Asking Him A Third Time

Info Kornslayer1
29 Dec. '18


I strolled quietly into the house and silently shut the door. "I'm shaking nonstop now, and my stomach is on fire," I cried, walking to the bathroom.

I held the box in my right hand, but kept it to my stomach at the door. 'I hear Marco in the living room, but I may have to tell him something,' I thought before I lazily made my way into the bathroom.

I ambled in there and shut the door. I immediately went right to the toilet and sat on it. I held the box towards my stomach for a moment and shed a few more tears. My feet tapped the floor frequently, and I couldn't stop vibrating to save my life.

"I've thrown up at least five times in the last two days, but now I'm wondering: did Marco get me pregnant? We've been together for over a year now, and he has made love to me hundreds of times. He loves me more than a stepsister, but what would he say if I am knocked up now? Would he break up with me, or tell me to abort it? Shit, I don't know," I sobbed, wiping away my tears. "Love is one thing, but this is potentially huge. I'm in college now, but do I just drop out if I am pregnant?"

I just shed tears and eyeballed the pregnancy test box for a few minutes. 'I feel my heart beating faster than when he first made love to me. I don't even know if I want a baby, I'm only nineteen. Our parents are happy that we're together, but they will probably freak if its true. I'm too young to be a mom, and they certainly do want me to stay in college. How can I balance having a baby and college?' I thought before I dropped the box and covered my face. "Fudge, I don't even know if its true, but I fear the worst. Marco could be happy, and our parents could support us. It isn't likely, but it could happen. He has told me numerous times how much he loves me, so it is possible. Then why am I crying so much? Well, because I know this is a big freaking deal."

I fretted and kept my eyes down on the box for a little while after that. As far as I knew, Marco had no idea that I was in the bathroom. My tears had stopped somewhat, but they didn't stop completely.

'I've never felt my stomach so tied up before in my life; this is screwed up, considering we haven't even talked about marriage or having a baby. I wouldn't want him to feel he has to marry me, but maybe that's the best thing for us. He would be mine then, but would he want me to be his as well? I'll have him, right here, right now. I know I love him and will support him in every single way, but does he have the same feelings?'

I couldn't fathom every single detail of my situation, but my mind seemed to focus on the biggest one.

Although, then I just leaned down to the box again. "I don't even know for certain yet," I muttered, grabbing it. "I'll just take the damn test, and wait to see the results."

I took it out of the box, lifted my skirt, pushed down my panties and took the test. I stayed on the toilet for the time being and failed to utter a single word. I bit down on my bottom lip nonstop, but managed not to freak out.

"Okay, it takes two minutes," I moaned, angling my head back. "If I am pregnant, he will love me and support us. He'll want to keep the baby and want to marry me too. Even though we're still young, and the whole college thing, he'll want it because I'll be his. I know it, I know it, and I know it. We love each other like no one else, and in the end, it'll be alright because we're right for each other. We get along, and have a great relationship," I explained as I moved forward and backward, but before I peeked back down at the test.

It took another moment for the results to come up, but with each passing second, I rubbed more and more tears away.

"Shit, two lines means it is positive: I'm pregnant," I sobbed.

I cried and eyeballed the test for another few minutes. I couldn't speak again, and I just tried to comprehend the whole thing again, only this time, I knew the results. After those four minutes, I dropped it and covered my face with both hands.

I rubbed it ever so slowly and frequently sobbed for a few more minutes. I calmly rose up after that and pulled my underwear back up. As my skirt dropped back down, I heard footsteps out in the hallway.

'Crap, he must be coming in here. I can't let Marco see me crying or the test,' I thought before I picked it up and put it in the trash.

"Sloan?" I heard him ask.

"Crud," I fretted, wiping away my tears again. "I can't just deliver this news in the bathroom; it has to be special. Maybe I should ask him for a dinner date tonight."

After another moment, I heard a knock on the door. "Sloan, are you in there?"

I swallowed and made one more quick cleanse of my tears. "Yes, I'm in here."

Then the door opened. "Hi, babe," he greeted me, coming in with me. "Are you okay, you look upset?"

"I'm fine," I muttered, failing to make eye contact.

"Good," he added before he kissed me, went to the toilet and lifted the seat.

He let his wood out. "I'm sorry, I have to take a leak," he announced, looking at me.

Even as I heard him actually pee, I kept my eyes on his. "You are alright pissing in front of me?"

"Yes, we're boyfriend and girlfriend that love each other, so I think we're serious enough for me to do it, don't you think?"

I couldn't help, but to open up my waterworks again and wrap my arms around him on his left side.

"Whoa, Sloan, what are you doing? I'm doing my business now," he protested, shaking a bit.

Even as I heard his words, I couldn't stop. I felt the love coursing through my body solely awakened by his odd action. I wasn't sure why it happened like that, but it did. After a few seconds, he stayed still and finished.

Then he put his member away, did up his shorts and turned to me. "What's wrong, Sloan, you look like you were crying?"

"I just know I love you more life itself, Marco, and I want nothing more than for us to stay together forever."

"What do you mean, you want to get married?"

I calmly leaned away, but took his hands in mine. "Is there any possible scenario that you could picture wanting to marry me? We already love each other dearly, and now we're feeling safe enough to go to the bathroom in front of each other. I don't want to pressure you, but is that even something you might want?"

He bit down on his bottom lip and broke eye contact.

"I'm sorry," I said, backing away. "I can already tell you don't like it," I mentioned before I turned away.

"Wait," he whined, coming to me. "You can't just bring up that idea out of the blew, and only wait ten seconds for me to answer," he pointed out, turning me back around. "Marriage is much more complicated than that. It is more than just a ring and piece of paper; we have to be ready for it. We need to be sure we're ready to be attached at the hip so to speak. I know we love each other, but is marriage something you really want? You're only nineteen and in college now. Are you sure about me? Can you be certain that you want to be my ball and chain forever?"

I sucked my lips into my mouth, shed a few more tears and nodded. Marco failed to say anything, but he did kiss me. I placed my hands onto his thighs, and he let his on my lower back too. Regardless of what happened, I couldn't stop crying.

'Oh, how can I not tell him? I'm sobbing and shaking around too, so I have to spill my guts.'

My lips gently drifted off his, and I slanted my head down. Not a word drop from either of our mouths for a moment, but he took his hands in mine. I could only imagine what was going through his mind, but I couldn't seem to make myself talk.

"Is there something on your mind, Sloan? Something you need to tell me?"

"Would you like to go on a date tonight?"

"Okay, but there is going be bad news delivered during the date though?" he chuckled.

"I don't want to tell you in the bathroom, Marco. I just have some news to share, and I can't be sure how you'll react. I'm just scared that something might happen to us."

"Would you like to have sex first, so maybe it'll soften the blow and make you feel better about giving it to me?"

"No, but would you think it is something I should do for you? Would a blow job make you feel better afterward?"

"I don't even know what you are talking about, step sis," he laughed again. "I can't imagine you cheated, so it must be something bigger than that," he suggested before a pause. "I can't stress this enough: I love you. I promise I'll never stop loving you, Sloan," he stated before kissing me and wrapping his arms around me. "In the end, I'm happy with you, our parents are too, and you seem to love me more and more every day. Why else would you attack me when we first see each other every day? There is nothing you could tell me that would compromise our relationship."

I nodded and kissed him once. I opened my mouth, but I still couldn't formulate the most straightforward sentence. After another minute, I had him sit down on the toilet, and I grabbed onto his hands again. Then I casually peeked back up at him and sucked my lips into my mouth again.

"Sloan, are you pregnant?" he asked before a thirty-second pause where he eyeballed me the whole time. "That's a yes, no actual words, your eyes have widened completely, and you're crying even more."

"Please tell you're not upset, Marco," I cried. "I don't want to lose you, because you mean everything to me. I beg you, don't break up with me."

"You drama queen," he made clear, encasing his arms around me. "You mean everything to me too, Sloan. I'd rather cover myself in scorpions with poisonous fangs than break up with you."


"Yes," he answered, backing away about a foot and leaving his hands on my lower back. "I love you, now and forever, but shit, you're really pregnant?"

"Yes, I took the test, and it was positive. I've been sick a bit lately, and I got the idea yesterday. I had to find out without you knowing; I didn't want to give you a false alarm. It just scared me so much, I was sobbing the whole time before and after I took the test. Then I spent like twenty minutes in here trying to comprehend the whole thing. How would you take it, are we ready for this because we're not married? What would our parents think, or what if you wanted me to abort it."

"No, of course not, step sis. I would never ask you to do that; I'd never forgive myself," he told me before he kissed me and kept his face close. "You are the single most important person to me. I'll do anything for you, and I do mean anything. When it comes down to it, I fell for you when I made love to you on prom night. Then that next day, we officially became a couple and came out to our parents. I already loved you, but you took us to the next level, and you became the girlfriend I never thought I'd get. Since then, I've haven't regretted it at all, and have only cherished being with you."

I licked my lips for a moment and kept my eyes on him the whole time. We held our hands together and just kept one another's company as the lovers we seemed to be smiling at each other. We failed to speak, but then I slowly stood up, and he followed.

"Sloan, why are you crying?"

"Because I couldn't be happier to be with you too. Marco, will you please ask me to marry you so that I can say 'Yes.'?"

"You want to get married?"

"Yes, I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine, now and forever, just as we love each other," I replied before kissing him. "After I saw the positive test, I thought about it, and I knew I wanted it, not for you or me, but us and our baby. I want nothing more now than just us being together. Please tell me you want me. I guess I'm still pressuring you, but I have all my cards on the table. I won't go to college, and just be a stay at home mom. You've already been wonderful to me: supporting me and making sure I'm taken care of in every aspect of life. I couldn't be more thankful to you, so I think we should take that next step now. We already see each other every single day, we seem to get along, and we don't fight. The biggest argument has been me hogging the covers at night. So, if I'm pregnant, then I think we should take that next step, considering our history and just how far we've come now. You never went to the bathroom in front of me, but you just did it."

"Yes, but I did have to go badly, and I don't even have a ring for you though, Sloan."

"You'd definitely do it if you did have one though? I mean just ask me and never look back?" I asked, taking his hands in mine.

"I knew things might go awry when I decided to make love to you, so I did it and never looked back. So, if a proposal is what you want, then I'll give you one. Although, I'm not about to do it in the bathroom without a ring, plan or anything else. When I do ask you, it'll be romantic and loving. Its always the story you want to tell people, and it would be much better if we get it right. I'm just sorry I put a bun in your oven; first, I guess condoms aren't perfect."

"I guess it's my fault too, I should've thought about birth control before, but do you truly want to marry me though? Not for my reasons, or anything else, but because you love me enough to accept me into your life forever, be mine and raise a baby with me?"

"If it makes you happy, Sloan, then yes. Before I say another word, are there any bigger asks coming? You wanted me to take your virginity, be your boyfriend and now you are asking me to propose when you're knocked up. Is there anything else you might need to ask me?"

"Just for us to tell our parents together that I'm with child now and propose in front of them too. I want them to be there when it happens. My mom would love to see it happen, and I'm sure your dad feels the same. We can tell them that I'm pregnant, then they'll see how happy we are together and fly out here to celebrate. Then we go out, and you can propose," I explained before a pause. "Unless this is just not what you want, if so, please tell me now. The last thing I want to do is force you in this with me. I will abort it, with no hard feelings, I swear. You're not that much older than me, and I want you to want this with me. If it is not though, tell me right now."

"Would we break up then," he cried, squeezing my hands. "I don't want to lose you though, step sis. I've never been so happy with a woman before, but this is huge. Will I lose you though?"

"No, of course not, Marco," I sobbed, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I don't want to lose you either. You mean everything to me too, and I surely do not want to lend my heart to someone else. I still know you're my first love, but I don't want a second. I just want you," I stated before kissing him. "If you'll have me, I'll gladly have you, whether I give birth to this baby, or not. We can just have another down the road if you'd rather. I will not resent you if you tell me to abort it. I'll do it for you, but as I've already told you, I want to keep it and raise it with you, regardless if its a boy or girl. I won't even charge you a dime for full-time services as a mom," I giggled. "I'll just be here, loving and supporting you in any way I can, I promise. I'll be the one that always consoles you on everything and makes sure you're always happy, both physically and mentally."

He stayed silent for a moment, and I lazily backed away. Neither of us spoke or stopped shedding tears, but I needed him to think everything over truly. I couldn't fathom everything that went through my own mind, let alone his.

Although, after a minute, he swiftly took my hand and rushed us both out of the bathroom. I just grinned and let him lead the way. In less than a minute, we were in the bedroom where we slept together every night.

Although, as we made it to the bed, he casually just had me lie down. Then he slowly got onto the bed towards my crotch and leaned down. He kissed my stomach once through my tank top, but then peeked at me.

"I love you, Sloan," he declared before had me bring my torso up slightly.

He pushed my skirt over towards me and then I lied back down. He brought his head down towards my legs and began kissing me all over my upper legs. I kept my eyes on him the whole time, but he didn't glance at me.

Although, then I moved my panties just a little bit. "Are you going to eat my pussy now, Marco? It is out there ready for you." 

"Hey," he objected, lightly slapping my hand. "You're pregnant, let me do the work for you," he informed me, prior to grabbing onto the sides of my underwear. "You want to take care of me, well, let me return the favor for you," he said before calmly pulling them down.

As he had them off me, he nonchalantly came back up with me. His hands grabbed mine, and he brought me up with him. He wasted no time snatching my top and getting it off me. Although, then I took charge and got off the bed and brought my hands to my back.

"No," he disputed, getting up with me. "Allow your boyfriend to do it for you," he proposed, bringing his hands to my back and pasting his lips to mine.

He quickly got off my bra, and I undid my skirt as he did it. So, as I stood completely nude, he placed his hands onto my butt and caressed my cheeks. I couldn't resist the urge to lower my hands to his crotch.

My lips calmly came off his. "May I?"

"Don't worry, Sloan, you aren't going to lose me either. That hard friend of yours down there has been inside you hundreds of time by now, and it got you pregnant. I'm pretty sure we can both share the lead," he mentioned before a pause. "If anything, I feared that you'd be upset that I got you knocked up. I never thought about this happening, but if you're happy to be a mom right now, then I'm happy to be a dad."

"Only because I'm the mom?" I pondered, undoing his shorts.

He couldn't answer, but then my hands made the trip into his shorts and then into his boxers as well.

"That, and literally every part of your body is rather soft too, Sloan. That's a big plus."

"Kiss me again."

Then our heads came together and met in the middle. We kissed each other again, but we stood in the same position and kept our hands in place too.

'Don't cry; it might kill the mood a little bit. I'll never have another dick in my hands, mouth or pussy, but I don't care. I just want Marco's,' I thought, shedding tears.

I shuddered a bit, but I managed not to take my lips off his. Although, after a moment, he brought me closer to him, so my boobs went up against his chest. His schlong rubbed against my stomach too, and I felt the precum on there also.

"I'm sorry," I cried, backing away.

"What's wrong?" he questioned, coming to me.

I just sat down on the bed and covered my face with both hands. "Its nothing," I sobbed.

"It isn't nothing, step sis," he corrected me, sitting next to me. "You already have our baby growing inside of you so now you can tell me anything," he made clear, placing an arm on my back.

"I just love you, Marco, and you're right: I'm a drama queen," I stated, bringing my head up, placing my hands on his face and right before kissing him. "I couldn't feel more lucky to have you. Words can't express how truly great I feel to be here with you now."

He took his shirt off as well, leaving him nude. "Its okay, be a drama queen if you want, Sloan, because I accept for who you are," he told me before he wrapped his arms around me.

I returned the favor, and then we glued our lips together again. We also exchanged bodily fluids still and felt another's figures like never before. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't stop shedding tears.   

We made out passionately as the lovers we were for over ten minutes as we both maintained our positions. I felt the need to take charge, but I still wanted him to take care of me so to speak. His hands came back down to my butt though, and he got back to rubbing it.

"Tell me you love me, Marco."

"I love you, Sloan."

After a few minutes, my lips began to get tired, but I couldn't make myself stop kissing him. The adrenaline, love, and lust coursed through my system like nothing I could ever think of before. Then we even gently lied down together without parting our lips.

We both got even closer and wrapped our legs around one another as well. So, neither one of us were about to escape from the other's grasp. Despite that Marco had me shaking a bit, we both managed to stay on our sides and continue making out.

He was bigger than me, so I felt slightly uncomfortable, but nothing was about to halt the taboo magic that spawned in the room. I felt his member still on my stomach, but yet I again fought the temptation to reach down to it.

He still helped himself my butt, but my hands stayed on his mid-back. I didn't move them; I just used it as leverage for myself so that I could stay with him. He seemed to show no signs of getting tired or wanting to stop.

'What a romantic. Of course, my lover is feeling my butt, but he is just kissing me as my boyfriend. He could have sex with me, but he is just being a good guy and resisting. I know he is because we've had sex so many times where he has much friskier. He must be thinking about it too because I know he loves my naked body, and that has to do things to him too.'

Although, after twenty minutes, I just calmly let my lips off his. I took a deep breath and brought my head back only six inches. We both kept our arms and legs around each other, but neither of us spoke.

Our smiles seemed to say everything, and I saw a couple of tears on his face as well. So, we were both crystal clear on how we felt, but we just stared for a couple of minutes. As we came towards the end of that staring contest, we both lazily moved our heads together.

We kissed each other again, and his lips broke free first. "If I get to have sex with the most beautiful woman in the world, have a baby with her and be married too, then count me in, Sloan," he stated before he placed one palm on my cheek.

"Although, do you know kissing me doesn't always lead to sex, right?"

"I haven't demonstrated that already?"

I slowly came up onto my butt, and he gradually followed me.

I snagged his hands and put them on my knockers. "Will you just promise me something?"

"I already told I'm on board."

"I know, but will you please treat me as your girlfriend, and not your wife or stepsister. If you want to have sex, then just tell me."

"No, I'm not going to treat you as a slut, I'm gonna treat you as my queen."

"No, because I'll feel like you are just treating me like that because you feel you have to, Marco. We both know how much we love each other, so let's not try to go overboard here. Let's just be a couple that works, and do things that we feel comfortable doing. You've opened the door for it because I gave you a blow job that second day. Even right after that, I was doing it for you at least every three days, and I even began swallowing on a regular basis too. I'm not going to deny you sex or expect something in return; I just want to be here, love you and make you feel good for being with me."

"Okay, Sloan," he said before he kissed me.

"My jugs here are going to get bigger too, and I know I'll certainly love the most handsome man in the world appreciate them."

 "Good," he said, casually getting off the bed with his body turned to me.

As he got down there on his knees, he pushed my legs apart and placed his right hand on my slit. We glared at each other for a moment as he just pleasured me slowly. We both licked our lips as well, but he had me jiggling around again.

"You have to promise never to stop loving me too, Sloan," he stated, moving his fingers ever so slowly.

"Done, Marco. I promise I'll walk around naked all the time if you want me too, and when I start to get big, then I'll start covering up."

"No, Sloan, you'll always be hot as hell, and you don't need to keep showing off your body either. You're perfect to me now, and always will be."


He nodded and slowly leaned down to my pussy. He let his tongue out and let it onto my slit.

"Oh, that feels good, Marco," I moaned, shaking a bit.

I slathered my lips again as I stared at him, and rubbed my melons too. I couldn't help, but to shake a bit and make the entire bed quake.

"Oh, yes, lick it for me, Marco. Let your tongue inside my twat too, and make me feel good too."

I remained on my back, but my head stayed up though. I didn't want to stop watching him for even a second, even with my neck hurting a little bit. I still made damn sure to keep my eyes on him as he licked my pussy lips. With each passing lick, he had me twitch and made me love him a little bit more.

"Oh, you evil man, you haven't been giving me anywhere near as much as you've received, Marco. That's not being a good boyfriend, but I will forgive you, because I love you," I let him know before I blew him a kiss.

I saw him grinning a little bit, but he didn't return that favor. Considering the thrill he was giving me; I opted to forgive him for that too.

"I know I should be quiet, but that really feels good, step bro. Feeling your tongue on those lips is unworldly, and I can't imagine it feeling better. That is unless your slick tongue did manage to sneak right through my lips down there. Please do it for your girlfriend now. I know I just called you 'step bro,' but we're not step-siblings anymore. We're lovers, and now I'll always think of you like that to me. I can just be the hot skank you knocked up you, sly dog."

"You're not a skank, Sloan; you're my loving girlfriend who asked me to take your 'V' card. Neither of us was drunk, and we just did it because we loved each other," he corrected me, not taking his lips off mine. "And I'll tease if I see fit. Maybe I just want to tickle you a bit first, and I'll go after the big 'O' later, is that okay?"

"Yes, but can we just stay naked and have sex for the rest of the day?"

"Sure," he answered, lazily letting a couple of fingers take shelter in my twat. "I've got nowhere to be today. Although, save some strength for tomorrow, we have to tell our parents about your pregnancy, or it may look like we're trying to hide it," he explained, thrusting his fingers.

"Okay, Marco, I love you."

"I love you too, Sloan," he stated before he leaned back down to my cherry.

I angled my body up and placed my hands on his head. "Make this lady love you more than anyone in the world as you make her feel good, Marco. Do it as any good boyfriend would," I whispered, caressing his head.

He nodded and placed his lips back onto my pussy lips. Then his tongue began licking my snatch again, but this time he did let it venture past those lips a little bit with each lick. My butt scrubbed the mattress somewhat, and I started to do the same to his head.

I had to bite down on my bottom lip a bit to deal with the pleasure. Nevertheless, I had the passion in me to make sure I kept my eyes on his and stay upright so I could see every single move he made.

His fingers dove into my pussy quite deep, but kept them there still. Although, with me moving around, they did move somewhat, but I knew he liked that. He also even left plenty of room for his tongue to do its job as well.

"Oh, fuck what I said before, do whatever is in your heart, Marco. You can do no wrong."

"Don't worry, Sloan, you'll be my wife either way," he let me know in between licks.

"Good, because feeling that tongue down there is amazing, Marco," I sobbed.

He blew me another kiss and spread out my legs as far he could and even brought his nose to my cunt. As my legs were already spread out, the same happened to my slit lips. So, he took advantage and allowed his nose to dive in between those lips.

"Yes, Marco, get the aroma of my juice forever stuck to your nose, so you can always smell it. Then every single day you'll be reminded to give me oral sex."

"Or, you could just ask me to eat you out, Sloan."

"Okay," I moaned, slowing down my fondling. "I'll make sure to remind you about it every single day if you want. You'll make me happy no matter what, you'll be there with me during every single step through us having a baby."

Then neither of us uttered a word for some time. I did my best not to jiggle around too or just go nuts. In the end, he honestly couldn't do any wrong, but as I felt him actively trying to please me, he brought out the fireworks.

'I'm crying again, but don't you dare stop, Marco. I guess there just should have been a mark on your back when we first met. Even a few days before you first made love to me, I had an idea you'd be doing it. Now, you do it almost every single day and tell me you love me, in fact, every single day. I swear, even if our parents didn't like us being together, I still would have wanted us to be a couple. We work, and I knew we would. You wouldn't have taken my virginity if there was any doubt. Now, I have you right between my legs eating my wet pussy. I couldn't possibly be more thankful to you now. Although, now that I'm carrying your baby, you better give me the favor much more often now. Maybe not when I get big, but when it is safe to have sex again after I have our baby, you better let my pussy know how much you love it at least on a semi-daily basis. Don't worry; I will remind you, so make sure you don't tire out that tongue too much. Save a lot of strength for it down there, but don't worry, you'll be heavily rewarded, with physical pleasure, and love from me, step-brother. I will love you forever and make sure our baby always sees you the hero you are, especially to me. I never had anyone eat me out before, but you have the gift, I'm biting my bottom lip and shedding a lot of tears too, so enjoy the ride yourself.'

My body never stopped moving even for a second, in the end, even if his tongue was only an inch long and drier than a desert, he still would have made me feel incredible. Feeling his tongue in there absolutely opened the oral door.

"And I can certainly tell why you love getting blow jobs," I moaned, slanting my head back. "The human mouth is the sexiest tool in existence, and can perform the best actions imaginable too."

A few seconds later, he casually lifted his mouth off my pussy. "Care to taste your juice?"

I swiftly leaned right to him, grabbed his hands and kissed him. His hands made it onto my butt, although, mine only came down onto his stomach.

After ten seconds, his lips drifted off mine. "Do you like your juice off my lips?"

"Yes, but I think I like it more off something else better though," I whispered before I nonchalantly lied down and placed my hands on my twat.

I spread out my lips before he grabbed onto his rod and gradually came towards me. He glanced down at my cherry and aligned his member with it. Then it casually took shelter in there deep in a single movement.

"I certainly hope you never get tired of feeling my juice on your dick or lips, Marco."

"Never," he moaned, grabbing onto my legs.

He pulled me somewhat, and I felt his entire pecker inside me at that point. He even twitched a bit to pressure it in there a tiny bit deeper. Without saying a word, he lazily let go of me and evicted his johnson from my slit.

As he stood up, I wasted no time getting off the bed and getting down onto my knees. "I'll let you know what I like more," I let him know before I opened my mouth and allowed his member in there.

"Holy shit, you know how to deep throat?" he questioned, jerking around.

I looked up at him and nodded. He calmly brought his hands towards my head, but I shook my head no and thrust my lips a few times.

"Oh, you are good."

I slowly let my lips off his wood and took it in both hands. "I know, I'm good at oral sex, but you are better. So, you can call us a power couple if you'd like, Marco," I told him, stroking it for him.

"I like that, Sloan."

Without letting go his rod, I rose up with him and kissed him. "You don't mind kissing me after I just had your dick in my mouth, do you?"

"You asked after you did, but no, I don't mind."

"Good, because I do love tasting my juice off your wood and lips, but I love you more."

"Good to know," he mentioned before he casually pushed me back to the bed.

I lied down flat on my back, and I watched him make his way back to my twat. I watched him closely for a moment, but as soon as his tongue made it back onto my pussy, I angled my head back and covered my face with both hands.

"Oh, yes, Marco, just like that. Lick my pussy like it is a fucking ice cream cone smothered in my cum. Do it for the woman you knocked up, you naughty young man. You got me pregnant with that cock down there, so now you should please me, and make me love it. Make me cherish every single second of it too, from every single lick to every damn suck on those lips. Force my heart to grow so I can love you even more."

"Sloan, I love you to death, but shut the hell up. I like the praise, but I also need to concentrate while I eat this cherry. I don't need complete silence, but something where you don't spout off every minute."

"If you let me kiss you again right now, I promise: I'll shut the fuck up while you keep screwing me with those lips and that tongue. I'll be quiet and give you the silence you need."

He smirked after a couple of seconds, and then he slowly made his way to me again. He laid his body onto mine and set his lips on mine as well. When I told him to kiss me again, I had only wanted the kiss to be brief, but as he kissed me again, I couldn't turn down the temptation to wrap my arms around him again.

Although, after a few seconds, his lips came off mine. "You don't you want me to eat your snatch, Sloan?"

"We have all the time in the world to have sex now, well, at least a few months yet, but I just want to kiss you right now," I explained before I swallowed. "Would that be okay?"

"Yes," he replied before he glued his lips to mine yet again.

He returned the favor and encased his arms around me as well. Once again, we felt to be a stuck together as neither of us wanted to get away from the other. My boobs became squished, but still, I sure didn't mind it.

'I know you want to have sex now, but you are just kissing me again. The only says to me that you love me and will delay your own gratification just to please me. We're just a match made in taboo heaven; step-siblings aren't supposed to get involved. We're not blood relatives, but it is still wrong. Our lips are moving slowly too, so you do get it: being intimate with me can be so much better and heart-affirming too. I'm important to you, and it is becoming clearer by the second.'

After a five minute make out session, his lips calmly drifted off mine. "Fine, you win, kissing too long can make your lips tired, but I was just eating you out though."

"How about you allow your schlong to back in my twat?"

"I like that, and I don't need to wear a condom."

"Yes, but get off me first."

He had a confused look for a second and sat down next to me. His legs hung off the bed, and then I got up with him. I pecked his cheek and placed my right hand on his back before I positioned myself over him.

"Everyone loves a cowgirl," he pointed out before placing his hands on my butt.

I grabbed onto his member and guided it right into my snatch. "Me too, if you want to invite another one in here, Marco, I'm game."

"Fuck no," he objected, shaking his head no. "I only need you, Sloan. You're more than enough for me, I swear. I'll never have sex with another woman again, not tomorrow, next week, in four years or ever. I will love you, be faithful to you and take care of you until the day you die."

"Ah," I said, placing my hands on his upper back and bringing my head towards his head. "You're sweeter than a chocolate bar filled with cherries, Marco. Words can not express how good you've been to me since the day we met. Even though I'm just your step sister, you've always treated me better than a blood-related sister," I cried. "I know you know all this already, but I can't imagine life without you, even if we weren't a taboo couple. I wouldn't be able to stand not telling you about what's going on, or just not seeing you smile at me. If someone wanted to punish me, well, they'd take you away from me."

"Really, me? Not your phone, laptop, or Lori?"

"Oh, to hell with her," I responded before kissing him. "A million of her wouldn't equal even one of you. You're the one in a million here."

"Then start riding me, cowgirl," he advised me, lying back and placing his palms on my knockers. "And these will get bigger; I can't wait. I'm gonna have fun with them, and I'm going to do it all hours of the day."

"Don't I get a say in that, they are my boobs, remember?"

"Maybe I can be a little sour too, Sloan."

"I like that," I let out, prior to beginning to shake my body up and down.

My tits jiggled in the process, even with his hands on them. I made my pussy thrust onto his cock at a decent rate, but I also made the bed come off its legs from time to time too. We kept our eyes on each other for the first couple of minutes, but the pleasure got the better of us.

I only kept my palms on his stomach in efforts not to turn myself on too much. Although, as I looked right into his brown eyes, I couldn't help, but to dish out a little more of my juice and jerk around too.

"Love speaks for everything here, Marco."

"Yes, it does."

"By the way," I mentioned, slowing down. "Do you like my hair down there, considering how I'm going to get you to eat my pussy?"

"Yes, keep it trimmed like that, but will you promise me never to shave it?"

"Sure," I giggled. "That's fair considering you're never ever going to screw another woman."

He bolted right up with me and kissed me. "Damn fucking right," he made clear before falling back and placing his hands onto my thighs. "Don't worry about falling; I have you locked in now. Fuck the shit out of me with that sleek twat, Sloan. Don't hold back, give the man you love all you've got."

"Yes," I moaned, starting to jerk my body up and down. "You have to make my pussy sore too though, Marco. If I can't do a half-ass job, then you can't either. I hope I don't wear you out because my slit feels like it could go all night long. Don't be afraid to watch my titties shake, you have a bun in my oven, so you have an all-access pass now."

He failed to respond, but did exercise his right to ogle my knockers as he had never seen a pair before. With my jolting around, they flopped around endlessly and put on quite the show for him too.

The whole thing seemed like a dream because everything seemed to be right and nothing appeared to go wrong. We just had incredible sex as the taboo couple we were, and neither of us had any regrets.

"With each passing thrust of your wood, you're pushing me a little further to the edge. Shit, is it getting bigger?"

"Maybe, it is inside your juicy cherry right now: the best place to be."

"I love you, Marco," I chuckled.

"I love you too, Sloan not because you're my step-sister or because of the sex, but for you. Believe it or not, you are quite the sweet piece of candy yourself."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," I said before blowing him a kiss.

"Will it get me you in my bed forever? Will it allow me to have at least two kids with you, Sloan?"

"Yes, and yes," I cried as I continued to fuck the shit out of him. "You'll have to beat me away with a stick to get me out of your bed, and I'll push out eight kids if you want me to, Marco. I swear you have me forever. Nothing and no one will change that."

Even as I felt to be moving like a mechanical bull, he held me in place and kept his eyes all over me. After another moment, I couldn't keep my eyes on him. I had to lean my head back and settle myself down emotionally anyway.

I couldn't force myself to stop trembling, Marco had injected himself into my soul and made me just want to keep him as happy as possible, even if that took me into a coma. I found myself prepared to wear myself out entirely so I wouldn't even be able to lift a hand.

'My back has begun to really hurt, my pussy is feeling inflamed, and I feel like my heart is beginning to lie down on its death bed, but I will keep going until he has to cum.'

"Damn, you're dynamite, Sloan. I can't think of a better woman to marry."

"Good to know, horndog, and I'm not about to stop until I feel the steaming hot cum oozing up inside my slit. Remember, I'm already pregnant."

He quickly came up with me and encased his arms around me. "I'll do that for you now, but as soon as your knockers start getting bigger, I want to shoot them."

"Give me another kiss and its a deal."

He instantly pasted his lips to mine and pressured me onto him once again.

"Marco, I want to fuck you," I mumbled.

His lips abruptly jumped off mine. "A woman that knows what she wants," he said before falling back again. "I like that, Sloan."

"I'm sorry, but I just want to make you feel so good with my pussy and the rest of my body that you have to pop. I have to do it and drain you of every last drop of your cum, Marco. How else can I prove that I'm the perfect woman for you."

"You already have," he pointed out, grabbing my jugs. "You don't have to woo me, Sloan, I'll woo you. I'll shoot my load inside you if you want, you don't need to get yourself into a coma-like state, you are more than enough for me. We live here alone, so we can have sex as much as we want, so don't fret. Just pleasure, and please. Not only me, but yourself too."

"Fine, Marco," I said before I grabbed onto his hands and yanked right back up with me. "I'm going to press my hooters up against your chest grab your ass as you make out with me. You're doing the same to my butt, and we're going to keep going until I feel your cum inside me, got it?"

"Yes," he answered just before he brought his face within only an inch from mine. "If my step sister wants that, then she shall have it because I love her like no one else," he stated before he pasted his lips to mine.

'There doesn't need to be anyone else, Marco is the roof, the basement, living room and every other room in the house. I don't need a trophy room for guys; I have the biggest one kissing me right now. Shoot your seed, lover. Let it all blast out, even though I'm already pregnant. I hope you are ready because it is going to be a bumpy ride. A loving ride, but quite rutted as well,' I thought before a two-minute gap. 'Shit, even after all the sex we've already had, you're still holding your load? Are you just showing off now, that you can hold it for more than a little while? You keep applying pressure to me, so you can feel my melons even more, so you must have some skills now, although, you did let it loose at least once,' I thought before I grinned.

Even after that, he still managed to keep kissing me, feeling my body and keep his cum down. I couldn't imagine just how he could pull that off, but of course, he was just my angel, and he could do anything in my eyes.

Then as our make out session reached the eighteen-minute mark, my lips parted from his. "Damn, you must have the strongest willpower in the world, Marco. How else is it possible that you haven't shot your load yet."

"I'm just that good, why, are you in a hurry to stop?"

"No, of course not, but I still want to feel your cum, that's all."


I licked my lips for a few seconds and stayed close to him.

Although, then I kissed him again. "Are you sure you don't want to see me with another woman?"

"No, step sis. Have you looked at yourself naked?"

"Yes, but wouldn't you love to see me eat another woman out? Lick her nipples, finger fuck her or maybe just kiss her? Doesn't that sound hot?"

His mouth opened and his head went back somewhat.

"You're jiggling a bit now, dare I ask: do you like the idea? You can be honest with me, Marco."

He stayed silent for another moment, but couldn't look right at me.

"What, are you thinking about it now?"

"I might be," he answered, peeking back at me. "It doesn't change my feelings for you though, Sloan. You are more than enough."

"What if I told you I had another woman waiting just outside our door, would you like that?"

"There is another woman here?"

"No, but if you want to see me with another woman, just tell me. I will make it happen for you, I swear."

"I love you, Sloan," he stated before he kissed me.

"I love you too, Marco," I made clear before I parted my lips from his. "Even if we were just out in a restaurant, and then you just spot some hot chick that you wanted to bring in here to see me with, all I'd want you to do is point at her. I'd go over to her, work my charm on her and then thirty minutes later; you'd be one side of the bed jacking off while I ate the woman out on the other. Just because I love you so much, I'd fuck the shit out of her. I've never eaten pussy before, but mark my words; I would make myself into a cunt eating queen just for you. Not for anyone else, I'd make sure you found the entire act hot as hell. Anything you wanted to see me do, I'd do it in a heartbeat, because love makes you do crazy things. Shit so fucked up, you might even be able to fill up a bathtub with seed. I know before the night was over, you'd have it full. Seeing me have sex with another woman would make you go wild, and there is nothing wrong with that. I'd do anything with her, give her a rim job, fuck her with a strap-on, or anything else that came to your dirty mind."

"Oh, you're a kinky woman, Sloan, where have you been hiding?"

"Around the corner," I answered before I kissed him. "And try these words on for size: I wouldn't deny you the chance to join us, two ladies. I'd allow you to let your cock go into another twat, maybe as she ate me out. That might put us at some steaming hot levels, don't you think? It isn't like we'd have to tell our parents, we can be a clean couple to them, but a sexually filthy couple behind closed doors. I certainly wouldn't mind sharing your cock with another chick; we could both suck it until you cum. You'll just have to dole it all out on four different tits instead of two. You just better not cum inside that chick, because I'm your woman now. I don't mind thrilling you beyond belief, but that white stuff is mine, and not hers. I'm the boss, got it?"

"Holy shit, you are so damn hot, Sloan. Fuck, I'd die if I got to watch you with another woman and then join you two. I'd love that, and now I can't even think of something better. Except for our baby, I'm sorry," I moaned, breathing heavily, and blinking frequently.

"Don't worry; I won't punish you for that," I informed him before I kissed him again.

 We both made out yet again and wrapped our arms around each other ever so tightly too.

'Oh, I feel his lips moving a whole lot more now. He denied wanting to see me with another woman or having a threesome, but he'd definitely like it. What guy wouldn't, but he is incredibly sweet to deny it and praise me,' I thought before another pause. 'Yes, now he is moaning while kissing me and I feel him twitching now too. Yes, he is cumming.'

He jerked around, but pushed himself on me a bit. He couldn't break his lips away from mine, but he quit actually kissing me.

"I feel it now, Marco. Shoot it all."

"I will, Sloan," he moaned, breathing heavily.

I couldn't be too sure just how much of his seed he allowed back into me, but I knew he unleashed at least enough to fill up a small cup. He bounced off me a few times, but he didn't hurt me.

Even as he held me tight, he knew I loved the feeling in the end, considering how much I felt him rubbing my back, even during his orgasm. He went for as long as possible and made himself shoot as much as I could as well.

After he couldn't shoot out another drop, we both just leaned onto one another. So, we stayed upright for a few minutes, and his cock never went limp either. I felt out of it of course, but yet, I couldn't stop smiling though.

"There is literally nothing wrong with having my sexy step-sister in the palm of my hand and having her carry my baby."

A few seconds later, I calmly leaned my head away and looked right at him. "Or to propose to me, Marco. Will you swear to me that you will do it?"

"I swear, Sloan. You will get a ring, a permanent place in my heart and me forever."

"And when do I get my proposal?"

"As if I'm going to tell you."

I kissed him for a few seconds, but then I peeked down.

"What's wrong, dream woman?"

I angled my head back. "If you didn't get me pregnant, would you have proposed sooner or later?"

He stayed quiet for a moment and broke eye contact. "I don't know, Sloan, we've only been together for a year, but I do know that since that second day, I've been crazy about you."

"Okay, Marco, I can tell that you are uncomfortable, but are you sure that in five years, or three, or maybe just one that you'll be happy? I'll be there with you, but are you ever going to resent me or just want out?"

"Never, Sloan. You will get your ring sooner than you think, and I won't be looking back," he made clear before he took me down onto my back. "Forty years from now, we'll most likely have grandchildren, and I'll still be making sweet love to you," he mumbled before he began making love to me. "The only difference will be that I love you even more and we'll be older. That's it, but I must say this: if you want out, tell me now."

"H.M.F.N. I don't, step-brother. We hooked up that first night, decided to be a couple that second day, dated exclusively as we lived together for a year, and now I'm ready for you to propose as the news comes that I'm pregnant. We got over a few speedbumps now, but I'm more than ready to get over the rest of them with you," I explained before a pause. "Marco, I'm only going to say that once: kiss me if you agree. Kiss me and prove to me that you will in fact never look back or regret even taking me to the prom."

"Done, step-sister," he stated before he pasted his lips to mine and we both wrapped our arms around each other.