I fucked a guy and I liked it!

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21 Dec. '18

For a ‘normal’ straight guy, I have some pretty good fantasies about cocks! Since watching porn for the last few years – ha, who am I kidding? Since watching porn for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been as much fascinated with the guy’s dick as I have been with the girl’s body. I’m a white, British guy in my mid-fifties, married and bored. I got paid off from my job of over 30 years so I have time on my hands. Plenty of time to surf the net and watch porn!

Wifey, bless her, doesn’t really do sex any more, not that she was ever that into it once the kids came along. I’ve met with a few escorts over the years but as I get older, my desire to do this has waned. Not my sexual desire, rather the time it takes to find a good woman, make all the arrangements and find an excuse to be out of the house. I still look at the directories though, and if a particular girl catches my eye, well I suddenly don’t mind the hassle.

I was looking around the web recently, to see if any new girls had arrived in my town. You know how it is though, one click led to another and before I knew it, I was on a well-known swingers web site. This was very interesting – guys and girls that wanted to meet for sex and no money changing hands. There were some bloody good looking women on here too, so I decided to make a profile. I uploaded some naked pics of myself, even showing my hard cock. It’s not that impressive or anything, I just wanted to be clear about what I wanted and more importantly, what I looked like. Would I get any hits and messages?

I opened the site the next morning and I had three messages. Wow, that was quick. The swinging community looking for new blood, perhaps? Hmm, well, not exactly. I hadn’t specified that I didn’t want to meet single guys, so all three messages were from single guys! Typical. I opened the first one, checked out his profile. Nice chap, but older than me and he had a tiny cock. Delete! The next one was a bit better but wanted to visit me. Hmm, what would wifey make of that? Delete! The last one was quite a surprise though. A really nice looking guy in his early thirties and when I clicked his pics – Jesus! He was hung like a stallion, in fact he looked just like one of the good looking porn stars I’d seen so many time. I was intrigued….

His message said “Nice profile, mate. Fancy meeting up for some fun?” After seeing his pics, I really did fancy some fun with this guy! I shot off a quick reply “Hey man, sure, when can you host? I can only do weekday daytimes, any good for you?” He was actually online so his reply was more or less instant. “I come to your town one week in four for work – I’m a DJ. I usually stop with a friend, but I could book a hotel room instead if you like and you can come along and meet me.” He sounded very chilled and friendly, so I replied “That sounds great, but before we arrange it, you have read my profile correctly? I’m in my fifties, so you do like older guys, right?” Another instant reply “Oh yeah, I saw that and yes, I’m into older guys. As long as you can get it up and fuck me, that’s what I’m after”

I laughed to myself – a guy with low standards, perfect! No, I’m not that bad really. I’m clean, well-groomed, smart and polite. My naked pics came out well and showed off my cock nicely, about 7 inches and quite thick. This guy could do worse! Then, the fantasy I was having kind of stalled. I was about to reply to a guy with the intention of visiting him and fucking him! I’d never even touched a guy before, never entertained any sexual thoughts of gay sex. I just liked to see hard cocks cumming, preferably over pretty girls. But it’s funny, as I get older, I’m finding I’m becoming more broadminded. What the hell, I’ll try it. If I can’t get it up or don’t enjoy it, I’ll put it down to experience and move on.

I replied to “Paul” and suggested a day and time. He confirmed back straight away and gave me his phone number. I sent him a text so he had mine and we agreed to text each other on the morning we agreed to meet.  I decided not to cum at all before the meeting, so no jerking to porn for me for a few days. The morning arrived and I shot a quick text off to Paul, saying “are we still OK for later? I’m looking forward to meeting you.” Another quick reply came back – “Yep, I’m at the hotel now, get over here about 11, I can’t wait for you to fuck me.” And he told me the room number. I hopped into the car, freshly showered and eager to try this new experience. I knew the hotel he was staying at and got there with five minutes to spare. I parked up, strolled in to reception, straight to the lift and tapped on the door, praying I’d got the right room!

Paul answered the door wearing just a towel. He looked exactly like his photos and looked friendly. He shook my hand and thanked me for coming. What a nice chap! Then he let his towel slide down to the floor. Oh my God! His cock was huge and it was only semi hard! “Have you been playing already?” I asked. “Ha!”, he replied “just a little warm up exercise. I’m so horny, my cock is permanently half erect.” I told him I’d showered before leaving the house and he smiled and said “So why are you still dressed then?” I took the rather unsubtle hint and stripped down to my boxers. They were bulging quite pleasingly by this time, Paul’s hot body turning me on. “Lose the shorts and let me suck your cock, buddy”, said Paul.

Boxers ripped off, I strode over to the bed where Paul was sitting. He took my cock into his hand and stroked it, easing my foreskin right back before taking it into his mouth. My first blow job by a guy. Hmm, not bad! He knows what he’s doing, I thought and my cock grew to it’s fully erect size. He was sort of mumbling and moaning as he sucked me and it felt good. But I wanted to taste his cock now, so I suggested we swapped places. He sprang off the bed and I sat down. I reached up and grabbed his impressively huge cock which was already hard, foreskin fully retracted. I stroked it a few times, then licked the shaft, working my tongue up towards the tip. I ran my tongue all around his shiny knob, then pursed my lips and sucked it into my mouth. Paul moaned loudly as I did this and I took as much of his length into my mouth as I could. “Man, you’re fucking good at this,” he moaned. I was pleased to hear that, as it was my first time, but I know what I like to feel during a bj, so it wasn’t hard to do it to someone else. I really loved sucking his cock and I reached around to squeeze his ass cheeks and pull him in to me. He really liked that!

“Finger my ass a bit please” he asked. “I’m so ready for you to fuck me!” He handed me some lube and I squeezed a dollop onto two fingers. I reached between his legs and rubbed it into and around his anus. He gasped as I slipped a finger inside him and his cock jerked inside my mouth, “Oh yeah, that feels good, man” said Paul, “real fucking good!” I moved the tips of my fingers around in his anus, loosening him up a bit. I doubt I needed to really though, I had a feeling this ass had had one or two cocks inside it already and probably ones bigger than mine. Still, Paul enjoyed the sensation of my fingers up there and his cock was bulging and twitching in my mouth. I decided it was time to change things up a bit.

“Jump on the bed, Paul and stick your ass in the air for me” I said, trying to sound confident, like I’d done this with a hundred guys before. He let out a sort of puppy whimper as I said that and crawled on to the bed. Was he panting? My head was spinning as I tore the condom packet open and fumbled with the slippery rubber. I rolled it down the entire length of my cock and it felt tight at the thick base. Good, I didn’t want it slipping off mid fuck! I moved up behind him, reached through his legs and stroked his cock a little more, then stroked my own, adding a little more lube to the condom-covered tip. I raised it up towards his ass, which was thrust out towards me. I placed the head against his slightly open anus and felt him push back towards me. “Easy, feller!” I said, “let me do the work.” “Sorry man,” he replied, “I just want your cock in me so bad.”

I pushed gently, probing his tight starfish, then a bit harder until my knob slipped into him “Oh Fuck Yes!” he shouted. “Fuck me hard, please man!” I was happy to oblige, my own cock bulging and straining against the condom rubber. I pushed into him deeper and deeper as he breathed out slowly, then I pulled almost fully out, then plunged in hard and deep, until my balls slapped his ass. He let out a shriek as I did this, and I was thinking, God, I hope I didn’t hurt him. When he shouted “Again!”, I realised it was a shriek of pleasure. I pulled right out, then thrust my cock into his asshole again, balls-deep. He was writhing and squealing as I repeated this move over and over. His ass was slick with the lube and I smacked it hard as I thrust into him. It was obvious that gentle and sensuous wasn’t the way he liked things. I pounded his ass real good and after a while, I could feel the sap rising. No way was I going to cum just yet, so I slowed it down and told him to get on his back.

My cock slipped out as he manoeuvred onto his back, then he lifted his legs up so I had unfettered access to his hole. I didn’t need any more lube, so I got on top of Paul, positioned myself just right, then thrust my cock right into him, all the way in. His screams must have been audible several rooms away and I told him to keep it down in case we attracted too much attention! “Sorry, man, it’s just so fucking good!” came the reply. I kept fucking Paul in this position for a good five minutes, again until I could feel the cum welling up inside me. “How about you ride me now? Slip your pussy ass onto my stiff cock!” Paul grinned and nodded. We swapped positions on the bed and he crouched over me, carefully holding my throbbing cock before sitting on me. I watched my cock disappear completely into him and he moaned again, stroking his cock in time to our fucking.

He didn’t last long in this position. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow,” he shouted “while your cock is in my asshole!” Oh yeah, do your worst, I thought. I’d wanted to see his big cock erupting with cum from the moment I saw a photo of it. Now, it was right in front of me and about to shoot! Two or three more stokes, then he sat right down on me, let out a big gasp and bingo! Five big, thick streams of cum shot over my belly and my chest while he shouted “Oh my fucking God” over and over. The sight of this was too much for me and I told him I was about to cum. He slipped off me, pulled the condom off my hard cock, threw it on the floor, then clamped his mouth around my knob, just as I unleashed my load. Spasm after spasm followed, I lost count and as I couldn’t see it, I wasn’t sure how much cum there was. Then Paul started choking as he swallowed it. “Fuck man, haven’t you cum for a month?” he asked. I laughed and replied “Just a few days’ worth for you, Paul!”

“Jesus, I haven’t swallowed a load as big as that for ages!” he said, and I felt rather proud of myself! Not bad for a fifty-odd year old guy’s first attempt at gay sex, I thought to myself, as Paul licked and sucked my cock clean. I knew I wouldn’t be able to perform again for a few hours, one of the many downsides of getting older. Paul, however, had no such problem. In fact, his cock was still fully hard, literally rigid. He was stroking it again, so I figured there was more cum in there to pull out. I took over the stroking duties and he grinned at me. “Nice one, man, I need to cum again!” he said. “Oh yeah”, I replied. “My turn to taste your cum.”

I asked him to get on his knees on the bed, then I sat in front of him. “Fuck my mouth, big feller,” I commanded him. “Fuck, yeah!” came the reply, and he pushed his cock into my eager mouth. His cock was so big that when he got a bit carried away fucking my mouth, it was pushing against the back of my throat, making me gag a bit. “Shit man, don’t make me puke!” I said, pulling his cock out as I spluttered. He laughed, said sorry, then pushed back into me. I gripped the base of his cock to make sure I didn’t gag too much, then I decided to spend some time licking his shiny knob, giving my throat a rest. Personally, I love the sensation of lips and tongue all over my knob as much as thrusting deeply. Well, it turned out, so did Paul. He started to moan again, repeatedly calling for The Almighty. “Oh God, yes, more. Oh my fucking God, yes, don’t stop!” I didn’t stop. Instead, I reached one hand in between his legs and slipped a finger into his anus as I continued my licking and kissing of his cock head.  Before long, I was rewarded with my creamy prize. The first spurt caught me a bit by surprise and shot out over my lips, splashing on to the side of my face. I clamped my lips around his twitching knob and caught every drop of spurts two to five – yes, I counted them – in my mouth. Wow, a hot guy’s hot cum in my mouth for the first time, and it was a big load. Should I try and swallow it? It tasted good so I thought, why not. I swallowed hard and felt his creamy load slide down my throat, then I continued to rub his still-oozing cock over my lips while his hips bucked and until he couldn’t take any more stimulation.

“Fuck me, you are the best cock-sucker I’ve ever met!” gasped Paul, as he pulled away from me and flopped onto his back on the bed, spent and breathing hard. I was beaming with this revelation and felt it was time to come clean. “Thanks man, this has been my first time with a guy, you know. It was fucking awesome!” Paul looked a little incredulous when I said that. “No way!” he exclaimed. “If that’s true, you’re a fucking natural!” What a nice thing to say.

I left his hotel room not long afterwards, having borrowed his shower to freshen up. On the drive home, I reflected on the experience. I had enjoyed it and had no regrets but it left me feeling somehow empty. I think it was because despite being sexually aroused by his great body and astounding cock, I don’t actually fancy men, so there was no real intimacy, no kissing and cuddling, the kind of thing that makes an encounter truly special.

There’s only one thing for it. If I want to enjoy another cock, it needs to be attached to a pretty girl. My next adventure will be with a transsexual…