Corporate Temptations - Pt. 1 - The Introduction

Info MrMonroe
21 Dec. '18

“Damn, can this day not end any sooner?” I thought to myself while finishing up a few reports for my supervisor, seeing as how it would be one of my last tasks to accomplish. I had just gotten a job working with one of the most well-known and respected telecommunications company in all of Houston and today was my last day. This was a big fuckin deal. I mean, I had literally just graduated college and I already had an opportunity such as this? I geeked to self, thinking of all that I had to do to get to this point. I was determined to make my mark with my new company. My ambition drove me into a frenzy of other emotions as well. It had been about 4 months since I’d even gotten sum.

As I reflected on this, I felt a sharp jab on my right shoulder,

“Congratulations my dude!” I look over my shoulder only to find my supervisor and good friend Charls lit with excited emotion. “Man, we shole gon miss yo ass around here. All these ghetto asses I gotta put up with, you kinda made it normal!” he joked.

“I appreciate it man, this isn’t possible without your glaring recommendation! I feel like I owe you man.”  I meant every word I said to him. Charls was very instrumental in my current success as well as how I was received by my new company. Charls had a way of warming people’s hearts and inspiring others. He was such a good leader, but he also had a downfall, choosing the wrong women. He then spoke in a very faint tone,

“Say man, you can make it up to me. Meet me for drinks! I got two chicks here from work man, they wanna be down with the kid now that you're leavin.”

As he continued to speak, my eyes dotted upon a pair of open toe heels with the sexiest French tip manicure I’d seen in quite a while. The arch on her feet was as a beautiful crescendo. A musical piece of sensual taste in heels. What I liked about them most was the strap that cuffed around her ankles. There was something to them. Something more than just corporate functions and cute Sunday afternoon brunch sessions, YES, they told a different story. 6 inch heels glossed with a vibrant green patent leather strap across her toes and ankles. As my eyes lifted, her thick fleshy calves were just about the only reveal I received. Her Navy skirt quickly became visible as I slowly continued to lift my head. Her skirt started immediately just below her kneecaps, well pressed and clean, without stitching patterns. A tiny lime green strapped belt accented her shoes perfectly, her white blouse buttoned in the rear, revealing her tremendous curves. Her fleshy cheeks revealed a nervous yet awestruck smile, with the cutest braces and matching lime green rubber bands. Her eyeglasses were outlined a Navy Blue, appearing to have a cloak of sophistication, but I saw right through it.

To top it all off she was a natural beauty, very little makeup, a tad bit of blush and softest juiciest pair of glossed lips a man could dream of. My thoughts went immediately from pure to sinister and devious regarding this poised and well-polished young woman. And if the thoughts weren’t bad enough, a protrusion began to creep down my leg in almost an instant. My hand immediately slipped into my pocket to divert the attention “it” seemed to want to garner. I smiled at her slightly, confidently extending my loose hand forward to exchange pleasantries.

“Wow, am I about to be interviewed? You’re dressed like you’re here from CNN!” She slightly snorted and responded with a sensual, alto-esque tone,

“Not unless there’s dinner involved. “

Sir…. I thought to myself “This girl think she slick!” but I knew better...I’ve played the game of attraction before...and that was a power move of sorts, one that I was delighted to see.

“That could be arranged by the way Ms.….?”

“Kierra. Kierra Landry.”

She responded with somewhat of a timid handshake. Her hand was as soft as Egyptian cotton, and she beckoned my attention almost instantly.

” New here Ms. Landry? Your timing is horrible, my last day is today.”

“She gon be alright!” cackled her coworker walking slowly behind her.

“Monroe, meet Tara” echoed Charls.

“Oh, we met before! He gotta bad memory if he don’t remember!”

Distracted by such a loud and... well I’ll be honest GHETTO ass tone disrupted the initial chemistry Kierra and I shared almost instantly.

“Well well, how are you Tara.”

Tara and I had an interesting first interaction. We arrived in orientation in the same class, but she later switched to another account, ending our interactions. Tara was the type to live off her good looks, that’s all. Blessed with a bangin ass body, but cursed with lack of people skills, Tara failed to relate to her peers at times and thought she could coax ur boy into giving her answers to the tests in training. I had that ass steaming because every reply was “no, no, and NO”. She wasn’t excited about the way I handled her

“Monroe, you still a Mr. Goodie two shoes I see. Yo boy told me you are leaving?”

My eyes virtually rolled into the back of my head at the sound of her annoying ass tone, “Yes Tara as a matter of fact I am. I was just about to convince your friend here to join me for lunch.”

I quickly re engaged in heavy eye contact with Kierra. Her pheromones were emitting heavily, something I picked up on almost immediately. And if there's one thing I can tell, it's when the pussy is getting wet in conversation. It's almost like a sixth sense. Engage and entice the mind…. it’s foreplay without touching to me, and Kierra seemed to pick it up very well.

“Hmmmm, I like a man that takes charge, I would be honored to go. Tara? Are we good to go?”

Kierra’s tone was as if she wanted this, no needed this interaction. Her soul influenced my pursuit almost instantly and she knew there something more to my calm charming demeanor as well. She seemed intent on finding out just how much more to me there was. Tara interjected almost instantly,

“Yeah that's cool. Charls! Let's go!”

Damn she was running that nigga like a triathlon, but Charls seemed to like being bitched around.

“Alight alight, let's go yall. “Monroe ride with me in the front, ladies y'all mind riding in the back?”

“We don't long as y'all paying!”


“Yea we got it!”

Charles shut me up quickly by responding in my place, he obliged rather quickly in fact. My eyes rolled again because I knew Tara was up to her old tricks. Damn she was such a gold digging hoe! I certainly wouldn't be missing that ass…. well just to look at… her ass was as round and big as her mouth, and both need a lot of fabric to cover them.

“Monroe where you headed?” asked Tara. She seemed like she wasn’t interested at all with my response, her counterpart however was the exact opposite.

“I’m heading to Time Warner, HSD division.”

“Oh”?” Piqued Kierra. “I just applied there as well. Haven’t heard anything back but I’m hoping to land it.” I slowly raise one eyebrow as I turn over my left shoulder.

“Is that so? Well in that case you’ll probably need me to put in a good word huh?” I smirked with confidence and calculation. Her eyes were already telling on her. I could tell she wanted to fuck a nigga. But to be truthful, my eyes were probably telling on me a little bit as well.

“I’d be much obliged Mr. Monroe.”

Man, the smile she smirked after that exchange communicated everything I needed to know in that moment. It would only be a matter of time before I tested exactly how deep and far her limits reached.