Corporate Temptations - Pt 5 - The Odyssey

Info MrMonroe
21 Dec. '18

I awaken to the sound of my cell phone vibrating, and the vibrant Sun beaming through my bedroom window. I slowly turn over, then quickly come to as I turn my head to check the time, 7:47 am.

“FUCK!” I quickly got up to head to the shower, but then 2 things hit me. One a pounding headache the size of lake Tahoe and two, I was alone. Where the fuck did Athena go? I called Scott to let him know I needed to come in a little later. He sounded concerned for me, as if I had a cancer scare or something. Perhaps it was how I sounded when I spoke to him. Fuck that Goose is a mutha fucka! If you not careful, it will sneak up behind you and smash yo ass in the back of the head with a sledgehammer. I slowly walked to the front as I attempted to shake off the lingering effects of last night. I barely made out a note left on the kitchen table, along with some buttered toast, raspberries and Orange Juice,

“Sorry I had to run, work calls me early! Here is my #, I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU TODAY! Text me, Your new “Goddess” , Athena :)” Damn. She left her number at the bottom of the paper and a pair of sexy ass lips from the lipstick she wore. Fuck I’m an asshole! I fuck her brains out, she cooks me breakfast and all I can think about was getting back inside Kierra’s pants? I shake my head as I suddenly feel my phone vibrate in hand. It was Kierra:

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: I’m here Mr. Monroe, as requested.

Strawb3rryKiss3s05: But you’re not?”

“Urban_Professional_2012: Very good. I’ll be right there. Your panties will be in attendance as well”

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: Thank you kindly Mr. Monroe.”

I scarfed down my breakfast to try and wear off the effects of the alcohol. It wasn’t working. I then tried the shower. That helped a little bit. My saving grace was that it was casual Fridays. Jeans and a button down shirt with a blazer was my go-to. Another text hits my phone:

Hanz: “Yo bro, we need an answer today! Please talk with ur peeps an let me kno!”

Me: “I got u!”

I hopped in the car and made it to work in what seemed like 5 minutes. I grabbed my bag out the car and headed in with my shades in tact, cloaking my recovering eyes. I slowly make it onto the elevator. An arm quickly reaches through the doors just before they close. It was Collins!

“Hey Monroe, what’s goin on man.”

I leaned my head against the back of the elevator glass pane in agony. “Whatcha want Collins.”

“Hey man, I need to talk to you about ur girl man. Something’s not right.”

“Collins, not now man,”

“No man, I think you need to listen to me. Something’s not right about her, you should stay away. She has secrets.”

I quickly drop my bag, sweeping my elbow under his chin, pinning him to the wall. “Listen you sleazy ass snake n the grass motha fucka. I’m onto you. You just want at her before I do!”

“Yo Monroe Man, chill! It’s not like that! I just talked to her and found somethings were inconsistent that’s all!”

Damn, what the fuck was I doing! I’ve never acted like that before! The alcohol had to be still in my system for something like that to happen, that’s INSANE! I backed off from him slowly, slowly fixing my shirt as the elevator door opened. As I walked off I heard Collins voice slowly fade away in the background.

“I’m serious man, she’s dangerous!”

I shrugged it off and headed to my office to make the call to my business partners at R3. I called them and started to speak at length about the opportunity. It turns out they did know the bankers  and were certainly down to promote it. Rich committed to getting me the flyer to send out to our very specific audience. As we continued to speak details a message popped up on my monitor:

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: May I swing by?”

“Urban_Professional_2012: On a call, but come by. Quietly.”

As I continued the conference call, my door quietly opens and closes. I immediately turned my face to stone. Letting out the smallest smirk as she stood there, patiently. I motioned for her to lock the door, and she did. I had her come closer and to show me the designs I had her working on. She quietly sat next to me, placing her hands neatly in her lap, clicking her heels slightly as her french tip pedicure tilted away from me. I continued to talk as my hands softly slipped between her thighs, calling her bluff the instant I slipped them between her warm thickness. Her eyes slightly widened as her hands were positioned on her sides. I stood up and turned away from her as I finished the conversation rather quickly, wanting to shift my focus to other things. As I hung up and turned around, she looked into my eyes calmly batting them as we stared momentarily.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Kierra.”

“No worries Mr Monroe. I managed to keep myself busy.” She postured herself as she replied, crossing her legs in the process.

“With Collins?” I turned my back again as I looked out the window, seeing her reflection in the glass, she seemed to be taken back when I replied.

“Uhh, umm, yes. Collins and I spoke for a moment, yes.”

I pause and walk around to the outside of the desk. “You’re forgetting about the commitment you made Ms Landry. Should I remind you of that commitment? I position myself behind her as she looks forward, almost paralyzed in place. My hand softly wraps around her neck.

“Yes please Mr Monroe. I need a reminder.”

I smirked at her as I ran my fingers all over her shirt….she never raised her hands in protest, not once. I paused then smirked as I started talking.

“I need you to get with the DBAs and run metrics on how much data we can push from nodes 12 and 14 without maxing our resources.”

“Yes Mr Monroe. I’ll jot that down sir.”

She quickly makes note of it on her notepad as I looked out the window. I stepped over to the  right of my room, looking at a painting of a popular skyscraper in Houston called the Williams’ Tower.

“Ms Landry, come here please.” I keep my back to her as she gets up, and slowly walks toward me with notepad in hand.

“Tell me Kierra. What do you know about this tower?” I look at the tower, then dart my eyes over to hers, attempting to lock onto her thoughts.

“Well, it’s tall I see, pretty bulky, all black?” She looks as she crosses her elbows under her arms, crossing her ankles as she takes a closer look.

“It’s fortified Kierra. Heavily guarded. I’m sure there are so many secrets in its halls. So many halls to travel there, so many floors.” My fingertips softly run along the fabric of her white lace shirt. Her blue blazer pushed out of the way by her enormous bust. I could tell I was getting to her again, but this time I had a little something extra in mind.

“Do your halls have secrets Kierra?”

She smirks and confidently raises her chin in pride.

“No Mr Monroe. No secrets.”

I slowly slip my fingers between her thighs and under her skirt. “You sure?”

“Yes Mr Monroe.” She seemed to understand what I was getting at once more, but her poker face was good. She appeared to not let it phase her.

“I’d like to show u something Kierra. It’s certainly not abstract and it commands a LOT of attention.”

She softly licks her lips in anticipation. I aggressively put her against the wall, kissing her in her mouth passionately, positioning her hands close together over her head with one hand, while my other one one squeezes her neck.

“There are people outside that door. People in the hallway. Are you willing to risk it?” I slowly fondled her body, keeping my eyes locked into hers, the whites of her pupils seem to enlarge with every word spoken.

“You do have secrets Kierra, don’t you.” I continued to fondle her, sensually assaulting her curves with my hands, her breathing becomes apparent she’s just about to burst.

“I - I like…being roughed up sir. That is my secret.” She pants and whimpers as her body shakes slightly. Amazingly, she orgasmed without me even touching her sensitive folds. I pause momentarily, my left hand holding her hands above her head still as I squeeze her neck firmly. The sinister intensity in the room seeming to fuel her passion for more. She gasps and looks into my eyes as her pupils dilate, totally glossed over by the moment. I removed my left hand from her hands, but she keeps her arms above her head, obeying my motivational move from earlier. I continued to feed off her submission, keeping my grip tightly around her neck until her facial complexion slightly changed. I let go as she gasped, managing not to pass out from my asphyxiation. She buckled over slightly, then catches herself, putting her hands above her head again, submitting to my sinister will yet again.

“Yeah? You like that?” I smack at her cloth covered breasts with an open hand repeatedly, popping the flesh through her shirt, causing them to jiggle slightly. She whimpered, managing to keep her restraint as the shadows continue to pass by the doorway. She gathers her self and slowly nods her head up and down.

“I don’t believe you Kierra.” I smirk and step back, calling her bluff yet again. She lowers her left arm and slips her fingers under her skirt. I could hear the sounds of her passion sloshing around as she rubbed it out, whimpering yet again once she reached orgasm. She slowly walked up to me and slid the glaze of her nectar across my lips. Hmmm. Strawberry Kisses.

She smirked as she lowered herself onto her knees, looking up at me, slowly placing both hands behind her back, her back against the wall. I slowly unzip my pants, looking into her eyes, keeping my jeans on, barely holding back this beast of an erection before her. Fuck I was so hard I couldn’t bend it to pull it out my zipper. I had to unbutton my pants to spring him free. I slowly unbuckled my belt and slightly pulled back my shirt to reveal him, a dark smile escaped her lips as she went from gawking to looking into my eyes. I pushed her head to the wall and slid my thick shaft across her fleshy cheek.

“You feel that? He’s the one that will be down your throat ok?” I smirk and gently smacked her cheek with him, my precum slowly dropping as it lands on her cheek. She nodded her head and  opened her small mouth, the braces kept her from fully opening as wide as she wanted. I managed to slip him slowly in, finding the back of her throat fairly easily. FUCK she was good. Her suction began to tighten as my hips began to buck her head slightly against the wall, her gaggs becoming more apparent as my thickness grew in her throat. Her lip gloss pressed against the base of my dick as she began to use her tongue and lips to treasure me. I pulled back as a chain of saliva strung from her braces to the thick ridge under my tip, my eyes amazed as she grew more passionate for it. Something about the moment drove her mad with lust. She loved the risque, the moments of taboo that were unfolding, and so did I. I slightly moaned as I whispered over her head words that would disgust her father. It only seemed to drive her more as she placed her hands on my hips and pulled my thick dick into her throat further, causing my balls to flap against her chin slightly. Her technique was amazing. She almost laid prostrate before it, worshipping it as if it were Sunday.

I reached down to pull her hands away from it and stepped back. My wet thick tip right above her nose.

“Slip your panties out of my bag please.”

She neatly adjusted her jacket and stood, calmly walking over to my bag to pull her panties out, returning to her place in front of me.

“Hand them to me.” I calmly asked as I slowly stroked her wet remains into my thick veiny flesh. I removed my belt and fastened it around her throat and pulled her forward with my makeshift leash. She loved that shit. I bent her forward slight, squeezing that thick ass that was starting appear as her skirt peeled up. I slid her panties in my right pocket keeping them in her peripheral the entire time. She continued to swallow my thickness time after time, I could almost see it bulging out the side of her neck. I pulled the strap tighter as I felt myself getting ready to explode. She was high from the dopamine being released in her system as she orgasmed repeatedly from the sensual torment, slowly massaging her beautiful tulip in anticipation of my load. I began to stab at her throat with my dick, pushing the limits of her submission stroke after warped stroke. Her eyes began to roll as I jabbed at her throat as if I had a javelin. I felt my balls tighten once more as I let out a small moan.

“Feed me Mr Monroe” she whispered as she used the saliva from her mouth to massage my balls. I slowly pulled her panties out of my pocket and opened them so that the seat was visible. I showed them to her as I stroked my warm and very full release into her panties, an explosion that seemed to take flight with release after intense release. I looked into her eyes the entire time,slightly smirking as my mind went into another awkward place.

“Put these on please.” I smirked as she looked up at me, her demeanor that of a woman who was just charmed. She slowly rose up and slipped on the sticky panties as a sign of full commitment. A small bit of cum managed to slick onto her fingers as she placed them on under her skirt. She slowly licked it off her fingers and savored my taste. Damn.

“You taste like raspberries.” She smiled as she gathered her things, momentarily sitting down to check her appearance.

“I take it that’s a good thing?”

“A great thing. I love raspberries.” She smiles as she blots on her lip gloss, gently reapplying her blush.

“Noted Ms Landry. Hey, I want to ask you something.”

“Yes Mr Monroe?”

“Do you have plans next friday? Yanno, away from the office. I figure we’ll be done with the project by then, and, well...I’d like to invite you to a party I’m throwing. No friends, just you. It’s an all white affair.” I checked my appearance in the mirror to make sure none of my DNA was on me.

“Mr Monroe, are you asking me out?” Her eyes beamed as she continued to dress.

“If you have plans then that’s cool. Just wondering if you’re this bad after hours.” I smirked at her as I have a seat”

“I would be honored Mr Monroe!” She smiled as her lip gloss freshly clings to her lips.

“It’s Just Monroe after hours, got it?”

“Of course Mr Monroe.” She snorted and laughed slightly, reminding me that she’s just as geeky as she is freaky.

“That will be all Kierra.”

She gathered her things and opened the door slowly to leave, closing it behind her. I grinned once the door closed, once again feeling the gratification of such risky play. God I have a problem! But it was such a rush! The intensity of the moment and her “down for whatever” mentality was becoming a dangerous combination. I felt it. Nothing would be off limits with Kierra. Nothing. I finished up at the office, bewildered from all of the new development on our project, but we were still on schedule. Besides the sex game, the girl was sharp! That’s typically how that is though. The ones that are the most creative typically have the most persuasive demons.

About a week had passed and excitement was looming. Non-stop phone calls, text messages, emails, flyers had gone out. The party promotion business is no joke, let me tell ya! I felt like I was campaigning for City Mayor! It was cool though, because this deal was about to make me a very happy fella. I could tell by the sense of urgency from Hans that this was the beginning of a big money deal. Not to mention the venue? They want to do it right, that’s for sure. Rich and the crew had it all laid out. The pictures they sent of this place? Damn and all the pussy that was gon b there? I needed to make sure I was casket sharp for this one! But there’s only so much you can do for an all-white party. Linen pants, all- white loafers, white linen shirt with matching vest was the get-up for the evening. I had it all laid out. I decided to message Kierra my number, just in case she needed directions to the spot:

“Urban_Professional_2012: 713-249-6822

Urban_Professional_2012: Call if you need anything.”

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: I’ll need you later tonight”

“Urban_Professional_2012: That can be arranged.”

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: I’d like that Mr Monroe.”

Fuck! Why was this woman getting to me so damn easy! Just the site of her screen name turned my dick into tungsten metal. I hopped into the M3 for the big night. I just had her waxed for the debut of the venue and the way R3 does it, I knew it was gon be worth the drive tonight.

I arrived there @ 8:35pm and could not believe the setup. I took the elevator to the top floor and walked right into the venue as soon as the doors opened. The live band had a setup to the left, the dance floor was to the right of the band and a bar was to the far right in the shape of a crescent, Amazing. Across the room was a doorway that led to the outdoor pool and a balcony which was adjacent to the pool. The balcony had a view of Houston’s Midtown and downtown high rise districts which was not too far from the Red Door. The pool had an outdoor wet bar with several bartenders on standby, complete with white heels, white fishnet stockings, and white bunny lingerie, complete with the ears! We also had a DJ which was scheduled to play at 11:30. Damn, R3 went all out! They were able to pull some strings and bring in local singer and club owner in his own right, Scott Gerner. Scott was a black man trapped in a white man’s body. He could sing anything from Prince, Frankie Beverly & Maze, yanno, all that good live music shit. We got everyone setup and awaited our guests. I felt a jab on my right shoulder and turned around as I overlooked the downtown skyline.

“What’s up my nigga!”

“Aww shit look at this handsome nigga here!” Hans laughed and dapped me up along with his brother Ishmael. Rob and Rich had made it outside as well as we continued to shake hands and catch up.

“Monroe I know one thang! There betta be sum hoes in this house tonite! I told Rob that if this party thang don’t work out, ima try my luck in comedy Got Dammit!” Rich was a comedian! His ass would have you laughing from the time you talked to him until you either pissed on yaself or spilled ya drink. That nigga was comedy central. And what made it funnier? He was ugly as hell, but would always have the finest women! I guess it’s true what they say, gift of gab gets the ass! Now Rob on the other hand? He was more GQ than myself n shit. I don’t ever think I saw his ass show up to an event without cufflinks. He was always dressed to impressed, well groomed, yanno, a genuine type of nigga. A man of few words, but plenty of action. He was the mastermind behind the team. He had all the connections, all the licenses, and a LOT of power. He was also the type of dude that you didn’t want to make an enemy with. We never had problems because I was a straight shooter, something he respected in others as well.

“Big Rob, what’s the word man?” We clapped hands and dapped it up. This nigga had the strongest handshake in handshaking history. I know he’s broken the guiness book of world records for the most broken hands after a handshake.

“Nothin much brotha Nothin much. Say when you gon crossover wit these nupes man. I got the post grad frat ready to handle thangs my brotha, you just say when.”

“Rob yall dues to damn expensive man! I’m still trying to find my way!”

That was one thing about Rob, he looked out for his people. Rob and I also went to the same University, but he came out about 4 years earlier than I did. He played DB for the University of Houston and had a brief stint in the league with the Raiders. Got his bread and left after an injury to his knee, but dude was smart. Never spent a lick of it, just invested it into his own appraisal company. Him and Rich worked hand and hand, as Rich worked for State Farm and had his own office. They were a 1-2 punch, doing about 3.7 million dollars worth of business this year alone.

Rob laughed and straightened his vest as he called over a few bartenders and some Moet Champagne. We all grabbed a glass as we stood around the outdoor fireplace as our photographer took pictures.

“Fellas, this joint venture between our businesses couldn’t have come at a better time. The numbers are right for real estate and business ownership. I’d like to thank Ishmael and Hans for the connection and Monroe and his team for getting the word out. R3 entertainment is the gateway for a future black chamber of commerce in this city, lets represent well.”

We toasted and took a couple more pictures for a local black party website as the people started to arrive. Damn it got packed quick! The all white party was underway!

(Play that funky music Whiteboy blaring as Scott Gerner sings)

I decided to check up on Kierra to see if she made it up, but apparently she beat me to it

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: On my way. Maybe 20 mins.”

“Urban_Professional_2012: Bring yo sexy ass on.”

“Strawb3rryKiss3s05: I love a take charge man.”

“Urban_Professional_2012: See you then.”

As I placed my phone back in my pocket and began to work the room. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but if there was anything that I knew was God-given and had zero doubts about was my ability to communicate. That was my wheelhouse, my element. I was able to speak to the wall street executive, the silicon valley tech pirate, the trap star, or a church Bishop. I just had a knack for being able to get and keep people’s attention. As the evening went on and more drinks continued to flow, the lounge turned into a full on sing-along concert. Beautiful black people filled the space, lots of them successful, lots of them looking to come up on the successful. I was able to weed those out pretty quickly tho, and we made sure security knew who they were as well. As the evening shifted gears from live music to the the DJ, we made the deal work with Hans’ and Ishmael’s key clientele.

“Yo comere my nigga!” Hans looked elated, lit on fire by his blue label Scotch.

“We got the account! My nigga 7.2 million net over 3 and a half years! Rob & Rich got the conference call setup to solidify everything.”

“Congratulations my dude! Damn yall sum cold ass motha fuckas!!”

Hans’ could barely speak he was so excited. “Shits man its tha hookup u got us with! Say man I gotta surprise for you man!”

No sooner than he said that appeared the legs of an amazon, thick yet toned. Her french pedi and mani freshly done, and a white mock neck lace-up romper as the outfit. But the unexpected was a slightly revealed strawberry tattoo on her right thigh, with a kiss pressed on its surface. The epitome of seduction was Kierra; even her fragrance was captivating. Kierra’s skin was smooth and glowed like a New York City Skyline on New Years Eve. I just couldn’t get over how sexy she was. And if that didn't top it off? I could literally see my reflection in her glossed up lips.

“Well well, someone certainly knows how to dress for a party.” I said in admiration of her. She had no bra on, revealing her succulent and buxom pair. She had an all white clutch that seem to accent her outfit perfectly. Her eyes were slightly darkened with eyeliner.

“I was hoping it wasn’t too much!” Her soft voice struggling to speak over the loud music.

“Ur perfect Kierra. Almost angelic.” I smiled as the music changed.

We both know that ain't true! But you lookin pretty damn good yaself Monroe!

(“The Bunny Hop” by The Entourage drops)

“Can I get you something to drink??!!”

“Um yeah, I’ll have a Grey Goose and Pineapple juice please!”

We stepped off the dance floor over to the bar and continued our small talk, the entire time I’m thinking about how I’m going to fuck the melanin off this girl. I could look in her eyes and see that she wanted this. This was our night. Nothing would deny us, or so I thought. Suddenly I hear Hans yelling my name behind me.

“Yo Monroe! Hey man I got a friend that you might remember, she wanted to say hi!”

My eyes shifted to this friend and my eyes slightly widened once I found out who it was.

“Hello Monroe! You got it jumpin hea I see! O is this ur pretty friend u showed me?” Athena was being hella petty rite now, but she looked good as fuck. I could feel the pressure mounting as if 2 rams were about to square off.

“Heyy Gurl!” I hugged her as if she was my 8th grade teacher, gently caressing her back in the process” Hey Athena, this isss Kierra Landry. We work together and I invited her out this evening to kick it with me - I mean us!” Hans’ eyes lit up as soon as I said her name.

“Oh Monroe, you ain’t tell me u was dating someone!” Kierra cackled.

“O we not dating, He jus fucked my brains out the otha night, das all!” Athena sneered and rolled her eyes as they squared off.”

“O so u fuckin tha help? I guessssss so!” Kierra’s voice and demeanor turns from sweet and subtle to aggressive and territorial in an instant. She turned her neck to the side and popped her lips as if she was New New from ATL.  they approached each other as to say a few more words, but at that moment I had to step in.

“Ladies this is a professional party environment! Let’s chill on that tonight aiight?!” Hans and I pulled them apart, then I softly spoke into Kierra’s ear.

“I need to go speak with Hans real quick, make sure everything is ok ova there, ok?”

“Sure thing.” Kierra slightly rolled her eyes as she continued her drink. What was supposed to piss me the fuck off turned me the fuck on. I shook my head at her, playfully smirking as i headed outside.

(DJ plays DJ Jubilee’s “Get Ready, Ready”)

“Yo man, what the fuck did I tell you!” Hans was pissed and looked like a man about to blow his top.

“I know, I know man, but do you see that??!!! SHE’S FINE!” We both looked back into the party as men attempted to speak to her.

“Man, she aiight, but now we got bigger problems, like how to get Athena the fuck outta here. Man you shoulda told me you was gon invite her or at least another woman, damn!”

“Look, it’s cool man, where did you send her, I’ll talk to her now.”

“I’M RIGHT HERE!” Athena spoke audibly so that the entire balcony could hear.

“Hey hey hey, bring that shit down, you just heard Hans, we have professionals here.”

“Why the fuck u do me like that Monroe?? I know we just met last week, but damn!”

“Listen, I didn’t know you was gon be here, Me and Kierra we’re just co-workers, thats all.”

“I get that Monroe, but she’s a bitch! I could see it when I first walked up. Something’s off about her!”

“Hey hey now, Cmon I know she got smart with you but cmon I gotta work with her.”

“Dayum Monroe is tha pussy that good? She got u justifying her behavior??!” Athena flipped her hair and and beamed her eyes into mine, waiting as If I was 10 minutes late.

“Ok you been drinkin way too fuckin much, chill that shit out forreal. Go home, and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“O so now u sendin me away? Really? Bitch got u wrapped around tha pussy that bad and u sendin me away?!”

“Hey!” I snapped and grabbed her by her elbow as everyone watched.

“Hey, you gotta go. We have too much going on, security, escort her to a cab, I’m calling one now.”

“This is bullshit Monroe and you know it!! I don’t need no cab! My girls came wit me I know how to leave when I ain’t wanted!” She placed her bag on her arm and made her way back through the party just as Rob and Rich came outside.

“Monroe, you alright man? Tell me what the fuck just happened at my venue?” Rob demanded an answer immediately.

“Man, I thought he was gon backhand the bitch!” Rich joked and gestured as Rob looked at me awaiting a response.

“Hey man, I didn’t know she was gon act like that man. I’m sorry. I think she just had too much to drink.”

“Monroe. Get ya women in check brotha. That can NEVER happen again. We just shook hands on a 7.2 million dollar deal. Not a contract, a handshake. Imagine they see this shit and question the stability of our operations, all because a motha fucka can’t control they bitches.”

“Ok Rob, I get it. It won’t happen again.” I relaxed my arms and shook them out, attempting to decompress the moment Rob checked me.

“Hey man, I’m sorry. You know I know how it goes. Just make sure that shit don’t happen in front of the guests man. “He chugs down a shot of Hennessy and sits the drink down on one of the tables. We dap it up and and laugh. “It’s cool baby! But I know one thing, you betta come away wit the booty tonight!” We all laughed at Rob that time. He never joked about anything. I could tell he was in a good mood, a very good mood. I decided to make my way into the party when Hans grabbed my arm, then placed his hand on my shoulder as he pleaded with me:

“Bro, I gotta be honest, I agree with Athena. She got u buggin out. U gotta chill man, this not like you.”

“Hans, we just co-workers man. Co-Workers! I got this! U don’t trust ya boy? Look, ima shut it down after the party man, fasho.”

“Aiight man, handle that! Yo, we goin to Breakfast Klub after the party, U in? I talked to Minnie man, she gon hook up the shrimp n grits!”

“That’s a bet bro! We’ll link up after the party and I’ll let you know!”

I just fucked up. I knew I wasn’t going to the Breakfast Klub with them after the party. I only had one thing in mind. Breaking this stiff ass dick off in Kierra. I kept watching her from outside as different men tried and failed. She was patient, respectful, and managed to keep her cool after the skirmish earlier. Yet, for some strange reason, I could sense she was a festering powder keg, ready to go off at a moments notice. I made my way back to the dance floor, grabbing her by her hand, escorting her to the dance floor. A smile escaped her lips as slowly got behind her and vibed to the track:

(Throw Some D’s by Rich Boy drops)

The bass thumped through our chests as we bounced and vibed. I held both our drinks in hand as the spot reached capacity.

“ Damn Monroe this is a really nice ass party!” I’m really enjoy myself!” She yelled in my ear and placed the stickiest kiss on my cheek.

“ That’s just how we do it! R3 baby! That’s how we roll!” I positioned myself in front of her, accidentally sipping her drink instead of mine. By now I’m on double digit drinks and the party was coming to and end. I knew what I needed to do, so I whispered.

“ You know you gon upset a bunch of these niggas tonite rite?”

“ Howso? “ she asked inquisitively, already knowing the answer.

“ I think we both know why.” I slipped her my hotel room key and whispered instructions carefully in her ear.

“ My room number is 704. Head down and wait for me. Everything stays on but the heels.“ She nodded and left out, slipping off her heels, quickly leaving without speaking to anyone.

“Fellas! I’m beat man, I can’t make it to the Klub tonite man, gotta lay it down! Drinks hammered my ass!”

Hans, also tipsy looked at me out the corner of his eye and scoffed.

“Nigga we ain’t dumb! But keep doin what u doin, cuz u know I got me somethin lined up my damn self!” We all laughed and dapped it up, but Rob seemed to have a little more on his mind to say.

“ Fellas, good work tonight. I’m proud of everyone’s accomplishments. We have a real shot to do something special, I hope you guys know that. Let’s keep that in mind in the future everyone. No ghetto ass pussy at the parties! Aiight!”

 They all laughed and playfully nudged me on the head. Whew! Rob let me off the hook pretty easy, but considering he would soon be working with 7.2 million dollars, I think he had reason to. I got my phone out and shot Kierra a quick text,


I made my way to the hotel room tipsy, yet focused. I had never been more horny in my life and My dick was so hard it felt like it was about to break. I slipped the key card in the door, slowly opening to Kierra, sitting at the edge of my bed in anticipation.

“Glad you could make it Kierra.”

Our eyes shifted into each other’s pupils, our breathing momentarily stops. The intensity in the room was so thick, seething. The grandfather clock fastened to the wall to left of the entryway ticked louder as the seconds went by. I could feel the largest lump building in my throat. I was sure my baleful gaze troubled her, yet she remained there. I could see right through her: Fear, passion, anger, pride, lust. It was all very apparent the moment I opened the door. All the sexual foreplay and energy we’ve dispensed over the last couple of weeks finally came to a head. She slowly gets up and walks towards me as I stand just inside the door.

“ Well, I’m here Monroe. What do you want with me?” I gently grabbed her by the neck, pulling her closely, whispering deeply


I licked her face, from her chin to her nose. Her gloss, fruity to the taste. I licked at her again, then slowly along the side of her neck.

“You’re so perfect huh? You’re so fucking perfect. On such a fucking pedestal. Collins wants to fuck you. Those niggas from the party. Tell me Kierra, are you perfect?” I slowly circle Kierra as she stands there with her chin lifted, continuing to circle her as a shark circles it’s prey, smelling the virtual blood in the water.

“ Yes sir. Yes I am. Perfect for you.” I stand behind her, breathing on the back of her neck gently, whispering behind her ear as I untie the choker from her top.

“ You know I saw you tonight, the way you conducted yourself when I was away? I was impressed.” I slowly remove the fabric from her breasts as they slightly fall, she heaved up and down as my fingers continue to jolt her sensitive places with energy.

“Glad I could please you Mr Monroe. I like doing that.”  Her nipples continued to thicken as I fondled her, my eyes trying to focus on every part of her. I smacked her heavy breasts firmly with my loose hand, causing them to redden almost instantly, the alcohol making my hands a bit heavier.

“Ouch!!” she whimpers as I squeeze her throat. Her nipples swell under the sensual abuse they’re taking. I can instantly tell she loves it, the moisture is beginning to appear through her panties.

“Don’t touch shit.” I demanded as my hands squeezed around her neck, lowering her to her knees. “I’m yours Monroe….fuck the shit outta m--” I place my fingers over her lips, leaning over, french kissing the alcohol off her tongue. I became intoxicated with the idea of seducing her so much that all I could think about were these moments. I placed her hands behind her back, keeping them there as I make my way to the bathroom, removing everything but my all white boxer briefs. The head of my erection attempts to snake it’s way out the bottom as I walk back towards her.

“U on yo grown up shit tho?” I playfully smack her cheeks, turning up the intensity as her eyes widen. I attach a collar to her neck that I had hanging behind the bathroom door, my eyes dotted upon her hands, as they found their way to her soaked thighs, rubbing passionately, her eyes inflamed with lust and desire. She takes her fingers and sucks the honey like coating off her fingertips.

“Yes Mr Monroe sir, I’m grown.” I smack her cheeks again, back and forth, testing her loyalty as she knees before me. The alcohol driving me to deeper and darker thoughts, I leave her kneeling, pulling out my wax candles as I start to melt them along her breasts. She screeches, but doesn’t move, its as if the torment made her pussy juices cling to her vulva, stringing to her fingers yet again. I could tell she came intensely.  

“Mr Monroe you’re making me lose my mind! I love it!” I quickly pull her up by her elbow, smacking that ridiculously phat ass as I walk her over to the bed, softly placing her on her back. I lift her legs back towards her head, exposing that fleshy pink tulip. Perfectly shaven. Damn, even her ass hole was cleanly shaven. Her pussy had a small, but noticeable strawberry tattoo above the hood of her clitorus, causing a smirk to escape my lips. “Hmm...Strawberry Kisses huh” she looks down between her thighs at me, smirking. “I guess it’s fitting Mr Monroe?” I slowly snake my tongue around the outer edges of her labia, my lips passionately kiss her, softly scratching along her inner thighs. She was as soft as she was wet at the moment, her seductive whimper continues to escape her lips  as she enjoyed the talents of my tongue, covering the entire region with precision and care. I covered her entire plump ass pussy wit my lips, drinking drops of her soul from her, her legs begin to shake as she pants, pinching her nipples, clutching her breasts as if she were stricken with shock and clutched her pearls. I knew EXACTLY how to please her. Her juices began to build in the follicles of my goatee, becoming increasingly heavier to the taste. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to make her feel my strength, my passion for her. This moment seemed as if it would never happen, now unfolding before my eyes.

I spring him free from my boxers, slipping him back and forth over her flesh, the contrast, so beautifully sensual. I could easily count the number of veins on my dick, that’s how hard she made me. I slowly slipped him in, her mouth and eyes widen as if I just shot her with a 50 caliber round.”OH MY GOD!” as she whimpers I squeeze her neck, staring in her eyes, a dark emptiness comes over me, the spirits of the alcohol controlling my stroke game, bottoming out every single time I slide deeply inside her. Her moans became obvious to the rooms around us what was happening, I started kissing her to muffle the sounds, I grind slowly to give her a break, but tha pussy was bomb, and wet as FUCK.

“Ughhh, KIERRA, FUCK!” I smack her cheeks as I grind sum mo, keeping her full of me. She wraps her legs and arms around my neck, holding onto dear life as my dick begins to power stroke thru tha gushiness, tha pussy feels like it's been drenched in cocaine. “GOD KIERRA, PUSSY WET AS FUCK” I feel my balls flapping as I keep close to her, wanting to literally mold her vagina with the shape of my manhood. I wanted her to feel my dick when she sneezes, when she breathes in a heavy breath, when she takes a step, and that was exactly the energy she put off. She came over and over as we switched positions, binding her against the bed in several positions, testing her body’s ability to endure. The liquor fills my erection with no end in sight, I pound her from tha back , pulling on my collar as she takes my backshots.

I moan deeply as I grab a handful of hair, whispering behind her ear. “I had to have you, I wanted this shit.”  As I whispered to her, her body continued to quiver, emptying her juices onto my strong veiny dick, not holding back.

“Nutt in me Monroe! I wanna feel it!” I pound on it with haste as she whimpers out another orgasm, the collar keeping her from exploding out in a louder orgasm. I moan deeply as she begs for me to fill her up as my dick betrays me, my load building with every passionate and physical stroke. “UGHHHHH, PUSSY TOO FUCKIN GOOD!” I can’t hold out the release as my body spasms and releases several rounds of passionate releases, my moans rivaling the sounds of a grizzly bear. I bite at her left shoulder as I finish, the liquor finally finding it’s way out of me through my dick. I felt as if I released a trillion ounces of sperm between her thighs as I spill out of her. My nibbles turn to kisses as I turn her over, planting a gentle kiss to her frontal lobe, sealing the moment of raw animalistic passion with a sweet, sensual embrace.

“I needed that Mr Monroe. I needed that sooo bad.” We kissed slowly as the remains of our passion empty onto the bed.

“You got me speechless Ms Kierra, I can’t even say shit.” Her eyes were glossed over. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the alcohol or the dick, but she was coherent enough to provide a cogent response. “Any water to drink?” I smirked at her and kissed her nose gently again, rolling off the bed as she headed for the shower. I grabbed the water and opened it for her as we talked. The conversation was silly, sexy, flirty, and ginuwine. Of all the hours we spent in the office, there was nothing quite like this. She revealed a down to earth side that just placed another check in the box. I was actually starting to think about a future with Ms Landry. Everything about this woman was perfect, or so I thought. As we laid there coming down from the sensual high of sex and alcohol, I realized something wasn’t quite right. I sat up and watched her sleep peacefully, enjoying the moments of watching her slumber, yet wondering what about her was troubling me.

I always felt a sense of gratification from watching a woman I’m incredibly attracted to sleep. The peacefulness in that moment tends to make me smile, but I couldn’t leave this alone. I heard Kierra’s phone beep as the battery life drained away second by second. I had my charger with me, so I plugged it up and allowed her phone to charge as I looked over the downtown skyline. No sooner than I had plugged it up, the phone vibrated almost uncontrollably. The screen illuminates a turquoise tinted tone as the messages complete. It was 4:42 am, who could be texting her? Something didn’t seem right again, I reached for the phone, catching myself, hesitant to grab it. I turned the phone on it’s back and viewed the screen in shock as the message clears the screen stating

“I’m home, where are you? -Hubby-”

If nothing else was certain, I just found out Kierra’s deep dark secret and I intended to find out just how deep and dark her secrets were.