Corporate Temptations - Pt 3 - The Game

Info MrMonroe
21 Dec. '18

I think it’s safe to say just about every man in American culture knows how the game is played with women. You’ll like her a lot, but you’ll never admit just how much at first. And a smooth brotha might even take it a step further and say to himself:

“Get her to fuck you in her mind before she even knows you like her”

Not my words, but hell that shit made sense to me. I was a young, successful, horny ass brotha that worked hard, and wanted to play…. HARDER. The game Kierra was playing got my attention. I was all in, calling her bluff from the moment she sent those messages to me. I always arrived into the office 45 minutes early. Coffee, sports updates, morning emails in exactly that order. By the time 8am comes I’m fully engaged in my craft, but I wasn’t today. Today I had my thoughts elsewhere, tangling Kierra inside my sex web.

Urban_Professional_2012: “Ready to work Ms. Landry?”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Umm, this is not my work Messenger ID”

Urban_Professional_2012: “Did you not say I had access to both?

Urban_Professional_2012: I like Strawb3rryKiss3s05

Urban_Professional_2012: Makes me think ur lips taste like Strawberries! LOL :)”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “That’s Not Professional Mr. Monroe ;)”

Urban_Professional_2012: “Consider it ‘Building Rapport’ Kierra :)

Urban_Professional_2012: So?????”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “SOOO, what?”

Urban_Professional_2012: “Do they taste like strawberries?”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “.............

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: Which pair?”

“Got her ass” I thought. I was in her head, ready to see just exactly how willing she was to play.

Urban_Professional_2012: “Your best pair….

Urban_Professional_2012: Or both?”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “gtg”

“Dammit, what the hell does that mean?” I said to myself as I looked at the screen. “Fuck this, I gotta get sum work done.” I re-focused my efforts on the days’ work that had yet to be done. Emails, instant messages, left voicemails from the day before, hell I was surprised there wasn’t any smoke signals being sent my way. Work was just the thing I needed to get my head on straight.

It had been a couple of weeks since Kierra and I had the chat. Small talk here and there about business, but other than that, nothing! “What a fuckin tease!” I thought. I basically came to the conclusion that she used me to get in the door, and now that she was here? Well…. I was a means to an end. I wasn’t worried about it though, I had finally been getting sum Pussy during the time we weren’t speaking. A man can only go so long without a taste, PLEASE believe that. If the Pussy ain't been wrapped around the dick for a while? We gotta find some more - Well I certainly had to have it. I craved I had to have it. It was my purge from a long hard day of work. My escape when the bills were higher than last month, when we lost a game. Hell, I used every excuse I could to convince myself pussy was the answer. While we are being real for a moment, perhaps I was just as much of a slave to the pussy as I thought the pussy was to me?

I got off work that evening and went straight to the house. Nothing was poppin off at the gym anyways and well, I just didn’t feel like being out. I wanted blow off some steam and just turn on the game and chill, and that’s exactly what I did. I hit the heavy bag for about an hour, taking out the day’s stress with body blow after body blow to the bag. The sweat started to bead up along the back of my neck, I could feel it trickling down the muscles in my back and down the center of my spine. Then, suddenly out of my peripheral, my laptop screen lights up at the table. I grabbed my towel to blot off the sweat, draping it around my neck as I sat there shirtless at my laptop; Well what do you know…. she’s back!

Strawb3rryKiss3s05:” There?”

Urban_Professional_2012: “Maybe

Urban_Professional_2012: You left a brotha hangin the other day. What’s up with that?”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “I’m sorry, Collins asked that I come into his office so that we could discuss future projects; We’ve been meeting the last couple of weeks on the Klein sector. He suggested that I should leave you alone, that Scott didn’t want you “distracted” from the Cinco Ranch project.”

THAT MOTHA FUCKA! Collins of all people! Slimy ass snake ass Collins! He was the type of brotha to slip out the back door of your house when you’re coming in the front. The type of brotha that didn’t want the pussy unless anotha nigga was hittin it. He always found a way to irk me. There wasn’t anything he did fairly. He stole projects, credit on projects he didn’t complete, and if another dude had interest in anyone, he’d go out his way to make sure he had an opportunity to intercept. Ha! we called him Condor Collins for that reason. It shouldn’t surprise me at all that he tried to put his hand in Kierra’s cookie Jar….

(Ante Up Remix by M.O.P. n Busta Rhymes echoes off the walls in my house)

Urban_Professional_2012: “How’s that going? He showing you the ropes?”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “He’s funny, arrogant, but knows a lot about the business.

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: I need that since somebody too busy for a Sista”

Urban_Professional_2012: “I’m busy, but not that damn busy. Collins be always tryin to get the skinny on the newbies.”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Please believe ain't nothin skinny bout me! Haha!”

Urban_Professional_2012: “O I can see that…. yo sultry ass”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Yea….it is kinda phat ain't it...hehehe”

Her ass knew exactly what she was doing. We continued chatting into the night, about the business, her personal life, and aspirations. Kierra was an aspiring business owner of a women’s cosmetics, jewelry, and lingerie boutique. She was sexy, smart, and motivated, which doesn’t leave spare time for a relationship, which would explain why she’s single, or so I thought….

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Is it past Mr. Monroe’s bedtime yet? Wouldn’t wanna keep ya sir”

Urban_Professional_2012: “Be careful how u use that word Sir...It’s known to go to my head a bit…”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Which one?”

Urban_Professional_2012: “LOL! You still haven’t answered my question!

Urban_Professional_20112: Which pair tastes like strawberries?”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Both…. Ones’ strawberries n cream tho”

Urban_Professional_2012: “O is dat rite? Perhaps I need to do a taste test to see which one tastes better”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “Perhaps...Nite Mr. Monroe”

By the time we stopped chatting it was 1:04am. My eyes were heavy and beaten, the heavy bag got to me, along with Kierra. Shit…. she got my ass again. Time to up my aggression with this one...I’ve let it go on long enough without sinking my fangs into her.

I got into the office the next morning feeling a lil sluggish from the night before. I even got in a little later, I didn’t drop my bag on my desk till about 7:45am. It felt like someone slipped me several drugs, I was sore and my mind was cloudy. I slowly tipped my way into the break room to get some coffee. I still managed to dress the part though. I was clean, Kenneth Cole navy button down dress shirt, no pockets. My slacks Kenneth Cole as well, gray and fitted in the thighs. I hated baggy slacks, I felt like Steve Harvey or Denzel Washington from Malcolm X when I wore em! I wasn’t a zoot suit wearing brotha. I was a bit GQ wit mine, but the street savvy, suave nigga in me always managed to find its way out in conversations. My shoes were Steve Madden loafers, all black with a platinum straps across the top - Solid as fuck. And of course, I didn’t forget that spruce game, today it was Acqua Di Gio cologne, A WINNER.

“Someone had a rough night I see…” Kierra seemed to be everywhere I was these days. And she always seemed to dress perfectly, pouring her coffee, careful not to waste a drop on her outfit.

“Yeah, someone was chattin my ear off, couldn’t get any sleep.”

“You should save the pillow talk for the weekends Mr. Monroe. Perhaps that will keep you sharper during the week?” Snarky ass Kierra.

“O I stay sharp. I’m sharp now as a matter of fact, please believe that.”

“O I believe it….and see it Mr. Monroe.” She said it with such a country ass twang. I knew I was in for a fight with her ass. She was damn good at the game.  

As I poured my coffee another voice entered the breakroom. “Morning Monroe, and hello to you Kierra. You ready for our 8 O’clock this morning?” Collins’ slimy ass again. He just knew how to break up a moment. He had a knack for it. Busta ass.

“Collins, Monroe asked that I get with him on a couple of things this morning. I’ll get with you afterwards if that’s ok?”

“Uhh...yeah, that’s fine. We-we’re sort of getting behind on the Klein project, but that’s ok.” I could tell it bothered him. He wasn’t used to getting put aside. His ass wasn’t finished though, I knew he’d resurface soon enough.

“Right this way Ms. Landry.”

“Ok Mr. Monroe, let me go grab my notepad and I’ll be right there.”

I made my way back into my office, finally awake from the coffee I fueled my body with. I looked over a few emails before I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

“Thank you, Mr. Monroe.” She pauses a moment and looks around the office. Very nice touch Monroe! It makes sense your office would look this way.”

“What does that mean?” I shuffle a few folders around my desk, turning my monitors to face her as we banter.

“That your office would be perfectly organized, color coordinated pens, and a picture of your older girlfriend.”

“Haha! U doin too much. That’s my mother and this is my son.” I had her a picture of my handsome son. She takes it, embracing the handsome lil guy as if she’s meeting him in real life.

“I see where he gets it from and where you get it from. Your mom and dad not together?”

“Nah they are, I just don’t want a picture of his big head in my office.” We both laugh as she settles into her seat, stroking any creases out of her skirt as she crosses her thick ass thighs.

“I see someone’s a jokester.”

“I’ve been known to do a lil comedy when I’m on stage.”

“Oh, so you perform?” Her French tip manicured pointer finger found its way to her mouth, her teeth gently tugging at the pointer nail. I take a moment to recognize this sexy woman’s vice - She’s got an oral fetish.

“I do a lil spoken word poetry from time to time, yes”. I turn the monitor towards her again to ensure we can both see the grid.

“So, as you can see, the Cinco Ranch grid is quite large. We’ll be designing the grid for about 700 homes covering 14 subdivisions. We’ll be working with about 8 nodes, so that should cover the sector quite well.” I was so passionate about the designing of this grid. It was something I always dreamed of and it combined 2 of my passions, engineering and IT. I couldn’t be happier working there.

Several hours had passed and we were still discussing the grid as if we weren’t aware our bodies were communicating with each other.

“Is the sectors’ fiber running all the way up to the nodes?” Questioned Kierra.

“All but 3 are. Those upgrades will be completed by the end of Q4, but it won’t stop us from finishing out the design. We know we’ll be getting 70 Megs piped through from the central office, so we should be fine even on Coaxial.” I started to geek out on her, losing my focus on how I wanted to go about my seduction, but apparently, she hadn’t forgotten what she really wanted.

“Ur such a geek Monroe. And I thought I was a Dork.”

“Say what you want. It gets the bills paid. I don’t mind having a big brain at all.”

“I bet you don’t”. She smirked as we continued to look over the schematics.

“I’ll take a little of yours” I mumbled as I scrolled through the schematic.

“I’m sorry?” A little of my what?” She looked as if I just asked her for her car keys and pink slip. We were so far removed from our first interaction. There was a bit of aggressiveness to her that I hadn’t seen before. And the more she spoke, the more that southern twang came out in our conversations. To me it’s an indication her guard was coming down, all the way down. She seemed to be slightly squirming in her seat, failing at attempts to keep her skirt from riding up. There was just too much fabric, too much hips...too much ass.

“Your brain Ms. Landry. I’ll take a lil of your brain as well….” Our eyes locked once more, our connection becoming more and more apparent with each starry gaze. I could almost taste her thoughts with my tongue. Feel the moisture mounting between her thick lips…. the thickness of her juices clinging to the insides of her vulva just before her clitoris peaks. She seemed confused in thought, almost incapable of responding at the moment.

I whisper, “Are you OK Kierra?” I could damn near feel the heat radiating off her vagina. Something I said turned her thoughts’s as if a black light switch was flipped and someone else responded next.

“Mr. Monroe, my brain does well for itself.”

“Does it Kierra….” I lean in and whisper, “Go close the door and lock it right now.”

She quickly does as I say, sliding her skirt down, locking the door as the frost coated glass reveals silhouettes passing by in the hallway. The alpha in me was about to take over. My dick stretches the thin fabric in my slacks the way a cucumber does a plastic vegetable bag. I feel it growing along the side of my thigh, still not visible for the moment.

“A little birdie just whispered something in my ear Kierra.”

“Oh yeah? And what did it say?” She scoots closer to me, lending me her ear. She enjoys the dirty game we’re playing...I can almost hear that glorious sound that jello makes, That Ma’s mac n cheese makes, that sound that that only the creamiest banana pudding makes.

I whisper in her ear with command and sensuality, “The lil birdie told me to tell you to slip your skirt up and open your thighs Kierra.” The lust in our eyes spoke a language that only our bodies knew, I could see the tiny black hairs on the back of her neck raise. She was aroused, Very aroused. She whimpered lightly as if I just pinned her to the mat in a wrestling match. She lost control and I was not about to give it back. I leaned into her and whispered in her ear as my fingers navigated their way between her warm caramel coated thighs. I pressed her panties into her budding clitoris, massaging the cum soaked panties into her moisture in a soft subtle circle. I could hear the sounds of her panting, the breathing shortening as if I controlled her lungs with a string and a flap. The juices began to seep their way through her silky white panties, causing a moan to escape her thick ass glossy lips.

“You’ll stay as late as I need you to stay to help me complete this project Ms. Landry?” I continue to manipulate her emotions as I masturbate her gently through her panties, her bodies’ fragrance starting to permeate throughout the office space.

“Ye----Yes Mr.…. Monroe” She panted, yet calmly replied, as I continued to whisper mind numbing thoughts into her subconscious.

“You’ll be available after hours as well Ms. Landry? I’ll need someone whose dedicated to the task...Not distracted by…. other things” my motion begins to quicken, the thin panties begin to disappear between her moistened labia, her hips slightly thrust forward as she looks down between her thighs, then back into my eyes helplessly as she moans “YES!” I stop then gently whisper behind her ear, “Kindly remove your panties Ms. Landry.” She quickly obliges, removing them and handing them to me as she awaits my next request.

“That will be all Ms. Landry.” I slip her soaked panties into my satchel and turn my monitors towards me to continue my work for the day. Slightly confused, but under my charm due to such risqué actions, she stands up and straightens her skirt, gathers herself and leaves the office calmly. I smirked to self knowing that I had just broken through. The power struggle that once existed now lied in my hands; Well the evidence of her relinquished power did anyway. I could still smell her natural fragrance on my fingertips as I pecked away at the keyboard, knowing that I just turned the “saint like” Kierra into a sexual deviant. I knew this would be the beginning of many, many more “tests” to come.