Corporate Temptations - Pt 2 - The Meeting

Info MrMonroe
21 Dec. '18

It’s been about 2 months on the job and I was ecstatic about how things were going. I got a bonus based off how well the expansion project was going, talk about ecstatic! The company had transferred me out of the probationary state and now had me on my own with design, implementation, and support of High-Speed data grids in newly developed communities. The job was rewarding, but stressful. We were overworked indeed and reinforcements couldn’t come soon enough. I pinned my palm on my forehead, wiping the invisible perspiration off. It was so quiet on my floor, they had just moved into the offices several months before my arrival and as it turns out, they purchased more space than they needed. We had 2 more floors of abandoned office space in anticipation of our growth. I decided to take a break for a moment and looked out from my seventh story window overlooking Downtown Houston. The city lights illuminated in the background, some soft melodies of mine played in the background as the hour-hand on my wall clock landed on 6. Suddenly out of nowhere my desk phone blares with an annoying


“This is Monroe” I said with enough baritone in my chords to make Barry White do a double-take.

“Monroe can you meet us in Warner Hall please? We need to meet before the day’s end.”

“I’ll be right there Scott.”

Scott was my Project Manager and a cool ass white boy. He was the kind of manager that you wanted. Trusts your abilities, not a micromanager, and goes to bat for his employees. I couldn’t have imagined a better setup. He was the type of guy you wouldn’t mind doing favors for, that’s the effect he had on everyone in the office. I quickly grabbed my sport coat, lifting it over my shoulders as I walked quickly towards the hall. I suddenly heard the pitter pattering of heels clicking down the hallway behind me. I slowed my pace and turned over my right shoulder, attempting to spark up a quick chat.

“Someone's late to the show.” My eyes slightly widen as we locked eyes.

“From the looks of things, I’m right on time?” Her documentation cradled to her chest, holding onto it for dear life as she replied with that same alto-esque tone that seduced me in our first interaction.

To my surprise it was Kierra Landry. Damn, and not a moment too soon. I hadn’t met anybody worth my time in the building or anywhere downtown. Our chemistry just worked, and she knew it just as well as I did.

“Yes, you are Ms. Landry. Are you working here now?” I jettisoned my way through the door, opening it for her, needing to catch more eye contact…. that’s where our seductive game began, and we just seem to pick up where we left off.

“Yes, today was my first day actually. Apparently, that word you put in for me worked Mr. Monroe.”

She smiled as her braces escaped her bubbly ass lips through her smile, this time her rubber bands were red. I noticed everything about her instantly. Her hair, braided and put in a bun, looped earrings gold plated with a matching black choker with gold ‘K’ centered perfectly on her neck. Her blouse Gray this time with a tiny red belt. She had on a similar skirt as before, but this time black was the color, and the fabric seemed to want to fight her hips. Her calves seemed a tad fleshier, with some definition due to her heels. Her pedicure and manicure were still on point, a ritual she seems to keep up at least biweekly.

“Your K is choking you Kierra” I spoke with seductive charm, continuing our game of cat n mouse she seems to want to play with me.

“Well? I like it like that.” she smirks and winks at me as we circle the meeting room table.

Scott bolts in, wasting no time with discussing the matters at hand. “Team thank you for your time this evening. I wanted to take the time to thank you for your commitment to helping us get these projects off the ground. I also wanted you guys to meet our newest team members Dustin and Kierra. Please welcome them and answer any questions they may have!”

I swear Scott was a boy scout slash Hoosiers basketball coach in Corporate America. So “Rah-Rah” when it came to the team. It’s a great attribute, but sometimes it annoyed the hell out me. After the meeting concluded everyone engaged in small talk, making brief introductions and taking the time to exchange info.

“Mr. Monroe?” Kierra approached me with the look of little red riding hood meets Lara Croft.

“Whatcha got Kierra?” I readjusted my jacket and stared right through her as if she was wasting my time, which she was. I was late to my basketball game at the gym and was getting annoyed with further delays.

“I was thinking we should exchange information? Seeing as how I’m on your team supporting you” her eyebrows bated so quickly as she went for her phone.

I paused, switching my eyes off the door and quickly into her soul as I placed my hand on the table, leaning onto it, tilting my head sideways to get a different angle of her. It seemed to cause her a bit of confusion, she probably wondered why I wasn’t pulling my phone out.

“Let me give you my messenger ID... you can access me anytime you want on there.”

“And why not your phone? Ya girl gon spazz out?” She asked with a baffled look, shocked and appalled all at once.

“I gotta make sure you’re not crazy Kierra, and I don’t have one of those at the moment.” We both laughed as I gently stroked her shoulder. The subtle touch seemed to run a current through her bust...I could easily tell how thick her nipples were getting in just a moment's time.


“Once you pass my tests then you get it.”

“Tests? What tests?” She asked, even more puzzled than before.

I slightly leaned in and whispered as my lips gently flirted with the lobe of her right ear “You’ll know when you’ve passed Ms. Landry. In the meantime, my ID is Urban_Professional_2012.” She quickly switched to her notepad and jotted down my ID.

“Urban_Professional_2012…. Are you always professional?” she slowly slipped her pen into her juicy lips, gently teething the cap.

I smirked and considered an innuendo, but passed on the moment only to reply, “See you tomorrow Ms. Landry.” I walked past her with my chest out, turning back over my left shoulder only to see that look every man wants to see out of a woman’s eyes, Desire.

After the gym, I got to the pad, exhausted from the game we had. I didn’t do half bad! 17 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals, 6 assists? “Shit, call me Chocolate A.I.” I laughed to myself as I reflected over the day. I start the shower and turn on my surround sound.

(Donell Jones’ “U Know What's Up” softly playing in the background)

I flipped on my laptop and opened my email to glance over anything important that may have happened after I left the office. It turns out Kierra didn’t waste any time with adding me. In my messenger app reads the words “Friend request from Strawb3rryKiss3s05.” I thought to self “Damn, that aint professional at all” but I still decided to accept the request. She sent another message inside the request that said,

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: LandryKierra80 is my work ID. I thought you might’ve wanted both?”

I had to take a step back here. I mean, what if this was a plot? Here I was, working as hard as I was to make such strides in my professional career and I’m willing to risk it all after just one instant message from this woman whom I barely knew? I slid my chair back and stared at the message without responding.

“She’s fucking with my head” I pondered. I glanced over her profile pic, an orchard of strawberries was all that could be seen. A pink bordering highlighted them perfectly, signaling her obsession with the semi-juicy fruit. “What are you up to Ms. Kierra….” I thought to myself as I sat there, stuck in my own head.

(“Change Clothes” by Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams sounding off)

I got up to head to the shower, foregoing my traditional Grey Goose N Tonic after a victory on the court. “I gotta clear my head” I think as I grab my loofa and Armani Acqua Di Gio shower gel and head in. I ALWAYS love to smell good. Something about being able to draw on a woman’s senses appealed to me. Seduction was as much of an addiction to me as it was a pleasure for a woman. Her telling eyes, pursed lips, laughter lending itself towards me. Giving me her time, attention, focus. It was just as arousing to me as lingerie on a thick body full of curves.

As I hopped in the shower images of Kierra began to appear in my subconscious. Her smile, her lips, her professionalism, her TOES! Fuck! The thought of her perfect soles and toes began to raise my partner in crime “lil Roe” up from the depths of between my thighs. The thickness of my shaft began to swell in thought of her, I quickly soaped my body full of gel as I attempted to ignore my body’s call to action. It’s as if my dick thought she was standing in front of me, ready to slip our slicked surfaces against each other.

(Omarion’s “Touch” Playing in the background)

Her words in my mind, her tone, my own twisted thoughts of pinning her in compromising positions. My eyes close as my imagination begins to take over, and it wasn’t long before my hands joined in on the action. I felt the tip of my dick swell thick, fully developed into a perfect mushroom shape. I massaged my melanin muscle with thoughts of passionately driving my inches deep into her soaked places. I felt every vein in my penis pulsate as my balls tighten, releasing a days’ worth of pressure onto the already slick surface of my shower floor as I moaned. Somehow, she had penetrated my thoughts and became the center of my focus for the night.

(Pharrell Williams “Frontin” Playing in the background)

After I cleaned myself up and oiled my relaxed muscles I sat back in front of the laptop to reply. I mumbled to myself “Ok Ms. Landry, letssss play…” I first sent a message to LandryKierra80: “Thank you Ms. Landry. Enjoy your evening.” The second message went to Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “U think u slick huh…. I gotchu tho ;)” ENTER was the button I hit. I sat there for a second, completely relaxed, still coming down from my climax, completely overtaken by lust for her. I played out in my mind that night exactly how I would seduce her mind, her body, and her soul. And the strange thing about that? I had a feeling she was doing the exact same thing.