Training Day

A shy young thing she was at first.
She finished college in a burst.
Her efforts done by twenty-one,
She moved down south to seek the sun.

She never had the fortitude
To ever do a thing too lewd,
And so she was a virgin lass
But always bore a touch of class.

With raven hair and eyes of blue
She turned some heads indeed, it's true.
Both men and women shared a lust
For such a lovely, perky bust.

Her body shaped itself in curves
That caused some nearly fatal swerves
As drivers eyed her derrière
So round and tempting, swaying there.

And thus I found her still naive,
My needs were such she could relieve.
I asked her out upon the town
With certainty I'd wear her down.

I brought to bear my mastery
And soon she was in thrall to me.
A woman soft and new and green,
I wished to make her my slave queen.

Submission was her lesson now
I needed toys to teach her how.
A leash or two, some chains and clips,
And most of all I needed whips.

But first she needed to bow down,
She had to see me in a crown,
The one she knew she must obey,
To kneel upon her knees and stay.

It was my mission to deploy
The things she could and would enjoy
When wielded by a skillful man.
To make her mine was my true plan.

I tied her hands above her head
And hung her there above my bed
Where I would watch her juices flow
And she could watch my manhood grow.

I shed my clothes and stood there free,
And let her see the best of me.
My body taut with muscles bared
She looked between my legs and stared.

Her bottom needed whipping strips
I flicked it hard, saw labial drips.
One day control would be trained in
And orgasms could be a sin.

If climaxing was not allowed
Then she would not, she'd make me proud.
But for today I wasn't strict.
She leaked out fluids that I licked.

This only made her orgasms
Roll out in sensual spasms.
I spanked her buttocks with a strop
I slapped them with a riding crop.

She moaned and whimpered, begged for more,
Because she now was my true whore.
My training was progressing well,
We now would take a gentler spell.

Her body rested on the bed,
She trembled as I stroked her head.
I kissed her with true tenderness
And gave her cheek a soft caress.

She spread apart her legs and pled,
Her body needed me, she said.
So she was mine, I took delight,
I used her well and good that night.

I knew the truth, it was a fact,
Her maidenhead was still intact.
So I deflowered her with glee
And she was glad she now was free.

My training's sure and may be slow.
She's learning how to always know
That I'm the man who rules her now,
Her place is kneeling with a bow.

But also she can understand
That nowhere here in Freedom's land
Will she be better served, adored,
Then by her Master, me, her Lord.



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