Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-6

Abby, placed a finger on his lips. “Dear, let me up.”

Vince sat allowing Abby to stand. She took a hold of his tie.

“Do you still want to do this?”

“Hell yes Abby, you’re my fantasy come true,” his smile was almost ear to ear.

You’re not the only one who’s having a fantasy come true.

“Follow me.”

She pulled him up by his tie, playfully leading him to the bedroom. She lit several candles, put on some soft romantic music and turned off the lights. Walking over to him, she wrapped her hands in his hair, kissing him.

“Dance with me.”

“I’d be honored to.”

Vince brushed the hair off of her forehead then kissed it.  He led her in a slowly turning and swaying motion, sharing brief kisses. Vince twirled her around and spun her away and back to him, wrapping her in his arms. He kissed her ear and neck, while dipping her.

Allen was right.

“You look so beautiful, sexy, and desirable.”

 “Thanks handsome, that was some good dancing. Now, it’s time to undress. This is another way to get to know each other and turn the other on. Say how you’re enjoying what's happening, how you feel and what you think, it’s sexy. When you are the one doing the undressing, feel how my body responds. You’re building anticipation in me. The one being undressed can use their hands to provide guiding direction. At any time you can stop me. We’ll just go to bed and see about making love later. You go fist, disrobe me.”

“This should be very easy for you. I hope I don’t do anything foolish.”

“Why do you think it would be easy for me?”

“Well, you’re much more experienced than me.”

How do I carefully answer this?

“Have I ever taken your clothes off before?”


“Then we’re both at the same level. Have you ever kissed me before tonight?”

“Only in my dreams.”

Abby smiled. “Yet you’ve kissed other girls and you used that experience to see what I would like. Now, undress me.”

He stepped up to her, his fingers traced the outside of her ears, then a lingering trip down her cheeks, where they tantalized her chin and neck, before grabbing hold of her face. He planted a small kiss on her forehead.  His tongue teased her lips.

OMG! How erotic.

“Oh Vince, that was beautiful.”

Her mouth opened and Vince’s tongue slowly slipped in, their arms pulling each other tight. Abby felt her nipples tingle and harden against his firm chest.

Vince broke their bout of kissing, pulling his head a few inches away.  He unbuttoned the top two button of her shirt.  Abby's breathing became a little faster, as Vince began kissing the nape of neck and shoulder.  Her temperature rose as one hand lightly massaged a breast, while the other was playing with a nipple.

“Is this enjoyable? Am I doing it right?” he whispered in her ear.

“Very much so, remember feel my body, hear my breath and words.”

Vince smiled, “Abby, purple, my favorite and you look incredible.”

He loosened the rest of the buttons and caressed her breasts while he kissed her neck. His hands moving all over her body, massaging, softly pinching, and even finding a few ticklish spots as he searched for and found the fasteners.  He pushed the shirt to her elbows. His mouth enveloped hers, sucking her bottom lip.

Abby's tongue slipped into his mouth, a soft moan escaping her mouth, between kisses. Vince kissed a path to her breasts, squeezing one, while kissing the other. 

“You’re turning me on and it feels good.”

 His hands explored her body as the shirt slipped to the floor.  He moved behind her undoing the fasteners and kissing the nape of her neck then down her spine. The corset fell to the floor in front of her, when he finished.

He’s so soft, tender, and enjoyably different but going a little too fast.

Vince used one hand to slowly crawl up her spine while softly humming a familiar song. Abby’s passion was building. She hummed as Vince kissed his way down her back, followed by light goose bumps.   

He's doing incey wincey spider!

When he got to the part of going back up, Vince discovered how ticklish Abby was. She let out a squeal, pulling her arms tight.

“No, stop,” came out of her mouth before she realized it.

 Vince stopped, immediately. Abby felt his lips tenderly kiss her shoulder then her neck.  Abby’s head tilted backwards, his hands slowly moving down her arms.  The heat radiated from her body. There was a stirring at her core. Vince was now caressing both breasts and nipples as he nibbled on an ear.  Abby’s arms had wrapped around his head.


A hand meandered its way down her stomach pausing briefly to circle her belly button, before slowly and tantalizingly moving to a leg. He dragged his fingers over her inner thighs and across her panties, to the other leg.

“Oh that's nice, rub my pussy, make me wet!”

Some gentle mentoring for my new lover.

As Vince brought his hand back across her mound, Abby's meet it and gently directed it under her panties. His hand paused when he felt the moistness underneath.  Abby, guided it between her lower lips, showing him how to stroke her private area.

“Thanks.” He began moving his fingers up and down her wet labia, lightly rubbing her clit. Abby guided it to her vagina.

“This will be very enjoyable for me.”

She showed him how to use a finger to stroke and enter, then move back to her wet pussy. Vince continued exploring his new discovery.  Abby raised her arms around his head. Her hands were running through his hair.

“Vince, this is marvelous.”

 After a few minutes, he moved in front of Abby and kneeled.  He began kissing his way down her belly, probed her belly-button before stopping at her panties.

Not bad but too eager. You should’ve stayed behind me doing what you were doing, you'll learn.

He placed a hand on either side of her panties and began the striper song, teasingly removing her panties.

Abby smiled as a soft laugh slipped out when the panties came off.  Vince’s hands started lightly pinching over her thighs and calf’s, then back up.

I wish I had a chair to hold on to.

She stopped his hand, took his finger, leading it to her vagina.  Vince moved his finger slowly in and out.

“Yes Vince, just like that. Rub my clit, softly.”

Vince did as she’d shown. Abby's hips moved to his pleasurable stimulation.  He moved behind her, his hand never stopped teasing her. His tongue lightly traced her neck as he kissed it and moved to her ear.

“Yes. That feels very good, Vince. Are you feeling my body?”

“Yes and I'm glad you’re turned on and I'm enjoying your body.”

He's doing very nicely; my pussy is feeling good; unfortunately I’m naked. I like seeing the bulge in his pants is back. I'll let him continue for a while because it feels so good.

Vince started kissing his way to her her breasts, sucking in a mouthful, with nipple. He blew and hummed while licking and sucking the on them.  His tongue flicked and swirled the nipple.

“Vince, please finger me? I want your fingers in me.”

He definitely has skill above the waist. That feels so good! God, I want to grab that cock. I can see why those two stupid kids didn’t believe him. Well, their loss is my enjoyable gain.

Vince's moved to the other breast, a hand replaced it. The other began probing her moist pussy.

“I do need to pay attention to both, wouldn't want one to get jealous. I'm happy you’re enjoying this.”

“You're one hell of a neck and breast man.”

Her arms were hovering above his head, came down and began caressing his shoulders and back. His hand sent two fingers into her pussy, adding to Abby's pleasure. A wave of warmth, more intense than earlier, began to build inside of her.

 “Oh my, that feels so good, keep doing that, a little faster.”

Vince responded by moving his fingers in and out faster, while the palm of his hand rubbed her pussy, sometimes pressing her clit.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped as her hips moved hard against his hand and fingers.  Vince began a kissing assault on her neck and shoulders, while teasing a nipple.

Vince is doing it to me again. His reaction, to what's coming will be interesting.

All good things come to an end. Her pussy flushed and Vince stopped moving his hand and started to pull out. Abby was ready and used her hand to keep his there and moving.

“Keep doing that, just like earlier, it feels very good when you do that. It's different when I'm naked, isn't it?”

“I sure did feel it. Your body felt hot when your hips pushed against my hand.”

“That’s the second orgasm you given me tonight.”

Remarkably and enjoyably, I've only given you one, even if it was noticeably larger. He’s got no clue what to do with his hand.

“So, what did you think of your first experience with a naked girl?” Abby having prepared, retrieved some wipes and cleaned his hand.

“Very enjoyable, I've dreamed of this several times.”

“Thanks, did you mean you dreamed of me naked? Did you ever masturbate, while thinking about me?”

Her face which was full of anticipation became a little red, his eyes scanned the room.

Vince replied, “Yes.”

“Vince, I'm so flattered that you thought of me while doing that.”

She gave him a lingering kiss.

 “Tonight, it will be the real me, kissing, caressing, licking and loving you.  I'm sure the real thing will be far more enjoyable for you and for me. I’ll tell you something I think you’ll enjoy knowing.”

“What’s that?”

“Maybe I was thinking about you when I was doing that? Now, it's time for your undressing.”

She saw Vince's eyes get larger, his expression softened with a smile. Abby sauntered over to him and draped her arms around his neck.

 “I hope you’re ready, because I've been waiting all day for this.”

“You have?”

“Oh yeah, granted, I never expected you to be a virgin or to ask me to be your girlfriend. I’m happy about both and feel special that I’m the one sharing your first time. Is there anything you’re looking forward to me doing?”

Abby gave him a seductive kiss.

“You've been doing great all night, so whatever you're doing, just keep doing it. Did you mean you want me to ask you to do something to me?”

“Yes, I’ve plans of what I’m going to do, but knowing what you want is different. There’s nothing wrong with asking your girlfriend for sex or to make love in a certain way, just like I showed you what to do. I’ll even ask you to do some things in the weeks to come.”

“Well uh, I mean since you asked, would it be alright to have a blowjob?”

“Just a blow job?”

“No, more but you said that will happen, so…you’re not mad that I asked?”

“Didn’t I just ask you what you wanted?”


“You answered and asking me for sex shouldn’t be an issue. When or how you ask could be. Do you like what you see?”  

Abby’s face was still about six inches from his.

“You’re so sexy and beautiful, you bet I like what I see.”

Abby planted another kiss on his lips.

I like that tie.