Humanity's last chance

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22 Dec. '18

"If only people would start having babies again you could go home Mia", said a woman in a lab coat as she walked in into a room of monitors and recording equipment. Mia, a much younger woman sat straight up and cleared her throat. Sorry Olivia. I was paying attention but...

Both leaned into a screen showing an embryo doing nothing inside what appeared to be a human female egg or "Ova".

Mia continued; I'm not seeing any difference in version 88 than 87. I didn't expect anything different Mia... I'm at my wits end here. Thanks for staying late last night. I'll need you again tonight, I have this idea that if we. Mia interupted; Oh good I was hoping we could try it out tonight.

Try it out? Olivia exclaimed. Yes Mia returned. We have to start getting serious about alternative therapies. There are no solutions coming out of traditional invitro, you know that. We have our hands tied and unless people start showing up here pregnant there has to be a better way to force society to...

To what?

I don't know... SOMETHING THOUGH!

Olivia shuffled papers. Yeah, something... Hey 88 is a fail, setup the paper work and we'll start on a hopeful 89 tomorrow but in the meantime lets you and I work on what we believe in huh? Together...

Mia slumped in her chair while looking upwards unamused. Yup. As Olivia left the room Mia watched her go.

The second Olivia was out of site Mia pulled a bottle out of her pocket and opened it on the counter. Several colored pills spilled out. She began taking all of them in succession.

That night when other where shuffling for the exit Mia and Olivia both quietly entered a laboratory. Anyone could tell that this was not their laboratory as the lights came on automatically. They both acted relieved but it was not their first time here as they confidently setup their laptops and broke out equipment.

This, Olivia held up a pair of tweezers with a pill in them. Mia asked, sixty-two? No Mia, 64... I reworked some of the base against what others are doing. Mia stared then become annoyed. I knew it. You worked with them when you where away. On this. If.... When this works are you going to leave me behind?

Olivia grabbed her shoulder in an attempt to bring confidence to her next words. Of course not. I understand your dedication. This is the right thing to do. We are on the brink of saving the human race from extinction.

Olivia began preparing a gynecology chair nearby. Mia grabbed the pill and replaced it with another as if she had practiced one hundred times.

Olivia turned around. Ok, have a seat. Mia sat down and Olivia jammed a syringe into her thigh. What was that? Mia calmly asked. Double dose on this version. I think it could stimulate nerve endings that could force conception during sex but we'd have to wait and... She was interupted by Mia grabbing her own thighs violently tightly. Whoa, Mia exclaimed. My thighs are like... vibrating... Among other things what did you change exactly?

Olivia, smiling but concerned reluctantly pushed; ah, do you feel like it could be something... more? More? What do you mean Mia asked as she began rubbing her legs.

Could you climax like this?

Climax? No, well. Not "like" this but maybe because of this with more stimulation or something... maybe.

You need... You need to make sure you're correct. If you where stimulated Mia could you orgasm faster than usual?

Mia starred.

You need to tell me right now, you have less than 2 minutes.

Mia starred. Olivia had had enough. Play with yourself she barked.

Mia looked concerned but didn't miss a second. She began rubbing her inner thighs mechanically. Olivia had her hands clenched and erupted. Play with your clitorous!

I'm not going to play with myself right here in front of... Mia sat back and starred that same reluctant stare in silence. Then it... something hit her. Olivia began droning on and on using scientific words to describe masterbation but Mia trailed off thinking about some fantasy she had been playing with in her mind. She is surrounded by the most perfect female bodies her sexuality could dream up and they are all working hard to give each other oral orgasms. At the exact same time all four women explode into orgasm together...

Mia's hips moved upwards and she closed her eyes. Olivia stood still as if she had spotted a wild animal in their midst. She said nothing.

Then Mia snapped back into reality. This is a lab, not her morning routine! How did that happen? Maybe Olivia was getting to her. They were working 50 hours and then secret projects at night. Yeah that's all.

Then Mia had the urge. A desire to spread to her legs and rub her clitorous. It was intense and sudden during which she became  desperate an her hands reached for her privates no her tits, no nothing...

She realized that despite warding off her hands her legs had been convinced to spread ... But what is the point of all this? Mia asked herself as another wave of emotions flooded her.

I need, no I should be fucking right now. Now, I should be getting railed. She gave in and rubbed herself over her pants with both hands. It felt like blowing on an itch at first, gratifying but not nearly enough.

I should be... getting....FUCKED she thought. Her hands were NOT going to be enough. In fact she began panicking as she realized this.  Her breathing had become intense without realizing it and this lab coat was a huge nuesance... As she stood up to take off the coat she realized how intense her breathing had become and that feeling inside her. "I reeallly have to get fucked" was forced into her mind as she locked eyes with Olivia.

Olivia realized this as a moment she may need to interject. Mia...

Mia cut her off as she grabbed her hands and began convulsing.

Ok, ok. Just lay down on the table, as she cleared her laptop from an area and began pushing Mia down onto it. Olivia felt that nervousness where someone is seizing and several things need to be done. Bite on something, hold down their limbs etc.

But as she raised Mia's legs onto the table for her Mia shot them behind her head and violently began bouncing up and down on the table violently. She looked at Olivia nervously and back to her crotch which now had a large wet spot on it. And back at Olivia again as if to beg for help.

MMMMMMMMM was All she could utter through her clenched jaw.

Olivia was shocked. She wasn't expecting this but something great had happened. Mia went into some kind of convulsion and arched her back and began vibrating the table violently as her ass jack-hammered up and down like a machine. She was breathing so heavy while staring at Olivia. She eked out "eh eh eh ehtake eh ehe ehoffeh ehmyeh ehpants".

Olivia was shocked. Was getting involved in this part of it correct? Can I really aid her to orgasm? Olivia stood there watching her beautiful assistant so sexually charged that she was in danger to her own safety. But no, she thought. This is scientific. It is a reaction and it is part of the expected outcome.

Mia began to tighten up even further while attempting to rub herself but her muscles where fast becoming tightened. Her legs began pulling apart so far she thought they would come off. However convenient it was to have her crotch so accessible as her body pushed her legs apart and her torso muscles tighten even more. Her arousal was becoming so intense that she was hoping her heart could handle this.

Olivia just starred at her desperate accomplis.

Mia felt her insides convulse suddenly. Further than she thought was possible as she clenched her jaw.

"Ok, this is getting a little scary she thought" as a new feeling enveloped her entire body. As if her entire physical energy focused itself into her genitals Mia became rigid. As her mouth came open and with her legs above her head her arms flailed for a few seconds in an attempt to grab hold of something, anything.

Eventually she gave in as her arms became rigid.

Olivia watched and for some reason took this as a que to ask; can I...

She was interupted by Mia's fully stretched jeans suddenly becoming darker as her juices gushed. Her body began to vibrate in a way that no one could ever accomplish on their own. An orgasm so intense that it was silent yet incredible to watch as the quiet slowly began to be overcome by panting and gasping for breath.

For about eight minutes Mia slowly reversed the process and eventually sat up on the table. What is wrong with you Olivia?! she panted.

Olivia stammered; I didn't realize that it may have been unsafe. I thought...

NO! Interrupted Mia, you ruined my orgasm! My body was in convulsions and I couldn't... I couldn't fuck myself! Why didn't you help me?!

Olivia began to reply when Mia grabbed her laptop and smashed it across the lab floor. I needed to get FUCKED Olivia and I couldn't even play with myself because my... I couldn't control my... my muscles enough to take of my clothes.

Tears were forming in Mia's eyes.

Explain what happened Mia, take your time...

Whatever that was... made my sexuality take over my body, Mia began. It was like having an extreme orgasm without an orgasm because my hormones were surging. I was the most aroused I've ever been. EVER. Probably times two...

Mia began rubbing her crotch as the nostalgia set in.

Olivia interrupted, so your hormones where extreme... Got it.

Mia continued, I think I would have needed... something extreme to match the arousal. I would have had to be on a sex machine or something to have matched the orgasm.

Did you have an orgasm Mia?

Mia glared at Olivia. I did... But it was forced by whatever those chemicals where doing to me. It was so intense and built up to something so hard I want to just... BUT I COULDNT! I was stuck while my body had a 2 minute long orgasm without me.

Olivia waited then started: I'm sorry, that sounds painful.

NO! It wasn't, it was like being 800%... aroused and I needed to cum way harder! I'm sorry. This is just intense. Just so intense... almost perfect. She turned to leave but turned back to grab her lab coat. "I have to leave".

As Mia walked to her car she shuffled around her coat pockets frantically. After some time she produced the pill she had swapped. She starred at it longingly but tore herself away, opened her car door and sped away.