She needs to Be taught a lesson.

Info Janet
25 Dec. '18

As she sleeps behind him, he opens the laptop and logs in as her. Immediately he notices that she has new notifications so he clicks on them. Reading from the last message up to the first, he feels the jealous rage grow in him. She has been responding to messages from other men communicating her most erotic fantasies. He kept going back to the message where she says she loves him, but wishes he would be more forceful in bed. 

He closes the laptop and turns to stare at her. He takes in her dark, silky curls, full round boobs under her modest night shirt, long shapely legs. And that gorgeous face with the lips, remembering how they pursed on his hardness and stroked the entire length. 

Making his decision, he smiles and climbs in bed beside her silently. 

The following morning, he walks in the kitchen and grabs her roughly. Almost spilling the coffee she’s holding, she looks up at him and see his anger. “What’s wrong babe.” She asks. Continuing the hold her arms, he replies “I saw the messages you’ve been sending”   He watches the colour rush to her cheeks as she bows her head and apologizes. Letting her go, he informs her that he is going to work now, but when he comes home, he expects her to ready to be punished for this. 

She nods with a barely hidden smile and says “I will be”

While at work, he texts her strict instructions on how he wants to find her. His cock has been aching all day in anticipation, but he retrains himself from touching it  

Opening the door, he finds her just as he had demanded. On her knees naked, legs wide, arms behind her back and blindfolded. Closing the door, he strides over and pulls the blindfold tight, then bends to tie her hands behind her. Giving her ass a hard slap, he smiles at her shocked Yelp and walks in front of her.  Removing his clothes he sees that his cock is already dripping pre cum and harder than it’s been in awhile. Grabbing her roughly by her hair he tilts her head up and rubs the head on her lips. Moaning she sticks her tongue out to lick him. Yanking her head away, he asks if this is what she wants? She tries to nod but he holds her  head tightly back so she groans a desperate plea in affirmative.

Fighting his own temptation to just slam his cock down her throat, he says no and pulls her up to stand before him.  Ordering her head down again he begins teasing her oh so sensitive nipples lightly delighting in her soft moans. Kicking her feet apart he can see the wetness on the lips of her pussy and tells her he won’t stop until she cums for him and he will not touch her pussy to make it easy for her. Bending down he begins sucking on one while twisting and pinching the other. He moans turn to almost screams and she begs him to let her suck him, promising that she will cum if he lets her.  He switches sides in reply and continues his torture of her. He can hear the drips from her passion hitting the floor and growls a firm no around her hard nipple ending with a hard bite, then a stronger suction. Seeing her legs begin to shake uncontrollably he switches back and forth keeping both nipples rock hard with alternating rough bites and gentle flicks until he hears her voice deepen which is always a sign that she’s about to cum. Pulling away, he steps back and laughs at her indignant squawk telling her to shut her complaining and remember this is her consequences for talking to other guys. She immediately stifles her protests but continues panting with orgasm denied. He stays back and takes in her swollen tits rising and falling with every breath, then down to where she’s dripping down her thighs, then wanders behind her to check her bindings and give that adorable ass another slap. He’s not pleased when she doesn’t yelp this time so he slaps again harder until she expresses the pain she’s in from the spankings.

Satisfied he slides his hands up to cup those incredible tits and presses his hardness on her ass. As he plays with this nipples again, she rocks her ass back to rub him between her ass cheeks moaning and trembling again. Whispering in her ear, he asks if she wants him to pound himself into her. She nods and begins to beg him to fuck her as hard as he can. Barely audible he tells her “you don’t get this until you cum, but you don’t get to cum until I say so got it?” Then gives both nipples another hard pinch and pulls himself away again.  Almost sobbing, she begs him to take off the blindfold, to untie her hands, to please just let her cum.  The sound of her pleas begins to send him over so her moves in front of her and drives his fingers in her hair pushes her down to kneel in front of him. Keeping one hand in her hair, he uses the other to tickle her lips with the head delighted at how her mouth immediately opens to take him in. Still teasing her mouth he informs her that he will fuck her face but he will set the pace, he will decide how deep, he will decide when she can use her tongue, he will decide if she gets to suck and lick his balls. 

She replies with a pained plea that she will do as she’s told if he promises that she can cum. He looks down at her gorgeous face and responds with a maybe but I’m in charge here, and pushes his cock all the way in to bang on her throat. Holding her head firmly in both hands, he pulls and pushes her slowly to lubricate his entire shaft then orders her to pull her cheeks tight on him. As he watches, she sucks both cheeks into her mouth. “Tighter” he orders as he begins fucking that pretty face. Stepping forward more he slides himself faster and harder in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat then slipping slowly out across her tongue and cheeks. Staring down he can see those nipples are still erect pebbles and the wetness soaking her pussy lips as she rocks her hips and moans on him.  He knows she’s about ready to cum so he twists her hair hard and reminds her she’s not allowed to cum unless he says so. She begins to genuinely sob and he knows he’s about to explode so he begins fucking that gorgeous face harder and faster growling at her to swallow it all then she can cum for him. 

Shooting his load directly down her throat, he lets out a long groan and feels her throat working to swallow his gift. Leaving him in her mouth, he reaches down and plays with both nipples ordering her cum for him now and remember who’s boss of this relationship from now on.

He watches as her eyes roll up to meet his and her whole body shudders with the power of release he remembers why he loves her so much but will punish her any time she steps over a line from now on.