Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-8

They resumed their fore play. Abby’s fingers probing the slit on his cock.

“Oh yes,” was Vince’s reaction, his finger going deep into her vagina. Abby made a soft humming while her tongue moved into his mouth.

“Speaking of seeing enjoyable smiles.”

Abby rolled on top of Vince, her hands playing with his hair, while her hips made small thrusts against his. She began romantically kissing his face. Her hands moved to caress his firm chest.

He’s very nicely put together. Those sexy abs, good delt’s and pect’s all well-tanned. All mine, I’m his and I’ll see how long. What, three weeks before he returns to college?

After a few minutes of tracing his body and feeling Vince’s finger in her wet pussy and hand on her breasts and ultra-hard nipples. Abby sat on Vince, her legs straddling him.  She pinned his penis underneath her pussy. Her hands continued to lovingly caress his chest and sides.  She lowered her face, running her tongue across his forehead and down to his lips.

“Oh god Abby, this feels awesome.”

“You feel pretty good to me right now as well.”

Vince's hands continued massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples. He is good at that and I’m very turned on.  She rubbed her hips against his cock. A smile appeared on his face, a sigh escaped his mouth.

That feels so good, to both of us.

“Your cock against my clit and pussy feels hot.”

She raised herself on her knees, a hand grabbing and teasing his large shaft. “I'm so turned on Vince,” she lowered herself onto Vince's rock hard eight inch hard-on.  Slowly, she took more of him in, her passion rose as his prick fully entered her. She felt it and smiled.

“Oh, Vince you feel so good inside me.”

“Abby.  What was that?” as his eyes got larger while looking at her.

“That was me squeezing your marvelous shaft as it fills my pussy and very enjoyably.  Now, shouldn't you be doing something? I never said you could stop.”

Vince's smiled and reached up, squeezing her breasts and nipples.

“Do this, dear,” as she took one hand and moved it to her clit.

“Rub me with your finger, up and down and in a circle.  Yes, oh, that feels so good.”

Abby took her time riding Vince. Slowly up and down, then in a circle. The expression on Vince's face, the way he was playing with one tit and moving his hand between her side, leg and her marvelously horny clit.

 I'm so glad that I decided to be Vince's girlfriend. He truly likes me and cares. On the bonus side he’ll be one very good lover.

“Abby, what you're doing feels so great.”

“I'm glad, now relax tonight is for you.”

She continued her slow ride. One hand reached back and played with his balls and the other was tracing his chest. He started to thrust with her movements.

“Hmm, Vince this feels very good, like I imagined.”

Vince started going faster and she felt his penis and sac tensing and the look in his eyes was one she could watch all night long.

“Abby, I’m trying to hold on.”

“Don't, just let it happen.”

Abby continued to alternate between circles and going up and down on him. 

“Oh fuck Abby, I'm coming.”

Vince grabbed her hips, she felt his body tighten as the first spurt exploded inside of her, there were three more spurts. She continued to move and squeeze him. He remained inside of her for several before he slipped out.

Abby put her arms on either side of his head as she lay down on him. She kissed his ear and whispered.

“That was wonderful and beautiful. Welcome to being my lover and boyfriend.  Now, let’s cuddle and see when we can do it with you on top,” as Abby slid off of him to lay on her right side, his right arm tracing in random patterns on her back.

“When? I've come three times.”

“So?  Trust me, I'm sure you'll be able, with the proper encouragement, rise to the occasion.”

She kissed him and with her left hand she held his right hand.

“You're left handed, aren't you?”

“Yes I am, Sherlock. It only took you how many years to figure that out?  That’s why I like laying this way, we each have our preferred hand available.”

Her right hand began tracing around his ear and twirling his hair as her left hand was lightly rubbing his nipples.

“That's different and nice.  I see what you mean by exploring each other.”

“True but intsy wincey spider was a most unexpected exploration on your part,” her hand tracing in an 'S' as it moved down his chest to his stomach.  Vince said, “Looking for the treasure…”

As one hand was tracing in a random pattern, while his other hand mimicked Abby's, going down her stomach.  They both arrived at their intended destinations, when Abby said, “X marks the spot.”

They immediately began kissing, slowly, and lightly as their hands began teasing and toying with each other.

This is very nice; I'm tired but turned on. Vince is responding with the exuberance of youth.

A wave of pleasure began to build in Abby, like a camp fire, when his finger slipped inside of her. Abby teased his scrotum and marbles, her tongue now sliding in and out of his mouth.  She could feel Vince's fire building. She formed a circle with her thumb and pointer finger, moving up and down his cock.

“I love that Abby.”

“Good, now try two fingers inside of me.”


“Yes, don't worry.”

He follows directions very well!

Abby's hip's bucked a little when he inserted two fingers. Then to her pleasure and mild surprise, his fingers started moving in a scissor motion.

“Oh, yes, Vince, that's fucking great,” Abby's hand now wrapped in his hair, pulling his head, hard to her lips. She enveloped his mouth and held onto his tongue, sucking on it and swirling her tongue around it.

“Your fingers feel great.”

The campfire had now become a nice bonfire. She couldn’t hold back.  Her hips in motion with his hand, she began squeezing those two marvelous fingers.  Her hand was now dancing, teasing the tip of his member as it jerked and moved to their bodies’ movements. Then her fire sprayed over her body, like a shower of sparks from a sparkler, and her pussy flushed onto Vince's hand.

That was my third orgasm and more enjoyable than the first two; Time for his fourth.

“Vince that was a very nice.”

“I felt and enjoyed what happened.”

Abby, rolled onto her back, put the soles of her feet together and pulled them up close to her.  Vince's body nestled very well into the 'butterfly' shape her legs created as her hand reached down.

“I'll guide you in and you just do the rest. Let your body take over.”

“Abby, I...”

Vince never finished as Abby's mouth locked onto his.

“My dear lover, I've no expectations except that you enjoy yourself. I really have so enjoyed you this evening. Make love to me again.”

Vince felt her hand place the tip of his cock into the area his fingers had recently occupied. His hips began to thrust as his hard-on entered her and then pulled out some only to be thrust back inside.

Vince's head went to Abby's neck and ear, kissing from there to the front of her neck and then up to her mouth where his tongue entered her mouth.  Abby's arms wrapped around his neck, her hands running up and down his spine as his hips continued to thrust. Abby’s neck tilted back, as he kissed her neck. Vince’s thrusts were faster and harder and he almost came all the way out.

Can't let that happen.

Abby wrapped her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles, so when Vince thrust into her, she pulled him even closer and said.

“Look at me.”

Vince adjusted so he was resting on his arms and Abby kept hers running all over his back, but now using her fingernails.

“Oh that feels good, Abby.”

“Same here dear use your tongue and tantalize my mouth, lover.”

Vince did his best to comply, darting his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around her mouth, yet his body was reacting to Abby's experienced ministrations.

He fills me up with his cock very well.

“Oh God Abby, I'm going to come,”

“I know lover dear and it feels as beautiful as you look.”

Abby, ran her fingers up and down his spine, his back arched again, his body tensed and she felt Vince explode inside of her, his shots going deep into her vagina. She kept squeezing his cock as she pulled his face down and licked his nose, lips and kissed him softly but deeply.

Vince lowered himself onto her, returning her kisses as he ran his hands through her hair. The two lovers remained like that for a while, when Abby shifted to her side, unlocking her ankles, yet keeping her legs entwined with his.

“Well, love, your glow is so beautiful,” as she kissed him.

“It shows that much?”

“To me it does, it's both attractive and pleasing. So lover, how do you feel, any different,” as she seductively licked and lightly sucked on one of his fingers.

“I feel very relaxed and comfortable, making love to you will be something I will remember, always. I'm curious, about how I...did you enjoy...”

Abby laughed softly, while placing two fingers over his mouth.

“All guys want to know what you’re asking, how well they did.  You, my dear lover, were exemplary this evening.  You came four times and I felt every wonderful orgasm. I came three times, like I said earlier, it's a rare thing for both to orgasm at the same time; it takes practice and knowledge of each other. It’s been a great night. Let’s get some sleep, but who knows what could happen when one of us wakes up.”