I wished to respond with a simple thank you. But today I don't know what got over me, I responded: "I have colorful inners too". When I sent the message, I was grinning madly, I could imagine Prasad blushing. But within no time I got a response, 'Mine is blue, I love shades of blue' - now it was my time to blush. I could guess the blue shade, and the red tip of his dick peeping out of the pocket. At that moment I decided, I had to have Prasad. Just then the cell buzzed again, It was Prasad again. Come to the canteen, he asked. I left as if I had no option, I was going to ask for a favor today.