Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-4

When she came out, Abby heard her name, “Abby Douglas.” she turned and saw a familiar elderly man.

“Pasquale DiRenzio, it’s so nice to see you,” as they hugged, “How's your daughter doing?”

“Thanks to you and your legal friends, she’s doing just fine.  Now it’s your turn.”

“I'm on a date and we came in for some gelato.”

“My brother owns this place and I help him out, for you, no charge, show me your date.”

Abby looked over and saw Vince talking to a waitress. She recognized the waitress’s body language. Her eyes narrowed and she tapped her foot. That bitch! I guess I should be flattered instead of jealous but that’s my guy. 

“Pasquale, that's my date, Vince, talking with the waitress.”

“Oh, so that's Vince?”

“You know Vince?”

“No, but the waitress, Carol does. She told me about this boyfriend she had, Vince. She dumped him but realized she shouldn't have. I can get you a different waitress if she a problem?” 

That’s Carol! She’s trying to get back with him. I should accidently tip that tray of water glasses on her.

 Abby watched as Carol handed Vince a piece of paper. Vince didn't take it.  He shook his head no and gave it back to her. She smiled and nodded her head.

Yes!! That's the best thing you could have done, my new boyfriend.

“She's not a problem but no free meal, Vince said he was paying so please let him.” 

“Then, I'll see you get the large size for your order,” he said with a smile and gave her a hug.

“Thanks, Pasquale.”

Abby went to their both, bumping Carol out of the way, causing her to drop the tray on the floor. 

Shit, I missed!  Abby slid in next to Vince, giving him a kiss.

“Did you order yet dear?”

“No, waiting for you.”

“That’s sweet, let’s get a hot fudge Sunday and two coffees.”

“Why one?”

“So we can share silly, besides there are snacks home.”

They shared the large sundae, while talking and laughing. The only mishap was near the end when the spoon slipped from Abby’s hand and fell on her dress.

Walking to the car Abby asked, “Vince, why do you call me attractive and beautiful?  Aren't they the same?”

“To me attractive is how you look, dress, and show your stuff, which you do incredibly well.  Beauty comes from the heart and mind.” as he touched her chest and head.

“You're a single parent, doing one hell of a job raising two great kids.  You have a full time job and you took the time to look better than any dream I've ever had. Does that answer your question?”

“It sure does. I've a question for you...will my new boyfriend kiss me.”

Their arms enveloped as their lips touched and parted, their tongues briefly danced. Abby pulled on his lower lip, as they parted.

Vince's eyes opened and he said, in between kisses, “Did you say new boyfriend?”

Abby gave a sultry “Yes and I’d really like to make love to my boyfriend, so he can have the most erotic and enjoyable VFT ever?”

She felt Vince tighten up; his eyes were more like amber super moons.


“Shh,” as she put a finger on those great lips. “If you don’t want to, we don’t have to. You’re under no pressure or expectations.  We’ll talk more at home, if you want.”

“Yes, that would be very nice and making love to you would be a fantasy come true.”

A fantasy about me, I’ve got to find out more.

“If I can keep from tearing your clothes off, we'll talk about our VFT, fantasies, or anything else you want to.”

“Our VFT?”

“Very First Time. Vince, you’ll be sharing something special with me and I think I have an idea of what you’ll be expecting. I’m flattered that we might do that tonight.”

They got into the car and Abby ran her hand on the inside of his leg then it moved to his manhood, which responded and she smiled.

This is turning me on. He’s so nicely endowed.

Abby took his hand and started kissing it.

“I want you to relax and enjoy tonight.”

Once they were inside the door, Abby tossed her purse on the end table.  She turned around, gabbing Vince's face as she pushed him against the front door, and sucked his tongue into her mouth. A hand tantalized his cock as one leg rose up and wrapped itself around his. Her arms pulled his blazer down to his elbows as she continued to kiss and lick his lips. His breathing was fast and shallow.

Abby pulled back and looked at him. His beautiful amber eyes were like a deer in the headlights.

 He's scared and never expected what I did, crap, okay girl, slow down.

“I got a little carried away, showing how attractive and desirable you are. I'll change out of this dress. There's a cheese and veggie tray in the fridge, along with a bottle of wine. Put them on the table, we'll talk when I return.”

In the bedroom, Abby quickly removed her dress; put her lingerie on with a long sleeved shirt over it, using all the buttons except the top one. She checked in the mirror,

Can't see exactly what I'm wearing under the shirt. 

Abby made some quick mental notes. When she entered the kitchen, saying,

“I hope this isn't too casual,” as she sat at the table.

 His eyes are undressing me. His hands will have the opportunity.

“Abby, you’re even sexier now.” Vince moved to her and began kissing her neck.

That feel so nice but.

“Please, sit and let’s talk about tonight.” she said. She took a piece of cheese, dipped and ate it.

“I was surprised when you told me you're a virgin,” she reached over and held his hands.

“You’re a nice good-looking guy. I just figure that you weren’t. Vince, what fantasies do you have about your first time?”

She picked up a carrot, dipped it and slowly slid it into her mouth, which collected the dip. She used her tongue to cleaned her lips. Vince's eyes were moving from her eyes to the carrot.

“I've always hoped for an experienced lady to show me and teach me. Someone who liked me for me, not my status and I want to give you as much pleasure as you’ll give me.”

He means what he says and so adorable with those seductive amber eyes.

Abby, playfully, ran a finger up and down his arm.

“You'll be having new sensations and experiences.  We'll be teasing, kissing, touching and having sex with each other. You could come fast, might even take a while getting hard, but I do promise that you'll get better. Relax tonight and enjoy. As for giving me pleasure, you already have and I’m sure you will. If you meant doing certain things to me…I’ll hold you to that but not tonight.” Abby said in a reassuring tone. Abby dipped a carrot and placed it in her mouth, the dip on the end sticking out at Vince.

“Eat it.”

Vince leaned over and enveloped the carrot with his mouth, and sucked the dip off, pulling the carrot out of her mouth then eating it.

“Not bad, now it’s your turn.”

Vince did the same, saying,

“Go ahead.”

Abby placed her hands on his face; her tongue slowly slipped out of her mouth and swirled around the carrot.  She made a soft humming sound. Her tongue became coated with the dip, as it retreated into her mouth, leaving the dip on her lips.

“Clean my lips off.”

The carrot dropped to the table as Vince’s tongue started to lick the dip, when she just grab it with her mouth, sucking hard on it and swirling her tongue around his, before letting go.

“Did you like that?”

“That was, was…great.”

“Vince, if I asked you to stop, would you?”

“Of course.”

“Do you believe that if you asked me to stop, I would?”


“So there’s no reason to ask before either of us do something to each other. I do have a limitation. While we're downstairs, we stay outside each other’s clothes. This is for us to explore each other.”

Abby stood up, and grabbed Vince's tie, pulling him out of the chair.

And to make the night last longer.

“Let’s get comfortable.”