Being his sex slave is the best decision I’ve ever made

Info Janet
26 Dec. '18

Chris came home and immediately told me I need to keep my promise. I agreed promptly. He informs me that he’s going to shower and expects to find me as he’d asked me to be.

After the bathroom door closes, I change as fast as possible in to the lingerie he’s ordered me online, feeling excited but a bit nervous. When I hear the shower stop I quickly check the mirror to smooth my hair and assume my position.

Chris enters the room and I see immediately he’s already getting hard. He stands to take in the sight of me, and I watch him grow harder.  I can feel the wetness begin, my nipples turn to hard pebbles at the sight of him.  Walking towards me, he grabs both tits and asks who these belong to. I moan 'you' softly. He nods and grabs my ass asking again, I moan 'yours'. He grabs my pussy and my knees almost buckle when he states 'this is definitely mine, isn’t it'. I’m moaning uncontrollably and feel my own juices slick his hand, but manage to mumble yes, only yours. 

Satisfied that the terms have been set and agreed to, he steps back and ponders out loud to himself asking what he wants to do with his property first. Panting I bow my head and, in my head reply that I hope he fucks Me senseless, but I’m not in control here so I wait to find out his decision. 

Stepping forward again he begins petting my nipples and squeezing my huge tits. I stay still as he mashes them together and bends to take both nipples in his lips, flicking his tongue back and forth on them. I’m gasping and panting desperately and raise my hands up to hold his head there. Immediately, he stops and orders my hands at my sides telling me these hands belong to him and do not move unless he says. I press my hands tight against my thighs and pray he goes back to sucking my nipples. He doesn’t. Instead he orders me to sit on the stool behind me and spread my legs wide. Sitting on the stool, I spread my thighs as wide as I can hoping he plans to let me suck his cock. Stepping in front of me, his cock waves at eyes and my lips open involuntarily. He looks down and watches as I stare hungrily at it licking my lips. When I begin to lean forward he roughly grabs my hair and tells me not to move again or I’ll be severely punished, then rubs the head all over my face. I feel the drops of his own desire painting my cheek and bottom lip. When he demands that I lick it off my lip, I eagerly run my tongue over it and moan happily at his taste. He continues to tease my lip with the tip of his member before finally ordering my mouth open. As soon as I do, he slides just the head in and tells me to suck it like a popsicle. I eagerly begin pulsing my mouth and tongue on his sensitive head and feel it grow harder and pulse for me.  Hearing his growl, I feel my pussy purr in response. He pulls the bows on my bra to let my breasts bounce free  

Suddenly he pulls away and walks to his bag rummaging around. The tingle of fear is back as I imagine what he could be getting. Without turning he hides it and tells me to lay back and close my eyes. I obey and hear a wet noise then feel his hands roughly rub something warm all over my tits, spreading it mostly in the valley between them. I feel him move and then his bigs hands are roughly pressing my tits around something. He tells me to watch, so I open my eyes to find him straddling the stool I’m laying on and sliding his cock between my tits. His thumbs flick over my nipples and the head of cock plays peek a boo as he fucks my tits. I’m moaning and panting in desperation to cum as he keeps my nipples rock hard and his cock is tantalizingly close my mouth. I just want him to fuck my face, but again, I’m no longer in charge. 

He must see my frustration because he laughs and asks if I like being tortured by him.  I nod helplessly and hope he will at least cum in my mouth. He starts sliding himself faster and rubbing my nipples harder. I feel him begin throbbing in my valley and wait to see if he’s going to cum on my chest, hoping it shoots hard enough that I at least get a taste of sweet jizz. 

Before he cums, he pulls away again and rips the crotch of my panties wide, then flips me over so my ass is up.  He kneels behind me and slams his cock in my pussy once and whispers in my ear that he needs to get it nice and wet for what he has planned next. He slimes around inside me until his whole shaft is glistening and coated with my juices, then pulls out and I feel the him stroking up and down my ass crack.  

We have never had anal sex, but I’m so horny I’ll try anything if it means I finally get to cum. I feel him lean away and rummage in his bag again, then feel what seems like a slim knobby dildo slid in my pussy. He presses on the end until it’s all the way in and flicks a button so it vibrates and spins inside me. I’m shaking all over and sweat is running down my ass as I feel a monster orgasm build. 

He probes my asshole with the head of his cock and I make myself relax so he can slide in. He pushes the head all the way in and lets out a long groan of oh that’s so tight for me baby, then slips deeper into my ass. He slides out a bit then pushes further inside with an incoherent moan of pleasure. Hearing him, feeling him in my ass and the dildo twirling to tease my gspot, my ass pushes back so he’s buried completely in me and pressing the thin wall to make my pussy clamp around the vibrations and motion of the dildo. As soon as he feels it, he loses control and starts slamming himself into my ass and reaches around to rub my clit. The first touch on my swollen nub sends me over the edge and I begin cumming helplessly, my pussy pulsing on the dildo but also knowing he can feel the explosion on his hardness and he pounds harder while still pinching my clit to keep my orgasm going. I feel him grow larger in my ass and know he’s going to shoot his load in me so I am thrown into another huge wave as his cum fills my ass.

We bonelessly collapse panting with him on my back. After we begin catching our breath, he whispers in my ear he’s going to go start the shower so I can clean the mess I made on us both. Pulling himself out me, he strolls to the door. I’m still trying to recover when he tells me not to get too comfortable as he’s not done with me yet.