Tri-Flame: Orange is Desires Flame-9


The Next Day

It was 8:45am when Abby looked at the clock. She smiled, her thoughts on last night replaying in her mind.  She squeezed Vince's arm, still draped around her.

He's such a good man and needs a good and understanding mentor. I really do like him. He came four times! It’s been a few years since any guy’s done that with me.

She rolled to her side, as he rolled on his side, his back now to her.

Oh well, just means I do something different.

Abby's hand reached over and easily found his sleeping penis. She whispered in his ear,

“Just relax, lover boy.  Let my hand wake that beautiful penis you have.”

A soft moan of pleasure came from Vince as Abby took her time, playing with his manhood, while talking to him.

“You made me so happy, last night dear.  Ted, it's been a while but I had such a great feeling...”

OMG! I called Vince, Ted. Shit! Shit! Why did I do such a thing?  How could I do such a thing! Did he hear it? What the hell do I do now?

“Why did you stop, Abby that was feeling good.”

“I've another idea.  I'll take a quick shower and make us breakfast; you shower while I'm cooking.  I'll leave a robe for you to wear.  I'll toss your clothes in the washing machine.”

Vince rolled over and wrapped his arms around Abby, giving her a nice kiss.  “Sounds very inviting, our first home cooked meal.”

“Yes, you’re right,” she replied nervously and got out of bed. She gathered Vince's clothes and went to shower. When finished, she put her robe on, got a nice kiss from Vince as he went in to shower.

He knows what I said, how do I make it up to him?

Looking at Vince's clothes and smiled. I know just what to do.

Twenty minutes later, she heard Vince coming down stairs. “Abby, breakfast smells great,” as he entered the kitchen.

“Have a seat dear,” she looked at Vince, whose eye were large and he was smiling.

“I thought you'd be wearing the robe I saw you in. You're wearing my shirt.”

“I figured you'd like it; now sit, while we eat.”

“Where's your plate?”

“We're sharing, now, please sit.”

Vince did as asked. Abby walked over and sat on his lap, some tears sliding down her checks.

“What's wrong, Abby,” as he brushed the tears away.
“I owe you an apology for earlier.  I slipped up and called you Ted. I didn't mean to and I don't know why I did. I never wanted to hurt you.  For your first time, our first time, you were very enjoyable, kind, and tender. I'm happy you’re my boyfriend.”

Abby was crying as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I heard that but didn't know what to say to you. I was confused and frustrated. I thought about it in the shower.”

“I meant what I said about you and last night.”

“Abby please look at me.”

She lifted her head, and he kissed her tears.

“Abby, you compared me to your dead husband. I'm flattered, really. Ted was a very good guy. I’m not mad and I still think you’re the best looking and sexiest girlfriend a guy could have. Are you going to believe me or your imagination?”

Abby gave Vince a deep, enduring kiss.

OMG, how understanding he is!

“You, now it’s time to eat.”

Abby was alternating forkfuls of food; Vince unbuttoned the only button that kept his shirt from opening. He teased her nipples and traced around her breasts.

“Dear, stop for a moment.”

Vince did and Abby dipped a finger in the pancake syrup, several times spreading it on and around her nipples, then around her mouth.

“It seems I've spilled some syrup. Vince, would you mind cleaning it up?”

Abby enjoyed Vince's ministrations on her tit's and nipples. She was getting warm and moist.

“That was delicious, Abby, maybe I can make you breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“That's an interesting suggestion, full of possibilities.  Now…”

Her hand reached down and rubbed his cock as she adjusted so her legs straddled him, her feet touching the floor.

“We're going to make love. It's a sturdy chair, you just sit, relax and enjoy and if you see anything to nibble on, go ahead.”

Abby's legs wrapped around Vince and the chair, her hand making sure Vince's cock was placed just right.

“The windows...”

“What about them? It does add an element of chance, doesn’t it,” as Abby's mouth captured her lover’s.

“Vince, my nipples are so hard and I’m feeling so good. Your nice hard prick feels great inside me.”

Abby rode Vince for several minutes, before he exploded inside her, she feel the first of three strong blasts. She flushed shortly after Vince unloaded inside of her. The pounding of his heart and breathing, sounded like music. They kissed and caressed for a while.

“Now, let’s go upstairs, lover.”

They lay in bed after a second lovemaking session. Not what she had planned, though it was enjoyable. He pulled her to the bed. Abby didn’t resist, he began kissing her breasts and teasing her nipples. About a half hour later, they had finished and cuddled before Vince had dozed off.  Abby was looking at him and playing with his hair.

Do I stay his girlfriend? That’s not a question, I want to. He’s so different than I expected and there’s something about him.


“Vince, wake up, time for us to shower.”

“Hmm, sorry, I must have taken a nap.  Not the best thing to do with your girlfriend. My clothes are next door.”

“Okay, I’ll shower, you wearing the robe, go home and change, bring an extra set for tomorrow morning when you return.”

“Come with me, I can show you my etchings.”

“And why would I want to see your etchings?”

“They’re in my bedroom?”

“A very inviting offer, thanks but I’ve a few things to do here.  When you get back, what did you have in mind, as if I couldn’t guess?”

“Well, would you agree to be my hostage at a movie and then pizza?  You can choose what to do before that?”

What would I like to do with my eager boyfriend?

“Let’s go shopping.”

“Okay, I’ll be back in about a half hour.”

After Vince left, Abby called Morgan.

“Good late morning you V-card puncher, how did the novice do,” asked Morgan.

“He was exemplary, but I don’t have the time to tell all right now, I promise you’ll get it.  Vince went home to change clothes and get an overnight bag for the morning.”

“Will it have a toothbrush?”

“Morgan, sometimes you can be a real pain. Maybe I’ll buy one when we go shopping.”

“Sorry, were you serious about being his girlfriend?”

“Of course, I really like Vince and want to be his girlfriend and I enjoy having a boyfriend and him as my boyfriend.”

“Tell me, how many times? Give me the details latter.”

“Well, four times last night and two more this morning.”

“That’s six times in what, twelve hours! I’m so jealous and happy that you have it.”

“Thanks, Morgan.”


Martin’s Place

“Sure you don’t want to take a drive, Verity?”

“Martin, you know I’d love to but I do need to get home. Justin has a scheduled time to call me at 2,” she replied.

“Oh well, can’t blame me for trying.”

“I’ll never blame you for trying and greatly enjoy how you finish.”

She leaned across the table and kissed him.

“Now, we’ll be together again in two days, so nothing to fret about.”

“Are you going to finish what you start?”

“I always make sure you finish what I start.”

Verity got out of her chair, twisted Martin’s chair and started rubbing his cock.

“You have a most enjoyable reason to make sure I finish.”

“I so enjoy how you do that,” as he spread his legs in anticipation.”

She undid his belt and zipper, pulling his pants and briefs down.

“This time, you kneel and let me just fuck that fantastic mouth of yours.”

“Okay, love.”

Martin stood as she licked his hardening prick. She enjoyed that he kept his pubic hair trimmed short. She felt his hands, entangle her hair as he started stroking his dick in her mouth.

In hard out slow, his cock enjoying the feel of her teeth, at just the right places to enhance his pleasure.  Verity took him all in, her tongue swirling his prodigious member.

“Oh, that’s the way, lick my cock. You know how much you love it.”

Her hands reach behind and grabbed his butt, pulling him deeper, she felt him at the back of her throat, right then she thrust two fingers into his ass hole. Martin bucked.

“Oh fuck Verity, that’s the way. Here comes your reward.” Martin’s penis responded to her unexpected deep throating, with four good bursts right down her throat.  She licked and sucked, to make sure he was finished, before pulling her mouth off of him.

“I hope that provides enough for you to think about for two days?”

“It sure will.”

After Verity left, Martin showered and readied himself.

“I’ll need a dozen roses and a gift…a necklace will be good, then I’ll go see Abby and make sure she’s not mad at me because I didn’t see that stupid damn theater show with her.”


Abby’s House

  Abby had recently returned from putting a few things in her car, when the doorbell rang. She yelled out.

“Vince, the door’s open, come on it.”

What the fuck! Who’s Vince? As Martin entered.

“Abby, I’m sorry about last night and not being able to go to the show, but my friend was bummed, he’s having marital issues right now. Where are you?”

“Martin! What are you doing here?”

Martin followed her voice upstairs.

“Waiting for me in the bed room, I knew you missed me last night. I’m here to take my girl out to lunch, to make up for last night. You’re choice, pick the place. I’m sorry.”

Abby was in jean shorts and a lacey bra as she turned to him. He quickly wrapped her in his arms and gave her a kiss, hard and deep, which was returned, briefly. 

“Martin, stop.”

His hands were already exploring her body; one was probing her butt, while the other was entwined in her hair.

“Stop? I’ll get you out of those clothes then I’ll ravish the best body I’ve ever had the pleasure to be with. I’ll do it from behind, which I know you like. I’ll fill your cunt the way I know you like it filled. Maybe the other hole as well.”

Oh god he knows my spots and wants. It and he does feel good. He’s so sure of himself, dominating, confident and knows how to fuck.

Abby pulled away, pushing Martin to arm’s length.

“You knew it was important to me and even if what you say is true, why wait till Thursday to tell me?”

“Abby, Justin was really down. Says his Verity is cheating on him and he needed advice.”

“Martin, I hope you were able to help your friend.  Now, I’m about to spend the rest of the day with my boyfriend.”

“You have a boyfriend, since when?”

“Last night.”

“Let me get this right, I don’t go to some silly stupid show with you and you get all bitchy and suddenly decide you want a boyfriend? You probably fucked last night, just to get even with me. I’m no saint but if that’s why and what you did, you just became a classic slut.”

The doorbell rang and the door opened, “Abby, I’m back, are you ready?”

“I’m upstairs Vince, come on up.”

Abby saw Martin’s eyes blaze in anger, his fists briefly clenched until he saw Abby pick up her phone.  Vince came into the bedroom and looked at Martin, then at Abby.

Let’s see if I can explain this the best way possible.

Abby kissed Vince on his lips.

“Ready for our date?”


“Good, Vince, this is Martin Laseter, someone I recently dated but hadn’t gotten the memo that I was looking for a committed relationship. He brought those flowers and asked me out for lunch. He just learned that I’m unavailable. Martin, this is my boyfriend, Vince Amalfi.”

That name and you are familiar.

“You’re the babysitter, aren’t you?” 

“That and other jobs that Abby needs doing around the house.”

“Well, I guess that sometimes the victory does go to the underdog, but Abby, the babysitter? Has he even started shaving?”

Martin brushed past both of them, zipped down the stairs, and slammed the front door behind him.  His car’s wheels squealed as he left.

“I’m sorry about that Vince. I had no idea Martin would come over today.”

“That’s okay. I understand. I should probably be honest as well. Last night, I had no idea she worked there but, our waitress for gelato, was my ex, Carol. She wanted to get back together and offered me her new number. I gave it back.”

He didn’t have to tell me that, I’m glad he did.

“Thanks dear, I appreciate your honesty. Now, are you ready to go shopping?”

Vince took the phone from her hand and tossed it on the bed next to the roses. He pulled her close, kissed her neck and massaged her tits.

“I’m ready for that or I can remove that sexy bra you have on.”

Their arms wrapped each other as they kissed.

Vince doesn’t seem upset about what happened. How do I explain Martin if he asks? Do I let him take it off?

“Later my pleasing lover, right now, I want to show off my new boyfriend to everyone.” Abby got her phone from the bed.

“Selfie time,” she snapped a picture of the two of them.

“Do you like it?”

“Good to me.”

“Let’s see.” Abby started typing: My new boyfriend Vince and I, going shopping and a movie.  “There, all posted.”

“Can you share that on my page? Oh, I should actually add you as a friend and change my status shouldn’t I?”

“You’d better,” as she produced a coy smile.

A few minutes later, all FB actions had been made they went to the mall.

They spent about an hour and a half at the mall, talking and shopping. Vince bought a couple of books, Abby a few things for the twins and they got a bite to eat.

“Abby, there’s a park nearby, would you like to go.”

I like what I see of Vince just being himself and that I’m comfortable being with him.

“Yes, now if it was only the month of May.”


“Never mind.”

They walked several paths. Vince had slipped his arm around her waist, Abby doing the same.

“Abby, see that pond?”

“Yes, hard to miss it…Don’t you dare, Vincent Amalfi!”

“I’d only do that if you had a suit on. I was referring to the paddle boats. Let’s rent one.”

I’m not a water baby but why not.

Abby pulled Vince close, giving him a lingering kiss. Then whispered,

“If you splash water on me, I can kill you. It’s in the Boyfriend-Girlfriend Handbook.”

“Can I get a copy?”

“They’re out of print. If I still have mine, you can read it.”

Laughing as they headed for the pond.

Forty-five minutes later, they returned to the dock, still dry, happy, and laughing.

“Would it be okay, if next Saturday, we took Ted and Barbra to the Planetarium?”

That was unexpected.

“Okay, but when the kids are home, I’ll need you to sleep in the basement or maybe go home.  Is that okay?”

“Absolutely, I understand,” as he gave her a lingering romantic kiss.

“Okay, time for pizza, then the movie.”

The pizza and movie were enjoyable; Vince was a bit of flirt during the movie. His hand caressing her leg and moving up towards her pussy while she got as close as the seats allowed.

Have I got plans for you tonight, Vincent Amalfi.