Attending the Wedding Reception and the Challenge

If there is one thing about us as our intimate relationship has blossomed and grown, we both have let our erotic creativity, imagination and ambitions become known to one another as lessons in lust. We, as a couple, engaging in spontaneous animal sex when the moment and urges become apparent. With that said, we never waste an opportunity of frenzied sex in a hotel room. We really let loose in devouring our sexual appetite for each other. After parking in her driveway, I went up to the front door, knocked and announced myself as I entered her house. She was leaning on the kitchen counter talking on the telephone. She was casually dressed and ready to leave for our overnight. As usual and even in casual attire, she looked so attractive and alluring. In seeing me, she smiled and gave me subtle wave. I saw her overnight suitcase by the front door. I motioned to her that I was going to take her suitcase out to my truck. In returning to her house, she was finishing her telephone call. She came over to me and we kissed. I asked her where her kids were. She told me regrettably they were with her ex. She commented, “It’s about time he started to become a father rather than being just a sperm donor.” We kissed again, and I asked if she was ready to leave as we had a 3-hour drive and I wanted to get an early start to avoid traffic to get to the wedding and reception. She made one final check of her house. After locking her front door, we got into my truck and started our drive. Where it was the end of summer, it was a nice warm day for a drive.

After 3 hours of listening to music, talking and joking during our drive, we arrived at the hotel. The venue for the wedding and reception was absolutely gorgeous. Strictly first class. When I committed to attending my friend’s wedding and reception, I had made my reservations with the hotel making sure I got upgraded accommodations. While checking in, her arm was wrapped around my arm with her head resting on my shoulder. Once getting our room keys, we walked to the elevators. On our way we passed by the bar. I glanced in to see if any of my other friends had also arrived. I did not recognize any one in the bar. Since we were there, I ordered us 2 tall glasses of wine. Where the wedding and reception was in the late afternoon, we arrived about 3 ½ hours early. In arriving to our hotel room, we found the room to be very spacious with a plush king size bed and large bathroom. She walked over to the large windows and opened all the curtains. The sun was shining brightly into our room. As she stared out windows with the sun shining on her, the outline of her firm slender body was a beautiful and captivating vision. I hung my suit in the closet and placed our over night suitcases on the changing bench.

I asked her, “Hey sweetie, where we have a few hours to kill, what would you like to do?” She turned and very coyly walked over to me. She reached up and started to unbutton my shirt. Working her way down while unbuttoning my shirt, she said with a simple smile, “Umm. You know. How about we get naked, get into that large inviting bed and make passionate love. That would be a real nice way to start off our afternoon.” We kissed, and I said to her, “I love the idea of your invitation.” We kicked off our shoes. I unbuttoned her dress shirt and low-rise dress pants. In opening her classy outer garments, she visually teased me by wearing a white thin stringed thong and thin strapped semi-transparent bra. Both very easy to remove. At the same time, she finished unbuttoning my shirt and then unbuttoned my casual slacks having them drop to the floor. With an opened hand, she slowly rubbed the hardening outline of my cock over my underwear. With one of my hands, I caressed the outside of her pussy before I took my middle finger and inserted it deep inside her. We were both quietly moaning as we worked each other into intimate sexual arousal. She said quietly as we continued to gently kiss, “It doesn’t take much to get you hard, does it?” I quietly replied back, “Not with you. You really can turn me on. And you’re so wet inside. Someone wants to get fucked.” She paused in kissing, so she could finish pulling down my underwear off my throbbing cock. As she ascended back up to continue kissing me, using just her warm moist tongue, she slowly licked the bottom side of my hard shaft.

Standing completely naked in our hotel room, we embraced and passionately kissed diving our tongues into each other’s mouth. She grabbed my buttocks and in slow gyrations, grinded her pussy against my erect cock. At the same time, I was caressing her breasts and gently pinching her hard-erect nipples. I motioned us over to the bed. I pulled back the sheets and blanket. While still kissing and passionately groping one another, we managed to climb onto the bed positioning ourselves in the center. She immediately wanted to be on top of me. She straddled her bent legs across my stomach. I could feel her wet and warm vaginal opening pressed against my skin. She leaned over holding down my wrists. She was giving me an erotic hypnotic stare as she looked down on me. I have seen that stare many times before. She leaned into me and we kissed as her breasts pressed against my chest. She gave me small gentle kisses starting at me neck. Descending downward with her kisses on my chest, naval, to my inner thighs, she paused. With her hands placed on the sides of my waist and using just her lips and mouth, she slowly sucked my rock-hard cock. I could not resist looking down on her as she worked her mouth, lips and tongue up and down my cock. I was overwhelmed with physical arousal she was delivering on me as she continued to feast on my cock. With shaking hands, I grabbed her head to control her sucking motion, so I would not cum. She had complete control over my sexual soul. 

She gripped the shaft of my cock at the same time, slithered her body upward while delivering small kisses on my body again. Placing her hands on my chest, she lifted one of her spread legs over my hungry groin and inserted her tingling pussy opening on top of my glistening wet cock and slid down slowly in order to feel the pulsating sensation of my girth and length fill her insides. She let out a continuous surrendering moan of indulgence once she was able to take my entire cock inside her. She slowly moved her hips back and forth feeling my hot cock stimulate her entire pussy. While both of us were quivering in delight, I told her to take it slow, so I would not cum to soon. In short breaths, she said, “You feel so God damn good inside me. I can’t help it, but you make me cum real fast.” In past words exchanged while we were making love, she has told me her preference was to be on top, so she could dictate and control our erotic sensations. As she continued her paced thrusts, her inner juices kept heating up. I lifted my hips upward forcing my entire cock deep inside her. She let out a scream of being totally engulfed by my cock. She bellowed, “I love it when you do that!” We continued to work on each other’s budding climax points. She leaned up and arched her back while running her hands through her hair as she slowly trusted her hips back and forth. Feeling the flow of her wetness dripping out of her pussy and continuous louder moans, I knew she was orgasming.

I rolled us over onto our sides and withdrew my throbbing cock. I wanted to give ourselves a pause in order to sustain my sexual endurance. Where she felt like satin inside, I wanted to make our fuck session last. She was twitching in sexual arousal as we wildly kissed each other. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. She motioned my hand to insert my fingers deep inside her. I gently massaged her inner pussy as she squirmed with delight from my persistent stimulation keeping her hot and moist with sensual pleasure while she kept her hand on top mine. As I continued to excite her insides with my rubbing fingers, she spread her hips as wide as she could signaling me to get on top of her and insert my cock. With a stuttering tone, she said, “I am so fucking horny! I’ve never felt like this before. I can’t stop. I need your cock.” I pulled out my massaging fingers, got on top of her and had my hard cock slide right into her sopping wet pussy filling her up again. She enthusiastically cried out her passionate desire for me to fuck her like an animal. I made sure my thrusts were full length so she would feel the entire length and girth of my cock. We had been making love for about 25 minutes and the wet spot on our bed kept getting bigger from her persistent flow of love juices from fucking. She wrapped her legs around my thighs and pulled me close. She placed her hands on my cheeks and looked at me in a trance. She demanded I cum inside her right now. We forcefully kissed as I thrusted faster and faster building up my climax. I was driving her into a sexual frenzy. With her hands, she grabbed my buttocks and pushed me inward at the same time I was thrusting inside her. Her cries of passion were non-stop and louder. My cock exploded with cum inside her pussy as I continued to thrust. Because of the amount of cum I injected into her pussy at the same time she was cumming from our fucking, my cock looked as if it was dipped in a liquid white glaze. I pumped my cock into her pussy until I went completely flaccid. Both of our loins were completely saturated with our love juices. 

We again rolled over on our sides embracing each other, caressing our bodies and kissing. I was quivering from our incredible love making session. She too, was quivering and twitching from the multiple orgasms I had given her from fucking.  We both exchanged a very meaningful and emotional “I love you.” While still twitching, she again took my hand and placed it on her wet pussy motioning me to insert my fingers inside her while her hand remained on top of mine. In a distressed whisper, she said, “I’m still real horny. I can’t help it. I need your hard cock inside me again.” I kissed her as I worked my fingers inside her pussy. She whimpered in sexual delight. Unfortunately, there was no way for me to rebound to full hardness in such a short period of time. I wish I could, but that was not going to happen. I slowed our continued advances in peaking sexual arousals. We cuddled, caressed and kissed until we were both somewhat calmed down. I said to her in an exasperated tone, “Wow! Is it my imagination or are we getting better at this each time we make love?” In a tranquil response, “It’s not your imagination. We just don’t have any inhibitions.” We kissed and rolled around in bed for 15 minutes when I suggested we get dressed and go down to the bar for a drink. Still feeling physically and erotically horny, she had her hand move across my body down to my groin where she rubbed my cock with her open hand. She wanted to see if she could get me hard again for another round of fucking. To no avail, I was not able to get erect to her disappointment. 

I crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom where I wetted down a washcloth with warm water to wipe off our sex. I rinsed out the washcloth and brought it into the main room and handed to her as she was getting out of bed. With her coy stare at me, she seductively and slowly wiped herself down. She said to me, “I’m still really horny. I hope you know that.” I replied, “Oh, I could tell that just looking into your eyes.” We both laughed. I told her, “Let’s get a cocktail and see who’s arrived yet.” Giving me a sarcastic and humorous frown, she said, “O.K.” She slid on and adjusted her thong and then put on her bra at the same time I pulled up my underwear. She commented, “God, I love the way your underwear enhances your manhood. Definite eye candy.” We finished getting completely dressed and left our room for the bar. As we got to the main lobby floor, I realized I left my wallet in our room. I told her to go to the bar and order us some cocktails while I went back to retrieve my wallet. When I returned to the bar, I saw several of my friends had arrived for the wedding and reception. I scanned the bar area looking for her. She was seated at a dimly lit corner table. Seated next to her and talking with to her was Anthony. Ah, yes, Anthony…as much as I did like Anthony as a friend, he consistently focused his conversations with male counterparts primarily about 3 things pertaining to himself. His ego, his money (very successful) and his sexual conquests (primarily because he is exceptionally endowed…very well endowed).

I walked over to the table leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. The dimly lit room gave off a seductive and alluring aura of her natural beauty making her extremely attractive. I then greeted Anthony telling him it was good to see him and glad he could make the event. She had my drink she ordered waiting for my arrival. I seated myself next to her as she and Anthony continued their conversation I walked in on. Looking at Anthony, he had an expression on his face wishing she was here by herself. Sitting next to her, she leaned forward listening to Anthony while at the same time, one of her hands was under the table lightly rubbing the top of my thigh. Her hand then advanced upwards to my groin where she was now slowly stroking over my package. She looked at me with this brief devious look. I know what her intentions were. Still, not enough time had elapsed for me to get aroused and continue what we had started earlier. But I needed to silently let her know I was not ignoring her needs. I discretely placed one of my hands on top of one of her thighs. I rubbed the tips of my fingers back and forth on her thigh. I moved my fingers to the slight opening in her legs. I ran my fingers gently up and down over the crotch of her pants causing her to quickly jerk from excitement. Anthony still kept talking as other friends of ours passed by our table to say hello. As I was saying hello to one of my friends, she leaned into my ear and softly whispered, “You know you’re torturing me. I’m still really, really horny.” As she whispered in my ear, I noticed Anthony could not take his eyes off her.

We had finished our drinks and I told her and Anthony I was offering to go up to get another round of drinks for us. As I went to get up to do so, Anthony insisted he was going to get the next round and immediately got up to get us drinks after we told him what we were drinking. As he was getting our drinks, we kissed while at the same time, her open hand under the table was rubbing my groin harder. She quietly said, “I need your sex.” I apologetically told her I was not there yet and to be patient. I started to chuckle to myself. With an inquisitive grin, she asked me what I was laughing about. As I continued to chuckle, she asked me what was so funny. I said to her, “Remember, like a month, a month and half ago while I was house sitting and we were at the pool and you brought up challenging each other to a one time dare regardless of what it was?” She paused to think for a moment and then remembered. Still, with a continued chuckle, I said to her, “You like to compare things, right? She said, “Yeah, for the most part.” I added, “And that includes men, right?” She said, “Well, yeah, including men.”  I asked her, “How’s this for my challenge to you. You have to seduce Anthony.”

With a blurted laugh, she said, “Aw, come on. Are you kidding?” I told her I was not. She then asked, “And what if he wants to go to bed with me?” I told her she would have to make that decision for herself. She asked me, “And you’re not going to be pissed at me?” I responded, “If we agreed to these challenges, how am I supposed to get pissed at you? We both agreed, right?” I leaned towards her and looked into her eyes. I said to her there is nothing that could separate us unless we wanted it to. I added with a chuckle, “Besides, you’re still really horny, Right? Think of this as s stop gap.” Putting a grin on her face and raising her eyebrows she said, “We could also go back to our room and you could do me orally. That might do it.” I laughed again and said to her, “You know all that will do is make you hornier. This is also an opportunity for you to compare me as to how I satisfy your sexual appetite.” She said, “I don’t know. What are my limitations?” I told her I was not going to place any type of limitations on her. If she wanted to bail out at the last second, she could. She asked me, “What if he wants me to spend the night with him once we get into his hotel room.” I looked at her with a grin and said, “Trust me, he won’t. Anyway, you’re a big girl. You know how to take care of yourself.” Just at that time, Anthony returned to our table with the drinks. She quietly said to me, “I will let you know if this happens.”

I would inconspicuously mingle with other friends leaving she and Anthony the opportunity to socialize more but kept her at a curious eyeshot. Of course Anthony could not resist talking about himself as they both had a couple of more drinks. Having him set the stage about his pseudo-greatness, especially as a lady’s man, he made inquiries about her. He would ask her several generalized questions trying to get a feel about her personality. He then asked her how she was able to stay so slender, firm and fit especially after having 2 children. Having a humorous and sometimes crass wit about herself and being filled in about Anthony’s persona, she replied saying she frequently works out and stays as active as her schedule will permit. She then added with a pause by having frequent sex. The more sex, the better. She referred to it as her “pleasurable workout.” Especially in the morning to start the day off right. They both laughed. She just allowed the door to be opened for Anthony. Referring to me, he commented, “I hope he’s fulfilling your “pleasurable workouts.” She laughed and with a smirk, she told Anthony there was no problem in that department and I actually make her sweat which is why she’s able to keep weight off. Even though she was working her way into the challenge I gave her, she still was very horny. Sipping her drink, she mentioned to Anthony about our “pleasurable workout” prior to coming into the bar that she emphasized as being fantastic but in an ironic laughing tone, made her extremely horny and craving for additional exercising. Anthony was scoping out the bar looking for me. Not being around as I went outside with some friends, Anthony said to her, “I have something that just might cure that craving.” With a deviant look and smile, she said. “Really?” Anthony asked her to follow him to his hotel room. She complied, both got up from the table and walked over to the elevators.   

Still being extremely horny from our earlier hot sexual rendezvous, she and Anthony entered his hotel room. She seductively walked over to the hotel windows and opened the curtains to let the sunlight in. Anthony was standing by the side of his bed mesmerized by her slim firm figure as she walked with the sun beaming on her. She turned to face him from a distance and said, “After listening to you, I’ve been told you’re quite the ladies man.” Anthony asked her how she had heard that comment. She told Anthony there’s no secret to his non-discretion due to the number of females who come up to him all the time. She then said, “Besides, girls talk.” He commented back, “I guess they do. But now, I’ve been told you’re something in the bedroom.” With an impish smile at the same time she unbuttoned her shirt and pants, she replied, “I can hold my own.” Anthony started to unbutton his shirt. Seeing him bare chested, she found he did have a muscular build. She stepped out of her shoes and removed her pants. Even though her pants were tight fitting, they slid off of her silky smooth body with ease. She stood before Anthony wearing just her unbuttoned shirt and scant pristine white underwear. He commented about her tattoo and how sexy it looked on her. Anthony also noticed she had no tan lines and could not resist his comment, “I take it you must sunbath in the nude.” With a light laugh, she said, “Every opportunity I can get.”

They both walked towards each other and stopped. He placed his hands on her hips and gave her a light kiss. Both realizing they did not have much time, she unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor. She proceeded to kiss his chest working herself downward. As she descended down towards his groin, she was slowly pulling on the sides of his underwear pulling them down at the same time. She got to her knees and was now face to face with Anthony’s 11-inch cock. To her amazement, she said, “Oh my God, this is the largest cock I’ve ever seen on a man. You’re huge. Like really huge.” With her hands on the sides of his thighs, she could feel Anthony trembling with delight. With both her hands, she inserted Anthony’s cock into her mouth. His cock immediately started to grow hard. Holding his cock with both hands, she twirled her tongue around the head of his cock causing Anthony to grab the sides of her head motioning her to suck. In looking up at him, his head was tilted back enjoying the warm moistness from her mouth. Grabbing his buttocks, she glided 8 of 11 inches into her mouth and down her throat. She held it there for about 20 seconds while at the same time moved her tongue against the bottom of his shaft causing his knees to buckle. She had complete sexual control over him. Anthony felt his climax point rapidly building saying to her, “You’re going to make me cum!” She then withdrew his cock from her mouth. In his moans of excitement, he said, “You give the most incredible blowjobs I’ve ever had. Oh my God. You’re fantastic!”

She got up off her knees and leaned back onto the side edge of the bed. Bracing herself on her elbows and having her slender ass on top of the mattress, she spread her legs wide wanting to take in Anthony’s huge cock. Anthony stood in awe looking at her delectable bare pussy. He grabbed his cock with one hand and slid her thong to the side exposing her beautiful bare vaginal opening. He inserted the head of his cock inside her. She flinched from the stimulation of still being horny. He slowly moved the shaft inside of her inch by inch. She felt as if he was inserting a never-ending pipe inside her. She trembled with sexual elation as he went deeper and deeper. Watching and gasping, he got three quarters of his cock inside of her and stopped feeling he could not go any deeper. She was all worked up and was now panting from excitement. She was determined she was going to take his entire cock inside of her. She laid on her back, grabbed the back of her knees and pulled her spread legs back in order to get her pussy as open as she could. When she did this, Anthony was able to get his entire cock deep inside her. Both in unison, gave out loud moans of deep pleasure. Anthony stuttered, Ohhhh….myyyyyy…..Gooood!” Right at that time, she constricted her vaginal muscles around his cock. This drove Anthony absolutely crazy.

Feeling her inside muscular resistance around his cock, Anthony slowly thrusted in and out of her still being able to get his 11-inches inside her. Because of the long durations of his slow thrusts stimulating her insides, she was having a continuous orgasm. For about 1 minute, Anthony thrusted in and out of her pussy. He suddenly pulled his cock out of her and was holding it with one hand. He moaned loudly at the same time spewed a huge load of cum onto her stomach and chest. To her disappointment, she was hoping their fucking was going to last longer. Catching his breath, he said to her, “Your pussy is the best thing I’ve ever fucked. No one has been able to take all of me inside before.” Smiling at Anthony and looking down on herself covered in cum, she said, “You know, you could have cum inside me.” Anthony told her he does not like cumming in women. Prevents them from getting pregnant. They both got dressed. While dressing, Anthony asked if he could get her telephone number. She told him that would not be a good idea for fear of me discovering their discrete rendezvous. Anthony commented should she and I part our separate ways, he would really like to take her to dinner. She did not give him a direct reply. She did thank Anthony for remedying her horniness. Even after being disappointed with his sexual performance, she was still impressed at how big his manhood was as it went limp. Now she could really make a comparison from the challenge I put her up to.

It was about 15 to 20 minutes that had elapsed from the time she and Anthony snuck off to fuck, and she returned to the bar looking for me. I was talking with a group of friends. She came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I smiled at her, gave her a kiss and re-introduced her to my friends she had previously met during the summer. They complemented on how attractive she looked. And after having a fucking session with Anthony, she still did look attractive even though she looked like she had a sexual workout. With a sinister grin suspecting what had gone on between she and Anthony, I asked her if she wanted another drink. She replied, “Hell, yeah.” Still keeping my grin, I asked her, “Do you feel better now?” She had me bend towards her as she whispered in my ear, “No I don’t. I’m still really horny. More so, now. I’ll explain later.” By this time, Anthony wandered into the bar and started socializing thinking I knew nothing about his fuck session with her. If only he knew. 

I went up to the bar and ordered our drinks. She came up to me as I waited and asked if I was mad at her. I told her, “Absolutely not.” It was my one-time challenge or dare we agreed to. And she fulfilled the challenge. I asked her how things went between she and Anthony. She gave me a light laugh and said, “Well, you’re right about one thing. Anthony is very well endowed. The biggest I’ve ever seen or had.” I asked her how far she went with Anthony. She paused showing a remorseful  expression and I persisted with finding out how far she went. With a guilty voice, she said, “I did things to him like I’ve done to you. The only difference, he sucked in bedroom. I mean really sucked. Now what happened with Anthony, I don’t want it to affect what we have.” I leaned into her having our foreheads meet and kissed her. I said to her, “I don’t think that will happen. I love you too much.” She gave me a gleaming smile and her eyes were welling up with tears. I kissed her again with a smile. She asked me if we wanted to take our drinks up to our room, so we could start getting ready for the wedding and reception. Looking at my watch, I agreed.

We got into our hotel room and after placing her drink down on the dresser, she immediately striped off her clothes and went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower, let it run and then entered dowsing herself with hot water. Walking into the bathroom just wearing my underwear, I commented, “Wow, that was quick.” As the water poured over her body, she said, “I’m sorry but Anthony got cum all over me including my underwear. I didn’t want you smelling him on me.” Where the shower was open and large, she had stepped back from the shower water and was washing her hair and lathering her body with soap. With her back to me, I reached into the shower and tickled her sides causing her to loudly laugh. She turned around and pulled me into the shower. We both stood under the shower head passionately kissing while being doused with hot water. Smiling, she again said, “I’m still horny from when you first made love to me earlier.” I started fondling her breasts. Her hands were rubbing and fondling my balls and cock over my saturated underwear. She got to her knees admiring my wet and transparent hard cock. She repeatedly kissed the shaft of my cock. Pulling down my wet underwear, she put my erect cock in her mouth and started sucking. Looking down on her, I grabbed her head to control the intensity and rhythm of her sucking. She looked up at me as the shower water poured down on us thoroughly getting turned on by giving me head. Not that she wasn’t already turned on and worked up in having sex again. She has a sexual appetite that is sometimes difficult to satisfy.

She withdrew my cock from her mouth, grabbed my hands and motioned me to sit on the shower floor. As I seated myself on the floor, she also got into a sitting position. Spreading her legs wide, we joined our loins together having my hard cock enter her pussy with ease. With the shower water still pouring down on us, I grabbed her ass and thrusted her towards me driving my cock all the way inside of her. We both gave out loud moans. We both leaned back on our arms at the same time we repeatedly thrusted our loins into each other. It was so hot watching her pussy devour the entire length of my cock as we thrusted in and out of each other. She was intensifying her sexual arousal by watching my huge cock slide in and out of her. She moaned, “Oh baby, you’re driving me crazy.” I replied, “Please don’t stop. You’re so fucking hot. Keep fucking me!” We picked up our pace slamming our loins harder into each other. She cried out, “I’m cumming! Oh my God, “I’m cumming!” I have no idea how long we fucked like this, but we were both becoming water logged. We separated from each other and leaned into each other and again passionately kissed. We were both shaking from sexual ecstasy. We stood up and turned off the shower.

We stepped out of the shower. I still had yet to cum in her and remained fully erect. I spun her wet body around and lifted her onto the bathroom counter. She draped her hands around my back allowing her to lean back. She knew I had yet to cum and knew what my intentions were by spreading her legs wide open. I aggressively rammed my rock-hard cock all the way inside of her. She let out a very loud grunt of passion. She wrapped her legs around my thighs at the same time I thrusted in and out of her. She was thrusting her hips forward at each time I drove deep into her pussy. Our eyes locked on to each other. Our facial expressions were stoic. She said to me in a labored voice, “You, sir, are a machine.” I still could not sense my climax point building. It was if I would be able to fuck for hours. Her head tilted back. Her body was shaking. I felt her love juices trickle out of her pussy down my balls and thighs as she whimpered with excitement. Looking directly in my eyes, she told me, “You’re driving me crazy. Please cum. Please cum inside me now.” I kept thrusting in and out of her to no avail. At this pace, if we didn’t stop, we would be late for the wedding and reception. Rapidly breathing and trembling from our non-stop fucking, we had to stop. We kissed and toweled ourselves off. As we got ready for the wedding, she jokingly commented, “If  we make love tonight in bed and you fuck like that, we’ll never get any sleep.” Once we were dressed, we headed out to the wedding. She of course was tastefully elegant in her wardrobe selection looking beautiful and seductive.

The wedding ceremony was very simple but romantic. Of course, those of us who were once married that ended in divorce, ask the fabled question at weddings as to how long this marriage will last. The hope is for a life time. As we sat there listening to the ceremony, she leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “Do you think one day that will be us?” I turned to her and without saying anything, I smiled and gave her a kiss on her lips. For the both of us, with what we have shared physically, emotionally and romantically, there was that strong possibility. After the wedding ceremony, we immediately proceeded to the reception. Seated at the table with friends, we talked and laughed while awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom. On occasion, I kept catching Anthony eyeballing her as she talked and laughed with other friends of mine. They really liked her. A complete opposite of my ex. I couldn’t understand Anthony’s fixation on her as he was hooked up and talking with a very attractive woman who must have been in her mid to late 20’s and genuinely showing an interest in him from what I saw. Being in our 30’s, that is somewhat of a noble achievement.

As the reception waned into the night, she and I were at our table alone talking and laughing. I said to her, “O.K. I’ve got to know. I’ve got to ask. My challenge. How’d you fare?” She replied back with a sarcastic smirk and said, “You really have nothing to worry about other than my challenge will definitely out do yours.” She laughed and continued speaking discretely, “You were not kidding about Anthony being well endowed. I’ve never seen a man with an 11-inch cock before. Man, he is huge. Too bad he does not know how to use it though.” With an inquisitive look, I asked what she meant. She told me when they got to his hotel room, she turned up the heat by stripping down to her underwear. Pausing for a moment, she said she started out giving him head. She delivered Anthony the best blowjob he has ever had. Again, she paused and then admitted they went all the way. Thinking I was going to be jealous, I smiled then lightly laughed and asked, “And how was it?” She said even though she was able to take all of him, he definitely does not know how to erotically fuck a woman especially with such a huge cock. Such a waste of talent. He only lasted a minute and then was more concerned about cumming inside a woman rather than concentrating on sexually pleasing a woman. Because of his concerns about pregnancy, that is how he ended up cumming all over her. She described Anthony as a real gusher. Like he hasn’t had sex in a long time. He really sucked in bed. She again assured me I had nothing to worry about regarding us. She leaned into me and whispered, “Besides, he may have a couple inches on you, but the head of your cock is much larger and you’re definitely much thicker than he is which I really love. Bottom line, mister, you’re a fantastic lover and you’re all mine.”

We had a wonderful time at the reception. A lot of dancing, talking and laughing with friends. In the course of one dance, I asked her if she was still horny. With a spirited glare, she grinded her flat but stimulated loin against my groin and said, “What do you think?” In such a festive time, we both did have a little too much to drink. We were not falling down drunk but did have a good glow on. Throughout the evening, I still could not help notice Anthony occasionally eyeing her over. On occasion, she and Anthony would cordially run into one another and briefly speak to each other. She must have done something to him that blew a sexual gasket. Something he’d never sexually experienced. We got our last cocktail and headed up to our room. We laughed and joked as we got onto the elevator with other friends who were also heading up to rooms. I could sense some of my friends were going to get seriously laid tonight. As the elevator ascended to our floor and she was standing in front of me, I could not help to discretely caress her firm ass with my free hand. We arrived to our hotel room where we both started to strip off our clothing for bedtime. In watching her take off her dress, I’m always attracted to her physical beauty. Because of her muscular toned and silky-smooth legs, she does not need to wear stockings. Exposing her entire body like she was doing now, while even wearing a semi-sheer laced bra and thong would excite any man. She climbed onto the bed, laying on her stomach as she watched me finishing undressing. When I got to just wearing my underwear and turned to her, she commented, “There’s my eye candy.” Naturally, my cock was slowly becoming engorged and filling out my underwear. 

Finishing placing my suit coat and pants on the chair, she said, “Hey you. Come here.” Walking over to the side of the bed where she was laying, she had this sexual devious look and smile on her face. Standing in front of her at the side of the bed, she added, “I want to try something with you I read in “Cosmopolitan” magazine. I replied, “Sure, babe, what is it?” She told me it was called the “Scorpion.” She asked me to move closer to the side of the bed. As I got closer, she rolled over onto her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed. At the same time, she extended her arms outward and pulled my underwear down. She proceeded to kiss and lick both my exposed and quickly enlarging cock and balls. Getting fully erect, she inserted my cock into her mouth tantalizing it with her warm moist spit. With her hands, she reached behind me and grabbed my ass forcing me closer into her. When she did this, my cock slid down her throat. She was making an arousing humming noise as she continued to devour my entire cock with her lips and tongue. My knees buckled. Looking down at her, I grabbed her head and very slowly moved my hips back and forth sliding my cock in her mouth and down her throat. I could not believe what she was doing. The sensation was indescribable. To catch her breath, she withdrew my cock out of her mouth. After a momentary pause to compose herself, she inserted my cock back into her mouth sliding her mouth and lips back and forth on my shaft. She would again engulf my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat teasing the base of my shaft with her pointed tongue. This was by far the best blowjob I have ever had. 

Just when you think there is no other sexual plateau that can’t be reached, she finds one that redefines erotica. As she continued to suck and swallow my girth, with spread open legs, she elevated her hips and buttocks upward off the mattress. Reaching under her back, I was able to unclasp her bra. I would lightly caress her breasts moving my hands up towards her elevated pelvic area. She was so into giving me this blowjob with our continuous non-stop humming and moaning. With one of my hands bracing her arching back, my other hand moved aside her thong and rubbed and caressed the opening of her pussy. This caused her to moan more loudly. I inserted my middle finger into her sopping wet pussy causing her to flinch and twitch. As I continued to finger fuck her, I gave her gentle kisses in and around her naval. She was slurping and sucking to her moaning delight as I kept making her flinch and twitch from my persistent stimulation of her vaginal opening. Both of us at this point, were perspiring heavily. Just as I found her inner orgasm spot just inside her opening, she repeatedly squirted her love juices onto the sheets of the bed. We both shook in sexual delight. I had to step away at this point to really gain my composure even though I was feeling a slight climax sensation building in my cock. Through our very brief interruption in oral sex, she still wanted to continue with devouring my hard cock. I motioned her hips to move more into the center of the bed where we then engaged into a hot, non-stop 69 tongue fest on each other. With her thighs spread wide, I spread her vaginal open with my fingers and drove my tongue deep into her pussy. She would thrust upward in order to get as much of me inside of her. She whimpered with excitement as she continued to slide her lips and tongue up and down my throbbing shaft.

I reached a point where I could no longer resist not having my cock deep inside her pussy. She had turned me into a sexual maniac. I rolled off of her and saw my entire cock glistening with spit and saliva as she wiped away the moistness from around her mouth. As she got onto her hands and knees on the mattress, from behind, I grabbed her waist, motioned her shoulders down onto the mattress, pulled down her thong and drove my cock deep inside her doggy-style. In a cry of passion, she said, “Give me all of you and don’t stop!” I hard thrusted in and out of her loving the feeling of her wet satiny smooth inside of her pussy as we both loudly moaned. We were so loud, I thought hotel security was going to pay us a visit. Both of us sweaty, we fucked doggy-style for a good 10 minutes before flopping onto the mattress panting heavily. She said to me, “I don’t know how many times I’ve orgasmed but I gave up counting.” I looked at her and said, “Girl, you’re going to kill me.” Laying on our sides, we French kissed while rubbing our moist perspired bodies against each other getting worked up to continue our fucking. My cock felt like a hot rod rubbing up against her stomach.

She rolled on top of me holding down my arms as she slid her wet pussy opening up and down on my stomach. Making a grimacing look of ecstasy, she maneuvered the opening of her pussy onto the head of my cock and had the head slightly enter her. She was intentionally hitting her inner climax spot in order to continue with additional orgasms. After doing this several times, her love juices poured out onto my groin, cock and balls. She then made sure she took my entire cock deep inside her. Being so hot, wet and moist, I slid into her with the greatest of ease. With powerful rapid thrusts, she was riding my cock like a bucking bronco. I felt my climax point building. I grabbed her ass forcing her to stay deep inside her at the same time I rolled her over so I was now on top. I let go of her ass and with long powerful thrusts, I made her feel the full length and thickness of my cock. We wildly French kissed while I kept my thrusts powerful and steady pleasing every inch of our bodies. Curling her toes, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and then wrapped them around my waist as I increased my intensity. Putting her mouth to my ear, she begged, “Keep giving me all of you! You feel so great! She paused then blurted, “Please cum! Please! Please! Please! I can’t take this anymore!” She started to mildly convulse as I continuously kept going as deep as I could with my thrusts. Just as I reached my critical climax point, I let go a powerful pulsating load of cum inside her at the same time she gave off a short shriek of sexual relief and told me she was feeling my pulsating cock and cum inside of her. I let out a loud moan of relief now I had finally cum inside of her. We continued to thrust into each other until we could not physically go on any further. Stopping and collapsing to our sides, both of us were gasped for air as we deeply looked into each other’s eyes while stroking each other’s hair in absolute amazement. We both fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

The morning sun broke through our room’s windows as our naked bodies were cuddled up to each other with bed sheets and blankets covering us. Like any typical male in the morning, you always wake with “morning wood.” The time of day when your cock is the hardest, longest and thickest than any other time in the day. It is also the time of day when your cock is the most sensitive. Of course her opened hand was directly on top of my rock hard cock. I was half asleep dozing in and out of conscientious. Last night really wore us both out but what an amazing love making session. Still in a daze, I felt her take her hand off my cock and lightly grabbed my hand. She was still sleeping when she was doing this. She was slowly spreading her thighs open as she placed my hand right on top of her bare pussy. She motioned my hand to rub her opening pressing her fingers against mine so my fingers would stimulate her clit. Still being half asleep, I lightly rubbed her vaginal opening slightly inserting my finger inside of her and caressing and separating the lips of her pussy. She started to lightly shudder in pleasure from the morning stimulation I was giving her. Her breathing got heavier and she started to lightly moan. She too, at this point was only half asleep but waking to arousal. I maneuvered myself in between her spread open thighs where I inserted the head of my cock into her begging vaginal opening. Just as I was gliding into her pussy, she reached up with her arms and hands and pulled me towards her. We passionately kissed as she thrusted her hips upward to get all of me inside her. As I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her as we kissed, we both told each other how much we loved each other. With my heart pounding, I kept a nice steady pace of fucking her for 5 minutes and she was loving every second of it. As we kissed while I pumped in and out, we smiled at each other and she then lightly bit my bottom lip. It was at this time, my cock again pulsated and injected her with another load of my cum. She quivered with delight.

Even though we were beyond sexed out, that did not prevent us from taking a very long, hot, romantic shower together where we slowly, deliberately and sensually washed each other’s erogenous bodies while consistently kissing one another under the hot flowing water. I won’t say we both didn’t try to fuck just one more time, but our physical and sexual capabilities were completely drained out of ourselves. We did enjoy lathering up our bodies, rubbing our soap covered bodies against each other and teasing our erogenous areas between our legs. Once getting out of the shower and dressed, we would save housekeeping from having to pull our sex stained sheets and blankets from the bed by doing it ourselves. Being packed, I took our overnight luggage out to my truck while she went to the restaurant and waited for me so we could have breakfast. Sitting and waiting at our table, Anthony came up to her to say good morning and asked how her evening was last night. With a big smile and an enchanting look with her distinctive green eyes, she returned the greetings and told him she had such an incredible evening. One she was never going to forget. Anthony lightly laughing and jokingly said, “So you had some extra-curricular fun afterwards?” She replied with her mischievous grin, “Extra-curricular doesn’t even come close to describing it.” He asked her, “Better than our little meet and greet?” She responded, “Anthony you definitely don’t lack in size. But let me put it this way. We had a marathon session that lasted hours and into this morning.” He asked her if we really went at it that long. Even though she may have exaggerated the length in time, she did tell Anthony if there was an area I did not have a problem with, that was my stamina and perseverance to sexually pleasure and perform for a very long time. She also pointed out, I too, definitely was not lacking in the manhood department.

I walked into the restaurant and over to the table where she was seated and talking with Anthony. I bid him a good morning and jokingly said, “So Anthony, you have a good time last night? You end up getting laid by good looking lady you were talking to and dancing with?” Anthony said, “Oh hell yeah. A new one for the records. She was fantastic.” This was typical Anthony. I would not expect anything less. Anthony told us she was supposed to meet him for breakfast. Anthony then asked me, “So, what about you guys? You have a good time?” In a light laugh, I commented while looking at the both of them, “During or after the reception?” With raised eyebrows, he jokingly asked, “Both.” I replied, “We thought the reception was excellent. A really good time seeing everyone.” Then smiling at her, I continued, “And the “after,” she and I had wild monkey sex all night long. I’m just hoping she doesn’t get pregnant.” She smiled and laughed at my response. I don’t think Anthony believed me but I really didn’t care. He lived up to his reputation of being well endowed but not being able to use it to appropriately please a woman. We had our breakfast, checked out of the hotel and headed home.