Happy New Year, New York City!

Written by Tristan LeMay, Casablanca, sanctuary, PoohTang, Nikki Fountain, Pelwrath, Tyray Cartier and completed by the starting author

   For years, I'd been promising myself a visit to New York City for New Year’s Eve. I know and love the Big Apple since I'm a big theater fan and try to get to New York once or twice a year, but I've always preferred to stay away during the busiest tourist periods of the year. Well, actually, I've visited a few times over the Easter holiday but those are generally the trips I regret as the city is crazy busy. But this year, I decided this was the one. Although I long for Dick Clark's Rocking Eve back when Dick Clark was actually still around, I still think the New Year's ball drop in Times Square has to be something I'll experience at least once in my life.

   Generally, when I visit New York, I get a hotel room away from Times Square because they're less expensive and less noisy. But this time, I decided to go all out. I rented a suite for three nights with a view directly onto the heart of Times Square. Arriving in the Big Apple the night BEFORE New Year's Eve and sticking around till the morning of the second, I would really be splurging.

   I have to admit, this was also a “forget about her” type of trip. I had spent enough time mourning my relationship with Cyndi and it was time to move on. I didn't know if I'd meet anybody in New York, but at least I'd take in two shows, have a few good meals in great restaurants... and finally get a chance to see the ball drop up close and personal, not on TV for once.

   I had barely just checked in on the 30th, dropped my suitcase on the king-size bed, when my smart phone vibrated in my pocket. I felt the buzz in my balls and my pubes stick up in my briefs. "Fuck, dude, you gotta stop putting your phone in that front pocket!" I said to myself while whipping it out. I had these fertility horror stories in my head and wondered if they were just unsubstantiated or not.

   It was a text message from Billy, my niece Laura's friend I'd met at my other niece Brianna's wedding a few weeks ago. "Hey, don't know if you'll remember me, but didn't you tell me you would be in NYC over New Year's holiday? If so, get in touch. I have an extra last-minute Kinky Boots ticket tonight. Can you make it? I think you'd like my friend Sarah. Just sayin'. Wink, wink."

   Wow. I remembered Billy very well. And I realized I'd probably spilled a lot more about myself than I usually do. Man, I must have had a few more drinks than I thought at that wedding... Kinky Boots? The Harvey Fierstein-Cyndi Lauper musical? Cyndi... ugh! There was no escaping that name...

   – Damn, man! Time to move on. Answer him before he gives that ticket away!

   “Hey B, thanks for getting in touch, count me in buddy! A friend of mine might join, if that's okay. Don't worry about the ticket, he will get in. And give Sarah an extra warm hug from me!”

   "This will be fun", I said to myself.

   “Hmm, what if I just manage to get away from the old me, at least for one night, and can be the “me” I always wanted to be,” I thought while looking at my own image in the mirror.

   I took my phone and searched through it for a few minutes.

   – Ah, here it is! I heard myself say aloud. I was almost jumping for joy. I had found the number of Jean-Pierre, a friend of a friend I had once met in Boston, a couple of years back. Yeah, Boston! Great city if you know your way around. As a Bostonian I did, while he, well… he definitely didn't. Long story short, we had gone out to a few places, gotten drunk, the usual stuff. He had told me that he worked in New York for this really wealthy guy, with the usual mafia credentials, expensive cars and a wardrobe bigger than you could imagine. He said that he could get in everywhere he wanted, because of this guy. I had never hit him up while being in the Big Apple, not sure why. To be honest he was a nice guy, but you could tell that he didn't get out much. I guess I was always too busy with my own life and felt he was a bit too snobbish for my taste. But today, that didn’t matter: he was part of my plan!

   – Douglas, long time no see, Jean-Pierre said when he recognized my voice on the phone. How great is that? I thought you had forgotten good-old Jean-Pierre a long time ago. How are you, dear friend?

   His voice hadn't changed one bit either. That same French accent.

   – Jean, I'm in NYC for New Year’s. Meeting an old friend and some ladies and we’re heading to Kinky Boots. You need to come, too! Shouldn't be a problem for you, right? We’ll make this real big! Remember, you said when I visited you… you’d get the limo out, the chauffeur and all that stuff? I also need a real fancy suit, like a real 1920's gentleman. Can you help me with that? You need to come, this will be the best night ever!

   – Douglas, your wish is my command. We will make this night legendary.

   – Oh and Jean-Pierre? Just one more thing… It might be nice if you brought along a few of your female friends. As you recall that night in Boston, just the two of us needed three.

   – Of course, Douglas, of course. I'll check out my little black book. What are you interested in? Slut, sophisticate or just plain sexy?

   – Jean-Pierre, the sluts were fine last time, but in New York? The night before New Year's Eve? Only sophisticate will do. Especially if they, like...

   He knew what I was talking about.

   This was turning into a huge night. Maybe too big as a matter of fact. I was even starting to worry that this might not be what Billy had in mind. But I'd pretty much created a monster by calling Jean-Pierre and maybe trying to cram too many great moments into the same evening.

   Anyway, before I knew it, Jean-Pierre's limo was in front of my hotel at 5pm and we were going to the West Side for dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant. In the car, I met Solange and Simone, a beautiful Haitian model and a gorgeous French actress who reminded me of Scarlett Johansson and was in town to audition for Woody Allen.

   – Nice to meet both of you, I said, shaking their hands before Jean-Pierre offered me a glass of champagne.

   During the meal, we really hit it off and I kept wondering whom I'd finish the night with after the show. Would it be Solange? Would it be Simone? Oh and then, I thought about Billy and his friend Sarah he wanted me to meet. Wow! How funny is that? All girls whose name starts with a S.

   Maybe this would turn into a huge orgy. But then I wondered. "Hum... what will Billy do in all this? I think he is gay, right?"

   Anyway, after dinner, we made it back to Broadway just in time to meet up with Billy and Sarah who was really friendly and even seemed to take a liking to Solange and Simone. Hum... did she also have a kind of sexuality that we now call "fluid"?

   I was intrigued.

   After the show, we all felt like partying. Kinky Boots is such a lively, inspiring show that we were all uplifted by it. We couldn't imagine going back home or to the hotel and just going to bed. Well, maybe to bed... but not to sleep.

   What was really cool is that Jean-Pierre had ordered the limo driver to pick us up after the show and he suggested we all go to his hotel where there was a fancy bar in the lobby. Everybody seemed to like that idea and there was plenty of room in the limo so we all hopped in.

   Billy really hit it off with Solange and Simone, and I started wondering if he really was gay. But then I thought: "Yeah, it's just that these girls really connect with gay guys and Billy is just making new BFFs."

   While Billy and the ladies were chatting away – sounding really catty, as a matter of fact –, I was having a nice time getting to know Sarah. We talked about our work and about our tastes in music and movies. I was happily surprised to see how much we had in common. We had a few drinks and things were starting to get rowdy all around. I thought: "Let's not get too crazy." But then, while she was pouring me a drink, Sarah slipped or the limo hit a bump in the road – I don't really remember how it happened because I was starting to get pretty buzzed – and the single malt scotch ending up in my crotch.

   – OMG! I'm so sorry, she said.

   And in a typical sitcom or silly rom-com way, she grabbed a folded towel and started dabbing my crotch to dry the alcohol on my pants. Before she realized what she was doing and looked up at me, my cock had grown to full erection and a different kind of liquid was wetting my crotch from the inside of my pants. Very quickly, I realized – from the look in her eyes – that she knew that I was aroused. She now started rubbing the towel against my throbbing penis and I moaned with pleasure. The vibration of the motor and the bumps in the New York City streets combined with Sarah's rubbing were driving me wild.

   The others didn't seem to notice... except for Jean-Pierre who seemed to be sitting alone and was looking at us with horniness and envy.

   – Douglas, fret not, mon ami. At least, scotch won’t leave a stain on that dark suit.

   We all laughed.

   – Jean-Pierre, join the fun. I'm sure no one will be bothered.

   – Of course they won't, but I have my Monique at home and though she's got nothing against sharing, she does ask that she be present when we share.

   Sarah moved in close and we kissed with a buzzed romanticism. Our hands knew where to go but they were like horny virgins worried that the parents might catch us.

   It was torment to have the others in the limo because without them I might've had my first tryst in one. “Oh well,” I told myself, “some other time.”

   We did have to keep it PG, for decency's sake, so I kept my hands at her sides as we kissed, and she moved her hand to my thigh. I was still hard inside my briefs, but not leaking like I was earlier. I wondered what treat awaited me under that sexy, nipped-in slip dress of hers...

   When we got back to Jean-Pierre’s hotel, I was surprised my friend asked his limo driver to join us in the suite. Apparently, he was more than an employee. I didn’t ask any questions but I have to admit I was curious to find out what was going to happen.

   I got a better idea of what Jean-Pierre was hoping for when we got to his two-room suite. Maybe he wasn’t going to go behind Monique’s back since she was probably still in Boston, but he was going to indulge in some serious voyeuristic activity. But that didn’t tell me anything about his intentions as to why he wanted the limo driver to join us.

   The very large, luxurious suite had connecting French doors, and Chris, Jean-Pierre’s black, bulky, uniformed driver grabbed a swiveling Lazy-Boy type recliner and plopped it down between both rooms. Jean-Pierre sat down in it and started rubbing his crotch as he had started doing in the limo. Sarah and I quickly ended up in one of the king-size beds as Simone and Solange indulged in some heavy petting and kissing, slinking around us while slowly removing more and more of those sexy, designer clothes they were wearing.

   As Sarah straddled me on the bed and I fumbled with her bra under her blouse, I could hear Billy comment about how happy he was that she and I were hitting it off. It honestly sounded like he was pimping her out to me but something about hearing him talk just made me even hornier. Although I hadn’t taken my pants off yet, I could feel Sarah’s butt pressing against the top of my rock-hard cock. She was riding me as though she wanted to feel my cock head against the tight opening between her ass cheeks. I could hear and feel her moaning into my mouth.

   – What are we doing? Sarah whispered softly, almost out of breath.

   At the same time, I could hear Billy talking to Chris.

   – Are you gonna stay in that uniform or…?

   What? Was Billy coming on to that serious, professional-looking driver? Man, the balls on this dude! It was actually making the cum churn in mine!

   – I don’t know, I whispered back to Sarah, my head spinning from being watched by the gorgeous girls foundling and kissing each other as Sarah and I grinded against each other and Billy boldly went after Chris.

   – What the fuck, dude? said Chris as I detected what might sound like a French accent. I’m here to do my job, man. Not to play around.

   – Sorry, Billy replied, sounding both disapointed and scared, like he felt the alcohol might have made him a bit too eager and like he’d come on to the wrong guy.

   I felt bad for Billy who’d introduced me to a terrific girl who was quickly making me forget about Cyndi. Did this mean he’d have to spend the rest of the evening just sitting around, watching two girls have lesbian sex, a guy and a girl get it on and a multi-millionaire jack off while taking it all in?

   – Mais voyons, Christophe! I heard Jean-Pierre say. Si Billy t’intéresse, il ne faudrait pas que tu t’empêches de t’amuser.

   I wasn’t sure I’d understood what Jean-Pierre had told his driver but it sounded like he should not hesitate to have fun with Billy if he felt like it. But then, Sarah was talking to me, too, so I was distracted.

   – I want to feel you inside me, she murmured.

   I was more than happy to oblige but before I could do anything, Sarah was kneeling between my open legs on the floor and opening my pants, freeing my hard cock which snapped against the bottom of my shirt like a tense bow pulling back before shooting an arrow.

   Then, I lifted my ass off the bed so she could pull my pants and briefs off of me. She quickly swallowed my meat to make it nice in slick, almost making me cum right then and there, but quickly pulling her mouth off before getting up and shimying out of her wet panties. She then lifted her skirt over her firm, creamy ass and got up on the bed on all fours, facing Jean-Pierre.

   As I got on my knees behind her, I got a look at Jean-Pierre’s cock poking out of the fly from his tuxedo trousers and remembered the last time I’d seen his pole, it was glistening with pussy juice and going in and out a redhead’s shaved beaver back in Boston. That thought made me want to slip inside Sarah’s toasty warm cock sock. I fingered her clit a bit and she moaned, spreading her legs even more before I pressed my cock head against her yet pussy lips.

   – Mmmmm… that feels so good, she moaned as she got off her hands and reached back to grab my neck to press my lips up against her own neck.

   – Elle est magnifique, cette fille, said Jean-Pierre, looking into my eyes while he held his pole with his left hand and rubbed his own precum around his cock head with his right index.

   I’m pretty sure Sarah understood the compliment Jean-Pierre was paying her and she opened her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her lacy bra so he could get a good view of them.

   The first thing I knew, as I was pushing my cock in and out of Sarah’s tight clam, my eyes were flooded with erotic images that were filling me with masturbation material for weeks to come. As Solange and Simone were kissing and grinding their pussies against each other’s hand, their beautiful, firm tits bouncing around out of the cups of their sexy bras, I caught Billy’s eyes as he grinded his backside against Chris’s crotch, the driver holding on to my friend’s hips as he dry-humped him. While all this was happening, Jean-Pierre was taking in the show, back to jacking his cock and playing with his hairy balls.

   After a few minutes, Sarah reached over toward the girls and pulled Solange into a hot kiss as I kept fucking her pulsating pussy. When Solange pulled away from the kiss to suck on Sarah’s tits, I almost lost it. Sarah’s pussy tighted as she moaned and I needed to stop moving for a while or I would have blown my load and taken myself out of the game. I did not want that. I wanted this to last as long as possible. But then Simone got up on the bed and I noticed she was wearing crotchless panties. Her shaved pussy surrounded by red lace almost made me lose it all over again without even moving. Sarah reached over and started fingering those quivering lips and Simone smiled and shivered, goosebumps instantly covering her whole body. I actually had to close my eyes but my cock had a mind of its own. It started bobbing up and down inside Sarah and I was sure I would blow. When Simone swung her right leg over Solange’s head and offered her pussy to Sarah’s mouth, all bets were off. I grabbed Sarah’s hips and fucked her as she buried her lips into Simone’s twat while Solange nibbled on her tits between Simone’s legs.

   All three girls moaning and groaning as Jean-Pierre looked on, just about to shoot a load himself, made me explode with all my might inside Sarah’s dripping pussy. As I closed my eyes, feeling the last jets of jism erupt inside Sarah, I could hear the girls reaching orgasms, too, and when I opened my eyes, I spotted Billy on the floor, deepthroating Chris’s massive ebony cock through the fly of his uniform trousers.

   He was grunting and grabbing his own head to resist the urge to grab onto Billy’s hair and face-fucking him for all he was worth. Billy was in full control of that big chunk of meat and seeing it glistening in all its glory when it came out of Billy’s mouth definitely contributed to keeping me hard. When I slipped my cock out of Sarah’s pussy, I placed my hand under it and caught my cum dripping out of the opening. I don’t know why I did it ‘cause I just ended up with a hand full of cum but then Sarah turned around and kissed me deep. I could actually taste Simone’s juice and this almost made me crazy with lust again.

   I was trying not to touch Sarah with my wet hand but then I felt Simone grab my wrist and she started licking my palm and sharing my cream with Solange in a hot snowball kiss that actually made me feel faint. I couldn’t believe how hot all this was.

   And when Chris started spasming like he was having a seizure, his cum erupting in Billy’s mouth, we all turned and looked at them.

   – Mmmm… je… je vais jouir. Ouais! Arrête pas. Suce-moi, Billy. Ouais ! Fuck ! Ouiiiii !

   He seemed to blow a load so big, Billy almost choked, but he managed to drink in every drop and didn’t let go of Chris’s massive cock, driving him crazy with lust until he pulled out of that hot mouth. The girls collapsed on the bed, caressing each other with their eyes closed, moaning softly, spent and satisfied. But Billy was not done. He kept Chris hard, grabbing the underbelly of his pole with his right hand and squeezing it in a pulsating manner. Chris ripped open his pants and dropped them to the floor, revealing his balls, still tight around the base of his cock and his strong, muscular legs. When he stepped out of his trousers in a heap, he pulled Billy up from the floor and swung him around, pulling his pants and lycra underpants off.

   As I was about to get up off the bed, Chris brought Billy over to the bed and my friend’s hands landed on my thighs as Chris get down on his knees, burying his face between Billy’s ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe what was happening!

   – Oh man… Billy moaned, staring into my eyes in ecstasy. Yeah, baby… make it all wet for your hard cock.

   He was talking to Chris but my own dick went right back to fully hard. And as he was getting his ass greased up with Chris’s hot saliva, Billy licked my pecker clean, swabbing my cum and Sarah’s pussy juice off my cock with his wet tongue.

   When Chris got up and stuffed his ebony pole inside Billy, my friend almost bit my cock but, instead, deepthroated me as if he wanted to muffle his own screams. Chris jackhammered Billy’s lubricated butthole from behind, looking at me and over at Jean-Pierre who seemed to approve. Settling back down on my elbows and let Billy go at it, I realized he’d probably wanted a taste of my cock since we had first met at the wedding. His moaning and groaning around my hard dick felt amazing. And when Sarah crawled over to offer her erect nipples to me so I could suck and fondle them, I thought I was in heaven.

   A few minutes into this amazing orgy of hot sensations, I collapsed on the bed and felt myself erupt again, filling Billy’s mouth with a second load of jism as I heard Jean-Pierre cum from afar, still sitting in his recliner.

   Just before he was about to shoot his second load inside Billy, Chris pulled his blood-engorged sausage out of Billy, making Billy cry in a hot mix of pain and pleasure. He slapped Billy’s ass with both hands and held on to Billy’s ass cheeks, squeezing his meat between them and fucking him till his cum shot out onto the small of Billy’s back.

   – Oh, fuck ! Ouiiii ! C’est tellement…. Mmmm… Ooooo… Fuck !

   We just all lay there for a while in a huge hump of human flesh, except for Chris who grabbed his clothes and disapeared in the bathroom. I didn’t really understand why or what he was doing, but at this point, I was spent and satisfied and didn’t really care. Billy kept playing with my balls and caressing my slowly deflating cock but I didn’t mind. It felt good as I fondled Sarah’s tits and she caressed my chest.

   That’s when I heard Jean-Pierre’s voice.

   – I want to thank you all for this second show. That was even more kinky than…

   There was a short silence before we all burst out laughing.


   I ended up sleeping in the other king-size bed with Sarah, Solange and Simone, not even returning to my hotel suite before the following night. I think Billy and Jean-Pierre shared the other bed, each sleeping on their own side. I didn’t see Chris again before Jean-Pierre asked him to drive Sarah, Billy and I back to my hotel.

   That night, on New Year’s Eve, we all got together again in front of my hotel at 11pm. When the ball dropped at midnight, all eight of us were together to ring in the new year and kiss with various degrees of passion.

   This year, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of Sarah… and maybe even Billy. If Sarah’s okay with that. I think she won’t mind because I’m guessing she’ll want to see more of Solange and Simone when she comes back to the Big Apple.

   One thing’s for sure. I sure owe my friend Jean-Pierre a great debt of gratitude. This was one ball drop I’ll never forget.