Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - The Role Play

There is something very erotic and magical about vacationing in the Caribbean especially if you travel as couples. I can’t explain it but there’s a certain aura that triggers any and all sexual spontaneities with no reservations or regrets. The times I’ve traveled the islands, I get laid and laid frequently. The best time to go to the Caribbean is right after Cinco De Mayo. Why? All the tourists have left, it’s the beginning of the off season except for honeymooners and any resort is pretty much wide open. The resort I love is on Antigua. Eden Beach. It’s all inclusive geared for couples only who want romance, intimacy and anything you want to go beyond your imagination. Couples of all ages come to this resort. Mostly Europeans because they have a very different mindset and attitude to intimacy and being erotic as compared to Americans. Americans for the most part, are very prude, conservative and self-indulgent when being in an environment of free spiritedness and exposure. I learned that from just traveling to Aruba. Regardless, she and I were on a 10-day venture of the Caribbean Sea, sand and sun hoping for new milestones in our intimate and passionate relationship. This was a first time for her and when the jetliner approached the gate, she was beyond excited.

As the airline approached the gate, she leaned into me after taking in her view of the island through her window from our landing onto Antigua and said, “Let’s start this vacation with a twist, O.K? Let’s role play.” I looked into her excited eyes and replied, “I’m game. What is it you want to do?” She came back and said, “When we get to the resort, I’ll go to the bar with my carry on. You go to our room with the luggage and get us situated. After, you come to the bar as if both you and I are complete and total single strangers. And you try to pick me up for the week. What do you think?” I love her romantic and intimate imagination and told her I loved the idea. What a way to start our erotic adventure. We arrived at the resort and got registered. The resort’s layout is intimate and well designed. Rows of spaced individual 4-unit buildings right on the beach facing the warm Caribbean ocean. As the concierge was driving us to our room, just as you reach the t-intersection for the dirt roadways leading to the backside of the units, is the main bar pavilion and 1 of the restaurants where all the social activities take place. I told our concierge to stop at the intersection, so she could get off and go up to the bar. He complied and dropped her off. As she walked up to the bar, she turned to me and gave me a wink and a smile. She looked so hot. Really hot. My only problem now was that if I left too much time to lapse, someone else was going to zero in on her and make a serious attempt in picking her up.

She went up to the bar and ordered a margarita. She was mesmerized to the large open-air bar that overlooked the beach and ocean as the sound of the gentle waves rolled up to the shore. As she looked out onto the long sprawling beach, there were very few couples taking in the peak sunshine afternoon. Because both her and I had tanned to avoid sunburn prior to going on vacation, she had a distinctive bronze skin tone under her light-colored clothing. In strolling around the open bar area, she noticed a very attractive single female scantly clothed in a very noticeable and appealing bikini and semi-sheer sarong. Because of her shimmer on her skin from suntan lotion, you could tell she came had spent the day sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. As she walked back to the bar to get another drink and passed by the female’s table, she said hello and commented how beautiful the resort was. The female returned the greeting and asked her if she had just arrived. She said she did and loved the resort’s amenities especially the long sprawling beach. After getting her second drink, the female asked her if she wanted, to please join her. She introduced herself as Victoria but went by the shortened name of “Tori.” Because Tori was so attractive, there was no way she could be at this beautiful romantic resort by herself. Tori said, “You’re going to love this place. How long are you here for?” She replied, “I’m here for ten days. I’ll tell you, I already love this place.”

She asked Tori if she was waiting for her significant other. Tori told her she was not. Her fiancé was supposed to have arrived on the same day she did but has now been held up in the Midwest due to severe weather and airline issues. She was hoping he was going to arrive either tonight or sometime tomorrow. She stated, “That sucks.” She asked Tori how long she had been at the resort. She said for a day now. Tori jokingly commented, “He better get here soon. I’m so fricking frisky from seeing all these guys with their wives and girlfriends barely wearing any clothes.” They both laughed out loud. Tori asked about her and if she was at the resort with anyone. In order to play out the role play, she said she was at the resort alone on business and was going to be on the island for about a week. Right now, she was only waiting for her luggage to be delivered to her room. Tori told her she hoped she would have some down time to enjoy herself. She said to Tori she would most likely have enough time to enjoy some serious beach time. She said to Tori, “I do have to agree with you about the ambiance of the resort. It’s making me fricking frisky too.” Again, they both laughed out loud. They continued to talk and laugh while having margaritas.

Once arriving, I got our suite situated with our luggage. She was going to love this place. We were on the ground level of a spacious suite being able to walk out to a private secluded porch area from the living room being able to walk out to the beach and ocean. Of the 4 units of the building, we were the only ones occupying a suite. I changed out of my travel clothes dressing in just white linen Cabo shorts, sleeveless shirt and sandals. My tanned complexion from pre-vacation tanning was enhanced by my white attire. I headed to the bar where I had left her. Before I came into view of her, I had one of the concierges play along with me and my role playing by having him point her out to me in plain view from a distance, so she would see me. In doing so, she did see me. And so did Tori. Not realizing I had changed into the more tropical attire, Tori even commented to her, “Oh my lord. Now that’s some serious scenery. Wow!” After hearing that comment, she just had a beaming smile. As I walked over to their table with the sun on me, there was a tastefully and flattering outline of my manhood showing on my shorts. As I walked closer to their table Tori leaned into her and said, “God, he’d better be here with someone.” I greeted the both them and held out our room key to her.  I said to her, “Sorry to bother you Miss but the concierge wanted me to give this room key to you and your husband. I believe your room is all set. And your luggage has been placed in your room.” In a pause, she looked at me with mesmerizing eyes and said, “Thank you. Um, by the way, I’m not married.” I replied, “Oh, my apology. Well then, for you and your boyfriend.” She gave a light laugh. She stated, “Nope again. Not here with a boyfriend either. I’m here by myself.” 

In reality, there would be no way she would be at that resort alone. And if she was, any single guy with half a brain would hone right in on her. Even Tori. Both definitely stood out seated in the bar area under the sun. I could tell just by the wandering eyes of the other guys with their significant others in the bar taking continuous glances at the both of them. I continued with our brief conversation by telling her, “Regardless of who you’re here with, you going to love this place.” I told both the ladies to have a great day and enjoy the sun. Just as I turned to walk away, both she and Tori asked, “Excuse me but would you like to join us for a margarita? It’s happy hour” I smiled at the both of them and said, “I’d love to.” I introduced myself to the both of them while gentlemanly shaking their hands. In her coy way, she was eyeing me from top to bottom. I asked them if they were ready for another drink. Both held up their almost empty glasses. I took their glasses and walked over to the bar. While I was waiting for our drinks, back at the table Tori leaned into her and said, “You see the package on that guy? And what an ass! If he’s here by himself, you’d better hit on that before I do!” I returned to the table with our drinks. I seated myself across from her so I could watch her eyes. As I took a sip, she asked me, “So, you’re waiting for your wife?” I replied, “Um, No. Actually, I’m like you, not married and no girlfriend. This is just my annual getaway.” She said, “Really?”

We continued to drink, talk and laugh. I looked at her and said, “You definitely have to change into something more comfortable. Something more island tropic.” She giggled and said, “Yeah, I know. I just got here.” I made the coy and humorous comment, “Besides, you’d look much better with less clothing on. Don’t you agree, Tori?” Tori responded, “Absolutely. Something like I’m wearing.” We, at this point, got a good buzz from drinking margaritas. As we were finishing up our drinks, she looked at the room key for the room number. She stated, “O.K. Suite Number 31. Time for me to get changed.” Looking at me she asked, “Do you know which direction will get me to my room?” I pointed in the direction of Suite Number 31 and told her to follow the walkway. She got up from her seat and took the handle of her carry-on luggage. She turned to Tori and asked, “You going to be here later?” Tori said, “Absolutely. I do want to get about another hour’s worth of sun though, so I’ll see you then.” I got up from my seat and told her my suite was in the vicinity of hers and it would not be a problem for me to take her luggage seeing I was walking in that direction. Smiling, she said, “That’s really sweet of you. Thank you.” As I walked around the table to grab the handle of her luggage, Tori looked at her and mouthed the words, “Oh my God!” With a Cheshire cat smile, she turned to me and we both started to walk along the walkway to our suite.

I unlocked the door to our suite and we both entered.  Just as the door closed, she immediately wrapped her arms around me and we engaged in long passionate French kiss. She told me the resort was absolutely beautiful. We kissed again. She then slowly walked through the living area, stopped and opened the sheer white window curtains and large sliding glass doors staring out to the beach and ocean. The sound of the surf was captivating. The blaring sun was beaming down on the beach. She kicked off her shoes and walked out onto the beach walking towards the ocean. There were very few couples out. It was if we had the resort to ourselves. With her back to our suite, she spread her legs and reached to the sky with her arms stretching. Her slim figure and firm ass being accentuated by the sun was definitely tantalizing to the view. She turned and walked back to the patio and door opening. I was standing in the doorway of the sliding glass doors in between her and sheer window curtains. She walked into the living room. We kissed. She said the resort was a tropical paradise. She turned and looked out to the beach and ocean again. I came up from behind, wrapped my arms around her waist and placed my chin on her shoulder. She reached back with her hands and ran her fingers through my hair. She softly said, “Make love to me right now.”

With her back to me still, I grabbed the bottom of her dress t-shirt and slowly pulled it up over her head and had it fall to the floor exposing her sexy white bra. With her hands over her head continuously running her fingers through my hair, I then unbuttoned her light casual slacks and had them fall to the floor in front of the open sliders exposing her very thin low cut thong. My hands softly caressed the front of her body from her chest to inner thighs rubbing her thong covered pussy. I felt my cock getting harder and larger against her ass. Her head tilted back and moaned in delight. She felt the growing firmness in my erection. My fingers unclasped the front of her bra exposing her bare breasts. She turned to face me causing her bra to drop off of her. Standing in the doorway only being visually shielded by the sheer window curtain, she pulled off my shirt. Her hands reached down and untied the drawstring on my shorts. The shorts fell to the floor exposing my huge hard cock. In a whisper and giggle, she said, “I knew you weren’t wearing any underwear at the bar, you tease. And Tori even noticed” I lifted her up and carried her through the living area to our large bed.  

I laid her on the bed that was facing out towards the beach and ocean. The sound of the surf was so soothing and romantic. She slowly rolled towards the center of the bed while at the same time, I pulled off her thong. I climbed onto the bed as she laid on her back and spread her thighs wide open. I leaned over her guiding myself in between her thighs. She said, “No need for any foreplay. Stick your dick in me right now. I glided my cock right into her hot and moist pussy and slowly thrusted in and out of her. Her hands grabbed my ass and motioned me to thrust all the way into her. As I did, she let out a loud, “Oh shit! That feels so fucking good.” I told her she felt so incredibly hot inside as I continued with my long penetrating thrusts into her pussy. We both moaned loudly in passion telling each other “I love you” and not to stop. What was even more erotic was our sliding glass doors were wide open with only the white sheer curtains blocking any view of us fucking. Anyone walking by our suite would not be able to miss any of our loud voices of love making. We caressed, fondled and kissed without breaking stride in our fucking motions. As our intensity increased so did our voices. We became prisoners of the Caribbean tropic aura. We rolled-over so she was now on top straddling my long thick cock. She thrusted her pussy back and forth while leaning back. Propping myself upright in a semi seated position with my arms, we were both facing each other as she kept slamming her pussy into me, her thrusts getting faster. We kissed and moaned loudly. She blurted out, “Jesus Christ! I’m cumming! Oh my God! Oh my God!” In sync, we both hit our climax points at the same time and let out very loud moans. While she kept thrusting back and forth, I could see our cum trickle from her pussy and down the shaft of my cock. What a way to start a vacation.

Once we had calmed from our first Caribbean sexual encounter, we both got off the bed and went into the bathroom. Seeing it the first time, it was extremely large and spacious. It had a 2-person bathtub and a huge walk-in shower with multiple shower heads. You could literally have a Greek orgy in this bathroom. I’m very certain many a woman became impregnated in this bathroom. She walked into the shower and turned on all the shower heads immediately drenching her entire body from all directions. It was like a car wash for the human body. I walked in behind her getting doused with warm water. I wrapped my arms around her waist. She turned to me and we pressed our bodies together engaging in a long passionate French kiss. As our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, I placed my hands on her buttocks and forced her vaginal area into me. Even though my cock was flaccid, she could still get aroused in the feeling of my girth against her vaginal opening. She asked, “Are you able to make love to me again right now?” I replied, “I’m sorry sweetie. No can do.” She then asked, “Even if I give you head?” With a grin, I told her she could try. She went to her knees. I looked up at one of the shower heads and rubbed my face. With her hands, she placed my cock in her mouth and started to suck and lick. Even though I’m still large in a flaccid state, her sucking and licking still felt awesome. I looked down on her as water poured all over us to see her head motion back and forth on my soft shaft. To no avail, the best she could do is get me partially aroused. Nothing that would really pleasure her.

We got out of the shower and toweled each other off. We embraced in a kiss. We exchanged meaningful “I love you’s.” Feeling refreshed and erotically relieved for the time being, we both walked out of the bathroom naked. I went into the living room area to collect our clothes as she went into her luggage for a change of relaxing clothes. I stood in front of the door opening looking out to the ocean only having my view shielded by the sheer curtains. If anyone had been by our suite, they definitely saw a great sex show. I put my shorts and shirt back on. I brought her clothes I stripped off of her up to our bedroom. She was putting on a very sexy and alluring tank top and white linen shorts similar to mine. No bra or panties. She looked at me, lightly laughed and said, “That’s probably the last time I wear those while being here.” Once we were dressed, I suggested we go to the bar for another margarita. She enthusiastically agreed. She then told me, since we’re finishing out our vacation role play, she wanted to get to the bar first to see if Tori was there. I told her I’d come down to meet her in 10 to 15 minutes. She left our suite and went to the bar. With what she was wearing, she looked extremely sexy. Many of the males at the bar were looking her over. Her slender firm body with a nice base tan complimented by what she was wearing. Looking at her closely, anyone could tell she was not wearing a bra or panties. Arriving at the bar and ordering a drink, she heard someone call out to her. It was Tori.

Once getting her drink, she went over and seated herself at Tori’s table. Tori told her she definitely looked much more comfortable and fitting in with the resort’s character. She asked Tori if she had any news of her fiancé ‘s arrival to the resort. Tori told her there was no new news. Tori then asked, “Well????” She replied back, “Well what????” Tori asked if she and I had hit it off as I walked her to her supposed room. Pausing and with a very deceptive smile, “Um. Well. Sort of.” Tori was grinning, persisted with her inquiries. Tori asked, “So what happened? You got a date? Did you guys kiss?” Again, pausing and maintaining her grin, she quietly told Tori, “Um. Wow! Well, we walked and talked on our way to my room. When we got there, he was nice enough to bring my carry on into my room. I got carried away with the excitement of this place, so we ended up in my bed.” Tori responded, “No way! Really?” She nodded her head smiling. Tori leaned into her and asked, “Really?  You two did? How was he? He looked so hot. Please give details?” She told Tori, “Oh my God, he was incredible in bed. He really knows how to fuck. And was he hung! Wow! The biggest I’ve ever seen or had. I could barely handle him. And wow, he definitely has endurance! We went at it for the longest time I’ve ever gone.” Tori responded, “Holy shit. Really? Now I’m jealous.”

I walked into the bar area and got a drink. Scanning the bar area, I saw she and Tori seated at their table talking and laughing. I walked over to them. Tori saw me as I approached. Tori leaned to her and said, “He’s here. He’s coming over to our table.” She told her she knew he was. She was supposed to meet him here. As I got closer to their table and Tori was eyeing me, Tori said to her, “Holy shit, he’s huge.” She replied, “Oh trust me, he definitely is.” As I got over to her, I leaned over and gave her a romantic kiss. She reached up, stroked my cheek and said, “Hey, you.” I seated myself at the table and took a sip from my drink. Even though it was approaching the late afternoon, it was still a beautiful tropic day. Her and I traded frequent glances at one another with smiles. Tori noticed. Tori made the joking comment, “I understand you’re one hell of a greeting party.” We all laughed and I added, “Hey, we’re supposed to be happy. Don’t worry.” Holding my hand, she looked at me and said, “We should tell Tori about us.” I told her I agreed. Tori had a bewildered look. We told Tori we were actually a dating couple on vacation and we were doing an intimate role play as a way to start our trip’s romantic excitement. Tori said, “Now that’s something unique and sweet. I wish my fiancé would think of things like that to do. She added, “So if you were role playing, what happened at your suite actually did not happen?” She laughed and told Tori, “Are you kidding? We’re ones not to waste an opportunity. What we did back at our place actually happened.” She then looked at me and said with a continued laugh, “And it’s going to happen plenty more times.”

It was early evening and we finally decided to have dinner. We still had somewhat of a buzz on from all the margaritas we had drank throughout the afternoon under the hot Caribbean sun. Actually, we were feeling quite giddy but what the hell, we were on vacation with no holds barred. Because Tori was still at the resort solo, we invited her to join us. We had arrived at the restaurant before Tori did. Because all the resort’s restaurants had dress codes for dining at night, as usual, she was stunningly dressed. With the dress she was wearing and the tan she had, she definitely displayed an erotic and sexual persona that fascinated any male’s visual senses. As we waited for Tori to arrive, we held hands, sipped our white wine and talked about our first day at Eden Beach. As we talked and laughed, Tori finally arrived for dinner. To say the least, she definitely had a lot of heads turning as she walked over to our table. She was wearing a white stylish form fitting dress with over the shoulder thin spaghetti straps, an open back that went just below the small of her back exposing a very sexy floral tattoo and a gold charmed belly bracelet around her lower abdomen. Because of the light fabric to her dress and her tanned body complimented by the dim lighting to the restaurant, anyone could tell she was not wearing any type of under garments. My ego had swelled at this point due to being seated with 2 very attractive young women. Once getting herself seated and ordering a glass of wine, she asked Tori of any news as to when her fiancé would be arriving. Tori told her it was going to be at least 2 more days. Leaning towards us, in a soft joking tone, Tori said, “I’ve been here for 2 days now and haven’t even been laid yet. If I don’t get some extreme male insertion into me soon, I’m going to explode.” We all chuckled. She and I apologized to Tori for the inconvenience she was experiencing. We both would feel the same way under Tori’s circumstances. Throughout our dinner, I could not help myself from staring at both she and Tori because of their sensual physical beauty and their arousing attire they were wearing.

We finished our elegant dinner and were having coffee. In talking amongst ourselves, Tori commented on how we were a great couple. We told her of our backgrounds and our previous shitty marriages. Tori asked how it was we met. We told her about how our neighbor meetings blossomed into an erotic hot extra-marital affair. She told Tori how I referred to her as one hot little sexually deprived MILF. Tori asked, “What’s a MILF?” She replied, “A Mother I’d Love to Fuck.” They both blurted out a laugh. She went on to tell Tori she is the mother to 2 children. By the way she looked physically, Tori found it hard to believe she had 2 children. Being humorous, she told Tori she stays in shape as a hot little MILF from our consistent and regular bedroom activities. Tori then told us about herself and her fiancé, Thomas. They are engaged but no specific date for a wedding had been set. She described him as adventurous, funny, caring and very sexy. Extremely sexy. Tori told us if there was one area where Thomas does not come up short on, it’s their sex in bed. Which was why she was real horny. Both she and I looked at one another with devious smiles sensing our very own horniness was going to be attended to once we got back to our suite. As we smiled at one another as Tori continued to talk, with one of her open hands under the table, she started to slowly rub my cock over my pants causing me to get semi-erect. 

After a few more minutes of talking and laughing, we all got up from the table in order to leave. Although my cock had calmed down from her mischievous rubbing, in standing, there was a definite outline on the outside of my pants of my large cock that caught the eye of Tori. She gave a slight pause in rising from her chair once noticing the outline. We all walked out of the restaurant and onto the paved walkway heading towards the main open air bar. It was a beautiful warm tropical night with a three quarters moon shining overhead. Both ladies were walking ahead of me talking. The view from behind was to say the least, arousing. Both had slim firm asses. At one point, they both walked by an elevated light that illuminated just right onto Tori’s dress exposing she was wearing no panties. Just like her, if she didn’t have to wear any type of under garments, she wasn’t going to. Arriving at the bar we all ordered cocktails. She walked over to the edge of the decking looking out to the glimmering ocean. I walked over to her and as I approached, she commented how romantic the resort was and how the physical charisma acted as an aphrodisiac keeping her constantly aroused. She asked me, “Where’s Tori?” Because I was fixated on her and her physical attractiveness, I told her, “I don’t know.” I looked over towards the bar and saw Tori talking and laughing with other couples. I said to her, “There she is.” She then reached down and removed her sandals. She stood upright and pressed her body against mine and we kissed. She handed me her sandals and asked, “Could you please hold on to these for me?” She then walked off the deck onto the beach.

She walked down to the shoreline having the warm Caribbean ocean run through her footsteps. The moonlight silhouetted her slim flattering figure as she walked along the shore. I placed our drinks on a table, removed my shoes and walked down towards her. Trailing a short distance behind her, she walked down towards the very end of the resort’s beach in a small semi-secluded cove. There wasn’t a sole around. Just us. She stopped at the water’s edge. She pulled over her dress’s thin shoulder straps and unzipped the back of her dress having her dress drop onto the sand. Just as I suspected, she was wearing no under garments. She waded into the ocean and dove underwater. She surfaced in chest high water and walked towards the shore before stopping. Now standing in waist high water, the glimmer of the moonlight shined on her wet breasts. Of course, I had to follow her lead by removing my shirt and pants. I too, was not wearing any underwear. I waded into the ocean and dove underwater surfacing behind her. She turned, walked to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around her waist. We embraced in a deep French kiss as she grinded her pussy against my semi-erect cock. She said, “I love skinny dipping with you.” As we kissed, she could feel my cock grow in size as she slowly grinded her vaginal lips against my hardening shaft. She softly whispered with a light laugh, “You better not cum yet because I plan on getting fucked good tonight in bed.” I laughed and replied, “You’re not helping the cause here.” We continued to passionately kiss. Being fully aroused and erect, I grabbed her tight buttocks and inserted my enter cock deep inside her while pulling her forward. She let out a light aroused moan of sexual pleasure as she started to gently quiver. She whispered in my ear, “God damn, you feel so good inside me.” Even though it always feels incredible having my cock inside her hot moist pussy, I didn’t want to start something I could not finish by thrusting in and out of her.

Even though our sexual engines were now fully revved, we dunked ourselves underwater. We decided to get out of the ocean and head back to the bar. As we got to thigh high water, she motioned us to stop. We again kissed. She slowly went to her knees and started to suck my erect cock. This was so erotic. As my knees slightly bent, I placed my hands on the sides of her head and gave out a quiet moan. God,  she knows how to deliver a blowjob. As her mouth and lips slowly went back and forth on my long shaft, I could sense we were being watched. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person at a distance watching us as we were having sex and skinny dipping. It was Tori. Even though we were mere shadows in the night, she could see the outlines of our naked bodies as her head took long slow motions on my long cock. As much as I wanted, I motioned her to stop so I wouldn’t cum. Like her, I wanted to save myself for later even though we both wanted to go at it on the beach. We walked onto the beach and allowed ourselves to partially air dry in the tropical breeze. We both got dressed and walked back towards the bar. Being partially dry, anyone could tell we were in the ocean. Because of the color of her dress, it had become slightly transparent making her look even more erotically attractive. Tori, who had been watching us, made it back to the deck and bar before we were able to catch up to her. As we got onto the deck, Tori was there with drinks for all of us. Tori commented, “I am so envious of you two. Wow! Caribbean skinny dipping. You guys are wild!” She looked at Tori with a smile and coyly said, “So, why didn’t you join us?” This left Tori speechless.

We finished our drinks and told Tori we were going to call it a night. We both told Tori we hoped Thomas would be arriving tomorrow. She also hoped so to as you could sense her sexual frustration and eagerness. We walked the paved path back to our suite barefoot with each of us having an arm around the other. We talked and laughed feeling totally in love. We arrived at our suite and as we  got through our entry door as it closed behind us, she had already slipped out of her dress being totally naked. She turned to me and immediately peeled off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants having them drop to the floor. We embraced into a passionate kiss. She was rubbing my cock getting it instantly hard and erect. We motioned ourselves over to the bed. As much as I wanted to impale her pussy with my cock, we got ourselves into a 69 position and aggressively engaged in fellatio and cunnilingus working our arousal up to where we left off on the beach. Spreading her hips wide, I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her hot moist pussy as she loudly moaned while rapidly sucking my cock. She took a pause and said, “Baby, please don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” We continued to orally pleasure each other. With her hips still spread wide open, I moved around her so we were now facing one another. I inserted my cock into her pussy filling her completely. We both gave out a loud moan. At the same time, we were thrusting in and out of each other, breathing heavy and shaking excitedly. We fucked like this for 15 minutes until I let go a huge load of cum deep inside of her. As we calmed and told each other our expressed love as we held each other, she said, “God, we’re real good at fucking, aren’t we?” I told her we never have a dull moment in bed. She agreed. As we started to dose off, she stated, “What a great first day.” We feel asleep in each other’s arms.