Steve, Phil, Susie... and Elliot

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23 Dec. '18

This is a follow-up story to my first published work – New Experiences. I guess the experiences aren’t that new anymore, but they keep getting better!

I said at the end of the last story that as I enjoyed my guy experience with Elliot and my couple experience with Phil and Susie, I wouldn’t try to meet anybody else just yet. These three people were so hot and I wanted to focus all my energy on them. I’ve been in touch with all three of them since our first times, and they all agreed a repeat performance was ‘necessary’. I met up with Elliot once a week for a few weeks and had an amazing weekend with my new favourite horny couple. Each meeting had been better than the previous one and we were all very happy with the way things were working out.

Then, I had one of my famous ideas! Elliot was mainly straight, despite enjoying being sucked by and sucking me! I bet he’d fancy the ass off Susie. Phil loved seeing a nice, well-hung guy fucking his beautiful wife. Susie was a complete fuck-slut who loved being seen to by Phil and me at the same time, and I didn’t doubt she’d find Elliot hot. Maybe it was time for my new friends to meet each other, with me as the common link?

I’d already told Elliot about the fun I’d been having with “this couple I know”, so when I asked him if he fancied all of us meeting up, he immediately nodded. “Hell, yeah, why the fuck not? I won’t jerk off for a week in advance of meeting them!” he joked.

OK, one down, two to go. I decided to ask Phil and Susie in a slightly different way, knowing Phil could be a bit reticent. I broached the subject the next time we met, but I waited until we were in the throes of passion to mention it. I had my cock deeply wedged into Susie’s ass and Phil was beneath us, licking Susie’s dripping cunt when I moaned loudly, “Oh God, my friend Elliot should join us next time then all four of us can fuck at the same time. What do you think, guys?”

Susie yelped “Oh fuck, yes please, that would be so hot!”. Phil said “I goulfd vukkinf fluve thant too” Well, he did have his tongue inside Susie’s pussy at the time! “Susie and I both shrieked with laughter at that. It kind of broke the mood for a moment, but I’d planted the idea with them and I was optimistic they’d bring the subject up again after we’d all collapsed in a post-orgasmic heap. Sure enough, as we were all lying on Phil and Susie’s giant bed relishing the afterglow of another awesome session, Susie said “So tell us about this Elliot guy then, Steve.” I grinned, I just knew it would be Susie who’d be the first to mention it. “Oh, I know you’d love him, Susie. He’s nearly as gorgeous as me!” Phil snorted his derision and Susie threw a pillow at him. “Obviously, that’s not possible,” Susie replied with no trace of sarcasm. “What’s he really like?” I described him as best I could and I’m sure I caught Susie licking her lips. Phil chipped in with “Well, joking aside, if he’s as nice as you are, then why not?” Aww, I think I blushed a bit, but managed to compose myself. “You guys! I think you’re gonna love him, he’s chilled, great looking and a bloody good fuck!” I left their house a little while later, promising to invite Elliot along to out next meeting, then kissed my goodbyes.

OK, part one accomplished. Now, onto part two. I like to have a rough plan of what I’m going to do, or attempt to do, each time I meet with Phil and Susie. She gets so into our sessions with passionate kissing and pillow talk, I’m not surprised Phil can get a little jealous, but he really doesn’t need to. Susie would never play alone, firstly because she adores Phil, and secondly because it’s his presence while she lets me fuck her that turns her on so much. That and the interaction between Phil and I. Susie wasn’t about to fall in love with Elliot and run off with him, I was absolutely certain of that. But I definitely needed an outline plan of what naughtiness we should get up to, so I called Elliot and suggested we meet the next day as I had some news for him. Then we could discuss what we might do when we all meet up together.

For a change, Elliot came over to my place. My wife was away on a girls only weekend with her friends and the kids were at their grandparents, so I had the house to myself. I really only intended to have a beer and a chat with Elliot, planning the fun we would have with Phil and Susie. Silly Stevie, I forgot what a horny bastard Elliot is! Of course, talking about spitroasting Susie and licking Phil’s cock while he fucked her may have inflamed his passions a bit. I know I had a semi during our conversation and when I stood up to get us another beer, Elliot was quick to notice it. “Wow, man, you’re getting hard, like me. What are we going to do about it?” Damn these loose jogging bottoms, they conceal nothing! I hesitated on my way to the kitchen, turned around to face Elliot and I have to admit, I wasn’t that surprised that he’d dropped his pants and was already stroking his hard cock, and wearing a stupid grin on his face.

I rolled my eyes in mock protest. “Oh, go on then, if I must!” I said, sarcastically. I walked back towards Elliot then sank to my knees in front of him. He closed his eyes and sighed as I took his balls in my left hand, his shaft in my right hand and the head of his cock into my mouth. I jerked him hard and squeezed his balls, all the time listening to him whisper “Oh fuck yeah, you’re the best at this. Mmm, suck it hard Steve, milk my cock and taste my cum!” Well, it would have been rude not to, so I did. This was a knee-trembling quickie and he didn’t last long. I’ve become pretty adept at sucking cock over the last few weeks, with no complaints so far. He held the back of my head as his hips started to buck and his moans grew louder. He pushed his cock practically down my throat and shot his customary huge load, which I swallowed. Not that I had much choice but to swallow. His cock was so far into my throat, his spurts of cum shot almost straight into my gullet. I cleaned his now-softening cock nicely and released him so he could slump down into the chair. “Oh man, that was awesome, as always. Can Susie suck as good as you can?” he asked. “Ha!” I replied, “She’s way better than me at this!” He smiled, shook his head and said “Then I can’t fuckin’ wait to meet her!”

“Before you go though, Elliot, there is just one thing.” I teased. “Oh yeah? What’s that?” he asked. I slipped my joggers down to reveal I had no underwear on. My cock jumped up like a coiled spring and I simply pointed at it. Elliot smiled and said “OK, come over here, big feller. Let’s see what you’ve got!” Like he didn’t know what I’d got! He must have swallowed a pint of my cum over the last few weeks. He pulled me towards him and gave me a sensational blow job, all lips and tongue and keeping eye contact with me throughout. He could feel I was getting close as my balls tightened but as I wanted to see my cum shoot into his mouth, I pulled back, told him to open his mouth, then I took over, stroking my cock until I shot four or five thick, creamy spurts directly into his mouth. My aim was good and he didn’t spill a drop.

He stayed for a while after and we enjoyed another beer. We agreed what we’d try and do when we met with Phil and Susie. I knew there was something she hadn’t tried but I was sure she wanted to. Also, I had a plan for Elliot that I was sure he’d like. What a devious swine I am!

We’d agreed to meet on Saturday. I threw my golf clubs into the boot of the car and waved my wife goodbye. She knew if I was ‘playing golf’, she wouldn’t see me for the rest of the day and I’d told her I’d be having dinner with some friends afterwards. That gave me several hours for fun. I picked Elliot up from his place at the agreed time and we headed across town to Phil and Susie’s house. Elliot had a bottle of 16 year old Scotch under his arm, Phil’s favourite brand and I had a couple of bottles of Prosecco, Susie’s favourite tipple with me. If that didn’t relax them for the afternoon ahead, nothing would! I parked up on the drive and we walked up to the door, which opened before I had a chance to touch the doorbell, just like the first time I met them. This told me they were eager to get things started. Oh boy, I wasn’t wrong. We got inside as Susie walked down the stairs in her best “fuck-me clothes”. She looked delicious, as ever. Even Phil had a nice shirt on and smelt good, so they’d both made a real effort for us.

I made the introductions. Elliot handed the bottle of Scotch to Phil, who said “Jeez, I love this guy already!” Elliot smiled and looked towards Susie. “Wow Phil, how did you land such a beauty as this?” I reminded him that Phil was minted, to which he replied “Fuck off, Steve!” How we all laughed! Susie promised me a slap later for that jibe. I didn’t regret it at all! We all had a drink and talked about the weather and such. I decided to get things going. “Hey guys, I’ve told Elliot how hot the pair of you are, so let’s stop talking about the fucking weather and start fucking each other!” More nervous laughter before Susie stopped smiling, took Elliot by the hand and led him upstairs. Phil and I quickly followed like a couple of puppy dogs. We didn’t want to miss a second of this.

Susie, being the beautiful little slut she is, decided a slow, sexy striptease was in order. Each of us three guys removed an item of clothing after each of item Susie’s was tossed aside, or at one point, thrown over my head. Happily, it was her thong, so I sniffed it appreciatively before throwing it at Phil. Now we were all naked and Susie asked the three of us to sit next to one another on the edge of the bed. She dropped down to her hands and knees and crawled towards us sexily. All three of us had stiffening cocks, with Elliot the first to reach its full length. Susie purred and complimented his cock while Elliot rocked his head back and sighed as she took his cock in her hand. She jerked and sucked him, all the time holding Phil’s hand with hers. Her head was bobbing up and down enjoying Elliot’s huge cock, then being a woman, she remembered she could multi-task! She slipped her hand out of Phil’s and moved it towards his cock. Her other hand reached over to mine and she started to jerk us both in time with her head moving up and down on Elliot. Susie was moaning now. She was in slut heaven, servicing three cocks at the same time. Phil reached a hand up towards me and we high fived. Elliot moaned. Susie slurped. I reached forward and gave her a loud slap on her ass and as she yelped, Elliot shot his first load of the afternoon, right into Susie’s hungry mouth.

“Oh my God!”, she spluttered, “you cum as much as Steve does!” I smiled, Elliot smiled and Phil chuckled a bit too. “Come on baby, you need a big cock in you right now!” he said. I put my hand up and said “Me sir, me sir” in my best schoolboy voice. Susie stood up, moved to her left so she was in front of me, turned around and squatted over my twitching erection. “That’s my girl,” said Phil and watched her lower herself onto me, impaling her soaking pussy on my stiff cock. She hadn’t had any stimulation at all yet, but she was so wet already, having enjoyed sucking a strangers cock for the first time. Both Susie and I moaned loudly as she started moving herself up and down on me. I cupped her ass cheeks, one in each hand, to help her move up and down. Phil got onto his knees in front of her, admired the amazing view for a few moments, then started to lick her clit and my shaft as it moved in and out of her snatch. Elliot looked on, eyes wide with lust. His cock had already recovered and he was stroking it back to its full glory. We fucked in this position for some time before Susie said to Phil “Honey, I want your cock inside me now. Elliot, Baby, would you like to lick me while he fucks me?” He nodded eagerly, so Susie got on all fours, her pussy positioned over Elliot’s face. He was on his back and she lowered her groin so her soaking slit was an inch or two from his mouth. Phil moved up behind her, slapped her ass to make her bend forward, then quite roughly mounted her, making her gasp loudly. Not to be left out of this little party, I crawled in between Elliot’s legs and took his cock into my mouth and after a minute or two, Susie leaned right forward and helped me suck him. The feeling of Elliot’s cock and Susie’s tongue and lips against my own was amazing. It must have been even better for Elliot, who couldn’t keep quiet, shouting expletives and cursing his maker, his tongue flicking Susie’s clit and Phil’s shaft while having his cock sucked. “Fucking hell! Oh Jesus fucking Christ, God almighty!” he screamed. I think he’d had some kind of religious epiphany or maybe just a sexual awakening. He seemed to be enjoying himself!

Then Susie released his cock, probably because she could sense he was going to cum again. Phil was grunting and ready to pop. I’d been stroking myself while sucking Elliot, so I was pretty damn close too. Susie asked me to stand up. Well, I say ‘asked’, she barked it like an order. I obediently stood in front of her and she took my cock into her mouth, sucking it in deeply, inhaling it! Phil came first, pumping his seed deep inside Susie. This made her squeal and she came a minute later and the sound of her moans along with the licks she was giving my old boy made me shoot as well, mostly over Susie’s pretty face and mouth, but as my load was voluminous as always, a lot dripped down on to het tits and belly. ‘Poor’ old Elliot was underneath us and we nearly crushed him as we collapsed on top of him, his cock twitching wildly. We were all in fits of giggles as he half covered his mouth and shouted “HELP!”

Round one was very satisfactory for all of us. We cleaned up a little and had another drink. I was on water now because I was driving later. As Dean Martin once said “If you have a drink, don’t drive. Hell, don’t even putt!” I thought this was appropriate, what with my golf clubs lying idly in the boot of my car… Anyway, Susie curled into Phil’s arms on the bed and Elliot mocked them by pretending to do the same with me. We were all laughing and having a great time, it was going even better than I’d hoped for. Susie looked over to Elliot, who was still trying to cuddle me. I was pushing him away, threatening that I’d never suck his cock again if he didn’t stop it. “Hey, Elliot is still rampant. Phil, is it OK if he fucks me?” Phil smiled, “Sure, Honey, knock yourself out!”

We were on the bed now, so it was nice and comfortable. The wood floor is hell on your knees! “Lie on your back, Baby,” Susie said to Elliot. “I wanna ride that huge cock!” Elliot slipped a rubber on and Susie lifted herself onto him. Elliot’s lower legs were bent over the foot of the bed. Susie started writhing on top of him, holding Phil’s hand, of course, and telling her how much she loved him. Her other hand was stroking his cock back to life so I decided to put my first plan into action. I took a condom, ripped the packet with my teeth, took the rubber out and rolled it over the length of my cock. I grabbed a bottle of lube, pumped a generous amount into my hand then got off the bed. I looked at Phil and put my thumb up. He returned the gesture so I walked to the foot of the bed and started to massage the lube into Susie’s ass hole. She moaned her approval and gasped when I slipped a finger into her tight little butt. “Oh God Steve, what are you doing?” she asked, huskily. “Simple,” I replied. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass while Elliot fuck’s your pussy!” “Oh God, YES!” gasped Susie, “I’ve wanted to try this since we met you!”

What a girl Susie is. What a fucking slut! Phil was arching his head around so he could watch me penetrate her ass hole. Susie stopped grinding down onto Elliot’s groin as I fumbled and pushed the head of my cock against Susie’s anus. Eventually, her ass muscles relaxed enough for me to slip it into her and it felt tighter than ever. She let out some kind of primal scream as my cock slid deeper and deeper inside her rectum. I could feel Elliot’s cock inside her pussy when she started to move up and down. Susie was breathing hard and crying out in lust and Phil, not wanting to be left out, got on to his knees, straddled Elliot’s face and pulled Susie’s mouth towards his hard cock. She hungrily gobbled it into her mouth as Elliot reached up and started to massage Phil’s balls and anus. If this wasn’t the horniest, filthiest thing the four of us had ever done in our lives, then I don’t know what the fuck was! Talk about sensory over-load. Susie had Elliot’s cock in her pussy, Phil’s in her mouth and mine deep in her ass hole. No wonder she shrieked as a huge orgasm hit her like a freight train. Phil pulled his cock out of her mouth and lowered his head to kiss her passionately on the lips. This meant his cock was now right above Elliot’s mouth, so he took the opportunity to lift his head and take it into his mouth, while squeezing Phil’s ass cheeks. Elliot came next as Susie bucked her hips and he moaned loudly as he came. This set me off because I could feel Elliot’s cock spasm, filling his condom with cum. I reached the point of no return and pushed into Susie’s ass as deep as I could, then held it there as my own orgasm almost took my breath away. I managed a few more thrusts, making sure all my cum had escaped from my cock. Phil, whose cock was still in Elliot’s mouth, kissed Susie deeply and then groaned as he emptied his balls into Elliot’s throat.

Now that’s how four people should fuck! We’d made a right state of their bed and we were all a sweaty mess. But Susie, ever the cum-hungry slut, leant forward and kissed Elliot before we disentangled ourselves. “Mmm, the taste of Phil’s cum in another guy’s mouth is just awesome!” she said. Then she turned around as my cock eased out of her butt, pulled the condom off it and took it into her mouth to clean me up. She lifted off Elliot and did the same for him. The dirty little cow now had the taste of three different guys’ cum in her mouth. I wanted to kiss her, but Phil beat me too it.

We’d all cum twice and we decided that was enough for our first encounter. There wasn’t much we hadn’t tried, so God alone knows what we’ll do next time. But there will be a next time, for sure. When we were chatting afterwards, Phil said he absolutely loved seeing Susie enjoy herself so much and thanked me so much for introducing Elliot to them. He said he was looking forward to our next meeting already! Susie was slumped in a chair next to the bed and looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. Elliot was flaked out on the bed with a stupid grin on his face. I was mentally clapping myself on the back, pleased with my idea of all of us getting together.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” I said rather weakly.

“I prefer it when we all cum together!” chirped Susie. Well, she would, wouldn’t she?


PS. The plan I had for Elliot didn’t come to fruition that day. I’ll tell you about how we eventually made it happen in the next instalment of our adventures…