Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-5

Abby lead Vince to the den letting go of the tie and playfully pushed him onto the couch, kneeling above him her legs on either side.  Her hands entwined his moving above his head as she lowered herself onto him. She whispered in his ear, “You’re one very sexy man. You kiss like Casanova and make me feel so comfortable. A secret about me, I’ve liked you for a while as well.”

She nibbled his ear and lightly blew a puff of air into it. She caressed his neck with kisses ending at his mouth.  They locked in a bout of kissing. She pulled her face away and rolled on to her right side. She slid her leg up between his. When her knee reached his dick, Vince exhaled and moaned with pleasure as her knee moved up and down his cock. He pulled her face closer for a kiss, but Abby just shook her head no.  She pushed her leg against Vince's groin a few more times.

“That feels good.”

“That’s a very rewarding and sexy smile you have.”

While kissing his neck, she ran her fingers through his hair, her other hand traveled around his chest and sides. Vince lightly squeezed a breast and pulling lightly on the nipple.

He kissed her neck, softly blowing on it.

Like he's blowing out a candle, it’s turning me on and enjoyable.

Abby's pussy was getting wet, a fire had been started. She ground her hips against his cock. He continued spending an enjoyable time on her breasts and nipples. She directed his mouth to hers as they sucked on each other’s tongues.

“You're turning me on, Vince.”

”I feel so hot and hard, ops.”

“There’s nothing wrong with anything you say. Say whatever you want or feel. I can tell that you’re hard and it’s a nice, sexy feeling, that’s why I’m responding and you are as well. Besides, hearing you talk like that is a bit of a turn on.”

“It feels very good.”

 She stopped grinding her hand went down between his legs where her fingers teased his nicely sized hard-on.

“You’re so large Vince, do you like this.”

“Oh God Abby, my dick feels like it's going to explode.  Am I?”

“Large? Yes you are and it feels good when you massage and play with my tits and nipples. Explode, at some point, yes you will.   Kiss my tits?”

“But you said we had to stay outside the clothes.”

“You can still do that over the shirt.”

He's never done that before.

Vince's mouth went to her tit. He blew and kissed it. Then a second kiss, his hand massaged her breast softly.  Abby, shifted to being more on her back, allowing him access to both her breasts. It was awkward, his limited experience showed but there was a kindness and softness to his ministrations. Her nipples became very hard when he blew on them.

“Oh, Vince, my tits feel so nice.”

A little hard but it still feels nice.

She moved her hand down between her legs, feeling her dampness.  Her hips moved her hand rubbed against his hard-on and her pussy.

I'm hot and he's so large. I want to feel that explosion!

Abby moved his hand to her pussy, placing it over her panties and began moving it up and down slowly.  Vince got the pace and she let go. He hummed in her ear, bringing a smile to her face.

Vince is so different and in some ways a natural at this.

His hand continued rubbing but was going faster.

“That’s a little too hard and fast Vince, softer, slower.  Yes, that's better, oh that feels so good, you’re turning me on by rubbing me and kissing like that. Now it's your turn.”

Abby squirmed to the pleasure he was creating. She felt the heat within her rise. Abby's hand went to Vince's noticeable bulge and she caressed it.  Her other hand pulled his face to hers. Kissing and pulling on his lip.  Her tongue moved in and out of his mouth, their tongues playing when it was in his mouth. She returned the favor when his was in hers. His hips began to move.  Vince’s breaths were shorter.  Abby's mouth locked on his, her one hand wrapped in his hair pulled his head closer and her other rubbed his cock. She felt the wet spot develop and smiled.

“I'm going to come.”  As his body had taken control, he stopped kissing and caressing her breasts.  Her tongue traced his lips, enjoying his intoxicating breathes and sounds escaping his mouth. His hips continued thrusting against her hand. His pleasure filled moans even more evidence that she had brought him to where she wanted him.

“Don't stop paying attention to me. Keep tantalizing my body.”

Vince resumed kissing and touching but slower and not the same feel.

He needs this and I want this.

Abby increased the pace of rubbing and squeezing. She felt it tighten, Vince's body tensed and his hips thrust hard against her hand, pushing it into her pussy.

“That feels so good Abby.” His cock exploded, Abby’s hand felt every beautiful spurt and the wetness it created.  

“Oh Vince, feeling you come, four very nice blasts. I'm looking forward to having you inside of me.”

It took Vince a little to settle down, with Abby caressing his face, providing small kisses. He didn’t look at her focusing his attention on her neck.

“Vince, look at me. What’s up?”

“I hope...”

“You blew a load into your pants, very nicely I’ll add. Did you enjoy it?”


 “I told you that would happen and I also enjoyed it.  Do you remember my wet pussy? You caused that and it was enjoyable. Tonight is for you.  There is nothing for you to worry about.  We've been kissing and touching for a while before I did what I wanted to. I'm impressed you lasted this long. Just so you know I'm pretty sure your cock is larger than average.  Please, forget anything you've seen at porn sites or read in unrealistic erotic fiction. Would I lie or make fun of you?”

“No, but I came very quickly.”

“Vince, we’ve been enjoying each other for about twenty minutes. Most guys last half that long.”

“Uh, really?”

“Trust me, for our first time with me urging you on, you did very well. There are many guys who wish they’d last that long. It’s hard for me not to rip your clothes off.”

“Thanks.” He leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose then her lips.

“Now it's your turn to do some exploring,” as she wrapped her arms around his neck and adjusted her position so that he was on top of her. He kissed her lips, as his hand squeezed a nipple. Her mouth opened, inviting his tongue in.  Abby moaned softly as Vince’s tongue made a trip around her lips, then across the roof of her mouth


“That feels nice,” she whispered as Vince nibbled her ear and tugged her lobe and softly hummed.

“Hmm, feels good.” I still smell that terrific cologne.

She felt his hand begin to go under her shirt.

“As desirable as that would be right now, we’re staying outside our clothes, you eager beaver.”

An A+ for effort, I told him not to ask, he didn't and he stopped when I told him to.

Vince’s hand slipped past her stomach reaching her moist pussy. His fingertips traced over her pussy and the inside of her thighs. Abby felt a tingly warmth as that happened.

“Vince, please do it again.”

He did and the results were similar. Abby began moving her hips to his stroking.

Abby dragged her fingers down his back, feeling a shiver run down his spine. His back arched, slightly.


She moved a hand between his legs providing encouragement to his hardening shaft. Vince traced a figure eight around her breasts while kissing her lips. He kissed his way to her neck, giving her light nips; he smiled as Abby seductively exhaled while they stared into each other’s eyes.

You’re an observant lover.  

His smile increased when he discovered how wet she was. Her hips moved to his pace, thrusting up, when his hand was near her clit.

“Oh Vince, that feels so very good. Get your face down here, kiss me.”

Abby had barely finished when she felt Vince's tongue thrusting into her mouth in a slow hunting manner. It moved across her teeth then the roof of her mouth. Abby's arms again went up and down Vince's back, as she began to feel an orgasm coming. She wanted it, as much for herself as for Vince. Her hips were in sync to his hand.

“That's the way. You're making me feel so good. My pussy wants more, harder, oh yes!”

A wave of pleasure washed over her.  Vince stopped what he was doing, when her pussy flushed.

“Lover boy, when that happens, keep doing it, just like I did with you.”

Vince resumed and Abby's hips responded as she grabbed his face, bringing it to hers, beginning an assault on his mouth.

Abby rolled onto her side a few minutes later, playing with his hair.

“As an FYI, you did to me, what I did to you.  You gave me an orgasm. Did you feel it?”

“I did?”

“Yes, you made me come and it felt very good.” Abby delivered a deep, soft kiss.

“I think I felt it, you're pussy got wet and warm,” as he kissed her playfully, which Abby returned.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Hell yes and I'm also enjoying you.”

“I'm glad, let's just do this for a while,” as she raised his hand to her mouth, kissing his fingers.

It's been a while since I've enjoyed my own smell and taste

His tongue, slowly traced her lips, his hand enticingly toyed with her ear lobe. Abby probed his mouth as she wrapped her legs around his, gyrating her hips against his, which he returned.

Their tongues, danced between their lips. Time was of no importance, as they continued touching, kissing and exploring each other.

I’m really enjoying myself and Vince is the reason. I’m happy and comfortable. He makes my body tingle and I so enjoy how much I make his body respond to my touch, time for stage two.