Not Another Christmas Story

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21 Dec. '18
Not Another Christmas Story

This story is set in Louisiana where a really good guy named Bobby lived. Well, I guess there were many good guys named Bobby in Louisiana, but this is the story of one of them in particular.

Bobby was well-known in his city, both for his ranch and for being a good person.

Among Bobby’s many employees, there was Jesse.

Jesse had been working on the ranch for a long time: he was just 19 when he walked into Bobby’s office for the first time.

He was a boy, escaping from his life and from a family who refused to accept his homosexuality.

And Bobby pretty much acted as a good father figure and did what every father should do: accept Jesse for who he was.

Jesse worked on the ranch for some 20 years, building muscle, growing stronger, not to mention a beard and body hair. He turned into a rugged, sexy man.

As time went by, Jesse got closer and closer to his boss’ family: Bobby’s wife Patti and his daughter Christie.

Oh, Christie…

Jesse had felt connected with this little girl, since the beginning.

He had watched her grow up as he was getting older. That red curly hair, those green eyes… Christie was as pretty as her mother, and was as pure and good as her father.

She had many friends at school, but nobody she felt as close to as Jesse.

It was tough when she fell in love with him and he could do nothing but tell her the truth. He didn’t think of her “that way” because he was gay.

Jesse was Christie’s crush. She was sure they would get married when she finished high school. She cried a lot and refused to talk to anyone for a week.

Luckily, time healed her broken heart and everything got better.

Until last year.

It was a cold day of February, when good ol’ Bobby passed away, leaving everyone in devastating pain. Getting back to life wasn’t easy for anybody in the family or on the rach since everything on the ranch reminded them of the man they loved so much.

Christie was in such a state of shock that she failed her senior year and had to repeat it in September.

The family ranch still had the trust of the investors, but nobody had Bobby’s business sense. Hard times were a-coming…


It was a warm night in July.

Jesse was getting ready to go home, thinking of his latest douchebag date and his terrible relationships, when he met Christie. She tried to act like she was strong, but she gave up right after a few words.

Her sad smile said a lot.

“I’ve been thinking to those things I can’t do anymore. I won’t make him proud of me, I won’t feel his hugs, I won’t hear his voice…”

She was about to cry again.

“Oh Christie,” Jesse whispered reassuringly. “Come here…”

Jesse hugged her and helped let the pain flow out of her eyes, as his hands tenderly caressed her hair.

“I miss him so much…”

“You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine, I promise. We’ll get through this.”

And then, she pronounced those words: “Thank you, daddy.”

Jesse felt uncomfortable.

“How did you call me?”

Christie looked embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry, Jesse. It’s just that… sometimes, you sound exactly like him…”

“Are you sure it’s just that?” he asked.

She looked away from him: “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I saw you come into this world and I saw you grow up into the young woman you are right now. I love you, but not as you might think.”

“I’m not thinking about anything. What do you mean?”

“Okay,” replied Jesse “I just really want to make sure things are clear between us because I really want to help you.”

The girl looked at him: there was a strange aura around them.

“Help me, then.”

Before saying another word, Christie had her lips on Jesse’s. He felt very strange about that kiss but even stranger about the fact he wasn’t doing anything to stop it. He found himself responding to the intense embrace with even more intensity. His cock hardened instantly.

Her lips and mouth tasted so good. His hands on her face, her hands running up and down the back of his tank top, caressing his hot body.

Jesse was a gold star and he was about to lose that with a girl who could be his daughter!

“No… Wait a minute, what’s going on?” he thought. “Fuck that, no!”

The lights had suddenly turned back on, in his mind.

He was still breathing hard

“I… I can’t…” he said to Christie, interrupting the kiss. “We can’t… Please…”

“Why not? It’s what we both want. Please…”

Christy kissed his mouth again, softly.

“Please, daddy…”

Jesse turned cold. “Stop it. This is not good. I’m not your daddy, Christie. Your daddy is a man who still lives in our minds, in our hearts. He loved you so much and I loved him a lot, too. And I will not disrespect his memory.”

The moonlight made his tears shine as he walked away, quickly.

Once he got home, Jesse dived onto his bed. He was upset, felt guilty, his head hurting.

He felt like his feelings were fighting his instincts.

It was not going to be an easy night…



As time flew by, things didn’t get much easier for Jesse and Christie.

But as the November page blew off the calendar and the first day of December rolled in, everyone on the ranch felt relieved.

Jesse and Christie were friends. Sort of. But something was broken beyond fixing.

Jesse had hooked up with a few men since that kiss with Christie, but his latest date was a little more into exploration. He wanted Jesse to try out his fleshlight. A pussy fleshlight. A very accurate reproduction.

“I thought you were gay,” Jesse said.

“I am. Okay, maybe homoflexible is the correct definition.”

“Sorry dude, but this ain’t my stuff.”

“Give me a chance, please. I’ll show you how it works.”

He started with a long, tasty blowjob.

Jesse was really excited.

“Now what?”

The guy positioned the lips of the fleshlight on top of Jesse’s cock and pushed gently.

His body reacted, as he growled arching his chest.

“You like that?”

The date guy moved the fleshlight as Jesse’s mind projected Christie’s body moving up and down on his pole: then he remembered their steamy kiss. And he pretended that the fleshlight was Christie's tight pussy.

Jesse had one of his best orgasms, ever.

In that moment, the gay guy from South Louisiana had the proof he wasn’t just a gay guy, anymore.



Jesse was working harder than usual on the ranch because he needed to keep his mind as busy as possible if he didn’t want to think of sad stuff.

Like the fact that this would be the first Christmas without Bobby.

“Good morning,” said a female voice dehind him.

Jesse turned to see who was there.

“Good morning, Mrs Monet.”

In Jesse’s mind, Mrs Monet was the encyclopedic definition of a horrible person.

“It’s finally Christmas… Everything is so magical. I’m feeling like a better person, you know?” said Mrs. Monet.

“I’m sure you are, ma'am,” replied Jesse politely.

He was already disgusted just talking to the woman but needed to keep up appearances.

“How can I help you?”

She smiled: “I wanted to inform you about tonight. I’d like to have you as a special… guest… For me and the other women of the club.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Jesse replied, puzzled.

“Oh, I think you understand perfectly,” she answered, touching his crotch.

“With all due respect,” he said, pushing her hand away, “that’s not gonna happen.”

Her smile turned to an evil grin.

“Oh, Jesse… Did I say that I’d like to have you? I meant that I WANT YOU. You and your hard-working body will give us much pleasure… tonight. Or I’ll make sure this ranch hits the skids quicker than a summer-tired Oldsmobile in the middle of a New England snow storm. And for the record... Patti has given me her blessing.”

Jesse was shocked.

How could she do that to him? He felt so betrayed.

“Bring a Santa costume,” ordered Mrs. Monet. “We can’t wait to… unwrap you.”

The woman exited, leaving Jesse speechless.

A few seconds later, a hate-filled voice reached his ears. A voice he could have recognized anywhere. “I guess old ladies don’t make you feel as gay, huh?”

Christie had seen and heard everything. She was furious.

“Please… Let me explain,” begged Jesse.

“Explain what!? The fact that you’re not attracted to me, but you don’t mind getting touched by disgusting bitches like Mrs Monet?”

“No! Not at all! Listen to me, please!”

“No! I’m done listening to your lame excuses. I’m done waiting for you. I’m done with YOU!”


Her pain was real but Christie desperately tried to hide it with anger.

“I don’t want you in my life, you’re fucking dead to me!”

Christie ran away as Jesse tried to reach her.

“I love you… In every way,” he shouted, but Christie was already too far.

Jesse had finally come to grips with the idea of making love to Christie, but apparently, it was too late.

Once he got back home, Jesse looked through the garage for his Santa stuff. It had been a long time since he’d put it on. Then, he hit the gym. He felt he needed to be extra hot for those old skanks. He kept thinking about Bobby and how much he wanted to save the ranch for him, for his legacy and for Christie.

Later that night, Jesse donned his Santa costume, and threw some clean clothes in an overnight bag before heading out to Mrs. Monet’s Christmas party.

As he was driving, Jesse thought about this absurd situation and how uncomfortable he felt. Was he really supposed to go to that twisted party without claryfing things with Patti first? After all, wasn’t she his boss now? Not Mrs. Monet?

“Ah, fuck,” he heard himself say out loud.

He stopped the car, and parked in a very unconventional way before running to Patti’s house.

An unusually cold wind brushed against his body and rushed under his clothes but this didn’t stop him. When he finally made it to the door and rang the bell, his breathing was choppy at best.

“Jesse. What are you doing here?”

Patti barely recognized him.

“I need to talk to you. Now.”

She let him in.

“Look, I know we’re having troubles and I know Mrs. Monet is a big investor in the ranch, but…” he took a deep breath before continuing. “But I won’t be her hooker. I won’t. I’m sorry. I… I just can’t. And if you need to fire me, then go ahead.”

Patti was stunned.

“Jesse… What are you talking about?”

He looked at her. She had the same genuine eyes Bobby had.

“Mrs. Monet talked to me earlier today.”

Meanwhile, Christie was eavesdropping from the stairs.

Jesse went on: “She said the two of you agreed to hire me as a stripper and an escort for her club of bored women.”

“What? I never… that is not true! When we talked, we settled for a charity auction. She never mentioned something as despicable. I would never agree to anything like THAT.”

"So... You would never sell me to that... Witch?"

Patti took Jesse’s hands.

“Are you kidding? God, no! You’re part of this family. And I care about you.”

The two hugged.

“So now what do I do?” asked Jesse.

“Well, I suggest you forget about going over there. I can't wait for her to call me. She'll know what I think of her twisted plans.”

Jesse and Patti exchanged smiles as Christie came down the stairs, pretending she hadn’t been there all along.

"Hi, Jesse. Mom, can we have a moment?"

"Oh course. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me."

Once Patti had left, Christie and Jesse shared an awkward smile.

“You heard your mother and I talking, didn’t you?”

“I did,” Christie admitted. “Enough to realize I was a fool to think you’d…”

He smiled.

"So you don’t think I’m a two-bit gigolo anymore, huh?"

Christie chuckled, embarrassed.

"I never really thought that, actually,” she replied. “I was just… really angry."

Jesse felt the impulse to kiss her, but stopped. Then, he felt a sob building up in his throat.

“Listen,” he started, his voice unsure. “After our first kiss, I fought hard with myself. I’m gay, always have been. But your touch, your lips… I… they gave me sensations that I’d never felt before. And I think what happened is… I finally understand. I wanted to lose my virginity… My… second one… With you. But I don't... I'm ready for this experience, just with someone else. You're too important to me. Like… well, you’re mom said it herself. I’m part of the family. You are like a sister to me."

He was ready for her to cry, but she kinda looked relieved.

“Are you alright?”

She smiled.

“I’ve been wanting us to be together for so long”, she finally said. “But only now do I realize it could never work.”

Jesse just stared at her, amazed.

“You see,” Christie continued, “we might have fantasies. We might have our first time together. But after the orgasm, at the end of the day, I’m still a straight girl and you’re still a gay man. I love you and you love me, yes. And I’d give everything to have a straight Jesse. But that wouldn’t be you.”

He smiled and gave her a sweet hug.

“So young, yet so smart. I’m so glad you understand! I do love you, Christie. You’ll find a boyfriend soon and he better be a gentleman. Or I’ll have to punch him out.”

She laughed.

“Okay, gay cowboy, all that virility shows you really are ready to lose your gold star.”

Jesse’s eyes widened.

“What? You know about that?”

“I might be young but I’m not completely innocent! Now go, before you miss your chance!”

Jesse gave her one last kiss on the lips before leaving.

"Merry Christmas, Christie."

"Merry Christmas, Jesse."


It was a very intense night, all Jesse could think about was needing a beer. Sex? He had to be realistic. Looking for pussy on Christmas Eve was just as crazy as trolling for cock on Christmas Eve.

He drove to the pub and, as soon as he parked, he found his next to impossible: a beautiful brunette chick, not older than 20, arguing with someone on the phone.

She didn’t notice him at first, but he certainly noticed her.

Her coat couldn't hide her red and white lingerie.

Jesse parked close to where the girl was, took the Santa beard off and got off the car.

“Ok, then you know what? Screw you!”, yelled the girl one last time before ending the call.

Jesse “casually” walked towards her. He was horny.

Their eyes met and they both smiled.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. My boyfriend is a lazy cunt”.

The two kept looking at each other, then he made the first move.

“If I’d have to pick a random moment for some random sex with a random person, this would be that moment and you would be that person.”

She smiled, horny.

“Let’s fuck at your place, Santa.”

“Sounds cool”, said Jesse before kissing her.

They left in his car.

As he was driving, the girl took his gay dick out of his pants, directly into her mouth and gave him the best blowjob ever.

“Holy shit, keep sucking! That feels amazing!”

Dangerously close to cum, he managed to control himself in time.

Once they arrived at Jesse’s place, he took the girl’s coat off, roughly pulled her hair and kissed her wildly.

“Man, I never thought kissing a girl would feel so good...” he thought.

“What’s your name?”


"Okay, Vanessa... Let's see if you've been naughty, or nice…"

He opened the door to his bedroom, picked her up and threw her on the bed.

“You’re so in trouble…”

The girl hesitated a little before picking up the roleplay.

"Can you at least tell me your name?"

"Well," Jesse, grinned, horny, “Everyone knows Santa has no name."

He caressed her chin as they made out again.

He gently pushed Vanessa down, face up, as she could see him taking his shirt off.

Finally, his body was free, out of that stinky uniform. His chiseled torso was a bit covered in sweat.

"But for you: it's Daddy."

She giggled with excitement and he leaned down toward her, kissing her once again.

“Man, I can’t stop kissing you.”

His right hand grabbed her boobs, then moved down to her panties.

She had a nice wet pussy, he could tell. Jesse pushed her panties aside and slid a finger inside her. Then two. Making her moan with pleasure.

His gay hand nevertheless instinctively knew how to handle girl parts. Her moans were so hot in his mouth.

“That’s right, get wet for daddy.”

He added a third finger and fingerfucked her harder as his mouth suffocated her moans.

She had a nice orgasm, Jesse could feel it.

He slowly took his fingers out and let Vanessa suck her pleasure from them.

“Let me taste you”, Jesse said, spreading her legs and diving his mouth down into those waterfalls.

He was eating his first pussy and damn, he loved the flavour!

"Oh Daddy, you're so fuckin' great!"

"WOOF," he growled, as he feasted on her pussy.

Then, the cowboy sat on the bed and took his pants off before taking out a condom.

He was so horny and sweaty, even before the real cardio activity.

His spit fell on top of the protected knob and he invited Vanessa to sit on his hard cock.

As the good girl obeyed, taking Jesse’s important manhood within her walls, they both got very vocal at the same time. His cock was drenched in female pleasure juice leaking down onto his balls.

He took her next to him and freed her boobs from the sophisticated lingerie. His gay tongue soaked every inch of her round and solid pieces of art as his hard tool drilled her hole with no mercy.

Vanessa couldn't help but moan as her hands caressed his beard, his manly chest and the rest of his sweaty body, but Jesse quickly switched things around, lying against her body and fucking her in the missionary position.

She screamed.

To tease her some more, he pinned her hands to the mattress and whispered dirty things into her open lips.

“Do you like daddy’s cock in your filthy, hungry pussy?"

Her eyes were wide open, no sound coming from her mouth.

"Oh, I can feel it drenching in your juices. I love how it smells, I fucking love it.”

Jesse was feeling so good, he had to kiss her again and again.

“Keep... Keep doing me daddy," she whispered. "I’m gonna cum again!”

Jesse intensified the drilling and he smiled at her facial expressions when her pleasure reached its limits.

He felt her squirting all around his cock.

“Oh, God! OH, GOD! You’re so wet. You’re so fucking wet!”

He kissed her wildly again but he was so close to the finish line.

"Baby," Jesse whispered this time, too. "Daddy needs to cum so badly. Where do you want Daddy to cum?”

“In my mouth.”

He slowed down as he breathing got even more ragged.

"Okay... Okay..."

Jesse proceeded pulled out of her drenched pussy and ripped the condom off his hard pole. He facefucked Vanessa until he unleashed his nasty cumshot.

“I'm coming!” he growled. “Yeah! Fuck yeah! Swallow every drop of my cum!”

His body was extremely sweaty, his mind was extremely satisfied.

He layed down on her beautiful body and they kissed for a long while, post-orgasm, not speaking.

“I have to go” said Vanessa as their mouths took a break. “My boyfriend is still at home and I think he’s sorry enough. He's an idiot, but I kinda like him.”

She left the bed and adjusted the lingerie as Jesse kept looking at her.

Vanessa smiled.


“I'm Jesse, by the way. And... And I'm gay.”

She was shocked.

“I also was a gold star… You’re my very first girl”

Then, shock turned to laughs.

“Okay, do you tell this story to every chick you fuck?”

“I’m serious! I’m gay but I had these fantasies about girls, lately. So... Thank you for this moment.”

“No. I thank you for making me feel like a princess in wonderland. But now I have go back to being a regular girl.”

“Who said that?” asked Jesse. “Why don’t we make an exception and let the spell end at sunrise?”

The girl was tempted by this homoflexible stud.

“Call your idiot and tell him you’re fine but far from here. And then come back to daddy’s cock.”

Jesse smiled at his own words: if good ol’ Bobby could hear him!

But maybe, he did…