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21 Dec. '18

Orange County. 

Where some producer thought to waste everybody’s time shooting a totally pointless yet “iconic” tv show. At least, that’s what Dave always thought.

Who is Dave?  One of the most powerful lawyers in the State, known in courtrooms as “The Shark”: 48 years old, a machiavellian mind in a built, beefy body; unlimited hunger for unlimited power. Loved and hated, envyed and admired.  

Women crave him as the smart, powerful, dangerous and sexy as fuck man that he is; men crave his power and confidence and want to be like him. 

Everyone knows Dave Rohrwacher and he knows everyone back. You might say he’s a philantropist, but the genuine smile behind his bearded face hides a sick obsession for control: there are no friends when you’re on top, only enemies who still look for a chance to fuck you up.

He knows to keep them close and to stay close to their secrets: once he gets to their weakness, he can maneuver anyone.

Think he’s the Devil? Oh, there’s so much more you need to know… 

It was a pleasant Saturday. 

For rich men and women in the county city, Saturday meant time to indulge in their favourite and most practised hobby: infidelity.

Dave was no exception.  

His wife was in Temecula on business so, right after a killer workout, he got back home, ready for some extra cardio with a special guest. 

“Mr. Rohrwacher, are you sure we can stay here?” 

Dave cut any doubts with a kiss. 

“No more words. I want to make you mine.”


Lust took over the place. 

Clothes fell off quickly, their naked bodies were devouring each other in passionate and neverending makeouts on the floor, behind the couch. 

Dave reached the precious hole with his mouth and tonguefucked it ruthlessly. 

“Oh my God, Mr. Rohrwacher!” 

His cock was hard but still required a voracious blowjob, as he took out a condom. 

Several nasty facefuckings later, it was time for some roleplay. 

“Where does this little slut want my big cock?” 

“In my ass.”

Dave had a very horny smile on his face:  

“Beg me.”

“Please, I want it in my ass.”

“Try again, you’re not deserving of it yet.”

“Please Mr Rohrwacher, I want your big cock in my ass!”

Dave teased his guest, with a spit in the mouth and a sloppy kiss: “Turn around: I’ll give you what you want.”

A few seconds later, he got inside that hole, for what definitely looked like an animalistic breed…

He’d never been worried of being exposed by a rival and eventually humiliated: everyone cheats in Orange County, especially in Santa Ana. Everyone cheats and everyone knows. Why marry someone loyal, when you can get married to someone powerful?

Why be in love, when you can be in charge?

Dave’s manhood was unstoppable and insatiable. That hole was all he needed to find satisfaction.

He laid his guest on her back, teasing her neck and ears with his wet tongue… 

Mind and body were busy plowing hard and conquering.

So busy, he only heard his wife behind the door when it was too late. 

“Fuck, bitch came back way earlier. Maybe her slutty acting or her dirty money sealed the agreement quicker than expected,” he thought.

“I… I’m afraid, Mr. Rohrwacher. She’s gonna kill me!” 

That wasn’t part of his plan at all. But he still had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

He pulled his penis out of the asshole, but his body was still pressing against his bitch on the floor.

“I got this. Don’t move and don’t make any sound,” whispered Dave. 

He heard Charisma’s key in the lock and the door open.

She immediately noticed the clothes all around and two pairs of feet, which couldn’t be hidden by the couch. 

“Honey, I’m home,” she said, sarcastically. 

He stood up, smiling: “It’s not what it looks like… Okay, it’s exactly what it looks like,” he replied as he removed the condom from his still-erect penis.  

“Well,… busted!” 

Charisma smiled back in a mix of fun and disgust.

“This house has so many rooms and you fuck your sluts on the floor!? What a lack of class.”

“How cute,” he chuckled. “You still care where I have sex!?”

“I care for my reputation, darling.”

Charisma took off her jacket, revealing a white tailleur. Sophisticated look for a not-so-sophisticated woman. 

“I don’t want people out there to say Charisma’s husband doesn’t treat his sluts right. Oh, and speaking of sluts…” she added, raising her voice and turning her face toward the couch. “Honey? I’m pretty sure you’ll never be able to afford marble floors like this in your poor apartment, but please… get your skinny ass, your fake boobs, your extra cheap clothes and leave.” 

Dave crossed his muscled arms, smirking. He knew his wife was in for the surprise of a lifetime and he reveled in the reveal.


No answer from behind the couch.

Then, sobbing sounds.

“Honey, come on,” Charisma went on, rolling her eyes. “I’m not gonna yell at you, not gonna hurt you or my husband. We’re not going to divorce, we’re still too useful to each other. Cheating is part of the agreement. I’m not angry and your secret will die in this house, but I want you out. Now.” 

This time, the “slut” got up.

Dave looked at his wife, as she felt the floor disappear under her feet. 


She turned to her husband: “Are you kidding me?” 

She… was a he! 

All Dave could do was laugh and make fun of his astonished wife.

“Don’t look at me! 5 minutes ago there was a pussy over there! Don’t know what happened!” he said, faking a surprised expression. 

She was furious. “You’d better give me an explanation,” she shouted, “and it better be a good one.” 

The beefy lawyer kept smiling: he’d never admit it, but his wife looked hot when she was angry… 

“Hey buddy,” he said, knowing it would rub Charisma the wrong way even more. “Why don’t you introduce yourself to my splendid, pissed-off wife?”

His bottom cub was really embarassed as he struggled to get his undies on: “I’m Calvin.” 

Dave echoed him: “He’s Calvin.”

Charisma looked at her husband as though she was still searching for answers. 

“Calvin… and?” 

“And… He’s hot.”

Charisma took a deep breathe: she was really about to freak out. 

“Dave, you fucked-up and perverted bastard! We made a promise to each other…” 

“Oh, there she goes…”

“We promised we would only cheat on each other when it was required for work. I lost count of how many nights I’ve waited for you to come home after your… extra work appointments. I lost count of how many times I was afraid you would leave me. I lost count of how many…”

“Blah blah blah,” Dave interrupted, rolling his eyes. “The drama queen role isn’t for you, honey. It’s a miscast. All I hear is I, I, I… but you weren’t afraid of losing ME, you were afraid of losing your weapon for corrupting the entire fucking county of Orange. You’re just selfish.”

“Selfish? Me?”

Charisma was out of her mind.

“You fucked Cindy Margolis the night before our wedding!” 

“Yeah, because you paid her!” 

“Well, sorry if your wife had enough money to give you a night of sex with a playmate…” 

Charisma threw her purse on the couch. 

“I just want to know why? Why him? You could have any woman, any girl, any wife, any daughter! You could also have…” Charisma sensually moved her hands on her body “All… Of… This.”

Calvin stared at them: that was definitely the strangest and most insane dispute he’d ever seen.

Dave smirked.

“First of all, I don’t think you’ve spent enough time looking at THIS” he said, flexing his huge biceps before showcasing his manly pectorals. 

“Also, take a look at Calvin: his beefy and hairy body, beefy yet muscled enough to not look like a fattie. I wanted to take a break from women, so I found this manly slut.

“Hey!” Calvin protested unconvincingly.

“And last, but not least,” Dave went on, “take a really good look at yourself, will you? We definitely don’t have the same definition of… muscle definition.”

Enough was enough. Charisma lost her patience: “You, son of a…”. 

She tried to slap him, Dave blocked her hand and twisted her wrist behind her back. 

Caught by surprise, Charisma grew even more frustrated.  

“You’re not acting like a very good hostess,” said Dave. “I’m sure my guest isn’t feeling very welcome right now and that’s all your fault.” 

Charisma tried to break his hold, but he gave her no chance to get free. This time, Dave whispered in her ear: “Honey, this was a very pleasant afternoon, before you came home.” He got closer, as the woman could feel his buff, naked body pressing on her back. 

“My cock was rock hard, then your shit made it depressed.” He freed her hand partially, so she could move it.”

“Come on, jerk it off. Slowly.” 

Charisma did as he ordered, reluctanty. Dave’s cock hardened a little as she took it in her hand. She moved slow, he liked that, a lot. 

“That’s it. Yes. That’s what a good wife does. Keep going…”

Like he was forgetting there was a third person in the room, he kissed his wife on the neck. She hadn’t felt goosebumps like that in the longest time: anger was wrestling with desire in her mind.

“I hate you, Dave Rohrwacher,” she snarled. “You don’t know how much I fucking hate you.” 

He spun her around so he could face her. “I hate you, too. That’s why we got married.”

Dave and Charisma looked into each other’s eyes. And they made out, like crazy. Her hands were roaming on his torso and Dave grabbed her ass firmly.

“Take off your clothes”, he whispered, horny. 

Charisma obeyed, consumed by lust. First, her jacket flew off. Then the buttons of the white blouse opened the curtains, exposing her breasts in her bra. Shoes came right after, followed by her pants: that bitch certainly knew how to get him horny, with nothing but her lingerie on.

“All your clothes,” he ordered.

The woman took her panties off and shoved them into Dave’s mouth. He watched that smooth bush over her hole and kept jerking off, munching on the silk with desire.

It was her bra’s turn to come off, at last. 

Her husband opened his mouth, stunned: she was so beautiful.

He spit out the panties which fell on the floor. 

“Please, have a seat, darling.” Dave pointed to one of their expensive chairs.  

“Calvin! Get on your knees, boy.”

The gay guy took his order, still shocked by the entire situation. But as crazy as it all looked and sounded, Calvin had to admit it was extremely hot. 

Dave started his soliloquy just like if he’d been in court: “You see, sweetie. It’s not breaking news: men are way better than women, in so many different things…”

He brought his hard cock to Calvin’s face.

“But, there’s one thing, above the others, where we actual dominate: suck my cock, buddy.”

Calvin had already sucked his dick, but the top of the meat was looking so inviting, so juicy and yummy. He slid his tongue all around Dave’s manhood, making it wet before taking every single inch down his throat.

The beefy man turned his head and looked at Charisma with one of his twisted, perverted smiles. 

“You see that, honey? That’s how I like to get my fat dick sucked. Take notes.”

He took her panties from the floor, grabbed Calvin’s head behind his neck and forced him to stay longer on his cock: Dave grunted, as he kept fucking his face, viciously. 

Any other woman would have felt humiliated or disgusted but not Charisma. 

She was filled with scorn, with resentment. Anger drove her hand, rubbing her clit. Only a woman as twisted as her husband could take on a man like Dave. And she knew she was that woman. 

“Hey, motherfucker!” 

Dave looked at his wife again as she played with her vagina. He was pleasantly surprised. He could see her glistening bush wetter and wetter. That was sexy… 

“When you’re done with that shit, man up and get the fuck over here.” 

Calvin’s saliva was drowning his knob. It was close to imposible for Dave to stop that amazing blowjob. 

“You don’t make the rules, here, darling. I do.”

She smirked at his words.

“I couldn’t care less about your rules. You’ll eat my cunt and you’ll eat it NOW!”

He smirked back. He was willing to give her that round. 

Calvin got his mouth off his cock slowly as Dave grunted in pleasure. His knob was dripping wet. Dave wiped it on the cub's beard. 

Dave got on his knees, his massive arms grabbing onto Charisma’s thighs as his nose dived into her vagina and sniffed.

“Fuck. I can smell your scorn all the way down to your pussy.”

Charisma giggled as her horny husband gathered some saliva in his mouth and shot it right on her clit. 

“Don’t! You know I hate when you spit on my pussy!” 

Dave answered with one of his devilish grins: “Yeah, I know. That’s why I do it.”

She roughly grabbed his hair, pushing his face back down into her hole. “Eat that fuckin’ pussy.”

Calvin’s eyes widened in amazement as he watched Dave dominated by his wife.

Dave cleaned the clit and looked at his wife as he proceeded to dig with his tongue. 

They’d spent more than 6 months without fucking, but man, he certainly could recognize his wife’s taste in a second. She closed her eyes, moaning: “Work that cunt, motherfucker. Work it good.”

He swirled his tongue all the way around, getting deeper and deeper: it was like he was making out with that hole. 

Dave moved his hands over her body, reached her aged boobs as his mouth tongue-fucked her. 


Charisma was getting wet real quick. 

Her husband served her with another supervillain smirk: “Bet you’re ready for my cock, huh?”

She didn’t answer, but there was no need: her body was more than eloquent. 

“You want this meat inside your pussy, don’t you?” he asked again, before standing up gradually: his mouth played with the bush before he stuck his tongue out again, licking her body, indulging his wife’s tits. Then, he reached her neck, bringing his mouth only a few inches away from her lips. 

Still on all fours, on the floor, Calvin started jerking off. This was the best sex he’d ever had… and there was a woman involved! 

“Say that you want me to fuck you,” ordered Dave as if he wouldn’t unless she asked for it in so many words.

Charisma smirked.

“I don’t want you to fuck me,” she replied.

Surprising her and even himself, the beefy man’s facial expression changed. He looked annoyed and contradicted. He pulled her hair: “Such a shame, honey, ‘cause I do.” 

His right hand reached for the cave of pleasures and Dave stuck two fingers inside. 

She gasped, both hands around his neck.

Dave licked his wife’s mouth before his tongue moved to her chin, kissing it wildly like it was her actual mouth. His fingers drilled harder, his mouth bit her chin. 

“How about now?” 

She was paralyzed with the feeling of pleasure her twisted husband was providing her, yet her hands managed to grab on to his bulky chest and her nails scratched his skin: a shot of pain and lust travelled from the top of his pectorals down to his stomach. 

He was speechless: the bull looked down at his body, checking those 10 red lines over his muscles. 

Then, Dave wasted no time in grabbing his wife by the throat, choking her and pining her down to the chair. This time, she had really taken it too far, and the usually calm-tempered lawyer was furious. 

“What is wrong, shark?” 

Charisma laughed, satisfied, which mounted Dave’s anger even more. 

“That’s what you want, bitch? You wanna play dirty?”

They actually heard Calvin gasp behind them.

Dave lifted his wife from the chair, and threw her on the couch. He roared: “We’ll play dirty.”

He turned Charisma over, pushing her face down. He then brought his wife’s arms behind her back and blocked both her wrists with one hand, as his knees spread her legs.  

He slapped the head of his meat on her clit and slipped inside, crashing the walls. 

Charisma screamed loud, she could feel tears coming out of her eyes: her husband’s cock was so large, and it had been a while since they had had sex. 

Dave lay down on her back with his weight, his hand pressing her face down on the couch. 

“You like that, don’t you? I’m feeling all the pleasure, you’re so fucking wet…”

The more his wife moaned, the harder he stuffed her with his manhood; Dave pulled Charisma’s hair: “Why don’t you tell Calvin how you’re loving my cock in your pussy?”

She just couldn’t stand his sadistic smile. “Oh, is that your dick? Couldn’t tell the difference with a Tampax.”

He pulled his wife’s hair harder. “This Tampax is driving you crazy, don’t deny it. I’m gonna count to 3, then you will squirt. One…”

The muscled lawyer pumped his cock faster. “Two…” 

His breathing turned ragged.


“Goddamn you, Dave Rohrwacher!” 

His cock drowned in her orgasm as he laughed and a ferocious smile appeared on his bearded face. “That’s right,” he shouted, “that’s fucking right!!! Give your orgasm to this bastard, c'mon.”

He stopped the penetration, his hands grabbed her boobs. Dave could feel his cock entirely coated in pussy juice. He looked at his wife and kissed her lips, softly. He was really close to busting himself, but he still wanted to play.

“Calvin, clean my cock.”

Calvin quickly came over on all fours and sucked that dominant meat. As he slurped on Dave’s tool, he savour the taste of a real woman. The boy gagged and Dave bit his lip. He was dangerously close to the point of no return, so he had no choice but to take his cock out of Calvin’s mouth.

“Easy, baby. Slow down…,” he said, extremely horny. 

“Why don’t you facefuck my wife, so I can eat your ass while I bust my load in her cunt?” 

Calvin looked horrified. 

“But Mr. Rohrwacher… I’m gay.”

Dave shook his head.

“That has nothing to do with what I asked you, buddy. I asked you to fuck my wife’s mouth!” 

“Honey, do you have any idea what my husband can do?”

Charisma broke in the conversation as she stood up and went to stand next to her lawyer of a hubby.

“Walk out of that door without fulfilling his fantasies and you will have no tomorrow. My husband has the power to end your career, in a snap. My husband IS the power.” 

Dave smirked, satisfied. 

“This woman knows me well. Excuse me Calvin, what were you saying about you being gay?” 

The boy looked down, embarrassed. He had no choice.

“Fine, sir. I’ll fuck her face.”

“Sage decision, boy. Darling, would you?” 

His wife stretched out on the floor and invited Calvin: “Let me work that gay cock for you…”

He lay down on the woman, his slowly-deflating cock in front of her face. She touched his meat and stroked it. It didn’t look like it would react favourably at first. Then, the primal instincts took over, his cock hardened. 

“On your knees, boy. Get in doggy and put that cock in my mouth.”

His first straight blowjob. And it was from a cougar! What a day for Calvin!

Dave came closer and lifted Charisma’s legs up: his cock was more than ready to finish the job. 

“Damn, that’s a real threesome.”

He lubed the top of his cock with his saliva and got inside. 

Hands on the floor, Dave bent over, and his mouth reached the asshole. 

“Fuck yeah.”

His tongue worked the anus as he fucked his wife with intensity. Both Charisma and Calvin were moaning.

10 minutes later, temperatures rose. Drops of sweat were running down Dave’s body.  He was nearing the finish line.  Dave grabbed Calvin’s ass, tongue stuck deep inside, growling with pleasure. He kept fucking that pussy, precum adding to Charisma’s natural lube.


He kept screaming as he filled his wife with hot sperm. And even then, with Charisma’s cunt overflowing, Dave remained hard and inside.

“Ok, boy.”, he said to Calvin. “You have 60 seconds to grab your shit and get out of my house.” 

“But Mr. Rohrwacher, I haven’t even cum yet. And you brought me here, remember?”

“Do I look like I care, boy? You have 50 seconds now!” 

Calvin dressed as fast as he could and left, hoping he’d never have to set foot in that house again.

Charisma caressed Dave’s chest: “You look hot with my scars.”

He stretched out on his wife, her face in his hands: “I always look hot.”

They made out, wet and wild. 

“I hate you,” said Charisma with a smile. 

“I hate you, too,” Dave smiled back before kissing her again. 

They made love all night long. 

Or, you could say they HATEFUCKED with love.