Corporate Temptations - Pt 4 - Knight Takes Queen

Info MrMonroe
21 Dec. '18

I walked through the front door of my place, fulfilled by what transpired earlier today. I sat my bag down on the dining room table and flipped on the tv. I really liked my pad. I felt as if it was a bachelor’s dream pad. 2-bedroom townhome with both bedrooms up. My balcony overlooking the man-made lake on the property. It was my sanctuary, my playhouse and place of serenity. I made my way over to the frig and pondered momentarily over what to drink, a bud light or a bottled water. I grabbed the water and a granny smith apple off the counter and plopped down in front of the tv, relaxing for a bit. I hung my leg over the side of the couch in pure bachelor fashion as my phone sat uncomfortably in my pocket. I took it out and laid it on the coffee table. I sat for a moment, chomping on my apple, taking a look at my sorry ass Rockets. Damn we couldn’t stay healthy for shit, Yao Ming and T-Mac down? Shit, such a waste of my time. I hopped up and went over to the table to power on my laptop when my phone started to vibrate. I quickly grabbed it, the damn vibration was about to shatter the glass in my coffee table. Oh Shit it’s my dude Hans!

“Yo what up bruh?”

“Sayyyyy, what’s happenin chief? I need to link up wit you tonight? U got plans?”

“Nah not at all. Finishing up sum work shit but I can come thru. Red door, rite?”

“Yup, I’m serving the bar, just come thru around 9.”

“Alight, bet.”

Hans was the man! Him and his brother owned an upscale lounge near downtown. I used to go to it back in the day before they owned it, but now? They took that shit to the next level. Classy ass brothas. Connections throughout the city were made there. Deals were done there…. A LOT was done there. But before I stepped out I needed to do one thing…. I logged into messenger and said what I had been wanting to say all afternoon,

Urban_Professional_2012: “You really DO taste like strawberries….”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “U r VERY dirty Sir……”

Urban_Professional_2012: *SMIRKS* “I have a request…. come to the office tomorrow, no panties. Another skirt.”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “And if I don’t?”

Urban_Professional_2012: “See you tomorrow Ms. Landry.”

*Logs off*

I quickly hopped in the shower as I looked at the time on my cell phone. Shit, 7:45pm. Hans didn’t play when he wanted to link up. It either meant one of 2 things: business, or PUSSY. I quickly got dressed, but kept it somewhat casual tonight. I threw on sum fitted jeans and a maroon DKNY V-neck t-shirt with a white blazer over the top. I put on a pair of brown loafers, spruced on sum Fahrenheit cologne, grabbed my phone and headed out the door.

I made it to the spot at 8:47pm on the dot. Hidden in the shadows of downtown Houston’s’ skyscrapers, the Red Door was the place to be if you were in Houston’s black elite. The only reason I could get in there was because my best boy’s brother was frat brothers with the owner, Ishmael. That, and I also promoted venues for one of Houston’s hottest up and coming party groups, R3 entertainment. I made my way to the alleyway. Dim lighting barely made the pathway visible as the moon creeps to its height in the cool of the evening. It was quiet out, and only a couple could be seen walking through the alley. Suddenly a bright red door appears to my right. I knock twice. “Knock Knock.” A panel slides back and eyes appear.

“It’s Monroe.”

*muffled voice says* “Alight cool.” Security opens the door and lets me in.

“What up Tiny!”

“What up playa!” Tiny was NOT tiny. He was a towering 7’2 and close to 400 pounds. He used to be a bouncer for Rap A-Lot Mogul J-Prince. Somehow, they had a falling out and he ended up here. As you might’ve imagined NOBODY messed with him. As I made my way past the entryway a long bar appears to my left. The red door has 3 levels in the shape of a cube going straight up. The lounge is on the first level, your second level is where the party goes down. It’s a club atmosphere with a lil more rap and R&B playing. None of that head busting shit tho, just good music with a vibe to it. The third level was a rooftop lounge overlooking part of the city. The lite rail runs right by it, providing a cascading light show as it travels throughout the city. It was quiet and sexy up there, the perfect place to take a honey when u wanted to discuss the nights’ plans...or perhaps continue the nights plans. While every other spot closed at 2am, the red door played by its own rules - THERE WERE NONE. The rules didn’t apply here. It was understood what happened when you went there and the most important rule was this: “What happens at the Red door, stays at the Red door.”

Out of the shadows of the bar walks up a short stocky brotha, bald head with a red vest covering his chest. Outfitted with a bowtie and cumber bun, he was always dressed to impress.

“Hans, what up bruh?” He finished drying the wine glass from behind the bar and sat it down.”

“This GQ ass negro here!” We embraced, giving each other dap and a back tap, the universal negro embrace.

“Can I get u sumthin brotha?”

“U know me man, my usual!” I never changed up. Grey Goose and Tonic water with lime was my go-to every time.

“Haha, yo square ass. When u gon come up to a grown folks’ drink? This blue label ain’t gon hurt you man!”

“Shut up negro!” I laughed and turned my back to him at the bar leaning back to check out the scene as everyone was walking in.

“So, what u got Hans? U only hit me up for 2 reasons.”

“You damn right, but this time I need you thinkin with the business brain and not ya Jimmy.”

(Umi says by Mos Def plays in the background)

“Ishmael wants to do a joint venture with R3, but not here. The Magnolia Hotel wants to promote their new rooftop pool and lounge every Friday night. A couple of key investment bankers are going to be there. Rob and Rich mite know em.”

My phone vibrates in my pocket as I pull it out. Hans’ voice mellows out as an image from Strawb3rryKiss3s05 appears. She’s standing there, a lace choker wrapped around her neck, the lace stitching centered as a string of lace travels down her cleavage and neatly ties into her corset, cutting off in boy short fashion only to be highlighted by a pair of black patent leather heels. Her feet and entire body oiled like an Egyptian goddess, I was definitely caught off guard by this. Her message then read:

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “You like sir? It’s one of my newest designs for my boutique.”

“Ayoooo Hans…. check this out playa!” I felt a lil pride showing her off...I couldn’t help but to boast a lil. Hans was a maestro himself when it came to the ladies. I never claimed to be in competition with him when it came to the ladies, but we had sort of a sibling rivalry thing going. I handed him the phone over my shoulder as I continued to check out the crowd coming in.”

“Dayum she thick as fuck. Where u meet her at?”

“The J.”

(1 thing Remix by Amerie & Eve plays in the background)

“Hol on homeboy! You know the rules! U can’t play where ya bread is buttered! U tryin to lose that job before you really start!” he turns his head sideways as to check out the curves.

“She is sexy as hell tho...but I’m warning you, stay AWAY from that girl man. BACK TO BUSINESS!” He speaks a bit louder as the music from the club above gets louder.

“You in or out man?”

What’s in it for me man?” I grab my phone back from Hans, continuing to admire this sultry beauty before me. I reply:

Urban_Professional_2012: “Nice design. My collar would look better tho.”

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: “We’ll c Mr. Monroe……. Nite”

“I’m in Hans. I’ll link up with Rob & Rich and I’ll let you know what they say. When is the lounge debut?” as I sip my drink.

“Next Friday.”

I spit my drink out. “Yo Hans man! That ain't even enough time to get the flyers made up! They gotta push back a week!”

(“Whoa” by Black Rob screams from the speakers upstairs)

“Hey man their original team fell thru! They couldn’t swing it and backed out at the last minute! Best I can do is have em push the time back.”

“I gotta speak to em tonight man, this here a trip!” I sipped my drink some more.

“Do what u gotta do man. We need this tho…We could all eat from this deal!” Hans serves a few ladies at the bar while I make sense of it all. I can’t believe this shit! One week to plan an extravagant venue? And promote it? That’s asking a lot, but ur boy was on the case! I take my last swig to the head and slam the glass on the bar

” Yo Hans I’m goin up top!”

“Do ya thang bruh! I’ll catch u up there!”

Damn he makes a strong ass drink! Or was it the fact that I only had an apple for dinner? Fuck, the drink was already starting to get me a lil loose. I make my way up the stairs as the bass from the club thumps through my chest.

(“Futuresex/Lovesound” by Justin Timberlake hits the speakers)

Damn! Hans & Ishmael had it jumpin! Fine ass females? Big business execs? Bangin ass DJ? Strong ass drinks? This shit here was vibin, fly as fuck and all I could think about was Kierra Landry. Hans’ words echoed through my mind louder than the beats, “Stay AWAY from that girl!” I looked at my phone and checked her outfit once more.

“She's cute!” yells a soft sweet voice from my left. I look up and catch eyes with this sexy ass chocolate drop in front of me. Hips that would make an hourglass jealous and breasts that seemed to like the track that was playing.

“You think so?”

“Lemme c it better!” I gently cup her waist, pulling her closer to me. Lil short ass was lookin GOOD!

“Yeah, she’s hot. I like her Lingerie!”

“I happen to like what I see in front of me right now actually.”

“I couldn’t tell by the way you was worshiping that picture!”

“I was NOT worshipping that picture! I just got a message on the phone and decided to check it out! I see someone kinda nosy tho!”

“MMMMMMHMMMM, ok!” She flicked her hair to the side and turned to the bar, I could see her smiling at the bar, so I decided to make it a party of two.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“No thanks, I already got one!”

“In that case I’ll have another with you!”

(“Check on it” by Beyoncé’ drops)

“Double shot of Goose N Tonic wit lime please! Hans said it’s on his tab!” I tip the bartender and lean back over into her ear.

“I never got your name!”

You never asked!” She gyrates in unison to the song. I look down to check the toes to see if they on point, BINGO! A brotha always checks the foot game to see if she consistent with it. Sexy ass toes will take a brotha like myself to the next level with you. Makes me wanna do that nasty shit that you don’t wanna even tell ya homegirls about.

“Athena!” She bounces to the beat then positions herself in front of me, lip syncing the lyrics to the song, “You can look at it as long as you don’t grab it….” I lick my lips and bounce to the beat.

“Names Monroe Goddess Athena!”

She sips her drink and turns back, continuing to roll her body to the beat. Dam the way she was moving them hips Beyoncé learned from her ass!

“You can’t worship me Monroe…. U already worshipping someone else.” She continues to dance to the beat, taunting and teasing me in the process.

“I don’t worship women. There’s a God for that Athena!” I sip my drink as I continue to check out the atmosphere.

“Was he watchin u look at that picture in yo phone?” She gently twerks that juicy ass on my pelvis.

“Maybe…. he wasn’t lookin as hard as you were though!”

She pauses, the continues to roll that ass, then drops it to the ground, only to bring it back up and pop them hips yet again. She could tell I liked it, my dick just about split loose the zipper on the back of her velvet black dress. Her bra was invisible and back was out, the dress became visible again around her waist from the backside. Hell, if the ass wasn't as phat she might not have been able to keep that dress on the way she was twerkin it!

“Nice to meet u Monroe. U come downtown often?” she slows her twerk up, letting the conversation move her this time.

“This is my boy’s spot, I’m here on business...but yea I get down here, how bout you! I never seen u here before!”

“I work at that the law firm on Louisiana, just started!”  

“King and Spalding? Yea I know it. My boy used to work there. I’m over on LaBranch, a lil more uptown!”

“Law Firm as well?”

(“Buy You a Drank” by T-Pain starts)

“Nah, I’m an engineer and I work in IT as well.” as I start to grind against my new friend. Young Joc was right that night, sex was in the atmosphere, her body and conversation were a perverse potion that continued to stir my lust. I bought her another amaretto sour and I had another double shot of Goose and Tonic with lime. The drinks continued to reveal our freaky sides even further. Mine being fueled by the Goose….and Kierra. I couldn’t shake her from my thoughts, even tho Athena proved to be a very worthy opponent.

“So, you a Brainiac huh?”

“Somethin like that!”

We danced the entire song close, our sexual energy meshing throughout the club. Damn I had to get the pussy. And I know she felt the dick stabbing at her loins, yet she didn’t move. We moved the chat upstairs on the rooftop. A few people were up there: a dimly lit bar, a flower garden in the middle of the patio and canopies on the perimeter every which way you looked. There was a cozy spot I eyed in the far-left corner slightly behind the bar. I motioned that way and followed her as Zhane’s “Hey Mr. DJ” quietly echoed throughout the garden. We continued our small talk; She was the youngest of 4 sisters and moved up from Baton Rouge to continue her education at Thurgood Marshall School of Law at TSU. She was a paralegal at the law firm, which helped her pay for law school. And probably the most important thing? She DIDN’T WORK WITH ME!” Hans was starting to sound like a Genius. There were too many fine ass women for me to get caught up with Kierra and Athena just proved his point to a tee.

(Koffee Brown “After Party” playing in the background)

“So how about you Monroe? What aspirations do you have?”

“Well, as you know I’m an engineer for a telecommunications company here in town. But my aspirations are to open my own consulting firm. I’ve made some connections to get that started in a few years, but as of right now?” I placed my hand along her thigh, softly stroking the velvet stripes with my fingertips. “Well, I aspire to continue this conversation at my place. Check it, I got sum food, a couple of drinks, and we can just enjoy the evening. How about that? You know the Breakfast Klub line gon be wrapped around the building by now!”

We laughed and joked some more, clearly building up to some serious chemistry. Athena liked being the center of attention, and while she wouldn’t admit it at that moment, she liked that she stole Kierra’s shine.

“Can you drive? It’s not far from here. I live in University Park.” I gently played in her hair, twisting my fingers along her curls. The attention given to her was starting to manifest itself in her body movements...I could see the jittering and jerking as her body responded to my proposal. It’s as if her entry was lit on fire with desire.

Athena pauses in thought, the drinks making it more difficult than it should be to reply. “I’m not so sure about you Mister, you might try to make me a slave or sum shit.”

I protest with indignation, “In the spirit of debate, I am shocked and appalled what you just said!” Would a face like this dare do such a thing?” I smirked, locking eyes with her which seem to send chills throughout her body. She quickly smiles and laughs, gently placing her hand on my chest and whispers “Let me go freshen up and tell my girls where I’ll be.”

“And I’ll be right here Miss Athena.” I smiled and gently kissed her earlobe, toying with it as she pulled away.

As more and more people begin to leave the lounge, Athena reappears out of the crowd with a reapplied shade of lipstick, a shade of pink, almost cosmo. “Ready?” I ask with excitement and anticipation, taking her hand in my grasp as if she already replied.

“You lead the way Monroe.” Her eyes lustfully stared at me as we made our way to the elevator. I gently tilt her head sideways, exposing the slope of her neck as we playfully tug at each other’s clothing, Teasing...testing limits.

We made it to my place in what seemed like no time, both of us taking risks with nothing but alcohol traversing through our veins. I still find my vision a bit blurry as we enter in, I catch her as she slightly stumbles over the doorway. We both laugh as I help her in, me bumping my head along the corner of the entryway wall as I finally make it in with her in my arms. I close the door behind me as we laugh, gently helping her to the couch.

“Damn! We gotta watch out for the gremlins that keep following you and tripping us up!”

She laughs almost hysterically, grabbing her heels and neatly sitting them next to her on the couch. “Boy you are a trip!”

I’ve been told I’m a journey actually.” I wink at her as I make my way past my dining room table and into the frig, the music turning on as I grab a bottle of Moscato out the chiller.

(“Unpredictable” by Jamie Fox Softly plays throughout my surround sound)

“Nice place you have here Monroe, obviously you’re very good at what you do.”

“I try.” As I lift my eyes and smirk at her from across the way, filling our glasses halfway. I hand her glass as I position myself across from her on my couch. Her feet have found their way into the cushions of my couch, warming them against each other as she leans back, slightly sipping her glass.

“So, tell me something Monroe. That woman you have in your phone, is there something between you two?” She sips her wine slowly, looking through me as if she’s studying my body language.

“About that…. So yeah, she’s a coworker, of whom I am not involved with. She just wanted an opinion.” I sip my wine, trying to conceal my hearts’ passion in my response.

“An opinion huh?” She sits her wine down on the coffee table gently and stands in front of me, staring with obvious intent.

(H-Town Boys “They like It Slow” plays)

Well, I was hoping I could get your opinion of something.”

I sat my drink down and stood up, cuddling up behind her, feeling her body’s warmth yet again. Whispering along her ear lobe subtly, “You know I got you…. but what might that be.” I softly brush my fingertips along the nape of your neck, hearing a slight moan escape her lips. My fingers teased at the material hugging her shoulders, slowly crawling my fingers around as they dragged down the fabric from her dress. She remained in one spot, incapacitated as I kissed the back of her left shoulder, causing another moan to escape.

“Damn you doin it….” She panted as my fingertips found their way to her zipper, slowly unveiling the small of her back.

“I Must’ve hit a pressure point.” I smirked as I continued tasting her skin with kiss after sensual kiss to her back and shoulders. I massaged my hands along the slope of her curves with focus and care, her skin almost becoming hot to the touch. I turned her around as she gave me a stare of hunger that wasn’t there before, a gaze that concealed a hint of mischief. I gave her the type of look that something dangerously sinister was brewing in my concentration. A look of passion that was just about to overflow.  I softly grabbed her cheeks, pulling her forward and into my mouth as we passionately kiss. The taste of Moscato has moistened our pallets for each other, each tender grasp more aggressive than the next.

All the drinks finally had me at a tipping point, I couldn’t take it any longer...I needed to take charge, or as I say to myself in Chess, “Overtake the Queen.” I gently toss her back on the couch, smirking at her as she looks up at me lustfully. The intensity of the moment was getting to her too. Her eyes clouded over as in a euphoric state. Her conscious altered as the alcohol continued its spell. I kneeled, slowly removing her dress as I maintained eye contact, gently kissing her belly button, whispering at her as I removed the remains of her dress.

“You don’t seem to be resisting Athena. You sure you want this?”

She slowly muddled a response as she lifted her hips to squeeze that dress off her wide hips. Her bra and panties were the only thing that remained on.


That was all the answer I needed. My hands continued to stroke her melanin all over, she must’ve felt as if there were several hands fondling her body. My tongue sucked along the sides of her shoulder, lifting her arm as I sucked just below her armpit. She quickened as I firmly sucked, feeling her body shudder as she exhaled in ecstasy. My fingertips danced along the curvature of her bra as I looked to free her from her confined state. She quickly understood what I was after and freed her humongous breasts from their confines. Her nipples were so erect and thick...and dark, I loved it. I observed her body contort as my fingertips made their way around her areolas. My mouth watered as my nose tickled her skin, inching closer and closer to her nipples, breathing her fragrance of passion in as the moment continued to escalate. Athena placed my pointer finger in her mouth and feverishly sucked the tip of my finger until it was moistened with her saliva. I used the moisture to slip my fingers inside her panties softly, teasing her thick and hardened clitoris…. the juices that were clinging to the inside of her panties were already existent. I slicked my fingers over with her DNA as I slowly pulled them out of her panties, coating both her nipples with her bodies’ nectar. She threw her head back into the pillow, covering her face with another as she moaned

“FUCK MONROE. That shit feels so good!” I pressed her breasts together and circled both nipples over and over until a concentration of my saliva settled around them. I nursed it off, sucking firmly yet soft enough to cause her yet another orgasmic high. I sensed the need to slip my fingers inside her panties yet again as my mouth covered her left nipple. I pulled the pillow back and made her look into my eyes as I began to masturbate her luv button, irrigating juices from her folds to her budding clit over and over, lightly nibbling as I sucked her right into another orgasm. Her fingers clinched the pillow behind her, her hips bucking as if I touched her chakras. Her sex snake had just been released from its chambers, awakening the inner slut inside her. It was always a mission of mine and I could tell that I just brought it out of her. I gently pushed her legs back, having her grab under her knees with both hands. Teasing her thighs with wet kiss after wet kiss. Her hips begin to contort and gyrate wherever my lips moved, I knew I had control of her body at that very moment.

“Feed her to me.” I deeply spoke as I gained eye contact with her yet again. Her concentration was barely there, deeply fogged as the drug like effect of orgasms completely drained her of her restraint. I licked under her left thigh, kissing up and along her soft inner thighs. She laid back as if she was struggling to hold up her legs, they must’ve weighed a ton to her by now. I removed her legs and spread them myself, laying one on the top of the couch and the other over my right shoulder. Her body came back to life at that moment, although what was inside her certainly wasn’t the subtle beauty once before.

“Eat this pussy Monroe!! Gimme that platinum ass tongue u workin with!”

I obliged her, knowing that she would be under my control as soon as I painted her pleasure bud with my tongue. My lips softly made their way around her vulva, gently kissing along, suddenly placing my hands on her inner thighs, spreading them as my tongue slicked its way under her entry, right above her asshole and up past her clitoris, as if I was waxing her vagina with my tongue. As she took a gasp, my hand reached its way around her neck, clinching with slight force. I enclosed her entire vagina in my mouth and begin to perform sorcery on her folds with such skill that she groaned her next orgasm from her stomach.

“UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!!” She panted as my tongue begin to taste the flavor of her drink choice of the night, Amaretto Sour. I slowly raised my tongue off her, looking into her eyes, watching her recover after her last wave of ecstasy calmed.

“Are we alright Goddess?” I continued to toy with her clitoris as my left hand pinched at her nipples, provoking spasms as my intensity increased.

“Yessss! I want you soooo bad!” her hand barely reached up to grasp at my already loosened shirt as my pants preceded to burst at the zipper. My dick was so hard it could’ve been used as the head on a jackhammer. I always keep handcuffs in the side of my couch for, well, you know, ‘Situations that might arise’. This was the perfect time for them. I leaned over to succulently kiss her lips, her tongue drinking the taste of her amaretto sour she glazed my tongue. I slipped my hand into the side of the couch, pulling the cuffs out, then positioned her hands above her head. She was under my control now, completely open to whatever I desired. I cuffed her and placed my hand back around her neck as I slipped my pants down just enough to spring my aching erection out. She had me so hard that the precum just about coated the tip when I pulled it out…. I slicked the remaining over the head and just about saw my reflection as I slipped the slit on the back of my dick slowly over her opening. She closed her eyes as I slowly eased it in, careful not to push her over the edge. She grinded her hips as my texture snaked its way through her folds until I found the hilt of her entry and pushed further. I saw a look of pure ecstasy appear on her face as her insides melted onto me. I can’t lie, the pussy was so wet and sugary I damn near slipped into diabetic coma. As I clinched her neck harder, her pussy clamped tighter. I slowly stroked it until I had confidence I could stand in the pussy without an accidental explosion.

She gasped for air as I released her from my grip, moaning “Fuck you feel so FUCKIN GOOD RITE NOW!” I refused to respond, continuing my sensual assault of her body until she had no more juices to dispense. I slightly pinched her right nipple with my teeth as I stroked deep, keeping my thick body close to hers, the heat being generated between the both of us caused our pelvises to cling. Her juices created a solution between my balls and her vagina that made our bodies speak an unknown tongue.

(“Lovers & Friends” by Lil John, Usher, and Ludacris starts)

The pace of the song causes me to speed up, starting to feel the pussy feed on my soul.

“FUCK gurl...pussy got a nigga feelin this shit!” I gripped her neck again as her Mahogany complexion starts to glisten. I slowly pull myself out as a current of sexual energy bursts up and out of my dick, landing beautifully on her skin. Seeming to settle around her belly button like a large lake and tributaries branching off, my cum slowly drips onto her stomach as I lean against her, softly kissing her forehead as she pants, coming down from another orgasm.

“We needed this.” I exhale and whisper to her as I slowly kissed her lips, nodding an affirmative nod, agreeing for her as I watched her body relax under me.

“Yes, I DID. You have NO Idea.” She bit her bottom lip, giving me a look of satisfaction. That was just the look I wanted, just from the wrong woman. All the while I made passionate love to Athena, Kierra was who I saw. As I held Athena that night in my bed, the last vision I had before my eyes closed was the look in Kierra’s eyes as I brought her to orgasm. It just wouldn’t go away and I was determined to see that look in her eyes again. I turned out the lights and held her closely. My secret was safe in my mind for the moment, but I knew what needed to be done. Against Hans’ and my better judgement, I had to have Kierra.