Lust Under the Sun

Info LorenzoAbajos
02 May. '16

She passes by and shows her pride
Enticing smiles for everyone
She's wearing nothing that might hide
Her assets sultry 'neath the sun.

Her breasts are perky held with straps
Her midriff bare and wet with sweat
With legs so long like evil traps
They'll wrap around the man she'll get.

It wafts from her, the scent of sin
She draws me to her with a glance
Caught in a web of lust again
I want it all, I'll take the chance.

I follow in her sexy wake
I leave my coffee by the beach
My friends are left just for her sake
I know the lessons I must teach.

She's smiling as she glances back
And sees that I still follow her
And I will stay upon her track
I know the fun that will occur.

Beside the shore we slowly walk
In front is she with rear so round
Behind am I with growing stalk
'Tis soon I'll run this slut aground.

I catch her up and take my time
I smile and take her arm in mine
With body heat that matches clime
Beneath the sun her glow's a shine.

Our bodies meld strolling along
We smell the musk our heat exudes
No longer sensing right or wrong
Such unrelenting lust deludes.

I press her body to a palm
Against the tree she will be used
Before the storm there is a calm
Her passion's such I am amused.

With pleasure I fulfill her dream
By pulling down the thong she wore
And roughly ram and make her cream
She's never had such cock before.

Her tits I free so I may suck
The reddest nipples I have seen
I bite them hard as I still fuck
A pussy that likes rough and mean.

I make her shudder with a lust
As penetration fills her sheath
And stroking with my deepest thrust
My manly milk I will bequeath.

But wait not yet, I want some more
Upon her knees is my desire
I feed my prick into this whore
A goodly feasting doth transpire.

With spurts of love I fill her mouth
She swallows all and smiles with glee
Methinks I've ended her sex drouth
And used her up and set her free.

The crowd that gathered yells with fun
To see such passion on the strand
My lover screwed under the sun
We rise as equals hand in hand.

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