Who is the boss here?

Info Janet
27 Dec. '18

Since becoming his sex slave, I’ve never been more satisfied or felt more desirable, but perhaps it’s time to make him my sex slave for a while. 

I spent lots of time setting the scene for us, checking and double checking for perfection. Sitting down in my leather chaps, leather push up corset holding the bag containing the items I plan to use on him, I wait. 

Chris comes in and stumbles when I stand before him. The corset pushes my boobs up high and the chaps frame my shaved crotch perfectly. 

Kicking his boots off he’s already undoing his jeans and yanking his shirt off. 

Seeing his amazing body makes me begin to pant softly. At 6 ft 5 in there’s certainly lots of him to admire. His full lush beard, broad shoulders tapering to a perfect arrow to my favourite part of him already getting hard. 

I feel a heady rush of power at his instant reaction to my efforts but stay posed and watch as he strides towards me. Looking up into his eyes I ask if he likes my outfit. Growling a hell yes he tries to grab my tits. I slap his hands and inform him that this time I will be in charge. He tries again to grab me so I pull out the whip from my bag and slap his ass. The shocked look and quiet yip he makes almost makes me feel bad...almost.

Stepping back he scowls down at me and asks just what is it I think I’m gonna do here. I am only 5 ft 5 so I should be scared but I’m too excited to feel any fear. I flick the whip to graze his thigh and promise I won’t hurt him...too much...if he behaves and follows my orders.

His scowl turns to a smirk and he tells me okay but you will pay for this later. 

Reaching out I grab his hard friend and gently lead him to our room. Once he sees what I’ve done he’s impressed and obviously loves the new additions I screwed in the wall for him. I order him to lay down and stretch his arms up. When he does I quickly tie the roped around his wrists tight and settle back to admire my work. I get down and pull his legs straight and tie the belt from the opposite wall to hold his ankles together so he can’t use those powerful legs to stop me. 

Once he is completely restrained, I put the blindfold on him and dump my bag of toys out beside him. He immediately begins peppering me with questions on what I have there, what I’m going to do with him, when will I unite him. I order him to shut up and select the flavoured oil and begin massaging it on his chest. Working my way down I spread the oil on his belly loving the way it makes his hair shine. When I get to his hardness, I keeps my hands just grazing the shaft and my fingertips lightly tickling his sack. He is beginning to sweat and sigh heavily while trying to shift himself into hand hands. I give his balls a warning squeeze and order him to lay still. As soon as he stills, I begin licking the oil off his belly beside it. I can feel the effort he’s making to stay still, so I ask if he wants me to lick it. He hisses a long yessss. I give the tip one tiny lick then sit up and put the oil down. Moving up to lay on him I rub my aching nipples on his chest collecting the oil on them and bring them to his mouth ordering he lick it off. As soon as I feel his tongue flicking them alternately, I begin moaning and feel my pussy throb with my orgasm building. Pulling them away, I quickly shove a pillow under his head and straddle his face just above his mouth. I lay down on his chest so my face is over his cock and tell him whatever he does to me, I’ll do to him and drop my dripping slit on his mouth. Growling he begins licking from my hole to my clit. I run my tongue up his shaft to the sensitive head. Immediately, he closes his lips on my clit  I close my own lips on the head of him. He begins sucking my clit in while flicking it with his tongue. I suck the entire head in my mouth and flick his slit with my tongue. He tries sucking harder and deeper trying to encourage me to take him all the way in my mouth. I suck his head harder in response but feel the explosion in me growing. Helplessly I press myself down on his face and release his cock to order him to catch all my juice and begin cumming into his waiting mouth. As my shudders subside I rest on him and begin softly licking his precum off him. Pulling his head away a bit, he begins to beg me to suck it. 

Satified that I’ve almost tortured him long enough, I grab it and slam my face down until it hits my throat. Then pull all the way up to suck the head again, I repeat this over and over until his begs turn to incoherent moans then pump my head faster and faster over his entire shaft. When I feel it begin to throb and grow, I push my pussy back on his mouth and rock my hips to cum as he does. His load shoots impressively down my throat and I mash my clit on his teeth while I cum again.

After we both recovered a little, I get up to untie his bindings. He shakes his arms and removes the blindfold to stare at me. His eyes are glazed and surprised at my newfound domination tactics.  I smile and ask if I’m going to be punished now. His eyes travel to my tits then down to my bare, wet pussy and he leaps up to drag me on the bed. Giving a shocked yelp I struggle a bit.

Chris holds me until I stop struggling, then flips me over and shoves the pillow under my hips so my bare ass is up and gets behind me. Giving both cheeks a slap he moves directly behind me and begins sliding a finger in me, then another and another until he has all fingers stretching me. My slime is coating him and he is now telling me that it was good try but he will always be the boss of my body. I feel him slip two fingers out and push them on my tight rim. He uses my own juices to lube it, then begins forcing the handle of my whip in. I groan and try to clench but he leaves the handle in me to spank me again the begins stroking it and his fingers in both my holes. Peering between my spread legs I see he’s hard again and instantly another gush comes onto his hands.  Laughing he asks if I want his cock finishing my punishment, then without waiting for an answer he slams it in my pissy and starts pounding mercilessly in me. The feel of him filling me and slamming my cervix makes me keep cumming over and over. Reaching around both sides he pinches and pulls my nipples as he shoots his second load into me.

He drops all his weight on my back and whispers “who’s the boss.” I wheeze out a “you, always you. I’ll never forget again.”