Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-7

Her tongue traced his lips, while she loosened the tie and the top shirt button. Then she licked his neck and gave it small nips, while lightly dragging her hands up and down his arms.  She could feel the increasing heat of his skin on her lips as she kissed his neck. His hands began to wrap her up.

“Don't use your hands until I tell you. Is that okay with you?”

“I’ll try to keep my hands off of you.”

She returned to his lips, giving Vince brief kisses as she undid the tie and began pulling it, slowly, one way, and then other several times, while doing the stripper song.

What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

She pulled it off and placed it around her neck. His smile was a sexy joy as he gazed at his tie between her tits.

 Abby kneeled down and removed his socks. Her hands made a trip up his legs as she stood up.  They traversed his hard penis, tight stomach, firm chest and around his neck. She licked his lips and kissed his forehead. Her tongue probed his ear and she lightly bit it.

“That's amazing, Abby.”

The words escaping Vince's mouth were so soft.

Abby moved a hand to his chest and unbuttoned another button. Her finger tips continued on to his stomach, the inside of his legs, ending at his cock.  She ran a finger up, down and around his hard quivering prick several times before giving it a quick up and down rub, all while she was slowly assaulting his mouth with her tongue.

That will be one enjoyable hard-on! He’s doing such a good job kissing me and keeping his hands from touching me, just like I asked. It’s so sexy watching his arms move to wrap me up then stop.

“I'm on cloud nine, Abby.”

“I’m there with you.”

She stopped kissing and walked behind him, dragging her arms on his shoulders.  When behind him, her arms went under his and up to his shoulders, while she kissed his neck and hummed.

“Do you like it so far?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Are you hard?”

“Can't you tell?”

“I sure can and that penis of yours will be a wonderful thing to see. Now continue enjoying the show. You can touch me with your hands now.”

Her hands dropped to his waist, quickly finding and undoing his belt and un-tucked the shirt. She moved back in front of Vince.  Her mouth sought out his, her tongue darting in, swirling with his tongue while her hands pulled the belt out, and dropping it to the floor. She reached her hand inside his pants, finding his cock.

“Oh Abby, that feels utterly fantastic.”

“Vince, that's something to be proud of. I’m taking a closer look.”

Abby slinked to the floor and unbuttoned his jeans. Using her teeth, she pulled the zipper down, the jeans dropped to his knees.   Abby saw the wet spot on his briefs and smiled. She blew on it then grabbed his shaft and started rubbing it, slowly while her other hand cupped his balls.

“Abby, you’re a goddess.”

“Which one?”

“Aphrodite just lost her spot.”

He’s large, I'd say, maybe eight inches, now to finish unwrapping my present.

“You’re as charming as you are sexy.”

She tucked her fingers under his brief’s waist band and while kissing and blowing on his swollen prick, she teasingly pulled his briefs down to just above his balls, freeing his hard cock.

Pay Dick!

Abby, did a rolling finger tap on the underside of his prick. Then she raised his legs, still blowing and teasing him and removed his jeans and briefs.

This is going to be a very enjoyable experience for both of us and it’ll even the score.

“Vince, open your eyes and look at me.”  

He did and they gazed into each other’s eyes.  His eyes look like cloud lightning, beautiful and ominous at the same time. Those eyes!

“This is one of our firsts, lover. I want to see your eyes and you to see mine.”

“Yes,” escaped his mouth as he nodded his head.

Her tongue licked his cock, while a hand squeezed its base. Cum leaked out and she licked it up.

“This is very enjoyable, Vince.”

“That was...please Abby. Will you do that again?”

“Maybe, we'll see.”

Abby placed one hand at the base of Vince's cock, next to his sac. Her other hand on top of it, they began lightly twisting in opposite directions, around his cock, as her lips hoovered, just above the tip, blowing softly on it.

“Oh God Abby, please give me a blow job. The anticipation, I can't take it.”

Vince was enticingly aroused, making nervous movements and sighs of pleasure as she brought him closer to the edge. She moved a hand to his balls, looking for the right place, which took a few seconds. She squeezed, lightly when she located it.  Her other hand squeezed his penis, her fingers on the underside. She did this and blew on it. It took maybe twenty or so seconds and his penis began to get soft.

Now to return to my regularly scheduled program. 

Her tongue swirled the tip which responded with a rapid growth. She pulled her face away and then bounced his hard shaft between her hands.

“That’s awesome.”

She took his swollen penis and rubbed it against her breasts, the leaking cum felt erotic on her hard nipples. A sigh and a soft guttural growl came from his throat.  Her mouth opened, and began taking Vince's cock in. The glans was first. Slowly she went down and back, twice. Then she went farther down the shaft, humming. All the while, their eyes were locked on each other.

“Oh yes, Abby, this is the best my dick has ever felt.”

She paused long enough to say, “I'm so glad you're enjoying this.” Abby felt the heat radiate from his body and the same heat building in hers; Twin fires fueling each other.

Abby, covered her teeth with her lips and began pinching and biting his cock while playing with his balls.

“I'm going not yet, longer.”

When Abby heard those words both hands grabbed his butt checks and pulled him closer. She hummed and her tongue swirled around his shaft. Sighs of pleasure oozed from his mouth and he spurted into Abby's mouth. Three good spurts followed by a few smaller ones.

 Abby swallowed and continued sucking until he stopped spurting. She took his somewhat deflated soldier out of her mouth, licking it and as she did. She kissed her way up his shirt, her hands grabbed his face.

“I loved it….”

Abby’s mouth turned what he was saying into mumblings. They kissed deeply, romantically. Their arms enfolded each other for several minutes.

“Vince, what’s on your mind?”

“How was I?”

“Vince, you were delectable.”  Her tongue traced her lips.

“It was an impressive load and you’re very nicely endowed trust me.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“What do you think? You have one large and hard penis. It was so enjoyable in my hands, on my tit’s and tongue. The look on your face was so sexy as you emptied into my mouth. The look of sheer pleasure in your eyes and face, I know you were very happy.  Now, you've still some clothes on and you interrupted me. The night is still young.”

Abby enveloped his mouth, her tongue thrusting into his mouth, her hands running through his hair. She backed away, one hand reaching down between his legs and finding a semi-hard package.

“That's impressive, dear.” She gave his lips light kisses while one hand continued rubbing his cock; the other hand finished unbuttoning his shirt. She pushed it off his shoulders. 

What nice broad and tan shoulders you have. Then your chest, arms…

She reached up and pulled the tie off of her neck as she leaned in, kissing and giving small nips to his neck. She moved to his ear, gave it a lick, a kiss and blew into it.

“I’ll melt, if you do that long enough.”

“I’ll remember that.”

They clenched, tongues dancing and arms wrapping each other. Abby leaned toward the bed and they fell onto it.

“We have the rest of the night and tomorrow to make love to each other.”

“But, I've...” as a kiss prevented further comment.

“We have the most important first remaining to enjoy. There are no rules in bed dear. Talk, laugh, smile, touch and...” as Vince interrupted her with a mouth enveloping kiss, his hand began exploring her thighs and dragging his fingers across her pussy, as arms wrapped around his neck and a tongue ran along the roof of his mouth.  Abby’s hands moved to his sides and tickled him, producing a laugh.

 “Oh, so that's where it is. How does it feel to be the target?” His hands darted to her sides, returning the favor. They rolled on the bed, and then slid off, on to the floor, laughing as Abby tried to retaliate but to little avail.

“Vince, I give, I give, please stop.”

“Okay. I think that’s the sexiest thing you done tonight, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, what’s the sexiest thing I’ve done? I can think of several.” She, entwined their hands, she kissed a few of his fingers, then dragged her tongue across his lips.

“Sexy, like that?”

“That was very sexy, but, I really like seeing you smile and hearing you laugh.”


Abby reach over and began rubbing his penis as she kissed him.

Vince pulled her head into his, as his hand went to her garden.  

“You’re getting warmer…warmer, yes, just like down stairs.”

“My cock and whole body feels great.”

“I like how you’re leaking cum, makes your large hard prick so slippery.”

“Shouldn’t we move to the bed?”

A disadvantage of you being a virgin.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”